"Elect CHRIST As King

"Prove Your Love . . . by Being of Practical Service to GOD and Man"

The Word of GOD Revealed

Howbeit when HE, the Spirit of truth is come,
HE will guide you into all truths...

FATHER DIVINE'S Words from the Notebook of John Lamb

Installment 59

I Will Elect CHRIST As King If it Costs a Million Dollars a Day


In the Divine inspiration of Truth and Limitless expression of GOD, there is no limitation when we detach ourselves from a limited degree of expression. We, when we come to this place in consciousness, as we have come to this place in consciousness, we are bringing forth the great Light to the world and there is no bound nor barrier, mentally or spiritually, for we unify ourselves mentally and spiritually with all living creatures and then there will be no limitation, social, financial or otherwise, for wheresoever they are, they are one.

So that is our great mission on earth, don't you see, and we that know the Truth must do it whatsoever it costs. I said at the time they were running for Hoover and for Smith, I said, There are thousands of people spending money, contributing different sums for the purpose of electing Smith and for the purpose of electing Hoover, but I will elect one, KING of Kings and LORD of Lords if it costs ME a million dollars a day,' and I mean that. If it costs ME a million dollars a day, and I mean a million in money, I mean what the people call Uncle Sam's money, I mean to materialize it, I mean to elect CHRIST KING of Kings and LORD of Lords, for one writer declared: 'A king shall reign in righteousness, and princes shall rule in judgment. And a man shall be as a shelter from the winds that blow.' We have elected CHRIST and the CHRIST Consciousness, KING of Kings, and LORD of Lords. And for humanity to recognize that and come to the conscious realization of it, it may cost quite a little sum even from a financial standpoint of view of material finances, but I declared, if it costs a million dollars a day to bring forth this great Truth and convince humanity that CHRIST is KING of Kings and LORD of Lords, and that HE is KING of the whole earth and of the Heaven, I will elect HIM if it costs a million dollars a day.

And since I have made that declaration, and through that affirmation, I have brought into expression a great demonstration of it. I have brought into actual expression and to the conscious realization of men, that from some place cometh means to spend large sums of material money to establish this Truth and prove to the world that GOD is KING of the whole universe, and in HIM there is no lack or want. It is Wonderful! In HIM there are no barriers nor bounds. In HIM there are no limitations nor segregations. In HIM there is no depression, but the real expression of HIS limitless demonstration of good. It is Wonderful! I think we had been be going. It is Wonderful!

Stressing Being the Duplicate

In talking about the leaflet about the Duplicate and Duplicator, FATHER said:

It may be that I AM the Duplicate, I don't say I AM the Duplicator, but I leave that for others to say. If they say that, it is their thought, but advocate the thought of being a Duplicate, and convey that thought to the universe that others may realize and have the hope of being also as I AM, but if I hold and convey the thought consciously that I AM the Duplicator, it would be a question there whether they could be a duplicate, because they might feel that they could not be exactly like ME, like me, or they felt I was the Duplicator.

So therefore, I stress the point of view, as a sample and as an example, of being the Duplicate, instead of stressing the point of view of being the Duplicator. For, if I stress that point of view and convince you of MYSELF that I AM the Duplicator, it may be said by you within your consciousness that you cannot be like ME because I AM the Duplicator, and it may be said of you that you have no carbon paper, and you may have an excuse. But if I stress the point of view of being the Duplicate and that others should be even as I AM, being the Duplicate, they can concentrate on the Duplicator, the CHRIST, as brought forth in the Body called CHRIST JESUS, and they can duplicate and manifest the same CHRIST that was in the Body called Jesus. They will have the privilege to produce and reproduce the identical CHRIST that was in Jesus, and therefore be a duplicate, even also as I stress to them that I AM the Duplicate and not the Duplicator. It was encourage them to believe that I AM the Duplicate, even also as I AM. They will be encouraged to know that they can also duplicate and be even also as I AM.

