"As a Man Thinketh In His Heart, So Is He

"Your Faith in ME, as Though it is Me, Has Healed You"

The Word of GOD Revealed

Howbeit when HE, the Spirit of truth is come, HE will guide you into all truths

FATHER DIVINE'S Words from the Notebook of John Lamb

Installment 66

You Are Saved Only When You Are Free From Death


"That is a glorious privilege that you can make your mental and spiritual contact and you can be blessed of GOD. If you are sick you can get up and walk, for the mouth of the LORD has spoken it. I don't have to tell you to come near ME. I don't tell you to do any material thing, but as I said, he that believeth not, it is for you to be d-m-ed. How easy it is, according to the Scripture, for you to d-m-ed. And you have more to do to be saved! But you can be immediately healed as easily as you can be d-m-ed. Now you can be healed physically, or spiritually, or mentally, whichever, as easily as you can be d-m-ed, and there is nothing much to do. Of course, you can be instantaneously healed by believing, just the same as you can be instantaneously d-m-ed by disbelieving. But that does not say that you are actually saved. You are saved when you are saved from death, h---l and the grave.

"There are thousands and thousands of people, there are even hundreds right here now under the sound of MY voice tonight that have been physically or personally healed. It is Wonderful! It is Wonderful! That was done very easily and very readily. You believed and you were healed. You were immediately healed. But that does not say that you are actually saved until you are saved from death, h--l and the grave, and from all of the mortal versions and superstitions of the world. Saved from all of the mental chaotic conditions of the world that your bodies may be free from lacks and wants and from limitations and from sorrows, oppressions and depressions, and from worry and every adverse condition! Then and there and here and now are you saved by eradicating all of those conditions in your lives and expressing the perfect picture. But you can be immediately healed!

"That is why the world has been stirred up so much in reference to this Life and these Teachings, because thousands and thousands of people all over the world have been immediately physically healed, but that does not say that they are saved, for to be eternally saved they have more to do than just to believe. But to be healed, you can just believe, that is all, and do according to MY instructions, which is to live an Evangelical life.

"When you make up your mind to that effect, then and there, you are instantaneously healed, and you who think you are sick tonight, if you are radical enough, or if you are ignorant enough, or filled with fanaticism enough just to believe the report of these and those that you have heard testify, then and there and right here and right now you will go away from here physically healed. You are physically healed here and now. It is Wonderful! Physically healed.!"

At the Seashore

At the Seashore





Saved From Death

You have heard the testimony of many but there is an outstanding testimony that is beyond reasonable doubt, that each and every one should see and know it was by his faith that he was made whole. When the doctors had given him up in the hospital, when he had been anointed by the priest for death, and then when he made his mental and spiritual contact, instantaneously as he says, he was healed. And then and there he began to gain his strength, and began to walk out on the promise, and today he stands as a living witness, the perfect picture of health, the perfect picture of happiness, the perfect picture of life, the perfect picture of all that which is desirable, and that abiding peace that surpasses all human understanding.

Bearing Witness of the Truth

Take these thoughts in, Dear Ones, and if you will only attune yourselves to these vibrations ---it is not that you must necessarily contact ME Personally to be blessed but the very Words that I speak unto you, they are Spirit and they are Life, and I will preach CHRIST in words, it is true, but more so in deeds and in actions, and I have put MY Spirit in you and caused you to walk in MY Statutes. It is Wonderful! Millions and millions of blessings free from everyone! Therefore, you go down from this place, let MY peace go with you. Let MY Life go with you. Be substantiated in faith and unshaken in confidence, for we have the witness within ourselves and we have five millions that are testifying as these testify, bearing witness of the Truth, here and there and everywhere, and Jesus, the great Love Master, who was the Son of GOD, said,

'By the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established.'

And I AM sure that these words have been established in your hearts, for GOD is here and now, for GOD is the producer and the promoter of the CHRIST Life in the lives of the children of men, and each one of you can produce the CHRIST in your lives, and can bring Him into fruition in your lives, and then men will look on you even as they do on ME, knowing that there is no other GOD saving the one that dwelleth in your body. HE is the one that is in all and the All that is in one.

As I said in one of MY recent composed but often rehearsed mottoes: The CHRIST in you and the CHRIST in ME will make you what you ought to be, and from every adverse and undesirable condition set you free.

