"In the Day of MY Power, MY People Shall Be Willing.
That Which You Visualize In ME Is In You."


The Word of GOD Revealed

Howbeit when HE, the Spirit of truth is come, HE will guide you into all truths

FATHER DIVINE's Words from the Notebook of John Lamb



Garden, 76 Macon Street

Garden, 76 Macon Street




Installment 67



That Most Important Characteristic Of Jesus Is Here


You know, when the woman touched the hem of Jesus' garment, remember that there was something went out from Jesus. I AM just getting you all in readiness so that something will go out from you. It is Wonderful! It is Wonderful! From the mortal man and from the mortal woman, something else goes out when you touch them. But I want to say that most important characteristic of Mary went out from Jesus when He healed the woman. That is why so many are healed around ME. I don't have to touch you, I don't have to Personally look at you, because that most important characteristic of Mary is here and has produced the quality that went out from Jesus and healed the woman.

Now this is the way we are going to have it all over the world. It is Wonderful! Well, I think I have said enough. I just came to let you know that the CHRIST Consciousness and the CHRIST nature shall reign, and not the human consciousness and the human nature. I came to let you know that CHRIST has come in you, that you may escape the corruptions of the world through lust, that you might be partakers of the Divine Nature, and not the human nature. And then you will be no more barren nor unfruitful in wisdom, in knowledge, and in understanding, neither will you be barren and unfruitful in health and prosperity, and life and love that everything else that is good.

We Are In Everybody Now

After the meeting in Montclair, FATHER attended a banquet at 49 Greenwood Avenue, Montclair, arriving at 7:l5 P. M. HE first sang the song: Blessings are flowing so free. There must have been at least a hundred and fifty present, and all joined in the singing.

FATHER spoke at intervals, as follows:



As I often say, the children will not be as their mothers and fathers are, but they will be as they were. By the time they come along, their mothers and fathers may not be as they were, but they have planted the seed idea in the soil of their souls, and they will tend to produce that as they develop. They become to be a creature as they grow old. Often it works that way.

I have said, I will preach CHRIST in words, but more so in deeds and in actions, and I will put MY Spirit in them and cause them to walk in MY Statutes. And it is written,

'A little while, ye shall see me: and a little while and ye shall not see me.'

The world shall see me no more. So you see, there was a veil from the mortal version of the human mind. They could not see Him. And He conveyed Himself in a multitude of people and so passed by. And that is the way we get along now because we are in everybody now.

Material Blessings Are the Expression Of Spiritual Devotion To GOD

It is Wonderful! So many blessings you cannot count them. Millions and millions of blessings, you cannot count them all. I do appreciate the hospitality of the host and hostess of this wonderful banquet, that has been spread here today. It is a real picture of a sketch of a reflection of a percent of a percent of a percent of the outer condition of the mind within. It tends to reflect the thing that is within, that something that stirs man to do something for his fellowman, that something that causes one to try to make someone else happy, that something that unites man and man together as one and brings peace and prosperity to the world. That is something that has created an atmosphere without and within, and that something has also created the materialization of their realizations, What they have realized, it has been created, it has been materialized. Here is the material expression of their spiritual devotion to GOD and to their fellowman. It is Wonderful! How can you say you love GOD whom you have never seen, and hate your brother?

This is, as I say, a sketch of a reflection of a percent of a percent of a percent of the limitless blessings that I have in storehouse for the souls and bodies of the children of men. It is Wonderful! It is wonderful because this Truth can reach every condition and every situation, and adjust matters satisfactorily and cause those to be abundantly blessed, those that seem not to have been blessed before. Whatsoever you lay your hand to it shall prosper. Wheresoever I go, humanity must prosper if they will adhere to MY pre-rehearsed instructions, the Life and the Teachings that I AM advocating. They, too, will be able to produce and reproduce the identical ideal that I have put forth before them as the true Principle of Life, for what they gaze upon, that same identical ideal or idea becomes to be a reality in one's life.

So this is but the outer expression, and we all are enjoying it. So it goes to show you what is really in man, that there is something in mankind that can be produced on the material plane for the comfort and convenience of all. As I so often say, I will preach CHRIST in words, but more so in deeds and in actions, and I will put MY Spirit in them and cause them to walk in MY Statutes. We see humanity here and there as never before beginning to walk in MY Statutes from practical actions, so it is Wonderful!