If I should tell you that I AM the Duplicator, you may say within yourself, 'I cannot be as YOU are, for I have no carbon paper.' It is Wonderful! It is a wonderful privilege for everyone to be even also as I AM.

You can contact the Duplicator by concentrating on the Duplicator, for you are justified by faith, and faith is the substance of the thing hoped for, it is the evidence of the thing not seen. Hence, by visualizing the Ideal, it is duplicated as brought into fruition in the Life of Jesus. You will have the privilege or chance to duplicate after the fashion of the duplicate, mentally, spiritually and every way after the fashion of the pattern that I have shown you on the Mount. It is Wonderful!

If I should tell you that I AM the Duplicator, you may say within yourself, 'I cannot be as YOU are, for I have no carbon paper.' It is Wonderful! It is a wonderful privilege for everyone to be even also as I AM. You can contact the Duplicator by con contrition on the Duplicator, for you are justified by faith, and faith is the substance of the thing hoped for, it is the evidence of the thing not seen. Hence, by visualizing the Ideal, it is duplicated as brought into fruition in the Life of Jesus. You will have the privilege or chance to duplicate after the fashion of the duplicate, mentally, spiritually and every way after the fashion of the pattern that I have shown you on the Mount It is Wonderful!


New Motto

New Motto: You can so vividly gaze upon the CHRIST until you tend to reproduce and manifest HIM in your life, and not only in your life, but in your flesh. For CHRIST manifest in the flesh will save you from a sinner's death.

Soul, Spirit, Body and Mind Are One

CHRIST came in the flesh, in the likeness of sinful flesh to condemn sin in the flesh, and the sin that is in the flesh is what caused the curse. CHRIST being manifested in your flesh, purifies and petrifies your very physical body and qualifies both it and them, your body and your soul, and makes them one as the FATHER and the Son are one. It is Wonderful! Your spirit, soul and body are as the FATHER, Son and the Holy Ghost. They grow in one until the unifying love of the spirit of life comes in them by the Mind of CHRIST and purify you and make both it and them one. Your soul and your spirit and body and mind are one. That is the great work of CHRIST on earth to us ward.


When I AM traveling, you see, I generally carry MY correspondence along with ME that comes from the headquarters, because we have so many letters, don't you know, just as friend with friend, and I usually have three or four secretaries with ME all reading aloud at the same time..

When we travel by motor, I generally travel in a closed car and I usually have three or four secretaries that travel with Me and we can read as we go, because when we get to the places we are busy from one time to another. Now when we get to the city they will be clamoring for ME and when I get to the office I will be having calls, and the meetings close about one o'clock at night. And when we get back to our places where we stay they usually have a banquet there or something like that and it is usually two or three o'clock before we finish that. And then when we start out the next day, if we have any distance to go, or if we go to Sayville, to the headquarters, we read the letters on the way, and as far as reading them, I think we have at least a hundred here that we have not finished reading. They are brought to the Home in the parcel post wagon, and we have so many foreign stamps, the post-mistress asks for the foreign ones.

I didn't let many of MY Followers know that I was coming here, they would have wanted to follow ME. If we were to have a meeting here in Washington, no doubt, they would have ten or twelve buses come here from New York.


This completes the record of what was spoken by FATHER in Washington.

Upon returning from Washington, July 2, FATHER and some of the Angels attended a banquet at ll East ll3th Street, New York City. FATHER started the banquet by singing:

The Abundance of the Fullness of the Consciousness of good, no space is vacant of the fullness thereof. HE continued: I have come, I have come, All MY holy children, I have come. So all were wrong, Now don't you see, I came treading the winepress all alone. I AM the One, I AM the One, I came treading the winepress All alone. I AM the One, There were none to walk right with ME, I came treading the winepress all alone. So who is that with dyed garments on, I AM the One, I AM the One, I came treading the winepress all alone. This song was followed by: If you don't want MY Holy Spirit, just say so, Just say so, just say so, and: You must have MY Mind to have MY Spirit.

