"GOD Will Form HIMSELF In the Likeness of Those
Who Subjugate Themselves To HIM

"You Are Healed Because You Believe"


The Word of GOD Revealed

Howbeit when HE, the Spirit of truth is come
HE will guide you into all truth...' St. John l6:l3

FATHER DIVINE'S Words From The Notebook of John Lamb

Installment 53

GOD Will Always be In the Likeness of Divine

Reading Material sent by FATHER DIVINE to Mother Divine to be read to household in Sayville.

Metaphysical News April 6, l932


'. . . No one really does know, humanly speaking,' said Rev. M. J. Divine recently, 'where that body called Jesus, in that personal appearance is, but yet the work continues to go on and has added millions and millions to the church since the crucifixion and the disappearance of it. And MY Spirit and MY Mind, MY Life and MY Love, which I AM, is just as operative today as it was then.

'So you see that is the great consolation, and nothing can shake you because you know it has been brought into the fullness of expression with or without the Body, and it will always be the same. GOD will always appear to humanity in the likeness of Divine. GOD will always reign on the spiritual and in the psychic plane and in the spiritual realm of observation, in this Personal likeness. When humanity sees in a dream the GOD, even of the whole earth, they will see this appearance.'

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GOD Will Form HIMSELF In the Likeness of Those Who Subjugate Themselves To HIM


'Now that is not just because I AM in some way as a Person different from you. It is Wonderful! When you form anything in a mold or pattern, in the likeness that you mold it in, it will be like that. When you form butter or Jell-O in the likeness of the mold that you mold it in, it will be like that. When you form yourself in the likeness of the mold that you mold it in it will be like that. When you form your money in the likeness of the mold that you mold it in, it will be like that. GOD condescends to mold and shape HIMSELF in the likeness of you when you conform your will to HIS. GOD will shape HIMSELF in your likeness and will go out from you in your personal appearance. You are the mold, if you shape your lives mentally and spiritually in the fashion that I have shown you on the mountain. Then the Life of CHRIST will be re-formed in your likeness. As you have formed yourself in HIS likeness mentally and spiritually, HE will form HIMSELF in your likeness physically and GOD will appear from place to place and from time to time, for you have denied your individual mental and spiritual views for the CHRIST'S views, and HE has denied HIS personal expression and appearance for your personal appearance, and HIS views then are yours. HIS Spirit and HIS Mind then are yours. They are yours. And your likeness and your personal appearance is HIS. That is the way it is.

'So therefore, CHRIST will appear looking just like a little woman, a big woman, an ugly man, a little man, a big man.

'Behold what manner of love the FATHER hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of GOD. . . and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that we shall be like him, for we shall see HIM as HE is'.

That is the significance, for HE will form HIMSELF in the likeness of those that will subjugate their spirit and their mind and their body to the Spirit and the Mind of GOD.'

The Nobles Are Made Perfect

'You are now assembled in the presence of the nobles, yea, the noblest of all the earth; the spirits of noble men, and the just and the perfect and the upright, HE that liveth forever and forever. Truly, might the Apostle have said on one occasion,

'The general assembly of the church of the firstborn . . . where the spirits of just men are made perfect.'

These noble spirits and minds cannot be made perfect without us. I have brought you into expression to perfect the perfection of these noble men. I say, I have brought you into expression to perfect the expression of these noble men. You can jot that down in your vocabulary, if you will. It is Wonderful!

How Can You Die When GOD Is In Every Pore?

'How great and marvelous are thy words, O GOD, for great and holy is thy name.'

The very name of GOD is able to accomplish all that is necessary, on the mental plane, on the physical plane, on the natural plane, or whatsoever plane, through the cosmics, through the Infinite One that liveth forever and forever.

'Every one of you can enjoy the fullness of GOD if you will live in accordance with the same. Relax your conscious mentality, your personal ideas and opinions and know that they are a thing of the past. You must eradicate everything that existed in your consciousness before time and recognize that which is uppermost in your consciousness now.