In the Day of MY Power, MY People Shall Be Willing

Now just look at this beautiful Table as it is spread here. It is the outpicturing and reflection of the condition of the mind within. It goes to show you that there must be something has come into the hearts of men. And that good that lies within their hearts, at the door of their hearts and within their hearts, may be seemingly lying dormant at times, but we can say,

'I know that HE has risen, for HE is risen in my soul.'

'Once I was lost, but now I am found. Once I was blind, but now I can see.' I hear the spirit of your soul saying that, in the name of your soul, 'Once I was dead, but now I am alive, yea, forever more.' That is the spirit of your soul saying that, for CHRIST has actually risen in your soul, as being your soul, ready to be put into expression. It is Wonderful!

So I can say and do say continually, that it is the GOD-given quality of GOD's Love and HIS tender mercies towards mankind to reflect the reality of what is within to be brought into expression on the material plane among men. The time cometh and now is that humanity will not have an occasion for suffering, wants or limitation, for as I AM, so can you be, as GOD is no respecter of persons, neither has any respect unto persons. It is Wonderful! It is Wonderful! The time is ripe, and it is written that,

'In the day of my power, my people shall be willing.'

And it is just marvelous to see how willing the people are. They are just seeking for this Truth. They are willing and they are ready to take up their cross and follow CHRIST. It is Wonderful!

Songs FATHER Sang At the Montclair Meeting

FATHER sang:

'How good it is to dwell together in unity,
Dwelling together in One,
How good it is to dwell together in unity,
Dwelling together in one,
How good it is to dwell together in unity,
Dwelling together in one,
Dwelling in the oneness of GOD.
It is like the precious ointment that was used by Sister Mary,
When you are dwelling in the oneness of GOD.'

It is Wonderful! Don't you get tired of ME? It is Wonderful! You know it is being produced more and more, the reality of your vision. It is Wonderful!

I wonder why there are so many people in here tonight. (Response, Because GOD is here.)

FATHER sang: "Oh, to be nothing, nothing, nothing, Oh, to be nothing at all."

* * * *



At the second Table, FATHER sang as follows:

'Once you have CHRIST, and CHRIST has you,
You are so free, you are so free.'


'Flowing so free for one and for all.'

It is Wonderful! I know you are happy to see how many sisters and brothers you have. How many you have, and this is just a sketch of a reflection of a percent of a percent of a percent of what I have in storehouse for the children of men. It is Wonderful!

It is Wonderful! You don't know where you are sitting, do you?


'You are sitting at the welcome table in this land, in this land,
Sitting at the welcome tables in this land,
Won't you eat, drink and be merry, eat, drink and be merry,
Eat, drink and be merry in this land.'

A Protected Person Doesn't Last As Long As An Unprotected Person

It is rather unusual now to have days at the Table in Sayville such as we used to have before FATHER went out to the public, but on Saturday, July 23, we had one of these days. Most of the home Angels of the Kingdom were present, and a large number of those who live in New York that were present continually last summer, came out in time for a second Table that lasted until late in the afternoon, as the Tables used to do when the Home was open to the public. FATHER spoke at intervals as follows:



The average person that has been seemingly protected with the human protection, they don't last as long as the person that is unprotected apparently, from the human standpoint of view. So that is true, that you harm your own so often, by trying to save them. That is why you notice so often, great men, devout men in all professions and all classes, their sons and their daughters so often, they make failures because they have not trusted it to the Infinite One, but they of themselves from a personal standpoint of view, are trying to save them, trying to make them something, not looking to HIM that is within and without and trusting HIM as the true protection.

There was an incident happened here some time ago, about two or three years ago, some children came, I took some children here, and one of the boys was well grown for his age. At the age of thirteen, he stood around five feet ten, and he did not care to go to school. He was not going to school anyway, so I brought him here and considered I would have him go to school. He did. But as soon as the first season was out, he went away, went across the Island here some place, and told ME he wanted to stay with some man there to work, and I said, 'all right' until the school season began, and then he didn't come back. And you know he went out that winter at the age of fourteen and he worked and he was such a big boy he earned around twenty-five dollars a week and he made money and he bought cars and got into it and made himself a really though boy. Then the next year he had run through everything he had made and so he came back home, down and out, and wanted ME to let him stay here. So I let him stay until he got ready to go. But he was a healthy and hearty boy. And he said that when he lost his job that winter and spent all of his money before he came home he stayed outside lots of times. He had been working for a laundryman and he said he stayed in the laundry wagon at night and he didn't have any place to go. He stayed there and came back here and was just as healthy and strong as if he had not gone through any experience.

