"Show Us the Principle And We Will Be Satisfied

"The Impersonal Life of CHRIST Is the True Ideal of Life"


The Word of GOD Revealed

Howbeit when HE, the Spirit of truth is come, HE will guide you into all truths...

FATHER DIVINE'S Words From The Notebook of John Lamb

Installment 68



"That is why in one of MY Lectures I mention that it is better to be GOD and not know it than to be GOD and think you know it in a selfish, boastious way, don't you see, for he that exalteth himself shall be abased. It is good when one can humble himself to a place where he can be exalted by GOD and not try to exalt himself. So as you say, Mr. Joshua really brings out some very good points. Many who testify try to bring out the same message, but still the Spirit of itself beareth witness with the Spirit and will let ME know which is of GOD.

"You know it is wonderful! You don't know what this Work means. I AM going to shake every world. I AM going to shake every field just as I have shaken them up in the religious world. It is Wonderful! It is just Wonderful! It is not by power, nor by might, but by MY Spirit, saith the LORD. The Spirit will perform the act of its duty through those to whom it is due."

Power In the Name

Mrs. Marmein, who was present, spoke as follows: "Mrs. Cushing, who came here, you know, FATHER, went home and told her husband about YOU. He had been ill for five years or more, not seriously ill, but she came home and told him about YOU and her visit down here as she had been unable to heal him, and that night he dreamed of YOU and he described YOU although he had never seen YOU Personally. Of course, she had thought. From that day he began to mend and mend until he was completely well and she had never been able to help him herself and neither had anyone else."

FATHER replied as follows:

"Well, it is the Name. There is power in the Name. The Name and the Life will produce great things. It is an outstanding picture. Just the Name is an outstanding picture. It is Wonderful! It is Wonderful! And so many are being caught in this Name. It is just like a net, it is just like a net. It is so real, it is getting to be a regular fashion. It reaches all of the hidden corners of the earth. Something that satisfies every desire. Then the beauty of it is, it is just what it is with or without any visible manifestation of things. With or without, it is satisfying. That is the beauty of this Love, to know the truth and the truth sets you absolutely free from all barriers, from every limitation, from every lack and from every want, and verifies that in your experience, in your very life, that which David said,

72 Macon Street

72 Macon Street







'The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want.'

It is Wonderful!

You see we can go and we can be any place and be happy and satisfied with the material things that would appease the mortal mind's desire, such as man's comforts and accommodations and such as that, and then without that this peace and this happiness is just the same, something that transcends every material expression of life, every mortal version, every imagination of the human heart. Then it is Wonderful! And nothing can satisfy as the simple Life of the CHRIST as brought into expression here and now. Nothing else satisfies! All of the wealth in the world and all of the material social friends, mortal social friends, and everything else from a human standpoint of view that tends or pretends to satisfy, cannot satisfy as the simple Life and Love of GOD, in perfect peace. And then it is so satisfying it meets the hearts and minds of men and women in all walks of life, not confined to one walk of life, one profession, one classification or specification, but it reaches all and it satisfies the very desire of the heart and the imagination of the thought.

To prove this, think about those hot nights as it would appear to have been last week. Think how they would pack those halls instead of going to the beach some place, and be willing to stand there and would not be satisfied until they could see or think that I was going away. It is Wonderful! They would not be satisfied. So it is something to praise GOD for when you have contacted the Source and the supply that satisfies your desire, and not only yours, but as many as will believe, for of all of HIS fullness have all we received.


Show Us the Principle And We Will Be Satisfied

You are not yearning or longing for anything, for you have it all within, every person. It is just easy and satisfying to spirit, soul and mind. It is Wonderful! Show us this Principle that will satisfy. Show us this Principle from whence cometh the source of your supply, this Principle that satisfies the heart's desire, then we will be satisfied. That is what Philip said indirectly. Show us this Principle that satisfies your desires and answers your request, then we will be satisfied. It is Wonderful! I think I had better stop! It is Wonderful!

Your every desire is satisfied by HIM that did answer the request of the Son of GOD, even CHRIST, and it satisfies every desire, the Principle that is back of all things, the Author and the Finisher of both it and them, satisfies every desire, hence, if you can see that as it is, you will be satisfied. Your soul is satisfied now, for you have contacted something that fills and thrills you with joy, and you can declare unto the world that your heart is all a-glow. For the glo-ray of GOD has rayed HIS glows. And it actually satisfies your every desire. It is Wonderful! It is Wonderful! With that mental eye beholding those things that were desired by you, it will satisfy, it does satisfy. It is the satisfying portion in itself.

Now it would be good if someone would turn from their mortal thoughts. I AM not speaking of anyone here in person, and I know that you do not have that, since you could not think wrong. I say that because I thought of someone then, that if they could only, or will only see it, they will not have to experience the experience of judgment. As a man sows, that is what he shall also reap. He shall reap just what he sows. It is Wonderful!