'By recognizing only One, you are influxed with the fluid that went out from Jesus when the woman touched the hem of HIS garment, that is the holy balm, the healing balm, of salvation to the world. As you pump your automobile tires, so you bring into actuality and reality the limitless blessings of Spirit in your own selves, and fill and thrill yourselves, and as I sang that song a little while ago, 'All in your joints, your sinews, your bones and your veins,' In your automobile tires and tubes that are pumped up, they do not get the influx of the air in the tubes of the tires, but this is greater than that because it gets in every atom and every cell, and every fibre of your bodily form. And therefore, how can you die when you recognize the presence of GOD in every pore of your skin; in every atom, every fibre and cell, GOD is working therein to beautify you and petrify you holy.'

CHRIST Purifying and Petrifying Your Body For HIMSELF

'How can you be sick when you realize that GOD is there, beautifying you with HIS Holiness? Now look at your beautiful skin. It is Wonderful! It is more precious than a beautifier of the skin, it is more precious than the precious gems of Europe. It is Wonderful! How beautiful it is to see the CHRIST in the pores of your skin. You cannot see it with your physical, mortal, human eye, unless you put on the spiritual, mental microscopic lens of salvation, and then you can see and really get the interpretation. You can see the CHRIST working through every pore of your skin . . . it is CHRIST in there purifying and petrifying your body for HIMSELF to dwell in.

'A good painter, when he paints a house, he rubs the paint all in the pores of the wood and then when the rains and the storms of winter come that paint will protect it and prohibit the wood even from so much as decaying. Greater is HE that is within, HE that is painting you than the beautifier of complexion. Just look at HIM now, just beautifying your beautiful skin, beautiful for GOD to look at. Better not think that you want to be beautiful for some mortal woman to look at, or some mortal man to look at, but you want to be beautiful for GOD, that GOD may glorify HIMSELF in you and that you may glorify GOD in your soul, in your spirit and in your body, for they are one. It is Wonderful! It is Wonderful!

'You can't help it, can you? And I don't care if you do. It is Wonderful! This is so fascinating the whole world has gone after it. They will not be satisfied until they contact and receive it.'

You Won't Be Satisfied Until You See the FATHER

' Truly might have Philip spoken for the whole world and for the whole of mankind generally, saying,

'Show us the FATHER, and it sufficeth us.'

Philip may have been unconscious of the significance of that word that came to him from the FATHER which was in him, but I AM conscious of the word, for I know from whence it came. It came from the depths of humility and simplicity of the spirit of man to GOD, and it has gone forth to GOD and back to mankind.

'Show us the FATHER, and it sufficeth us.'

You have never been and never would be satisfied until you see the FATHER. You may see all of the intelligence of the Heavens and all of the intelligence of the earth, and you may come under the altar and find HIM that crept out from under the altar to loosen the seals of the Book, but still you won't be satisfied until you find the FATHER. But when and where and here and now that shall have been accomplished in your consciousness and your conviction, why then, you gain the conscious realization of GOD's manifestation and that is the perfect personal satisfaction to your body, as well as to your mind and you sit down in perfect peace and I keep them in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on ME. You don't want anything else either.'

See GOD In Someone Else

Comment: In the following discourse which was delivered in the 'Kingdom' by Rev M. J. Divine, HE points out the actual materialization of Omnipresent GOD and the Impersonality of Truth. Read with an open mind and receive the spirit of these words of Life.

'The first thing for you to do is to see GOD in someone else.

'Whom say the people that I am, Peter?'

Now it is just to the reverse of that. Some will say that, and they have separated themselves from the sweetness of the Spirit. It is better to be GOD and not know it, than not to be GOD and know it. It is Wonderful! Now you see it has been said so often, 'See GOD in yourself, then you can see HIM in somebody else.' That is a selfish method, and through that selfishness you will dishonor and beset yourself if you are not careful.