FATHER said: You cannot expect to have MY Spirit unless you have MY Mind, and you cannot expect to maintain MY Mind unless you have MY Love. Get me right. How can you say you love GOD whom you have never seen if you love yourself? How can you say you love GOD whom you have never seen, I say, if you love yourself? Just do for ME the way you have been doing for yourself, and that is the way you will prove to ME that you love GOD. Just whatsoever you have been doing for yourself, do that for your fellowman.

Were you all afraid or frightened for ME yesterday? It is Wonderful! You know we may have those things (airplanes) but, of course, if you are afraid to enjoy them, and afraid to go with ME, why, you see, you cannot have them. You cannot have them in reality. Some of you Angels, no doubt, are afraid to go in the air. Mother was just like a bold soldier.

I never told you all this before, but water could be termed as the materialized wind, or materialized air. When the ocean is calm, why, you see, you don't have the breakers. And then it is rough, you have the breakers. So the wind is just like that at times. It is invisibly the same as the visible water. You are sailing in the invisible water, or the invisible ocean. And it is just about the same, and of course, if you have a rough sea, why then, it will jar the ship. You see the heavy breakers will cause the ship to roll, or maybe to go up, and when you get in air pockets, you drop. It is only a certain distance, though. That is not even dangerous. So it is practically the same thing, but then, in a way, you are more safe to be there than you are down where some other automobile may run into you or something.

Referring to the Angels buying one of HIS pictures which had been published by a newspaper, FATHER said: We don't want anyone subscribing for a copy. Take a picture of MY Spirit and MY Mind. And if you take MY Spirit and MY Mind, why then, you may have ME and not see much of MY picture. But if you seek to get MY material picture and not MY Spirit and MY Mind, why then, you are liable to miss the substance and get the shadow the same as hundreds have done in the past

When GOD Develops One's Mentality and Physical Activities It is For Their Own Good

One of the Followers present at the Banquet brought up the subject of the A & P Company, saying that it was just now, after a long period of years, at the point that had been visualized by its founder in the beginning. FATHER said:

Well, the Truth was brought forth into the consciousness to some extent of one in the beginning of the creation of the world. As I said the other day, the Spirit moves in the darkness. The Spirit moves in the darkness, but the Spirit moved. It speaks in actions and causes light to appear. The earth was dark, but the Spirit will give light. There is so much raw material in the mineral kingdom. There is a whole lot of raw material in the mental kingdom, and there is a whole lot of raw material in the physical kingdom, even, which can be developed and can be educated and trained for the purpose for its own good. It is Wonderful!

It is for one's own good that GOD tries to use them. For when GOD develops one's mentality and physical activities, it is for their own good, not for GOD's. Out of the raw mental material, out of the raw physical material, spiritual material or develop whatsoever it may be, the life and the light of love can give it life and can it and increase it and multiply it, and it is a blessing for it. The thing that is used in and for this purpose is for GOD. But some day it may be something like that, because there is enough said and done through by the Spirit of the CHRIST in all and even in one, to write or publish a magazine, a weekly magazine that should be at least the size of Psychology Magazine, and yet be a weekly magazine.

The Spirit can bring out something every week. Now I didn't tell you all I went to Washington for that.







More Jottings




You cannot fill the ocean, but the ocean can fill you, and keep you just as full as the ocean is. And especially when the ocean is at low tide. That is a wonderful thought. No one can fill, not one person can fill GOD, but GOD can fill you. That is if you let HIM. If you throw a man overboard and you have his mouth and nose and ears sealed up, maybe he wouldn't stay at the bottom long, maybe he wouldn't sink. Anyway, he couldn't fill up so quickly unless water could enter in somewhere. 'Behold, I stand at the door, and knock.' GOD can fill every man's heart, but not one man or every man can fill GOD. GOD fills all space and is absent from none, and the man kingdom has a destination and also limitation.