As a Man Thinketh In His Heart, So Is He

If you will just simply take these thoughts in and keep your mind stayed on GOD wheresoever you believe GOD is, you will tend to produce the likeness of what you think HE is anyway, for the woman that looked upon the lion, she brought forth the lion-faced son. It was not because she had a lion's disposition, not because she had a lion's nature, not because she had lion characteristics, not because the lion was in any way connected with, or a relative of hers, but just because she looked upon the lion, I say, the man that was called the lion faced boy when he was a boy, came forth. It is Wonderful! This woman, it was said, had just gazed upon that lion so frightfully and no vividly, she produced the likeness of the lion in her nature and brought forth the lion-faced boy, and her son was in the exact likeness of a lion, especially in his head.

Gaze upon the CHRIST, and if it is a d-v-l that you are gazing upon, if you see it to be the CHRIST, you will produce the CHRIST in your lives. That is the great victory of those, MY Followers. Those of you that may think I AM an anti-Christ, a false prophet, those of you that may think I AM a false CHRIST, a Beelzebub, or what not, even if it were true, to those of them and those of you that think I AM GOD, you produce the GOD qualities in your lives by visualizing the perfect picture. It is Wonderful!

Do you not see that it is of great significance to visualize something that is good? The woman gazed upon the lion and she physically brought forth the exact likeness of a lion. Now how much more can you, O ye of little faith, bring forth the perfect picture, bring forth the ideal of life by visualizing the perfect? Therefore again I say unto you,

'As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.'

So you can produce the identical likeness of the thing that you see ME to be, for whatsoever you measure unto others, the same shall be measured unto you.

I Came to Bring Peace and Prosperity

You see, in conclusion, I will not hold you much longer, you see that I have the abundance of the fullness of all good things, because I have a mind full of beauty, of life, of unselfish love and hospitality and harmony. It is Wonderful! That is why MY Spirit and MY Mind draw all nations together. MY Spirit and MY Mind draw all people together. MY Spirit and MY Mind have broken down the wall or partition and it has established your going. It has unified all nations, tongues and people and denominations together in one and manifest the Kingdom of GOD with perfect love in the hearts of mankind. That is done because I visualize abundance of all good things and keep MY Mind filled full with the consciousness of good things for one and for all, having no respect of persons in MY Consciousness, and having no respect unto persons and I produce the fullness wheresoever I go.

When we are in a place that will carry ten thousand, it is just as filled full as this place is. Just as packed as a place can be, so full will I have an audience, I don't care how big it is. I don't care what size Table I have, it is filled full with all good things. It is filled full with all good things, and all can enjoy the abundance of the fullness of the consciousness of good, for no space is vacant of the fullness thereof. MY Mind, MY mentality is full and I have an abundance of all good things for one and for all, and all can enjoy the limitless blessings for which I came, for I came to bring peace and prosperity, health and happiness, and life and love to that which is called the sin-cursed world. I came to abolish wars and rumors of wars, race riots and everything like that, and to establish peace on the earth and good will to men. It is Wonderful!

You read in the Bible, when the Babe that was born in Bethlehem was lying in the manger, you read where they heard, the wise men I AM speaking of now, they heard as they went down, they heard the Angels singing,

'Glory to GOD in the highest, and on earth peace, good will to men.'

It is Wonderful! Do you not hear the proclamation, do you not hear our salutation, saying, Peace! Peace! Peace!

Now what is that word 'Wonderful'? Isaiah declared,

'Unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given . . . and he shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty GOD, Everlasting FATHER, and Prince of Peace.'

Do you not see the verification of such words of Isaiah's, of the fulfillment of both it and them here and now in your very presence? I thank you!

(Adjournment ll:25 P. M. )



The following was FATHER's Talk in Montclair, New Jersey, at a banquet given at Mrs. Turner's, 1 Linden Avenue, Friday, July 22, at 3:40 P.M.


Blessings Flowing Free



FATHER sang:

Blessed quietness, holy quietness,
And the billows cease to roll, etc.'

