"The Power of Love is Sufficient

"Accept Of This Great Name As the Ideal of Life"

The Word of GOD Revealed
'Howbeit when HE, the Spirit of truth is come,
HE will guide you into all truths...

FATHER DIVINE'S Words from the Notebook of John Lamb

Installment 55

At the evening session of the great meeting at Rockland Palace, New York City, on Sunday, June 26, after the Message was read from the May l8th issue of the Metaphysical News, FATHER said:



It is Wonderful! That was just a little lecture that I gave some time ago. Well, it was some time before the trial, quite a while before the trial, and also it was from the very depths of MY heart, without considering that it would have been published, but as I often say, that I have not come, I AM not here to sling mud. I don't have any need to do that. And I don't want any of MY co-workers, students, patients or Followers to throw any mud. I don't have to, as I said before, to seek MY rights or try to protect MYSELF even in legal procedures, or in any way. There is a power of love that is so magnetic, it is sufficient to protect ME. I do not care to hear about what this one said or what that one said. What do I care about what any man may say? Because I have within MY Life and within MY Being, that Love that transforms the world and can regenerate the whole nation and bring them back to GOD. It is Wonderful! This mighty Holy Love! I AM talking about this Love that is a consuming fire. This Love that burns up every base desire. Therefore, I AM not here, and I have not condescended to go to the general public to sling mud or anything of that kind.

I know that there have been many things said about ME, but remember, children of men, that which you sow you shall also reap. It is wonderful, I say. Sow good seeds everybody, for you shall reap what you sow. If you sow to the flesh, or bigotry, hatred, prejudice and resentment and anger, you shall reap the fruit of the same. I came to tell you about this Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent Love that will transform the whole big world.

I Do Not Care About What Anyone Says About ME

Just look at GOD, as I said in that lecture, even in the pores of your skin, beautifying you and making you new. That is what I AM talking about. This mighty Holy Love! It is Wonderful! This mighty Love, I say. If you think that you are old, you will be made young. And I speak that for your consideration, Dear Ones, to let you know from whence I came. And I speak that because all of you, there are many of you know that there have been many things said in reference to ME. I do not care anything about what anyone says. The mortal mind says to ME, it said to ME here the other week, said 'Suppose, since they are talking so much and since they have carried out these reports ,' I mean it said it to ME, to MY own mind, that is what I AM talking about, 'Suppose YOU should go to the New York Age and say, since they want to write so much about YOU, YOU will take ten thousand dollars and leave it there,' cash money. I AM talking about, 'if they can prove anything they are talking about.' And that spirit said to ME, 'Why do YOU not try to? It said that as the mortal mind said that you know, I mean what the people call the d-v-l. It said, 'YOU will not be contending for YOUR rights if YOU do that, because YOU will not be suing those papers or those men for one hundred thousand dollars as YOU have been advised to do.' That was what the mortal mind said. It said, 'YOU would not be suing them, YOU would be willing to give something if they could prove anything.' That was what the mortal mind said. But I said,

'Get thee behind ME, s-t-n.'

Sayville Kitchen

Sayville Kitchen





I don't have to try to justify MYSELF. I don't have to try to protect MYSELF in any way. I don't have to try to care about even what men may say. There are five million that I am living in today. There are five million, I say, in Europe, Asia, Africa and in America that I AM living in today. And they are living in ME. It is Wonderful! I have five million souls contacting ME today. In them I live and move and have MY Being. And in ME, they live and move and have their being.

I AM in Many Hearts Tonight and You Will Let ME Live On

I have not done anything yet to what I AM going to do. I can live, with or without a Body. I have five million souls to live in besides this One. And I AM adding them to the church daily, such as will be saved. Then it is not that I must necessarily worry about person, persons, or body or bodies, as it may be termed, for GOD can live even without any body. We can rejoice because GOD is not confined to person or personalities of any kind, for before GOD had any Body, it is written that

'the Spirit of GOD moved upon the face of the deep.'

It is Wonderful!

For this cause, Dear Ones, I can rejoice for your sakes, that I have established it, that I have established it and that it is incorruptible, undefiled and fadeth not away. I have established the Kingdom in the hearts and the minds of the children of men, and even if the material world would burn in fire, this mighty Kingdom would stand. Now I know you are glad. Aren't you glad? Aren't you glad, I say, that I was willing to sacrifice MY Body and bring it back again? It is Wonderful! By so doing I remain a living factor in the hearts and the lives of the children of men, the seed idea of Heaven, the true Ideal of Life.