FATHER then sang another song: The Abundance of all good things is free, so free, so free. The Abundance of all good things is free, so free, so free. They are free for you and for ME. They are free for one and free for all. They are free for you and for ME.

(Sung By FATHER Personally) A plenty, a plenty, a full and a plenty, I have a plenty, a plenty for all, I have a plenty of food, of raiment, and shelter, I have a plenty, a plenty for all. For GOD is your FATHER and there is no other, I have a plenty, a plenty for all, Eat, drink and be merry of limitless blessings, I have a plenty, a plenty for all. CHRIST walked on the water like a man on the land, It's a plenty, a plenty for all, Of food, of raiment, of homes and of shelter, I have a plenty, a plenty for all.


I Will Not Usurp Any Authority By Taking That Which Is Not Freely Offered

HE continued: Well, that was just what I considered, the abundance of good things, they are so free, they are free for you and for ME. I didn't tell you I had a syndicate, but however, I said that if anyone did have a press and would print a religious magazine absolutely free, having all the testimonies, lectures, inspirations, compositions, poems and songs and poetry of every kind, it would be wonderful, wouldn't it? For then that would give all of the true believers a chance to hear exactly what was the leading and direction or dictations of the Spirit at that particular time. It will be Wonderful! Well, it is a whole lot to consider, and yet in one sense of the word, I have even declared that I don't care if you don't even think about ME, just so long as you give ME your whole heart, soul and mind. I said I don't care if you don't even think of ME, just so long as you give ME your whole heart, soul and mind.

I know that the earth is the LORD's and the fullness thereof, and they that dwell therein. But still I will not usurp any authority by taking that which is not freely offered. Although I said today whilst driving around the Capitol and the building where paper money is made, it gives out in a few days. Five hundred dollar bills are only so much. Yet I do not usurp any authority though they are in MY Name and it is recorded there, 'In GOD We Trust.' They are trusting all the money in GOD.

Now who can keep ME from getting as much of it as I want. But yet, I will not get it in an illegitimate way. I will get it and will not take anything from anyone else apparently. I will increase their bankroll and yet I will get it. It is Wonderful! And when I drove around there today and someone said, 'FATHER, that is where YOUR money comes from,' I said, 'Well, they say in there it is all trusted in GOD, in GOD'S trust. In GOD We Trust.' Even our nickels and dimes are trusted in GOD. 'In GOD We Trust.' But I will not usurp authority, for that which appears not to be MINE, I would not even take a penny from anyone. You know that whosoever they are that are under MY Personal jurisdiction, it matters not what I have done for them, if there was a penny lying there, I wouldn't take it up unless you would say and give ME the privilege of so doing.

And as I told the different ones that I had not sent out, or told to go and preach the gospel, those that were looking to ME to get them positions, 'You will not ask anyone for a thing. 'You will get work, and then the only thing you will ask for is your pay, or whatsoever is due.' And those that are preaching ME in the fullness of words, deeds or actions will never ask for a thing. They will never even take up a collection, for I have never taken up a collection nor been associated with anyone that did. And in the way of begging or anything or that kind, as someone said, when you see anyone preaching MY Gospel, then you know that they will not ask anybody for any money. They will not ask for a collection or anything. For as a sample and as an example I have come before you all. Yet, as I said a little while ago, and as I still say, it all is MINE. It is Wonderful!

Then as I began to sing, a little while ago, I mean, when some of them began to go away from Home and to do work and such as that, I said, if you are in MY Spirit and MY Mind and will stay there, MY Spirit will give you work if you desire it, just like MY Spirit will make you well when you are sick. Just as MY Spirit will make you well, so it will give you work so that you can manifest independency. They won't hear you ask anybody for anything.

I wouldn't take a smile from you if you didn't want ME to have it. If I have given you a smile voluntarily even, I wouldn't take it away from you. Yet all smiles are MINE. All joy, all happiness, all peace is MINE. Everything that is desirable is MINE. Everything that is good for the souls and the bodies of the children of men, it is MINE. Yet I would not take one thing that the individual legally, materially, morally or naturally claimed as theirs, unless they gave it to ME. And that is why I have all I want and to spare. It is Wonderful!