It is Wonderful! I did not ask you, was it Wonderful? I did not say, isn't it Wonderful but I said, it is Wonderful! And it is Wonderful, every day. This idea being expressed must be an idea that is spiritually legitimate, a true ideal of life. It is Wonderful! It is glorious to see the out-picturing of the expression as it goes forth from shore to shore and from land to land, and finally all shall see and know that the Kingdom of Heaven is truly at hand, yea, it is closer than that, for it dwells in the hearts of men.

Then FATHER sang:

'Blessing flowing free, blessing flowing free,
No end to the blessings, blessing flowing free.
One Million blessings, blessings flowing free,
One million blessings, blessings flowing free for you.'

The song continued with one billion, one trillion, one quadrillion, etc., up to decillions, and septillions of septillions.

Because we are foolish enough to believe it, we are just radical enough to produce it on the spiritual plane as well as on the material and mental plane. It is Wonderful!

The Word Must Go Forth Into All the World Unbarred

At this point, Priscilla told FATHER she had been informed that the meeting we were scheduled to attend in Montclair would close at six o'clock because the hall had been engaged only up until that time. FATHER said:

Well, it looks as though we were paying social visits today. Well, I AM in the social world too. Don't forget that I AM going into Washington on the donkey or the elephant. I say, I AM going into Washington on the donkey or the elephant. It makes no difference which one, but I AM going in. They must recognize ME. I AM going in through by the door of the donkey or the elephant. It is Wonderful! It is Wonderful! You know, Dear Ones, that is something to consider. The average personal has never stopped to think that, in reality, the Word must go forth into all the world, in every field of life, in every field of life, and it must go unbarred from anything, as one of the Apostles said,

'I became as all men that I may gain the more,'

and CHRIST, the great Love Master said,

'I will make you of men.'

and CHRIST entered in and the door was shut. It is Wonderful!

The doors may be closed to this Truth, but there is a way to get in and it will go in and it is going in, for you can see that it is being universalized. But I AM going in on the donkey, I AM going in upon the donkey or the elephant and I will not have to go with MY feet. It is Wonderful! It is Wonderful! That is the great significance of the Omnipotence, and yet the mystery of GOD. Yea, it is the mystery of GOD, the unselfishness of GOD, manifested in the flesh.

I Put Forth This Mind of GOD to Super-rule the Kingdoms of This World

It is immaterial to ME whether anyone would see ME as a Person or would know ME as a Person, but this Impersonal Life and this Infinite Mind and this Spirit and Love shall reign, and it is going forth conquering and to conquer, being LORD of Lords and KING of Kings. Then with or without the Body, it is just the same. It does not have to be even thought of as though going from or through this Personal Appearance, but this Truth will go into Washington, and it shall rule the nation. For those that will reject this Truth shall, they all must be impeached. The Truth shall reign, for it is written, by the inspiration of the Spirit,

'He rules the world with truth and with grace, And makes the nations prove The Glories of HIS righteousness, And the wonders of HIS love.'

And again I say unto you that righteousness and judgment is the habitation of HIS Throne, and the earth saw and trembled. It is Wonderful! It is Wonderful! And,

'A king shall reign in righteousness, and princes shall rule in judgment And a man shall be as a hiding place . . .'

It was not confined to any special one, it is immaterial to ME, but this righteousness shall reign with this Personal Expression or any other interpretation that you choose to place on it in appearance or visible manifestation. It is immaterial to ME, but this righteousness must reign, KING of Kings and LORD of Lords. And from henceforth the government of the United States is becoming to be governed by the CHRIST Consciousness as developed or brought to expression here and now. It is Wonderful!

You have elected the CHRIST as KING of Kings and LORD of Lords in you and in your affairs, hence, the kingdoms of this world have truly become to be the Kingdom of our GOD and HIS CHRIST, and HE shall reign forever and ever. Verify I this unto you and in you and with you, through you and by you and by others.

I put forth this Mind, I put forth this Mind, I say, this Spirit and this Love and this understanding in righteousness, goodness and truth in the Holy Spirit, to rule and super-rule the kingdoms of this world and they that dwell herein, and all things that concern them. Here and now I put forth this Mind, the Mind of GOD. I have sent it forth as the horses that goes out, that John saw in the revelation, the white horse going out conquering and to conquer. And this Mind and this power is going out from the Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence of GOD, conquering and to conquer.