I know that I AM in many hearts tonight and I know you will let ME live on. I know you are going to let ME live on! The song says, 'I will live on, I will live on.' Now aren't you going to let ME live on in your hearts? Are you going to let ME live on, I say, as a living factor, as the true Ideal of life, the One and the only One, as redemption for mankind? I know you are glad!.

I AM the Constructive Work of Salvation

There are many things that I could say, but as that lecture was read, it was just a past time lecture before the l8th of May, before MY trial, MY so-called trial. I said when they brought to ME about what Bishop Lawson said, what did I care about what he said! I said, I have not the time to fight with the sword that perisheth, for he that fighteth with the sword, by it shall he die. I have no time to fight or even so much as to use destructive forces, for I AM the constructive work of salvation.

Again I wish to say, I have not asked or desired any of MY so-called students, patients or friends, or representatives to condemn or criticize any church organization or anything. I haven't got the time for that. I AM preaching CHRIST, the Redeemer of the world. I AM preaching Love that is incorruptible, and undefiled and this Love that fadeth not away. MY Love is sufficient to take care of the situation. I know that there were some that said, even when I was first so-called 'indicted,' I know that there were many of MY students said, that are deeply inspired with the Spirit, they said, woe unto the man that would sentence ME. There were many of them said, there were many of them said that the man that would sentence ME to jail or convicted ME, they said that would be the last one that he would sentence. It is Wonderful!

For this cause and for this great Truth I was led as a lamb to the slaughter, and dumb as a sheep before her shearers, I opened not MY mouth. I didn't need to say anything. I didn't need to say anything to try to protect MYSELF in any way. And I didn't need to say anything even when the reporter came to ME the next day after Judge Smith died. (Interrupted by laughter) by laughter.) It is Wonderful! I said to the reporter, I haven't anything to say. The sheriff said to ME, 'YOU don't have to give a statement if YOU don't wish to, but this reporter was sent out here from New York,' or something of the kind, 'and he wanted to know what YOU would say about the death of' (interruption by noise and clapping.) It is Wonderful! Since he has sentenced YOU, they would like to know what YOU think about it.' Well, they must have thought something about it. I did not have to tell them MY thoughts. They had their own thoughts, and let their own mind from their own thoughts tell them. It is Wonderful!

I Have Sent the Vibration Out To Touch Your Heart and Change Your Mind

I did not try to protect MYSELF, I did not try. I did not desire Judge Smith to die. When Daniel was cast in the den of lions, when Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were cast in the fiery furnace, they did not say, 'I wish you were dead,' but they said,

'O king, live forever.'

Now, what I did wish though, I did desire that MY Spirit would touch his heart and change his mind that he might repent and believe and be saved from the grave. And that is MY desire for many of MY so-called opponents. MY desire is that the Spirit of the Holy Ghost, which is MY Spirit, (clapping and cheers) I AM not wishing for any of you, those of you that have tried to prosecute ME, those of you that have tried to persecute ME to the point of prosecution, and even to the point of execution I AM not desiring or wishing you would die, but I have sent out the vibration of MY Spirit that it might touch your hearts and that it might charge your mind. (Applause)

Upon such a foundation, I say, upon such a foundation, you need no protection. It is Wonderful! I say, upon such a foundation you need no protection, you need no bodyguards. Upon such a foundation you do not need to have a permit to carry a revolver. This mighty Holy Love is sufficient to protect you. It is a rock in a weary land. That is what I AM talking about. I can go where I will, and stay where I please. GOD that is in the Body, this magnetic Love can and will protect the Body and will save it from all hurt and from all harm.

Therefore, I have not the time to use destructive forces or to fight with the sword that perisheth or to try to protect MYSELF or to justify MYSELF in any way. MY Spirit and MY Work and MY Infinite Love, they bear witness of ME. It is Wonderful! This mighty Holy Love! It bears witness of ME. Upon such a foundation the sick are healed, the blind receive their sight, the lame, they will walk, and the dumb, they will talk. If there is a dumb person here tonight, you can speak right now this mighty Love I say, this magnetic Love, this electric magic tough that transforms the world and regenerates the hearts and souls of men, and makes them new creatures in and among the children of men. Now aren't you glad?