Prove Your Love to ME by Being of Practical Service to GOD and Man.

So I say that to continue to say that I AM always glad to see the different ones, but there are classes of the mortal mind that are slothful and naturally unprofitable servants. There are mortal minds that do not desire to be of any practical service to GOD nor to man. There are mortal minds that would rather express an appearance of distinction rather than do any constructive work. Then, not as being a committee of one, but as the Infinite Whole, the Infinite Body of the Son of GOD, you will be desirable, and the children of men will desire your personality of the many persons on the earth. Men will desire your presence, and would even pay for your presence just to go and sit by them sometimes.

Your very presence will radiate joy and life, and GOD will create an atmosphere of contently and happiness that satisfies the soul. Such a mighty holy love!

Now if you love ME, any of you, or one of you, or all of you, then prove your love to ME by being of real practical service. Humanly speaking, I should be, humanly speaking, each one should be at least as much a man or woman, living in the CHRIST Consciousness from a material standpoint of view, I AM talking about, as anyone else. Every one of MY children should be of at least as much practical service as a person that would earn fifteen dollars a week with board and sleep. You don't need to sit down and say I can't do this, or I can't do that. You can be of practical service, and MY Spirit can and will make a way, for you will be of some practical useful service to GOD and to man, and you will not be destructive in words, deeds, in actions or in transactions. Now I can make a way. I can make a way!


There was a man came when I was in Riverhead Jail, he came there from Philadelphia. He said he was walking from Philadelphia and he was taken up and sent to Suffolk County Jail for thirty days and they took off his clothes, because they were alive and we didn't have anything like that there. We have a nice place to sleep there, and we don't have a bedbug there. But they took off his clothes and one of the men gave him some overalls to wear that they had there, and they washed him and sprayed him, and then gave him some food. So, some people say, 'I would be glad if they would put me in jail,' so they would have something to eat. That is up here in Suffolk County, but down South, this man said, they tied several men to a plow and plow deep, and they have to pull it. But up here they don't do anything. If they put ME in jail again, it will be all right. I don't care!

I Am Here to Maintain You In Perfection or Withdraw From You

Mr. ----brought the car over to bring ME here. He says it is MINE and I AM taking it for granted. Sometimes you say a thing is MINE and if you keep saying it, I will take over the control of it, and I will guide it so it will not be under the jurisdiction of your mortal mind or any mortal mind. But as long as it is called yours, you are having something above the spirit of MY Love in you, don't you see. And then someone comes and asks, 'Can I get in this care?' and I say, see Mr. ------, So that is the thought of it, and that is why I say that so often, because I know that I could say yes, go ahead and get in and it would be all right with him, but I don't want to say that unless it would be all right without ME Personally. If it is not all right with him without ME Personally, or without MY Personal Presence, I would not want to say that. I want him to be the same in words, deeds and in actions, even every wink of the eyelid. You should not even blink your eye in MY absence if you wouldn't do it in MY Personal Presence. And if you do, why then and there and here and now you have separated yourself from ME.

I recall telling a person many years ago not to lock the door. But when I wouldn't be there, maybe they would take just one finger and move the night latch, just like that, don't you see. Now they were so wonderfully filled with MY Spirit and all like that, and I said at that time, when you did that simple little thing as to take one finger and move the night latch, then and there you have separated your whole body from ME, your spirit, your soul and your mind. And then if any sickness would come along that you are subjected to, it is the same as if you are living in mortal consciousness.