'But the meekness of CHRIST may see GOD in someone else and not know it is the same One, and if you see HIM rightfully in someone else, why you are the same one. But when HE first comes, they say,

'Look on us.'

That has been said so much. 'You have to see GOD in yourself,' and then you don't see ME, or, 'Don't see FATHER DIVINE,' it has been said. It is immaterial to ME, whether you see ME as GOD or not, but it is a blessing that you see GOD in somebody though it is only a chicken. Then you are boastfully seeing GOD in yourself and rising up in the temple of GOD boastfully claiming to be GOD before you can see GOD in someone else.

'Whom say the people that I am, Peter?'
Some say thou art Elias: some, John the Baptist' and some, one of the prophets.'
'But whom say ye that I am?'
'I say that thou art the CHRIST, the Son of the living GOD.'

That is the foundation of the Church that

'the gates of h--l cannot prevail against.'

That is why you have been successful that have seen GOD in someone else rather than confining HIM to yourselves. Upon this rock I will built my church:' upon this Principle, this Light, upon this Understanding, the Love of GOD concerning you. See GOD in someone else and then I know that you are the same one. It is better for you to know that you are nothing than to see GOD in yourself.

'When you are something in words and in your testimony, when you exalt yourselves, why then that is all you need. Just in words, but not in deeds and in actions and in mind.

'Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.'

Not that I AM saying this for honor or praise, because I have all the honor I want. I have all of it, and MY Spirit and MY Mind predominates over the whole universe of the mind of mankind and it is triumphant and it will go forth conquering and to conquer, with or without the Body. That is what I AM talking about, and that is the great significant of the Omnipotence of GOD.'

My Views and Opinions Predominate Over Men

'Not that you have to say, 'What will become of you if FATHER DIVINE goes?' How can I go when I AM in every mind and in every heart? I AM in the chilly breeze that blows. And when you breathe in, you are breathing in life and peace, and health and love, and when you exhale, you are exhaling Jesus is CHRIST and CHRIST is GOD. Therefore, how can I go any place? That is the great significance of this realization, that can be materialized spontaneously at will. That is the great significance of this mighty Work, that you might know that you are not talking about man as the mortal mind sees ME limited to this Personal expression, but you are talking about the Omnipotence and Omnipresence of GOD.

' Talking about this Presence that can penetrate your every cell, every fibre, every atom, this Spirit and this Life is what you truly now are, and everyone that is receptive to this inspiration and this Truth, I say they will be partakers of this contagious enlightenment of the Omnipresence of GOD. And then you are not worried, whether you see this present appearance or not, but you know that I AM just as operative without the Body as if you see this Personal appearance.

'I AM giving you something that is incorruptible, something that fadeth not away, for MY Mind shall continue triumphant for it is the Omnipotence, Omnipresence and Omniscience of GOD. Then on this Foundation you have nothing to fear. I go where I please and I stay where I please; and yet I reign and predominate over the consciousness of the spirit of men and they will realize consciously that MY Mind and MY ways, MY views and MY opinions predominate. They are conscious of it. They are conscious that when I will it in the great ether, if they breathe at all they must breathe in MY Will, and it must change the condition of things, for the government is upon HIS shoulders. That is what I AM talking about!

'Then whether I say a word, or whether I AM in Europe or Africa in this appearance, or whether I be any place in expression in this Personal appearance or any, to you and even to those that believe not, I AM the same, and I AM just as operative and I AM just as Omnipotent and I AM just as operative as I before said, as I AM when you see MY personal appearance. That is the great significance of the Omnipotence of GOD. That is the great significance of all these Works. That is why I said, it is not necessary that you must contact ME personally, for I came to bring to your realization the Omnipotence and the Omnipresence and Omniscience of GOD, through bringing into your consideration and realization the materialization of GOD.'