But there was another boy, a minister's son, that used to come here about his age, and this minister's son was so highly taken care of, he get what they call pneumonia and passed on, and this boy was just as healthy as could be. So it is wonderful to see that GOD will take care of you even when you are not conscious of it, more than you are taken care of when you are conscious of yourself and your ability, and so on like that, yet, you are depending on something that is from the mortal world, while claiming to be dependent or trusting in GOD. Indirectly you are, but directly and truthfully you are not, because you are looking to some human agency. But this boy just did not have any better sense than to think that he could make it for himself, and he went on his own accord, and I said, 'all right,'. He stayed with those people and then for some reason they disagreed and he left them and went on his own manhood and brought cars just like a man. It is Wonderful!

That Which You Visualize In ME Is In You

When you act and look happy, you tend to reflect that condition in others. So if you think and look so happy, you will make ME think you are happy, and then I will get happy too. Now you know you have seen the mortal mind, if it thought someone was angry with them or around them, why, they would get that way, too. Now the reverse is equally true. I look at Mr. L - - - -so often and I look at Miss Joy, and see the expression of happiness just bursting out of their faces, and joy, and it is enough to make anybody feel happy to gaze upon such happiness as being expressed by those that are made so happy by the CHRIST within. It is Wonderful! And if happiness begets happiness, and joy produces joy, why then it is a glorious joy to be happy and to express such happiness with love. It is Wonderful!

Here it was said, It was not like that thought, FATHER, until you came. FATHER replied:

Well, you see I fooled you. I acted like I was happy and so you got happy. I did at times act as if though I was happy. You thought I was happy anyway and you visualized happiness just like I AM saying now in reference to MYSELF seeing happiness and joy expressed in you, and this infinite Love that is beyond degrees expressed, why it tends to produce the same in MY experience. It is Wonderful! I will see it that way. It is something like I said to Mr. Malcolm, the prisoner, when he thought he was such a wicked man, I said, 'I see the Son of GOD and that is what you are, and you are unconscious of it. That inner man is the Son of GOD, your real self, the Son of GOD, the CHRIST, they are concerned and lying dormant in the external man that seems to be a wicked man.' I said, 'HE is lying dormant there, but HE will come forth to the expression of life,' and very quickly the CHRIST within him responded to the words of recognition.

He soon said, well, he didn't know how an old crook like him could be that, but he just thought that, you know, because everybody had gone back on him. He thought that, but really I could see the real man in him through the outer, yet held under the mortal version of the human mind and under an expression of so- called wickedness. I spoke to the CHRIST in him, and HE came forth to the surface and stood on the plains and declared his deliverance, cleared his vision, for that which he visualized in ME was the thing that was in himself. So he looked and he saw, and as he saw ME as the One that walked alone, so saw I him as not another one. It is Wonderful!

Your Inner Man

Still talking on the above subject, Mrs. Marmein remarked that Lazarus had been dead four days when he was resurrected, and compared it with this case. FATHER replied:

It is true, and after I talked with him, he saw in a dream his own man, his so-called father, that had passed on, and in the very same casket that he was buried in. He said that he saw this man rising, getting up out of the casket, and the other men that stood around, three or four other men that were standing around, were trying to keep him down in the casket. And he came out that morning and he told us, his fellow prisoners, about it. It is Wonderful! And he thought it was such an awful dream for one to dream about the dead. He was just telling it out, as he was very loud in speech, and I said, 'Why, you don't know what you did dream. That is a wonderful dream.

That was just what I was telling you. Your inner man, your real man, which is your 'old man', thought he would be called in the religious world the 'new man' when he is expressed from the within to the without, but he is truly your 'old man,' I say that one that you saw rising, is your inner man, which is truly your 'old man,' which is truly your father, your real father, which is your real self, your inner One that made you, he is rising out of mortality, out of materialism and mortality, and those men of the mortal version are trying to hold him down,' I said, 'but the inner man, the CHRIST Consciousness is coming forth to expression of life,' and it was true.