Be exactly the same in MY Personal absence that you are in MY Personal Presence and then and only then will you prove that you know Who I AM. Be exactly the same, exactly the same, because I AM going to fool you in you don't I AM going to fool you, I AM going to show you that you haven't got a bit of life. You haven't got a bit of life, you haven't got a bit of understanding unless you do those things that I have required. Now, if you don't stop it, I don't care how high you go, the same as I told Mother - W -----and other bodies that flew so high, unless you do it, I AM going to come out of you. I don't care anything about bodies, unless you do it. Be the same, exactly the same, and don't try to fool ME because you fool yourself. I don't care how much you have. As I told the body called Little Mother that was so far above ME in demonstrates and manifestations, I don't care anything about it. I AM here to maintain you in the perfection of Truth and purify you and petrify you or else withdraw from you. It is Wonderful! It is Wonderful! So that is well worth considering.

If You Love ME Love ME Better Than You Do Yourself

Now I was not thinking about striking that, I was not thinking about striking that altitude of the Spirit, but I kept talking. I don't care anything about bodies. I don't care anything about bodies. I don't care anything about how high you have been, or how long you have been in the Truth, or how high you are, it is all the same to ME. Now if you love ME then, it is Wonderful! Not a sparrow shall fall to the ground beneath MY notice. There was a time that there was a body willing to die with ME, not only talking, not just saying it, but actually manifested it, and manifestedly I proved the Word of GOD is true, 'he that will suffer with me, shall reign with me.' If you are not willing to suffer with ME, if you are not willing to deny yourself, if you are not willing to put off matter, and all carnality, and not willing for the body to die for ME, and not willing to work for ME Personally, you shall not reign with ME. If you live the Life and abide in ME and let MY Words abide in you, why if death come, he cannot have you. It is Wonderful! It is Wonderful!

'If you love me, keep my commandments,' and if you love ME, love ME better than you do yourself. You know, there are lots of people say at times, how long they have been in the Truth, how long they have been saved, how long this and the other. That has nothing to do with this Truth. This Truth has no beginning of days nor time, nor end of life. It is nothing to it how long you have been converted, how long you have been baptized, talked in other tongues, or something like that. As soon as you say how long you have been converted, etc., you have sealed up yourselves in how long you have been converted and sanctified, and that is the age of your GOD. 'I tell you, I have been through something' and all such as that, that has nothing to do with this Truth. I just want to get you and all on a Foundation that is incorruptible and something that is undefiled and will not fade away. If I did not love you, I would not stress it so.

Give Yourself Away to the LORD

In l9l7 I had been traveling in different parts of the country, and I returned back this way and I brought the Message and reproduced the Message of love to those that were supposed to be masters in the Life and the Teachings of the CHRIST. It is Wonderful! It is Wonderful! I desire to see everybody put on this CHRIST JESUS mind and stay self-denied. Truly, how careful then ought we to be with such religious fears. But the best of all is to have this unsearchable love and that is the Love of GOD. Let this Love of GOD radiate through you in words, deeds and actions. Deny yourselves of self and make a complete surrender to GOD, and consciously and unconsciously say, even in your visions and in your dreams, 'Not my will, but thine, be done.' 'Here LORD, I give myself away, 'Tis all that I can do.' 'Serve the LORD with gladness . . . and enter into his courts with praise, and into HIS presence with Thanksgiving.' Be glad to serve GOD, and I mean practical service, and you are serving GOD when you serve your fellow man in words, in deeds and actions, and especially being the same at HIS Personal absence as you are in HIS Personal Presence. Then and there and here and now you will be worthy of being in HIS Presence.

MY Love Must Exceed the Love of Money

When you are the exact same at HIS Personal absence as you would be at HIS Personal Presence, in that you are saying that you know who GOD is, and if you do not do that, then you are not saying you know who GOD is. In other words, you will say that you do not know who GOD is. Now I AM not speaking about any individual person particularly. The subject arose, and it was and is time for it to be, that I might give unto you the things that you desire or should desire, for you desire the Truth that will make you free.