They Accept Of This Great Name As the Ideal of Life

Now I have built the Foundation, and I have established MY Kingdom in the hearts of my children, that I, with or without MY Body, will reign in you and MY Spirit and MY Mind in you is a conquering King. I say that with or without the Body, this, MY Word is stressed, I stress the word and MY word is stressful on the body, and secondarily without the Body, which is the same.

I AM getting letters from Australia, from parts of Asia, as well as Europe and Africa, declaring that MY Presence is there the same as it has been with you all since MY so-called incarceration. Then they are telling ME about in Australia, ten, twelve or fifteen thousand miles away, they are telling ME MY Presence is there, they feel MY Presence, and they have MY mottoes and they have MY Writings. They have MY Lectures and they have MY letters in their auditorium, and declare MY Message to the world. And all they must needs do over in Australia is to say, 'I thank YOU FATHER,' two or three times with their mind stayed on CHRIST and CHRIST in GOD, and they will feel the steady stepping of Emanuel GOD!

It is written, 'Call on me in the day of trouble: and I will deliver thee,' And the time cometh when everyone that shall call on the Name of the LORD shall be saved. Now it is wonderful, isn't it? When they call on MY Name in Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa or any other parts of the world that I have not gone with these Personal feet, they feel the Presence of MY Spirit and of MY real Self. And when they call upon ME a few times, the same as you do here, if they are sick they will get well. If they are lame they will walk. If they are dumb they will talk. If they lack or want anything, their lacks and their wants are supplied, for they have come to that place to realize that the Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence of GOD is the Source of all Supply. They become conscious of GOD's Presence and accept of CHRIST, and GOD as a living factor in their lives, and they accept of this great Name as the true Ideal of life as brought to fruition in the body of CHRIST.

Utilize Your Time To Bring A Better Fellowship Of Love

Take these thoughts in, Dear Ones, and from henceforth, whether I AM here, there or anywhere, let there be no divisions among you, and let there be no battling and strife and combatments among yourselves. If you have a thought about a brother or sister, take him to himself alone, and talk the matter over. And when you shall have accomplished that in your own lives and among your own selves, yea, even before you do that, be ye also the same, with your heart delivered in GOD. You do not have, if you don't believe in one's way of worship, you don't have to take part in it if you don't wish to. You are free to be governed by your own spirit, but you do not have to use your time and energy, which you say is MY time and energy, for combatment and for strife. You can utilize this time and this energy for the purpose of brining about the sweet communion of the Holy Spirit and a better fellowship of love. And this love will adjust matters satisfactorily, and by so doing you will become a living factor in the hearts and the lives of those you come in contact with, for this Love shall outlast them all.

The Living Truth Will Last You While the World Is On Fire

You know, I would live on, with or without a Body, I say. I AM not bothering about the Body, and I AM not bothering about it. If I choose to carry it, it is all right, and if I don't choose to carry it, it is all right. I AM not bothering about it. But I know that I will live in your hearts and minds, with or without a Body. Will I not? It is Wonderful!

You heard the Word say, 'Sons and daughters, give me your hearts.' You heard the song say, 'Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice . . . harden not your heart.' With or without the Body it is so fascinating that you cannot help but think about ME and hold ME as the true Ideal of your salvation, the true Ideal of life as having been brought to fruition in your lives and put forth as a living sample and an example for the whole world, and having thrown up a high and a holy way in the wilderness that none but the holy can walk therein.

Now I do not wish to bore you with MY (applause) but I just want to stamp on your minds, the living Truth and something that will last you whilst the burning world is on fire. Through many trials and tribulations, with or without the Presence of MY Body, I can be a living factor in the hearts and the lives of millions, as the true Ideal of salvation, the Redeemer of the world, and I thank you.

It Is Something To Birth Out the Impersonal Life

In a few moments of quiet as a group of us sat around the room at one of our New York City stopping places, FATHER said:

'We hear a good deal about the Impersonal Life, but to have birthed out the Impersonal Life in the personal, is something.'