Now he doesn't know that I AM holding him in check like unto that. I hold him in that state that he could not get away from that Principle, though he may still have thought that he was a wicked man. But he said his old man, his father, was trying to get up out of the casket and those men that stood around were trying to hold him down. But they couldn't keep him down in there, he was coming out anyway. So I said, That goes to show you that you cannot keep a good man down.' It is Wonderful! 'And the good man is the CHRIST Consciousness that is implanted in the soil of the souls of all men. You cannot keep a good man down, and the good man is at home, though he may seem to be asleep. Though he is lying dormant there, he is there just the same. And I see it and I know that. He is not dead but asleep, and he will be coming into the resurrection of life, and will come forth into expression.

Now if I would have encouraged his idea, the CHRIST even by inspiration, would not have risen in him. If I would only have encouraged that mortal version of his mind concerning himself it would have made it real, and that misconception that he had of himself and would have in reality made him manifested and continually a wicked man. But because of MY recognition of the Infinite One, the inner one, the real man being true, the real man being incorruptible, the real man being undefiled, the real man being one that will not fade away, knowing that HE would come forth, so HE did, and when HE came forth he was out-talked. You see how HE can come right up out of the stones! He had been swearing, he had been talking and saying lots of things, but even through the stones of the mortal version of the human mind came the real man into expression, and right out of all of that and all of the imaginations of the human mind, came forth to expression.

Bind the Mortal Mind and Allow GOD To Speak

And so he came to ME, and said, 'Reverend', that was some time after then, he said, 'Have you a sheet of paper?' I said, 'Yes;' and I gave him a sheet of paper as though to write to a friend on the outside. Of course, the Spirit knew just what it was for, but in MY actions it was as if to write to a friend on the outside, and he went into his room and was there only a little while and he had written out that piece. He wrote that which says, 'The Man Who Walks Alone.' He very quickly came back to ME and said, 'Now look at that, and if I get YOUR endorsement on it, why, I would like for YOU to publish it, send it to the Metaphysical News.' So it is wonderful to really see and know what the Spirit can really do. It does something for others as well also as for yourselves. I visualized and materialized the reality of CHRIST'S expression in this man. Wonderful! So the half has never been told. It is Wonderful!

He said that if he had what was coming to him he would have life, (speaking of jail term) but he said that what he was charged with he was not actually guilty of the crime. But for other things, they couldn't catch him at his racket, and they knew it, but they just caught him on something. They made up the charges, he said, and he was afraid to holler much because he was afraid that they would try him on the charge that he was actually guilty of.

It is wonderful when you can go into a place like that and see those that think they are so wicked and yet you can see the CHRIST lying dormant while they speak, while; the mortal mind speaks, don't you see. It is just to the reverse of what I often say, 'Be still.' Still your conscious mentality and let the voice of GOD be heard. It is just to the reverse among men that think they are so wicked. The only difference among them, and you or I, is that they have stilled the CHRIST Consciousness and they have allowed the mortal mind to speak. They have bound the CHRIST'S activities and they have allowed the mortal mind to act, don't you see. That is the only difference. That is the difference between you and I and them. We may bind the mortal mind and still the mortal mind, and allow GOD to speak, or HIS voice to be heard, or allow HIM to be seen in actions and in deeds.

But they still the Divine Mind or the subconscious mind, the inner mind, and they keep HIM bound, don't you see, and keep HIM silent, and have allowed the mortal mind to speak, and then they are known as wicked men, don't you see. As soon as they still the mortal mind and allow him to act and speak no more, allow him to express himself no more, why then and there and here and now the CHRIST will come forth to the front and will express HIMSELF to the glory of GOD, and will accept of HIS temple as the temple of GOD, and will ride on the wings of HIS power as the conquering King. For the sons of righteousness shall rise up with healing in their wings. It is Wonderful!