On This Foundation Nothing Shakes You

'Knowing that the Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence of GOD is the source and the supply of every good and desirable gift and expression, you have nothing to falter for and nothing to fear, for I AM with you always and there is no end to the world. Even the prayer speaks of 'the world without an end,' and this world that you have now entered into is without an end. It is Wonderful! When you are conscious of ME, with or without the Body, you will be just as faithful, just as true, just as devout and loving and kind on every phase of life, and in every expression wherein I stand and have called you to.

'Then if need be that I choose to materialize these expressions of Truth as I have materialized MYSELF, MY Personal expression will always be accepted as the Personal Life of MY Impersonal Life; will be accepted as well as MY Personal Presence for they are one. On this basis there would be no reason to falter nor fear, even if all material expressions should disappear. You would know that I AM Mind, I AM Spirit, Omnipotence, Incorruptible, Undefiled and that fadeth not away, and I AM just as operative without the Personal appearance as I AM with the Personal appearance. It is Wonderful! Then you will be substantiated in faith, you will be unshaken in confidence, it matters not what might come or go. It matters not if all material expressions on earth would be obliterated, you would be substantiated in faith and unshaken in confidence as you would be with all of the visible expressions of GOD in your personal presence. On this foundation nothing can shake you.

'Then if one talks about, 'What if FATHER goes?' How can I go? You would say in the words of the melody composed in l9l7 when I was in Brooklyn, 'HE lives in me, my Holy, Eternal FATHER, HE lives in me. HE lives in me, HE lives in ME, MY Holy Eternal FATHER, HE lives in me,' That would be your great battle-axe when anyone tried to tell you that you and I were separated. You can proclaim it wheresoever you go, you can proclaim it in the fields, in the valleys and on the mountain tops. That is the great significance of MY getting in your lives and reigning and ruling in your affairs, that I may be just as operative in MY Personal absence as in MY Personal Presence, that you may be the outward expression of the condition of the mind within, the Omnipotence of GOD your FATHER: and

'Be ye therefore perfect, even as your FATHER in heaven is perfect.'

And you will have no occasion to falter and no occasion to fear, for the mouth of the LORD hath spoken it, and GOD has wiped away all tears.'


I Will Put MY Deeds in Your Actions

Comment: In the following message, FATHER DIVINE reveals the key to all underground treasures in words that are clear, simple, and filled with the Living Spirit of GOD. Thousands are being helped by reading this message, which is Life itself. Read with an open mind and receive your blessings.




'I will put MY Spirit in you and I will speak in your actions.

'The very words that I speak unto you, they are spirit and they are life.'

That is why you like to hear ME speak. It is truly Wonderful! But I will speak in your own language. I will speak in everyone's language.

'And I will speak in your religious language and every emotional language that you speak, that is the actions that I will speak in and in MY deeds: I will put MY Spirit in you and cause you to walk in MY Statutes. I do not have to tell you not to steal. I do not have to tell you to be honest in your dealings, for I will speak in MY deeds and I will put MY deeds in your actions, and I will put MY Spirit in you and cause you to walk in MY Statutes.

'Therefore, you will not steal, for you will realize that if you are not honest you are dishonest to yourself and not to another,

'for that which you sow, you must also reap.'

I reap success and prosperity. I reap wealth, health and happiness. I reap wisdom, knowledge and all understanding. I reap all gifts and all talents, for I sow the seed of such and I reap the fruit of the same. I impart such to you. You are the ground. The people are the ground. The Word says, I will sow the seed, and I will sow the seed of the kind of fruit that I want to produce. Therefore, I will speak in words, but more so in deeds and in actions, and I will put MY Spirit in you and cause you to walk in MY Statutes. I know you desire to be happy. And I know you desire to be successful. And I know you desire to be prosperous.