Speaking of HIS being a living factor in the lives of men, with or without a Body, FATHER SAID: 'Under such terms you can be substantiated in faith, and unshaken in confidence. Then as they often say, live or die, sink or swim, it would be immaterial to you if I would come or go from a Personal standpoint of view. So, you don't say it as a rule, we don't speak of it, but I know that I don't have to go any place. I can stay in one place and I can work MY Works because it is Wonderful! When you cease to struggle, when you cease to try to do anything from a personal standpoint of view, then and there and here and now, is your glorious event. It is a glorious event to the sons of GOD, for when you cease to struggle personally, then the Impersonal Life will voluntarily and spontaneously respond in your stead. It is Wonderful!

Some Day I Will Have A People That Want ME

Well, anyway, if you all don't want MY Spirit, some day, somewhere and somehow, I will have a people that will want ME. All the Asia-ites, they are stirred and they say, 'I wonder will FATHER come over.' I had a letter from Australia and they said, 'I wonder if FATHER will ever come here.' That is what they said in the meeting, and some of them got up and said, 'HE is here now!'

It is wonderful to think about how strong they are in the other countries because there is so much mortal one has to overcome in this country. But there is quite a lot they don't have to overcome there. And one good think about the Metaphysical News is that it goes now and you see MY Message it goes under the heading of Mr. Lanyon's lecture and message. And therefore, it would be almost the same as if he was giving MY same Message directly, because I don't say that only that which is directly of ME, (are they) that have put off entirely the mortal, and put on immortality, and are at that place where they would not be actually satisfied unless it be free of that which is called diversities of denominations, races and colors, nationalities, etc. I wouldn't live otherwise, however. I wouldn't live in a Body otherwise. It must be the expression of unselfish and non-fleshy Truth and not limited to any special race, color, creed or denomination.

Therefore, MY Message, when I thought about how they are receiving it in Australia, I was glad, because I was not thinking about that when I was giving it. But since it has gone out and we sent the copies to them, I AM glad, so that they could get the Message. If you all don't want this Love, just say so.'

Someone Had To Take A Stand

When Mr. Hampton of San Francisco, associate editor of the Metaphysical News called upon FATHER in New York, June 27, he said he was glad to note the use of the word 'Wonderful' in FATHER'S Work, because the Bible said when the CHRIST came, HIS Name should be called 'Wonderful.' In referring to the origin of our use of the word, FATHER said:

'I find that words that are being spoken, they are the respoken word, without the least consideration of the quotations of the Scripture. They just come forth by the Spirit spontaneously, after which they are brought forth into consideration, that they were recorded in the Scripture. MY experience has been the same way. So we really live it and believe it, consciously or unconsciously. This Harlem here, for the last two years, has been filled with the atmosphere of the Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence of GOD, and someone had to take a stand in person, to be willing to bring about that conscious realization, for the sacrifice of the Body brings the consciousness of the Presence of GOD to those that contact it. But not because GOD is not everywhere as well as HE is here.

GOD is not confined to persons, or individual or individuals, we do not claim that, but we do claim that GOD is incorruptible, undefiled and fadeth not away, and therefore, we tune in on this CHRIST Consciousness And every person has a right to tune in on this Principle, the same idea that was brought to fruition in the body called Jesus and was known to be the CHRIST every one of us. It is Wonderful!'

We Endeavor To Be Radiating Centers Of the Truth

Mr. Hampton said he was glad to know that FATHER made such a clear distinction between the Jesus and the CHRIST and that so far as the CHRIST is concerned, 'Before Abraham was, I am.'

FATHER said:

It is indeed wonderful to realize that, and it becomes a living factor in the lives of all those you come in contact with, and that is what we are endeavoring to do, to be radiating centers of the Truth, to universalize this Infinite Love that transcends all limitation.

I AM really pleased to meet you gentlemen. I have for years endeavored to meet all of the highest expressions of GOD, and I recognize it. I know as I was telling some of the prisoners over in what they call prison I have not been in prison, but what they call prison I was saying to some of them, they were speaking of Mussolini, they were speaking of Gandhi and they were speaking of the Kaiser, I was saying that it is not confined to mortality or materialism, but it reflects itself both in it and them. And as GOD reflects HIMSELF to the children of men, HE will often appear in them and function through them for a time and for a season, and if that individual be faithful, in MY opinion, be true and abide in the Words of CHRIST as was put forth through Jesus, they will become a living example.'