Now, if I never say a word, this Mind shall reign supreme eternally with or without the visible expression of this or those that have beheld this brought into manifestation through and by this expression. With or without it, it is immaterial to ME, it is going forth conquering and to conquer, and we will have it like this all over the world. We are now universalizing it and it is done.

Truly might have the CHRIST Consciousness in the spirit of supposed agony have said,

'It is finished.'

Nothing can be taken from it and nothing can be added to it. The personal or visible appearance of the bodies of the children of men, these that are brought into expression through and by them and by the hand of nature will not prohibit this Infinite Spirit and this Infinite Mind from going forth continually, conquering and to conquer, with or without this visible expression of this Personal manifestation. It is immaterial to ME. Upon this Foundation you can rest assured that you cannot fail, for it is a Foundation that is built upon this rock that the LORD your Savior said.

'Upon this rock I shall build my church: and the very gates of h - - l shall not prevail against it.'

It is Wonderful! It is Wonderful!


This Is a Great Broadcasting Center of the World

Now doesn't this beautiful Banquet Table look beautiful? This beautiful gathering here, you look so beautiful as the very temples of the living GOD. In HIM dwelleth the fullness of the abundance of all good thoughts, and being the great radio broadcasting station of salvation and of the mysteries of GOD to the world, here and there we have these centers. This is now today brought into expression, another great broadcasting center of the world, a visible expression manifested here and now, a great broadcasting center of the world, and as I said a little while ago, it is immaterial to ME whether I go any place to preach or to teach or not, in Person. I go, and I will go there anyway. I do not have to go any place for where I AM., I AM there, and where I AM not seen, still I AM there just the same. It is Wonderful!

I would not be demonstrating or manifesting the Truth in MY Consciousness if I thought I was confined to the Personal likeness of this individual. If I thought I was limited to this Personal Appearance, or any of you as individuals, or your personal appearance --- that is why I say so often that GOD is Omnipotent, Omniscience and Omnipresent, hence, a present help in every need, for GOD is present everywhere. Being present and yet being present everywhere. And not only being present everywhere, but being present with all of HIMSELF with you and within you at all times! Not merely to say GOD is Omnipresent, GOD is present everywhere, it is true, but you can see GOD as a Person with all of HIS Omnipresence HE is present. With all of HIS Omnipresence HE is present. With all of HIS Omnilucence HE is here wheresoever you are. With all of HIS Omnilucence HE is here with all of HIS light of understanding. It is Wonderful! HE doesn't have to go back to get a thing, For in HIM dwelleth all of the fullness of the Godhead Bodily, and ye are complete in HIM. Then you don't need to fret nor worry nor think about going here now going there to find anything, for it is all here now.

It has been such a help to mankind to know that GOD is Omnipresent, present everywhere, but greater is it for you to know that HE is present here and now wheresoever you are with all of the fullness of HIS attributes, with all of HIS Omnipotence, all of HIS Omniscience, and with all of HIS Infinite Love that transcends all gravitation, all limitation and all appearances of limited expression. And you can revel in the glorious liberty of the Sons of GOD, knowing that you are one with HIM here and now. Then you can see, with your physical eye, the outward expression of the condition of the mind within. Here it is. This is but a sketch of a reflection of a percent of a percent of a percent of the outer expression of the condition of MY mind within. Here it is. This is but a sketch of a reflection of a percent of a percent of a percent of the outer expression of the condition of MY Mind within. It is but the out-picturing of a sketch of a reflection of a percent of a percent of a percent of the limitless blessings that I have in storehouse for the souls and bodies of the children of men.

Know Ye Your GOD --and Be Out in the Field Alone with GOD

Then, know ye your GOD! Yea, even though you be out in the field alone with GOD, it is peace and joy and pleasure, success and all prosperity, it is Wisdom --- there is wisdom, there is knowledge and everything that is good, and none need lack, for GOD is the Author and the Finisher of all things and also the source and the supply of every good desire. It is Wonderful!

This beautiful Table as it stretches forth, as I before said here some time ago, I will preach CHRIST in words, but more so in deeds and in actions, and I will put MY Spirit in them and cause them to walk in MY Statutes. This is the visible expression, and therefore I will bring it into actuality, and now here in your very midst, I AM, through and by the host and hostess of this home, speaking in actions more than in words.