'You that have heard MY letters, you that I have corresponded with, you know that I AM Well, Healthy, Joyful, Peaceful, Lively, Loving, Successful, Happy and Prosperous, in Spirit in Body and in Mind, and even in every Atom, fibre and cell of MY Bodily Form. Now you know that you want to be like that. Contact the CHRIST consciousness and live in conformity to the same and you will be even as I AM, having all success, having all success I say, having all prosperity, having all wealth, all health and all happiness, having all dominion and all authority, having all gifts and all talents, having all life and all love and everything else that is good. I know you desire to have it. Contact the CHRIST and live in conformity to the same and you will be even as I AM. It is Wonderful! For it is written, 'As he is, so are we in this present world.' Every one of you can be free from every barrier, from every lack, from every want, from every limitation, from all segregation, from all prejudice, from every adverse condition and undesirable condition, whatsoever they may be, for the Mouth of the LORD has spoken it.

'I declare it unto you that

'He that the son sets free, is free indeed,'

free from every adverse condition, free from every limitation, free from every undesirable condition and having a free access in this present world, for the Kingdom has truly come and the Will is now being done, here and now on this earth, in this Divine Impersonal Life in which we all live, and move, and have our being, and you in whom GOD lives, and moves and has HIS Being. The two have been made one. You are no longer twain, but one. As in HIM you live, move and have your being, even so in you GOD lives, moves and has HIS Being. HE moves in every joint. HE moves in every sinew, in every organ, in every muscle and in every vein, yea, even in every cell and atom of your bodily form. GOD moves there.'

HE'S All Over You and Keeping You Alive

'I heard you stand and sing the song, 'HE is all in my hands and HE's keeping me alive.' I heard you say that HE is all in your feet and HE is keeping you alive. Now aren't you glad that you have a FATHER that can get in your hands, that can get in your feet, that can get in your feet and make them walk,, that can get in eyes and make you see, that can get in your mind and make you think? Aren't you glad? 'HE's all over me and HE's keeping me alive. It is Wonderful! HE is in every strand of hair. HE is in every fingernail, in every toenail, in every atom and fibre of your bodily form, and that is Jesus, and Jesus is CHRIST, and you say CHRIST is DIVINE. GOD is your FATHER. Now aren't you glad? Aren't you glad? Aren't you glad? All over you and keeping you alive, keeping you alive. It is Wonderful! I AM blessing you in your storehouse. I AM blessing you in your basket. I AM blessing you in the fruits of your lands, and I AM blessing you in everything. I AM blessing you in whatsoever you do, if you will walk worthy of the vocation wherewith you are called. The Mouth of the LORD has spoken it.

'There is no more occasion to talk about limitation, lacks and wants and poverty and adverse conditions such as oppression, depression and things of that kind, for GOD is the Expressor. Mortality may be the oppressor and your mortal opinions may be the depressions, but GOD is the Expresser and the Manifester of every good and every perfect thing, and GOD is in the midst of thee, child of Infinite Spirit and Love Divine.

'I say, I will speak to you in words, but more so in deeds and in your actions and emotional language, and

'I will put MY Spirit in you, and cause you to walk in MY Statutes.'

This is the text of the new and living epistle that was written last night (at a meeting) that is seen and read of men.

'I will put MY Spirit in you and cause you to walk in MY Statutes.'

Aren't you glad? Thousands and thousands and millions and millions, as Mr. Lanyon in Europe said, every day shall rise and call Thee Blessed. Europe clamoring for ME. They are sending for ME. They want ME there as a Person, for the Word that they have heard concerning ME and their faith in what they have heard, has made them whole. It has been them successful, it has made them prosperous, it has made them healthy, it has made them wealthy, it has made them wise and an understanding people to know that the Kingdom of GOD has surely come and the Will is now being done on earth among me. Now aren't you glad? It is just Wonderful!'

You Are Healed Because You Believe

'It has made them realize that GOD is a GOD at hand and not a GOD afar off. Then why lack or look up in the sky and why expect to go some place after you die? GOD is a GOD right at hand and not a GOD afar off.