CHRIST Is Waiting For the Keeper Of the House To Recognize HIM

Then all men can enjoy the abundance of these great things that come forth through the recognition of the CHRIST and through disrecognizing the mortal mind and mortality through entirely ignoring the mortal mind and stilling the mortal mind's activity, stilling the mortal mind's ego, and letting the CHRIST speak, here and now. Here and now will come forth the perfect picture and you will not have to look for another. In the darkest corners of the earth, it matters not where they may be, the CHRIST is there, waiting for the mortal mind and the mortal version of things to be still and hushed, that HE, the Perfect One, might be both seen and heard and acted upon. It is Wonderful! Call HIM to HIS feet! HE is there, HE is waiting. HE is willing at any and at every time, waiting for the recognition of HIM that is within or that is the keeper of the house.

When the keeper of the house will accept HIM, when the keeper of the house will represent HIM, when the keeper of the house will give HIM permission to take the stand, why, HE will speak in the defense of both it and HIM. Then and there and right here and right now you will see and know that it is all here and now and you have not an occasion to look for another. HE is ready for expression, ready for operation, for

'I come quickly . . . . and my reward is with me, to reward every man according to his works.''

The Sacrifice Of Material Things Brings the Reproduction Of What Is Sacrificed

It is written,

'All these things shall be added unto you.'

They will come forth, they are. That must be added, things that are desired, the things that you have heretofore desired must be added in and through the righteous way. It is Wonderful! It is Wonderful! Self-experience is a great light. It is a great light to see and to know that it is absolutely true. That is a great light, for one to see and to know that it is absolutely true when they have the experience within themselves. Then to you it is true. Seeking any material thing has not been MY Personal or Individual effort. But such things are added unto ME automatically. It is Wonderful!

There was a time when in Person I considered not even to touch one penny of money in Person, in this Person, as though it was ME, as though I would not ever touch one penny of money, and the sacrifice of all such material things for righteousness' sake, it did tend to bring into actuality, the reproduction of all things in return for that which you sacrificed.

First seek ye the Kingdom of GOD and HIS righteousness, and all things shall be added. Then wait on the LORD and allow them to be added after you allow GOD to speak. When you hear the voice of GOD, when you still your conscious mentality and can actually hear the voice of GOD, when GOD speaks, then cometh forth the limitless blessings of things that you have, or would have desired when you allowed GOD to speak and bring forth into your experience, your fullest desire, the thing that will satisfy your fullest desire.

I AM Spirit, I AM Mind -- and All Men Are the Same If They Only Know it.

You see, I did not and do not now, even now, seek a following, a Personal following, and because I do not seek it, five million souls have gone out after ME. It is so fascinating. It is Wonderful! It is Wonderful! Because I AM not seeking it and because it is immaterial to ME whether anyone follows ME or not. The same as I sang, when there seems to be tension or anything of that kind, seemingly arise among the people even concerning our Work, I say it is immaterial to ME whether I have any material place of worship or even hold a public meeting, I AM Spirit, I AM Mind. With or without a Body, with or without any visible expression of anything, or with or without a place materially to worship, I AM Spirit and I AM Mind, and all men are the same if they only know it. All men are the same, if they only know it.

Then why fret or worry about material things, the material expression of things, or anything of that kind, for the Abundance of the Fullness of the Consciousness of Good, no space is vacant of the fullness therefore. No space! It is Wonderful! Then I do not have to go one place, not any place to find it. I don't have to go any place to carry a blessing, for the Abundance of the Fullness of the Consciousness of Good, no space is vacant of the fullness therefore. I have it with ME wheresoever I go, wheresoever I be, here and there and here and now, and everywhere. Then upon this Foundation none need falter or fear, none need fret nor worry, none need have any occasion to think that they will lack for anything, for that which you have forsaken or lost for righteousness' sake, you will gain an hundredfold more in this present time.

As a sample and as an example, see, I can go to bed at night when I AM in the city, and rest comfortable without any fear, without thinking anyone will break the locks in MY cars, or will get a key to fit the locks and unlock the cars and take them away, for I leave the keys in the switches of the cars and the cars unlocked, so that they have no occasion to break the lock or to get a key. Therefore, I can rest comfortable. I have nothing to worry about.

'Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth' . . .

on the earthly plane of consciousness,

'But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, neither do thieves break through and steal.'