Breakfast With Mr. Hampton, Associate Editor, Metaphysical News, San Francisco

Continuing HIS talk with Mr. Hampton, FATHER said:

'When you spoke of what they were fed in jail there, that drew a point of consideration in reference to a young man there that thinks he is an awful criminal. I say he thinks he is. And he said he wasn't worthy to call GOD's Name, and he said sometimes at night the mind would come to him to call GOD's Name when he was quiet and he thought he couldn't call GOD's Name except in blasphemy. But he is a changed man and I have a letter that I have written him. I will have it read. It is going out now soon. But this young man, he thinks he is an awful criminal and he don't believe in any religion much, and especially the general religion. But he is interested in this Truth now. He said he never went to any religion or church, but he would turn on the radio and listen to Mr. Tom Cook who talks to the crooks down on the Bowery, and like that. But when he comes out he says he will follow ME. He has written a little paper and he asked ME to forward it to you paper.'

Mr. Hampton was invited to stay for breakfast, which he did, and at the Table, FATHER made the following remarks:

'I was telling them in that letter this morning, in reference to the way I AM in every joint, every limb, every bone, every cell and even in every fibre of MY Bodily Form, it is the Spirit of the CHRIST that penetrates, that does the work and satisfies very desire. Then it is Wonderful!'

FATHER sang the song, 'There are millions of blessings, you cannot count them all,' continuing with trillions, quintillions, etc., up to decillions of decillions, and then said:

'That song that I sang, the number that I sang, is about all that you could think, just about all you could say, but it is but a sketch of a reflection of a percent of a percent of a percent of the outer expression of the condition of the mind within. It is Wonderful! It is the sketch of a reflection of a percent of a percent of a percent of the limitless blessings that I have in storehouse for the souls of the children of men. The one 'I' that I claim and so often use, as it may be termed, is applicable to each and everyone, and every one of you has a right to this one 'I' that I AM. Know the truth and then live in conformity to the same, and you, too, will realize even as I do that there is but one 'I: one capital 'I' in the alphabet that is applicable to each and every individual when he chooses to use it.'

Because I Can Trust Myself, I Can Trust You

At a banquet given in HIS honor at 43 West l30th Street about midnight, Monday, June 27, after a public meeting in the Bronx, FATHER spoke at intervals in responding to questions and remarks, as follows:

'It is Wonderful, this mighty Holy Love that transcends all human imagination. Yea, it transcends all of the human considerations of and from any standpoint of view.'

'I do believe that crime and violations of law in Harlem right here, has decreased at least twenty-five percent since the Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence of GOD has impregnate the air and the Spirit of GOD's Presence and the Name of GOD, the Name of your FATHER, fills the air. It is Wonderful!'

'Because I can trust MYSELF, I can trust you. There is not a thief in New York City. I leave MY automobiles out all the time with the keys in them. There is not one thief in New York City in MY Consciousness.'

'I don't care. MY personal or real property, humanly speaking is uninsured. And if it could be destroyed by fire, I don't care, for Providence has promised to give ME one hundred more for every one I lose.'

Loss Of the Mortal Is To Gain the Immortal

'There are many tonight even, (replying to a question as to the status of relatives that had passed on) that I, as though it was I, bring to you and before you tonight, that you might recognize the adoption of them, even the visible expressions of the souls of the children of men, the reproduction of that which seems to have passed away, and you gain an hundredfold more. By making a complete self-denial of all material or physical things, and refusing to make any mental or mortal claims, I reproduce the same and bring it into outer expression as it is set here before you tonight. Look at the sisters and brothers I have from a human standpoint of view. Just look at the sons and daughters I would have. If I would have allowed MYSELF to be a mortal man, to be a natural father, I could not have produced such wonderful sons and daughters as I have here tonight It is Wonderful!

So therefore, the loss of the mortal is the gain of the immortal. You are immortal sons and daughters, as being called, see? But those that would have been MINE, if I would have condescended to allow MYSELF to have been a mortal man, to have been a mortal father, they would have been mortal bodies and corruptible and subject to death. But these of MY children are immortal, for they are the sons and daughters of GOD, not sons and daughters of flesh.

If CHRIST Is All, Then CHRIST Is Your Family

This magnetic Love that transcends all gravitation, it is Wonderful! I think I had better stop! It is Wonderful! This Love, you know it is Wonderful! It is so fascinating, the whole world has gone after it. The whole world has gone wild over it. I think I had better stop. It is Wonderful!

'And I looked out on the field, and the field was white.
'The harvest is ripe, and the laborers are few.'