'GOD is a GOD of the living, and not a GOD of the dead.'

And blessed are they that will believe this Message, for I will tune your hearts to receive the Message of Truth by getting tuned to your high vibrations of Truth and getting caught up in this atmosphere of the Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence of GOD. Now it is Wonderful! You are conscious of GOD's Presence. You all are conscious of GOD's Presence. As you go down from this place, remain thou then, conscious of GOD's Presence.

'GOD often spoke of this, speaking it through the prophets of old, and especially one, saying,

'Am I not a GOD at hand, and not a GOD afar off?'

Then HE came in the body called Jesus and HE transmuted it to John. John said,

'Repent ye, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.'

It was at hand. Then Jesus the CHRIST, the Love Master, made it a little plainer and a little more distinct, for He said,

'The Kingdom of GOD is within you.'

Be blessed then to go and preach the Kingdom of GOD. They went forth to preach the Kingdom, not to preach doctrines, isms and schisms, and doctrines of men, but to preach the Kingdom of GOD, and this is what we are preaching, and from henceforth we will preach the Kingdom of GOD, and GOD's Ever Presence here and now in words, but more so in deeds and in actions, and GOD's Omnipotence and Omniscience and Omnipresence, and as I said, I will put His Spirit in you and cause you to walk in His Statutes.

'Then all will be happy even as I AM happy, for no man can say that I have ever asked for a penny, but I have a full and a plenty and to spare, for I have the key to all underground treasures. I have the key to the heart and the souls of men, and

the LORD HIMSELF shall dwell with them and shall be with them, and they shall be HIS people.

GOD has wiped away all tears from your eyes. I don't see any crying around here. There shall be no more crying, nor any tears there, neither shall there be any more sea, for the former things are passed away. Now aren't you glad? I know you are glad, for the Abundance of the Fullness of the Consciousness of Good, no space is vacant of the fullness thereof. Oh, it is Wonderful! None need lack of GOD's abundance.

'Paul thus said on one occasion, and a majority of the teachers and leaders have taken Paul as their GOD; they will not even follow Paul as he followed CHRIST. He said,

'Who is Paul, and who is Apollos?'

He made it plain that Paul was nothing but a minister of GOD and that Apollos was nothing but a minister of GOD, but it was GOD or CHRIST that gave the increase. Nevertheless, he said,

'Rejoice in the LORD always: and again I say, Rejoice. Let your moderation be known unto all men. The Lord is at hand.'

That is why you can rejoice, for GOD is at hand. That is why you can be healed of all of your infirmities, for GOD is at hand. You are healed of your infirmities. You are healed because you believe. You are blessed and you are saved, for the Mouth of the LORD hath spoken it, and I say unto you, Go in peace and sin no more, and the glory of GOD will be revealed in you and manifested unto the world. For this cause came I into the world, that you might glorify GOD in your spirits and in your bodies.'

Glorify GOD In Your Spirit and In Your Body

Comment: Mr. Walter C. Lanyon is the Light of FATHER'S message in Europe. 'The work in Europe is growing by leaps and bounds,' writes Mr. Lanyon, who is lecturing in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy and England, and later on intends to go on to the Orient. It is wonderful how the people everywhere respond to this simple and absolute Truth.

In the following discussion, FATHER DIVINE is revealing the power of Love which he is manifesting and expressing so freely and abundantly and which is setting mankind free all over the world just as Jesus said it would.

FATHER Speaks:

'So again I say that as it is written,

'Rejoice, and be glad: for great is your reward in heaven.'