There is a common phrase you so often use in America here, 'Actions speak louder than words.' So it has been today in the very actuality of the expression of this Love, brought on the material plane for the manifestation of GOD, for GOD has truly been materialized. So materialized thou in thy deeds and in your actions, and manifest them unto the world, and on the material plane you are preaching and living the CHRIST as a light unto the gentiles.

I Do Not Have Time to Argue About This Truth

John lost his head, which typified losing his mind, or right thoughts. I do not have time to advocate arguing about this Truth, and I do not advocate anyone trying to convince someone against their will. For I AM not trying to get anyone to follow Me, and even those of you that say you do believe, I AM not seeking you to especially by any means follow ME, for you don't have to follow ME Personally to be blessed, but if you will live the Life wheresoever you are, you can be abundantly blessed. And that is why I continue to say that this Spirit and this Mind, with or without this visible manifestation or Bodily Form shall go forth conquering and to conquer, shall reign KING of Kings and LORD of Lords, and GOD of Gods. It is not matter, or personality I AM talking about shall reign, but this Impersonal Life that is itself unselfish and unconcerned, for it is the Love of GOD. It is Wonderful!

One of those present brought up, at this point, an incident which occurred in Newark, New Jersey, while FATHER and the secretaries were sitting in the car in front of 65 Howard Street, last week. One dressed as a prophet came along and got into an argument with some of the Angels about calling FATHER GOD.

FATHER said: If I had deemed as the mortal mind, the average mortal person does, I would have gone up and begun to argue with the gentleman. But I was sitting there in the car. What did I care about what he said? The only thing I would have done if I had got up and gone over, I would have just told MY Followers not to argue. Why would you try to convince someone to believe like you believe, and why would you resent someone not believing as you believe? That is their business. That is what I would have said if I had gone there. I don't have to argue about liars. I heard him saying about going around and fooling the people and saying I AM GOD or something like that. Well, I didn't have any argument. That is why I try, every once in awhile, to shave MY whiskers so I won't look like GOD. I don't want to look like GOD. I don't want to look like GOD. I want to look like a man. That is why I don't let MY whiskers grow out.

So, of course, I saw the whole thing and I was sitting in the car, there was some reading going on, and I knew he was a preacher or a prophet or something like that, because he looked like one, because of his whiskers. I don't want to look like GOD so people will have to think that, I want them to think whatever they think. It is Wonderful! The Bible says,

'We speak that which we do know, and we testify that which we have seen; and you do not receive our witness.'

So I don't want anyone to look at ME and make them think I AM GOD; that is why I wear plain business suits most of the time, so I will look just like other folks.

Question: Why do they think GOD wears whiskers?

FATHER: Well, we have a big Bible and a picture of GOD is in it and it looks almost like the prophet and looks like the picture of an old man hanging out the stars. So he looked much more like GOD than I do. If anyone can look like GOD and go along and be GOD, why let them go ahead and be it. I AM glad. He actually did look like the picture called GOD. I don't bear record who the photographer was, but he looked just like the picture in that big old Bible at home called GOD. I haven't any thing to criticize about, I haven't got time.

Contending For Your Rights

Bishop Selkridge: Since You have confirmed this great Truth in me, as I confessed it a week ago, I have a stillness, and I made up my mind not to argue with anybody, they could butt all they want to, and I am going to get out of the way.

FATHER: Certainly, it is not necessary to argue your belief, if they don't believe as you believe, why, you don't have to contend for your rights. The woman that was contending for her rights, don't you see, and didn't care whether the baby got killed, she didn't love the baby, sure enough. So it is with this spirit of love and mercy that one has in their soul and in their body. If you truly have the Spirit, sure enough, you don't want the Spirit blasphemed, you don't want the Truth destroyed by the mortal mind that don't have the Truth in expression. They want their part. 'I don't care if you do kill all the influences the Spirit may have, just as I get my part, my honor.'