Here and now the harvest is ripe. Though they that are living is mortal consciousness say the harvest is not yet, and it is still four months to harvest, I say unto you, the harvest truly is ripe, and the laborers are few. Here and now, today, is the day of salvation. Today is the day of grace. Now aren't you glad! I think I had better stop.

It will be like this all over the whole material world after a while, and then all will realize that there is no such thing as lacks or wants or limitations, neither will there be any depressions, but GOD's expression will be in the place of so-called depression, and GOD's manifestation will be in the place of your so- called oppression. GOD will manifest HIMSELF as the Victor and as victorious over every adverse and undesirable condition, for the mouth of the LORD has spoken it. It is wonderful, how that CHRIST in you, and CHRIST in ME will make the whole world what it ought to be. It will set the prisoners free, those that think they are physical prisoners and those that think they are mental and spiritual prisoners. This consciousness aren't you glad that this Consciousness has truly come? And I mean to universalize this Consciousness if this Body must needs be sacrificed thirty-two times more to universalize the Consciousness of the Presence of GOD.

How do you know, how can you know that GOD is Present unless you in the visible, manifest GOD, that would not, that could not be conscious of GOD's Presence until GOD became materially manifest. You may subconsciously or unconsciously know that GOD is Present, but when you come to the conscious realization of GOD, you shall also have come to the conscious realization of the materialization of GOD. Then you will know that this contact will supply you with everything you need, and verify the statement of what has been aforesaid, CHRIST is rich and all you need, and CHRIST is All and in all. Hence, if CHRIST is ALL and in all, then CHRIST must actually be your father, your mother, your sister, your brother, your sons and your daughters, for GOD is All. HE has condescended to put on bodies to appease the mortal concept of the human mind, that mind that is functioning in mortal bodies. And to appease that spirit, it will appear in the varied degrees of expression to appease that mortal concept of the human mind. And when that for any cause becomes when that visible appearance, for any cause, becomes when Divine Intelligence sees that it will, by any means, be a hindrance to the development of the Consciousness of GOD's Presence in it or in them, then GOD will withdraw HIMSELF from that particular appearance as a physical body called your sons, daughters, mothers and fathers, that you might see HIM in Spirit and in reality, just as HE is without the Body.

That is why I said to you and still say, that the Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence of GOD is the Source of all supply, and that when I AM supposedly absent in the Body, I AM Present in the Spirit, and I AM just as operative without the Body as I AM with the Body, for I AM the true Impersonal Life. I have created for you all, the whole universe, a seed idea in the consciousness of the children of men, that it may be universalized, that they may recognize HIM.

We Are Eating and Drinking the Words Of Life

For this cause the Apostle said, 'Many are sickly among you, and some sleep . . . not discerning the Body of CHRIST.' When the Body of CHRIST shall have been materialized, and you come to that place where you can realize that GOD is actually Present within and without, then the little leaven leaveneth the whole lump and you become to be a part of that Infinite Whole, the universal brotherhood of man and the FATHERHOOD of GOD, for they are one. I think I had better stop.

You know, when Jesus went up some place and sat, He began to talk. You see, when you stop and stand still a little while, there is something begins to unfold itself. Many times I get to the Table and AM with the temples of the Most High, manifest in the visible Kingdom here on earth, and they are on one accord. Then these things begin to come. I think I had better stop! For you don't want any more of this magnetic Love. It is so fascinating, truly might have one said, 'Who has bewitched you, that you will not obey the truth?' but I can say, who has bewitched you that you will obey the Truth? I know you will obey the Truth. You will obey! This is so fascinating you cannot get around it. It sets the world on fire, for it is CHRIST in you and CHRIST in ME, that makes you what you ought to be, and from every limitation will set you free. And, therefore, you rejoice now in the abundance of the fullness of the consciousness of good, for you are conscious of all of the abundance of the fullness of GOD manifest on the material plane as well as has been in the spiritual plane.

Those things that were spiritual once, and invisible, they are now materialized and made visible and we are now eating and drinking the Words of Life, for this food, the material blessings are Words of Life materialized and brought even out of the mineral kingdom. The very Words of GOD from the mineral kingdom has been produced into the actual manifestation of things for the comfort and convenience and accommodation of men. Now, aren't you glad? This is the Word of GOD materialized. Not only what you would term as water, but the glass also, is the Word of GOD materialized. Now, aren't you glad? I have meet to eat that you all know about. You must feel good, for I know you do feel good. Now, do you feel good? could be said, do you feel GOD? I know you do feel GOD.'