On this great principle of love, you have nothing to falter and nothing to fear, for GOD will take care of thee and GOD has wiped away all tears. It is Wonderful!

When Jesus Went Into the Temple, He spoke Of the Temple Of His Body

It is Wonderful! When CHRIST went into the temple and overturned the table of money-changers and drove out all those that sold pigeons and doves, that was an individual work that He did in the midst of the congregation of the people.

'As in Adam all die, even so in Jesus Christ shall all be made alive,'

by the recognition of the CHRIST and by allowing the CHRIST to come in your house and do ye also the same.

Humanly speaking, the Jewish nationality is a people of great speculation. They can and they do more speculation than anyone else, and they are alert in so doing. But when the CHRIST went in the Body of Jesus, when the CHRIST cast out all of the Jewish tendencies, all of their characteristics, and overthrow the foundation of things that lay there from the earliest existence of the Jewish religion or Jewish nationality, overthrew the foundation there, He was no more a Jew but He was the Son of GOD. As with you, so with Him, and as with Him, so with ME. Every one of you can, be ye also the same, but CHRIST must first come, come in one's consciousness and be accepted as the rightful King to reign. Then He will break down every idol and He will cast out every evil doing. He will wash your conscience clean, and you will be whiter than snow.

It is so plain to see, in reference to that, that when He went into the temple, why, it was distinctly understood that He spoke of the temple of His Body. By nature, Jesus would have been a man of that type, humanly speaking, but as He was not matter, and He did not recognize mortality, therefore, He could not be seen as them. He was one from among men that saw Himself to be the Son of GOD. He desired others to be hovered in that state of consciousness, and 'Jerusalem' he called,

'O Jerusalem . . . how oft would I have hovered thee, as a hen hovers her brood, but ye would not.'

The whole of Jerusalem, as well as you, could have been hovered under the same state of consciousness to birth out the CHRIST Consciousness in their lives and express Him or manifest Him to the world, but they would not.

They too, were the sons of GOD, but they would not allow the Son of GOD to come to outer expression in their lives by being hovered in the CHRIST Consciousness until He would be hatched out into their daily actions and in their spirit and in their mind to be recognized as the sons of GOD.

'As many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of GOD.'

He desired to hover them, don't you see, even to them that believed on HIS Name! He desired and was trying, that CHRIST Consciousness was trying to hover them under the consciousness of being the Son of GOD. It is Wonderful! And such consciousness would have produced the Sonship Degree of GOD among the Jews at Jerusalem as was in Jesus, but they wouldn't allow the CHRIST Consciousness to hover them.

CHRIST Was A Distinct Picture Alone

Therefore, the CHRIST within Himself as an individual was a sample and an example. Imputedly, the only begotten of the FATHER, for He stood out, a distinct picture alone, and none stood with Him! Therefore, He was the only begotten of the FATHER, full of grace and of truth, but we can say,

'And of all of His fullness

in this day,

'have all we received grace for grace.'

It is Wonderful!

Now don't you feel good to know that you have received of all of His fullness, not part of it, because you allowed yourselves to be hovered under the CHRIST Consciousness and under the feathers of His wings. Therefore, you have been and are being hatched out and developed into the Sonship Degree of GOD, and are no more in the servantship degree, for the servant knows not, what his Lord doeth. So you can see that you are no more called servants, for 'hover' means to be hovered under the CHRIST Consciousness and be no more subject to the mortal version of the human mind. It is Wonderful! Therefore knowing this, be it known unto you and unto all that will or do believe, and have received, that you are the son, as being called sons of GOD, nothing less, and you have always been the son of GOD. GOD is your FATHER and you never had another. Never had another! But as long as you will seek your happiness out in the cold and make claims on material things that mortal versions of the human mind, you will be subject to those tendencies and their infirmities and their weaknesses, etc. But stay ye hovered under the CHRIST Consciousness and you will be manifestedly the sons of the Living GOD.

It is Wonderful! Do not seek it from a searching and from a material and from a personal standpoint of view, it springs forth automatically as your GOD-given rights. It is Wonderful!

I Don't Have To Do Anything, the Word is Sufficient

It is Wonderful! It is something like many years ago I said that there were many people begging on the streets and such as that, but I never view anything from the natural standpoint of view, but I speak the Word, and then those that are natural, can and will, attend to the natural things.