Well now, if a man is going to argue with ME about the Truth, and I see you have got to cut it in two and kill the spirit of the Truth, I say let them have it. So there is always something that you can get, you can get out of talking if you have the spirit of Truth within, because it will reveal things. Now that is something you never stopped to consider, that the spirit of Truth, that which typifies the baby many times when you are in a dream or something of that kind ---as if you have a little baby ---that represents your soul, your inner mind, don't you see, and if you are contending for your rights and you see someone is going to kill the Spirit to get your rights, and you are going to kill it in a battle to get your rights, then some will continue to contend for it. Then they have not that spirit of love that was in that little baby, don't you see.

'I want mine, I want mine,' I could see, as he went on there with some of the Angels, as I was saying to some of MY students, there has been so much fighting in the spirit in the different religious denominations, they are killing the spirit in themselves and in others to get their rights, don't you see? It is Wonderful! But if you will only be like the woman whose baby was really hers, sure enough, why then you will give up your rights and then automatically your rights will return to you. I thank you.

Your Faith in ME, as Though it is Me, Has Healed You

A long-looked-for public meeting was held in Montclair, New Jersey, on Friday, July 22, in the Willridge Building at l80 Bloomfield Avenue. The Followers in Montclair had looked forward to this event for many weeks as meetings had been scheduled at different times, but arrangements could not be held for a proper hall to which FATHER and HIS party could be invited. Arrangements were finally completed at the above location, however, and the meeting started bright and early. It lasted through the day with songs of praise and testimonies of healing and blessings received, mingled with sermons from the many preachers present, until FATHER and HIS party arrived at 5:45 P.M. The day was particularly warm and the hall was a solid mass of people so that it took some time to open a way for FATHER and HIS party to get to the platform. There was the usual fervent demonstration when FATHER entered, with hundreds of hands reaching out to touch HIM as HE passed by. The meeting proceeded with testimonies, for a time. The following was FATHER's Sermon:

Peace, it is Wonderful! It is Wonderful! Aren't you glad! I understand that we are supposed to close here, apparently close here at this place at six o'clock. It is around six now, so we are not going to hold you, but I want to say that as the speaker that just left the floor was speaking, I was considering that it is wonderful to know that I don't have to be here for you to be blessed. I don't have to be here in person. The question has been asked, and there have been some asking ME in Person the question, do I heal anybody. Now what I want to say is, that your faith in ME as thought it is ME, will heal you. There are thousands and thousands of people's faith in ME as though it is ME, has healed them. Jesus, the great Love Master said,

'Your faith has made you whole'

So it was their faith or the woman's faith in Him as though it was Him, as though it was HE, that healed her. It is Wonderful! And it is the same thing today.

If your faith enables you, I don't care where you are, it matters not what profession, it matters not what class or whatsoever you may claim to be, if you have the right faith, you can be healed. And it will be in ME, I say, as though it is ME. It is Wonderful! That is why CHRIST in the name of the Body called Jesus said,

'Go into all the world, and preach the Gospel . . . and he that believeth and is baptized shall be saved.'

And your faith in GOD, as though it is HE, has made you whole.

That is what has caused so many people to be walking around well today, walking around well and healthy and happy because of their faith in ME, as though it is ME! And I say, I did not do a thing to them according to the flesh or from a Personal standpoint of view, or with any material method, or by making any material effort, but by their faith they have been made whole in all parts of the world. And I haven't done anything yet to what I AM going to do. (Great demonstration.) It is Wonderful! You know it is just Wonderful! The reason it is done is because I AM advocating the Life of CHRIST, and that Life of CHRIST that was brought to fruition in the Body called Jesus, it is the same Life that has been produced and reproduced in your midst. Men and women are healed thereby. And it verifies that which was said by the prophet in the Name of GOD,

'In all of their afflictions he was afflicted, and the angel of his presence saved them'

It is Wonderful!

There Will be Much More Healing Done

Now then, when the woman touched the hem of Jesus; garment she was made whole. Jesus said, 'Your faith,' or

'Thy faith hath made you whole.'

It was not anything that He actually did, but, of course, He did live that kind of Life. Jesus lived that kind of Life that in Him was something that would go out, and it would heal the people. You know that is why the people cannot heal. You know there was something went out from Jesus, and that is what is going out from thousands and thousands of people today, for they are making up their minds, and they made up their minds to follow JESUS CHRIST, the great Love Master. It is Wonderful! I say they are making up their minds and they have made up their minds to follow JESUS CHRIST, the great Love Master. It is Wonderful! I say they are making up their minds and they have made up their minds to follow JESUS CHRIST, the great Love Master. And to follow CHRIST they will do as Jesus did and they will live as Jesus lived. I say, they will do as Jesus did and they will live as Jesus lived.