When CHRIST Rises In You, It Breaks Down the Walls Of Segregation

Speaking of Gandhi, FATHER said:

'He is working for his country, wherein the CHRIST Consciousness is working for the Infinite Whole. Now there is a fellow there in jail that thinks he is an Italian and he thinks he has 2and1/2 to 5 years for robbery, and, of course, he thinks that Mussolini is wonderful. But we know that when CHRIST rises in you and breaks down that wall of races, creeds and colors and nationalities, and stands for the Infinite Whole, stands for this universal Love, then it is Wonderful, it is Wonderful!

Don't you feel better when you are in the atmosphere of the consciousness of this universal love, unselfish love, non-racial love, non- denominational love, non-national love, infinite love that transcends all limitations? Now apparently Jesus would have had it to come to an end the same as all other men, when He said,

'Go to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.'

It was as if though it was to the nationality from whence He came. But He soon received the inspiration to command His Disciples and His Apostles to go into all the world, and preach the Gospel to every nation and to all people.

So you see, that is the thought of it, and the CHRIST developed in Jesus, is being developed in all men today that are coming to this knowledge of the Truth. They will have the same idea that Jesus had when it was brought to fruition in His Life. Before it was brought to fruition in His Life, He had the urge, or that desire, no doubt, to do good and to save those that were lost, but He thought that it was needful to go to the house of Israel. He may have thought through the human mind that it was needful to go to Jerusalem, don't you see, but He soon developed to that place in Him, or in His consciousness that He was too big for Jerusalem or any limited nationality. His work could not be confined to any nationality or race or people. He said,

'Come unto me, all ye that are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest.'

He verified the statement,

'Unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and he shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace: and the government shall be upon his shoulders.'

The Less You Have Or Claim, the More You Have

When this shall have been born in your consciousness, in your conscious realization, then and there and here and now, the government of all things rests upon the shoulders of this mighty State of Consciousness, and you will find your burdens light. You will find that you have no burden, for He will bear your burden in the heart of the day, and sighing and sorrow shall pass away and GOD shall wipe away all tears from your eyes. I do not see any crying around here, do you? I do not see any sad faces around here, for in this State of Consciousness there is no sadness, there is no sorrow, there is no crying, there are no wants or lacks or limitations, for the Abundance of the Fullness of the Consciousness of GOD, no space is vacant of the fullness thereof. Aren't you glad? If you all don't want this mighty Love, say so.'

'I know that the CHRIST is in you, whether you are conscious of it or not, and I behold HIM. And when the CHRIST in you contacts the CHRIST in ME, oh, how happy you will be, when we make our mental and spiritual contact. That is why I was saying last night, the whole world has gone after it, it is so fascinating. It is something you cannot help. You cannot withstand this Infinite Love, for it is the Life Magnet of the world. It is Wonderful! It is the Life Magnet of the world, and that is what they try to stress, as if though I used hypnotics but this great magnet of life, I don't do anything but advocate and emphasize and demonstrate the Life and Teaching of CHRIST. And by so doing and living in conformity to same, it contacts and it vigorates, it vibrates and resurrects the souls and minds of the children of men and draws them in closer harmony together and causes them to know that there is no division.

In My immediate assembly we know no race, no creed nor color. We know that there is no division and we live it and that is the greater part of what causes the so-called prosecutions and persecutions. But as I so often say, if it would be persecutions, prosecutions, or executions for this Cause, I AM willing to stand whatsoever may come, if GOD wills it, for this great Cause. This Work must go on with or without a Body, and when one man takes a stand, sacrificing spirit, soul and body, he will manifest himself as though he is a majority.

And the less a man has, the more he has. The less a man has, the more he has in a way. What I mean by that, now you find mortal mind will limit himself in consciousness to 'this is mine,' 'this is my home,' 'this is my business, 'this is my everything, and limit themselves to the limited degree of their own individual legal claims, don't you see, and in that they have a great burden to bear. But when they release that from them, from their consciousness, and unify themselves with the Infinite Whole, claiming all and claiming none, they find the yoke is easy, and their yokes are within. It is Wonderful!'






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