You are healed. Why are you healed? Because you believe that GOD is here. Your faith is what has healed you, and the Spirit of the Presence of GOD has healed you. One of MY often rehearsed mottoes is, The Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence of GOD is the source of all supply, and will satisfy every good desire. When you are conscious of GOD's Presence, Dear Ones, it will create an atmosphere of Love Divine and the creations of this atmosphere are Love Divine. This atmosphere is the Spirit of the Consciousness of GOD's Presence, and it will satisfy every good desire. It will satisfy every good desire, and set you free from all adverse and undesirable conditions that you may be able to glorify GOD in your spirit and in your bodies, which are GOD's. It is Wonderful!

'The Word says, even back in the old book that is commonly known as the Old Testament, it is written,

'In all of their afflictions he was afflicted, but the angel of his presence, healed them.'

When you confidentially and substantially believe that GOD is Present, the Angel of GOD's Presence will heal you of every complaint, of every adverse and undesirable condition, will set you free and free indeed. The Mouth of the LORD has spoken it.

'In all their afflictions he was afflicted, but the angel of his presence healed them.'

I came to let you know that GOD is in the midst of thee, and GOD is Ever Present. When you are conscious of GOD's Presence, as I say, the Spirit of GOD's Presence, which is the Angel of GOD's Presence, will heal you. HE will eradicate every undesirable and every adverse condition. It will adjust matters satisfactorily and you will be abundantly blessed with all of the attributes and all of the Glory of GOD, for you shall have received all of HIS fullness.

The above constituted FATHER's talk before a large audience at a meeting in the Bronx where the majority of the people had not heard HIM before. HE concluded by enlarging upon the quotation,

'and we beheld his glory, as of the only begotten of the FATHER,) full of grace and truth. And of all of his fullness, have all we received, grace for grace.'

HE told them they had all received the inheritance of the only begotten of the FATHER, and continued:

'Then whence cometh the Truth teachers, and whither go they, for you have beheld all of the fullness of grace and of Truth as the only begotten of the FATHER, with all of the fullness of grace and Truth. The Word says,

. . . 'when he the Spirit of truth has come, he will lead you into all truth:'

and you will need no man to teach you anything. Why then the Truth teachers and the leaders, when you need no man or book to teach you anything?'

' The power of the Spirit was so great in the meeting that at this point many fell out under it and the whole audience rose up in an uproar pressing toward FATHER. This made talking impractical, so the rest of the meeting was carried on by singing and the demonstration of the Spirit. As is the usual case, many of us had spoken previous to FATHER's talk, the meeting having started at five o'clock with a full house, and ending at midnight.'

This Unmingled Love Beyond Degrees Fills All Souls

'The most insignificant of all the earth, by the recognition of the significant One, and by the conformity, or 'conformitation' to the will and the Spirit of the Perfect Idea, and by the recognition of HIM, it tends to cause the Great I AM to recognize you and in your likeness remain a living factor in the hearts and minds of them that have viewed you. Skill cannot attract, and ability of any mortal version cannot compare. There is nothing to compare with it. Not even any human imagination can compare with this infinite Love that transcends all limitation, yea, even transcends all expressions of limited or limitless expressions of good. It goes far beyond limitations into infinitude, the end you cannot vision. It is beyond the comprehension of the mind's imagination, or at least even its consideration. It is love beyond degrees. It s something to praise GOD for. It is something transcending any expression of even any psychic imagination. It transcends any psychic consideration even, yea, even any psychic imagination, and goes into infinitude far beyond the psychic imagination or highest consideration. It is Wonderful! It is Wonderful!

'What does it? what causes it ? what is it all about? Humanity must know that this Love, or whatsoever it is that is so fascinating and so attracting that it is commanding the attention of so-called men and so-called women in all walks of life, all so-called people, the classes and clans of every description, profession and expression, and appearance every eye must see HIM and know that it is HE that liveth forever and ever. Must know! What can that be that can beget and produce, and re-beget and produce and create and re created, carnate and reincarnate such Infinite Love with manifestation? It is Wonderful! It is Wonderful! Truly, truly, might have the word or song said, 'It is love beyond degrees.' You can taste of this unmingled Love here now, for this Love fills the souls of men, not one alone, as in mortal consciousness, but fills the souls of every one that rightfully contacts it.