Now whatsoever Jesus did, that is what you will also do, and whatsoever Jesus, the way that Jesus lived, that is the way you will also live, and then if you follow Jesus you are right. I really do believe that you are right. It is Wonderful! Now there will be much more healing done; I will do a hundred times as much next year as what I will do and have done this year. And I shall do a hundred times as much this year as I did last year. I AM going to multiply, year by year, by a hundred, not one hundred percent, but by an hundredfold, which is a hundred one hundred percent. In other words, it is ten thousand percent. I will do ten thousand times as much next year than what I have done this year. I AM going to do ten thousand times as much this year as what I did last year, and nothing can prohibit it. Therefore, I have not done anything to what I AM going to do. It is Wonderful! It is Wonderful!

I Call CHRIST to His Feet in the Consciousness of Men

Well, I will not detain you. I just wanted to let you know that, and there are those that desire to see the world go on in sin and in debauchery, want to see it go on in lust and passion and claim to be law-abiding citizens, want to see it go on in debauchery of every kind, but this Truth shall destroy them. MY people shall live a Christ-like life. They shall live a Christ-like life, for they are willing and this truly is the day of MY Power, says the LORD. It is Wonderful! Now we are going forth conquering and to conquer, and you that are Followers of ME and willing to go all the way, you are going to live a Christ-like life, and whatsoever you believe that Jesus would do, that is what you are going to do. And what you don't believe that Jesus would do, you are not going to do that.

I came to re-stamp in your minds and in your memory the commandments of GOD. I will write them upon the tables of your heart. It is Wonderful! Therefore, we are going forth conquering and to conquer, and mortality shall not reign. Human lust and human passion shall not reign. It is Wonderful!

'Thy nature hath no bounds !'

Where is HE going to reign? I call CHRIST to HIS feet in the consciousness of the children of men and the Life of CHRIST shall have dominion over them, and not the life of mortality. But that immortal Life is a sample and an example for all men. Now tell the world about this. It is Wonderful! It is Wonderful!


as in Adam all die, so shall in JESUS CHRIST, all be made alive.

You have lived in Adam long enough. Out of Adam I have called you to the glory of GOD. Out of Egypt I have called my son, out of your bondage, sorrow, and night, 'Jesus, I come, Jesus, I come.' I heard you say, 'Jesus, I come to Thee.' I heard crying humanity say,''Out of my bondage, sorrow and night, Jesus, I come, Jesus, I come; into Thy freedom, gladness and light, Jesus, I come to Thee.' Then I heard you say, 'Out of the fear and dread of the tomb, Jesus, I come, Jesus, I come; Into the joy and light of Thy home, Jesus, I come to Thee.' I AM answering your requests and HE shall reign, and CHRIST shall have dominion over you in your hearts, in your minds, in your souls and in your physical bodies.

'Know ye not that your body is the temple of the living GOD? . . . for GOD has said, I will walk in them, and I will dwell in them,'

It is Wonderful! Tell the world, 'You had better keep your hands off.':

Now CHRIST, CHRIST shall have dominion in your hearts, your lives and in your minds, in your spirit, in your soul and in your physical body. And only the nature of GOD shall be in you. I say, only the nature of GOD shall be in you I will put MY Spirit in you and cause you to walk in MY Statutes. If I don't say anything else, I will do it anyhow. It is Wonderful! I have impregnated the air with the Spirit of MY Mind, with the Spirit of MY Nature. Therefore, I shall reign! And anybody that don't like this, I say, keep your hands off! I will shake the town, I will shake the town! (Demonstration) Peace! Peace! I say, the Life of CHRIST now, the Life of CHRIST shall reign. It shall have dominion in you and it shall have dominion over you and that old Adamic state of consciousness, that old Adamic state of consciousness, that old Adamic nature shall not reign any more in you. I will set it on fire with the fire of MY Love, and CHRIST shall reign! It is Wonderful! Now it is Wonderful!






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