'To him that is natural, all things are natural, and to him that is spiritual, all things are spiritual',

and I said that I will put a stop to many things. So it was. And I said that those that are filling offices from the President down, if they will not do right, they will have to come out of the office. I don't have to do anything, the Word will accomplish that, for it is sufficient. I don't have to tell anyone to do anything. The Word in itself will accomplish, for it is the Word declared by many to be the Word of GOD, and by the mouth of two or three witnesses every word shall be established and it has been declared and affirmed and established by many that these words I speak unto you are the Words of GOD, yea, even the Word of GOD.

Therefore it must be true, for it has been verified by millions of you. It will accomplishment that for which it is sent. I feel, at least I know, that there will be some effect of the Words that were spoken last week in Jersey, take place. There must be. If they allowed it to be the expression of what I it desired it to be , of the manifestation of love and of joy, and peace and happiness for one and for all. I AM glad. If they will not allow it to be, it will produce the results of their own mind according to whether it will be the expression of that which seems to be good, or that which seems to be evil. It is according to the mind of those that are concerned, or will be concerned with the Words and according to the Words that I have sent out. So it is Wonderful!


If to know GOD is eternal life, then it is a small thing to have a little food.

It is eternal life to know Thee, the only true GOD. Is not the life more than meat and the body than raiment?

Then why worry about the material blessings. It is Wonderful!

From these words that I speak goeth forth the atmosphere of love with seeming magic touch to regenerate the hearts of men and bring all nations in one and verify the request in answer to the prayer in the l7th chapter of St. John. I think I had better stop. It is Wonderful!

So in reality we can see the Abundance of the Fullness of the Consciousness of Good, no space is vacant of the fullness thereof. It is flowing free, yea, flowing free for everyone.

That is a little message I sent to Judge Smith, (referring to reading of Metaphysical News) because I could see that he was falling right down in death and I knew that he visualized the negative concerning ME, and that was why I gave those to the district attorney and also the probation officer. It is Wonderful!

In reference To the Sermon Before the Verdict

Referring to the pamphlet, FATHER's Last Sermon before the Verdict at Mineola. FATHER said:



This Sermon could have had a greater expression of what took place that evening. That evening when this was being said, there was a man came up who said he was an underworld man, a racketeer, and he confessed and said that he would give up the world and it was such an experience, on the very evening of the day that the trial began in Mineola. It began on the 24th and I was in court that day until the evening, and I went back to the city and gave this lecture, and this man that said he was an underworld man came up and got the deliverance from sin that would save him from prison and all other undesirable expressions of life. And on the morrow, you see, it was the 25th, and I returned back to Mineola to continue the trial and then the verdict came out 'guilty' with a recommendation of mercy, and I then went in.

That very night, you see, was a great memorial night when the trial started and I gave this Lecture or Sermon as they call it, and there were many individuals blessed and healed. But you can almost see the picture of this man coming up and confessing that night. He said he was an underworld man and some said he even carried a gun at the time. It is Wonderful! And the way that he was delivered from that which would have caused him to have gone to prison, and on the morrow I went in.

And when you stressed the points of view together, and then you noticed in the Sermon here, I spoke about lighting a cigarette, lighting a cigar and carrying guns and all such as that, and this man came up crying and fell down at MY feet and confessed his sins and said he would give up those things and would walk in that way no more, it was Wonderful! And then when you see this, we will have some more soon and it will be even on a little better paper. Only our press is a little better. It will be something that you can keep to remember the blessings of the conviction. It is Wonderful!

I wouldn't dare to begin to read this now because you see it would take almost as long to read it as it does some chapters in the Bible. But that thought went home to the heart and mind of that gentleman and he was changed in body. And then going on to what they call prison, but MY 'summer hotel', better known as jail, and coming in contact with this one there and many others, and telling him about this CHRIST that I recognized in him, I called HIM forth to HIS feet, and the CHRIST in him did rise to the resurrection of life, and he said this by inspiration, that I was a m-a-n to walk alone. So the CHRIST in ME was the CHRIST in him that saw the CHRIST in ME, or as ME being expressed, don't you see, and therefore he desired others to know and to see his views concerning same. It is Wonderful! All were abundantly blessed.






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