Now in reference to Miss B ----saying about being MY child, I have not denied that, and I have not said anything directly, in a way to refute her testimony. But I have said what I have said for the benefit of you and that you might see and know what this great Love means, and that there are some that have a tendency in their ways, to say they love GOD and love themselves too well to do anything that would be seemingly against themselves for the good of anyone else. There are those of you that would be willing to do the same thing for love that you do for anything, that you do for money. It is Wonderful! Now if love is not worth the money, if love is not as valuable as money, then that love is not worth much. For this great Cause, I do as much for you as if I was getting five dollars per week, or anyway as much as $2.50 per week. I do just the same as if though I was getting $2.50 a week, anyhow that much, and I do it quickly because I think that MY service should be just as devout to you as if I was a preacher, or getting $2.50 a week. I think I should be just as faithful to you and just as sincere to serve in MY way, in whatsoever way I can serve just as faithfully, as if I were hired to do it for two or three dollars a week. I want to be that kind of servant for I think that love and faith is more valuable than pure gold that is tried by the fire.

That is why I want to prove MY Love to you by whatsoever kind of service I can be to mankind generally. I want to prove that just as thought I were doing some kind of work that they are paid for with money. Mrs. Harris here, has an employment agency. I AM not doing much of that now because I AM not getting many calls, but I still claim to have an employment agency. I would get calls from Connecticut, or down here on the west end of the Island and I would bring the people down just as faithfully as if I were getting paid for it, for I think this Love is more than money, and if I cannot be just as faithful in whatsoever way I can serve you in MY own profession, MY own trade, MY own understanding, or MINE, or whatsoever it may be termed, if I cannot be just as faithful in doing that for this great Love's sake as anybody else would for money and the highest salary for the same kind of work, why then MY Love has not exceeded the love of money. MY Love must exceed that of the love of money. MY Love must be more faithful in getting people positions than someone that is getting people positions for money, or else MY Love has not transcended that love of money that the people have out there. It is Wonderful! Then if any of you should tell everybody that you love ME, prove that you love ME by being just as desirous to be of material and physical legitimate and righteous service for this great Love's sake, as you would for money. Then if you are, if your service is given to someone that has money to pay for that material service, they have a right to pay for it. Then you have a right to utilize it according to this great Love. Then your service will be turned ova er, don't you see, just the same as the little orphan said, 'If the rich people would only put their money into circuses it would be beneficial to all.' Then you would put it into circulation.

Every one that loves ME and desires to see ME expressed, let ME express through you in practical and useful service in the midst of the children of men, that you may be, even humanly speaking, desirable citizens, that we may be allowed to rightfully and righteously establish the Kingdom of GOD on the material plane unobjectionably.

Everything Likes to be Around ME

Someone will object to your establishing the Kingdom of GOD if it would be, as Judge Smith said, that it was tending to deteriorate your mentality, your physical activities or your professional qualifications and classifications. Then and there, it would be an undesirable issue in this great scheme of things. But if you will let MY Spirit work through you, you will be better master in your own professions, and in your profession you will be a living and an outstanding example unto the children of men. If you are a bootblack you will shine shoes better, quicker and more neatly than anyone else out of MY Spirit. If you are a dish washer you will also do and be the same, and you will be so filled with the spirit of love and enthusiasm, you will be desired by those that have dishes to wash. They will send for you. They will send for you. The whole world has gone after it I say, and they went after ME when they went after it. It is Wonderful! It is Wonderful! Why? Because the rattlesnake and the copper heads, they even love ME. They have gone after ME, not for healing, but for the great Love, It tickles them and makes them feel good when they get close to ME. It is Wonderful.

This Mighty Love!

This Mighty Love! It is Wonderful! Everything likes to be around ME; and as it is with ME, so it is with you when you will allow ME to radiate through you. It is Wonderful! You will not be undesired by any of the Angels. All of the Angels will want you to be around them. Live the Life, and you will have this Love that your very presence will be pleasant to all of the Angels, and it will be so fascinating it will make ME feel, Well, I don't care if you do be around anyway.' That is right, it will make everything love to be around you. Even that which is so-called bad, and that which is so-called good will desire to be around you because it makes them feel good. I don't have time to be angry because anybody doesn't want ME to be around them, they all want ME to be around them.