'It goes forth with something like an electric touch. It is penetrating the very soil of the soul and the contents of your mind. It illuminates things and changes your attitude toward all things, and transforms your mind and directs it to HIM to Whom it is due, and I hear you say, 'I never will turn back as long as the Heaven is in my view.'

I have spoken exactly like this, from this standpoint of view in consideration, taking it sincerely in consideration as I AM now, recently in modern times from a Personal standpoint of view. But when you can see thousands and thousands of people coming out from every so-called nation, every so-called tribe, in appearance and expression of life, and they all can behold that which they seek and can realize that seeming electric and magic touch of life that transforms the heart and the mind, and regenerates both it and them, it is Wonderful!'

This Great Magnetic Love Transforms the World

'Then do you say you feel this Love? Then do you love GOD? Then you say you love ME. From whence cometh such Love, pure incorruptible and undefiled Love; Love that is pure and unadulterated, Love that is unselfish, Love that it is not necessary to purify and purge, for there is no dross in it. It is Love that came from the Soul of GOD and touched the soul of men. That is why you saw ME. That is why you love ME so. Are you ashamed to own this Love? Even if you are ashamed of this Love, this Love is beyond degrees. There is nothing to compare with it. It is Wonderful! It is Wonderful! You know you never loved a man like you love ME. You know you never loved a woman like you love ME. You know you never loved a mother like you love GOD.

'This Love illuminates your every thought. It fills and thrills every avenue of your soul and penetrates every vein, every organ, and every muscle, every sinew and every bone. Yea, it fills every cell and every atom and every fibre of your bodily form. It transforms you. It is purifying, it is petrifying, it is filling every cell of your bodily form, it is healing to your body and soul for they are one. Upon such a wonderful Principle and Foundation this Work is done, for you first taste of this unmingled Love.

'You got joy here without a fear and joy without a tear, so I wiped all tears from your eyes. I said, 'Weep no more, Mary, now do not cry.' I said, 'Live forever now, do not die.' I say, 'The Kingdom has come on the earth now do not fly.' This Love consumes every mortal version, every personal idea, every false belief, every undesirable condition and every adverse condition; it sets the prisoner free.

'I could see then, as I expressed the manifestation of MY expression in appearance there, how it is with one, so with millions and millions and millions. Oh, it is Wonderful! Think about it! It is something that is really the conscious realization of the materialization of Love. It fills and thrills you, it penetrates, it saturates, it vigorates, it vibrates, it responds from the soul of men to the Soul of GOD when it is called. It responds from the soul of humanity to the Soul of GOD when it is called, and who can help it? You cannot help it! I will preach CHRIST in words, but more so in deeds and in actions and I will put MY Spirit in them and cause them to walk in MY Statutes.

'Truly might someone have said, 'Bewitched thou them all,' or better known in modern times, hypnotized them all. Truly, how can you avoid being hypnotized by the great magnetic Love, by this great magnetic current of Love that goes forth and with seeming magic touch, transforms the world beyond its control or beyond its power to ask or say or do or be, for the Spirit and the Power of the LORD is upon you. It has regenerated you. It has born you again. You are made new. Now look at GOD beautifying you to express HIMSELF through the pores of your skin, out of your beautiful eyes, and thinking out of your beautiful mind. It is Wonderful!.

'It is Wonderful! You know it must take a tremendous amount of electrical power to move so many souls all in the same direction. It is evident that it is something more than common. GOD must have quite a lot of Love, mustn't HE, to generate so much Love and regenerate so much love, produce and reproduce so much Love, carnate and reincarnate so much Love and manifest and re-manifest so much Love, and causing that mighty Love. You know you never loved anybody so much before in your life. So that should be enough to let you see and know. You know you could not have anybody, like you do ME.'






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