Righteously reflect, develop and manifest this great Love in reality, and then you will be desirable and you cannot be denied. You cannot be denied and no one will even feel like you are a slacker or anything of that kind, because this great Love will outshine it all, all of those thoughts and ideas and opinions. This great Love will burn up and consume every negative thought that men would send out for you before it gets to you. Why, it would consume it and nobody would be able to see you in the negative or undesirable expression. The positive and only the positive and desirable, and only the desirable, they will see you to be. It is Wonderful! I wonder why I will talk like this.

If You Want Money, Be Willing to be of Practical Service

Now from this center tonight will go forth the Spirit of MY Love in words, deeds and in actions, and if you adhere to MY Words and have faith in what I say, you will be successful and you will be prosperous and you will be of practical service both on the material, mental and spiritual plane. And you will be blessed, so that this great Love and the Spirit of MY Mind with the nature of GOD will be with you and upon you so vividly expressed that everything will desire you around.

Then whatsoever kind of profession you may have, in any kind of material work or anything of that kind, why whosoever wants that kind of work done, why, they will want you to be there for there will be a spirit in you that will satisfy every desire, for this is the key to the mystery of the condition of things. It is Wonderful! It is Wonderful! Whatsoever that is to be done, they will, if you are capable of doing that, or if that kind of work is your calling, your profession, your trade or whatsoever it may be, they will want you to do it. None need lack in GOD's abundance, for there is a full and a plenty for all.

Then you will not have to go around and say, 'Well, I have a job, but I am not going to work myself to death, I have got to live another day than this because I am going to get old sometime.' That is up your sleeve, although you may not recognize it. You will save your strength for your old age. You are saving your energy, saving your strength and saving your energy for your old age, and you will get old age pretty quickly because if you don't you won't have it and old age has got to come while you have your strength and your energy because you keep it in storehouse for your old age. Therefore, you are going to get old pretty quickly. So those are the thoughts to consider. Let this Love and let this Spirit, and let this Mind, rule in you and none will lack for anything.

If all of you that claim to believe in ME and to be of ME will give your time, your talents and your service willingly to practical material or mental or spiritual service to GOD and man, you will have a full and a plenty of whatsoever you need. And I do not mean by infringing on the rights of anyone else, or apparently doing it. You will be manifesting the independence of GOD. Every last one of MY children can have plenty of work, for there is just as much work now as there has been. There is just as much money now as there has been, and more, because they are making more daily. Now, if you want it, why then be willing to be of physical, personal, practical service. Be willing to serve physically and deny yourself and be of service to GOD and to man. And be of service as I say, knowing that you are not serving man, but serving GOD. I don't care anything about what anyone says about not having any position and not doing any work and all such as that.

Look here! I was talking today about the sub-trains running from here to Japan, sub-trains and sub-highways like the Holland Tunnel in New York, don't you know. It takes a lot of men to do that work. And then running from Japan to China and from China to Australia and from Australia to Europe and all through the European countries and to South America and Africa. Don't you know it is going to be a lot of work to do that, don't you know there is a lot of work to be done? There is plenty of work to do, plenty of work to do! Haven't got any place to build any house? There are thousands and thousands of acres to build houses, and thousands and thousands of open spaces to make gardens for growing potatoes, wheat, rye and all of those things. Plenty of space to build houses, to build everything that you want, plenty of space. Plenty of work to do. Go along and work, and what is right I will pay you.

Now take these thoughts in, Dear Ones, and you will be happy even also as I AM happy. But I AM not studying about that, I AM not thinking about it. You cannot tell ME you need to work, you need work! There is enough work for you to work eighteen hours a day. Now you can work eighteen hours a day. Tune in on it. Concentrate on it. If health can come by believing in GOD, why, anything else can come that is desirable, that is practical and that you will utilize unselfishly.






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