The Impersonal Life of CHRIST Is the True Ideal of Life

During a recent Personal visit to the Kingdom at Sayville, FATHER had read, a write-up in the New York News in which HE was referred to as America's Mahatma Gandhi. In reference to this, FATHER said:

Now that word there about Mahatma Gandhi, I wish to state, and no doubt we will answer that in our paper next week or sometime in the near future, I wish to state that I AM not America's Mahatma Gandhi. I am not anybody else but MYSELF. I AM not emphasizing, advocating or trying to imitate or duplicate anyone else any less than CHRIST JESUS and any more than GOD. So I AM not Mr. Gandhi. It is Wonderful!

But to the mortal version of the human mind, it maybe appealing to them or those among you that may have that tendency to think that Mr. Gandhi in India is an ideal or is the true ideal of life. I have not advocated Mr. Gandhi as the true ideal of life as an individual, but I have advocated the Impersonal Life of the CHRIST of Nazareth, as being called Jesus, to be the true ideal of Life. I have emphasized, I have advocated, I have demonstrated and have duplicated the Life, the true Ideal that was brought into expression in that Name and Body called Jesus, and that is the Ideal of Life in MY opinion for every individual. It is Wonderful!

But, of course, as newspaper talk, they say 'America's Gandhi.' Well, this is not 'America's Gandhi!' I AM not bound any more to America than to India. I AM not bound to lands or countries or nationalities. That is the mortal version of the human mind. They so often are misleading like unto that, and cause people through their exaggeration to look upon one man after another as thought being the imitator of another. I AM not thinking, or have not been thinking about Mr. Gandhi, in MY own Work especially. Of course, I know that Mr. Gandhi did call on ME through his representative for help and cooperation in and for their country, and I AM willing to help them as in all other cases I help everybody that stands in the need of help. Not especially to say Mr. Gandhi is an ideal, or is an idealist, but to lift up a standard of life as the true representative of the CHRIST that was brought into fruition in the name called Jesus.

Upon this Foundation you cannot falter if you are substantiated in it, and on this Principle you cannot falter. It is Wonderful! It is Wonderful! But that was, of course, but some of it. This man was at MY place, he was talking with ME, and of course, I was talking along the lines I always talk on, whatsoever subject comes up, and giving MY views according to the quotations and partially what he said was true, the only thing, I did not represent MYSELF to be Mr. Gandhi. It is Wonderful!




FATHER DIVINE'S Message at the Laurel Gardens
77 East 115th Street, New York City
Sunday, July 24, 1932 A.D.F.D.




You Can Be Delivered By the Significance of My Name


At this meeting a woman arose and said, while sitting here in the meeting there was a little boy sleeping with his head on his mother's lap, and she had his little feet in her lap, and while the little fellow was sleeping he said aloud, Obey FATHER! She testified to this.

FATHER speaks as follows:



It is Wonderful! I know you are all happy, if you were not happy you would not be here; there is something causes you to be here and apparently happy to be here, And that is why I AM here.

I AM rejoicing to hear the many testimonies of how a great many of you have been delivered. It is wonderful to know that you can be delivered by the significance of MY Name. I do not mean the significance of MY Name as a Person, but the great significance of MY Name as the Name that you call on, therefore, it is most significant. It is significant to the Presence, not confining ME to the Personal Body as though it was ME as you see. It is Wonderful! It is significant that you should see the Omnipresence, Omnipotence and Omniscience of this great Name, and for this reason, particularly those of you who are in trouble, you can call on this mighty Name, and because you did call on this Name you were delivered, were you not? It is Wonderful!

Therefore, again I say unto you,

'Call on me in the day of trouble: and I will deliver thee.'

Now I AM just wading out here into waters because the waters have been troubled. I want to say that everyone who is radical enough to call as that sister did, I say if they are radical enough to call on this mighty Name, they will be delivered. Not that it is ME as a Person, but,

'It is by my spirit, saith the LORD.'

And the CHRIST in the name called Jesus, the great Love Master, said: In my name ye shall cast out d-v-ls.

'The name of GOD is a strong tower; and the righteous run therein, and is saved.'

I believe some of you have realized that. It is Wonderful! How this might Name has delivered you; it has brought you peace and it has brought you health out of sickness, and joy out of sorrow, therefore there is something in it, is there not? I say again as I have often said, that it is not that you need to contact ME as a Person, it is immaterial to ME but the main thing is to call on this mighty Name, for this Name covers the whole universe and it is operative without any body, and it is operative through the body or through bodies, and I do not care anything about what mortal mind says.

This Is A Live Wire That Cannot Be Fooled With

As I said the other day in Newark and again I feel inclined to say, that those who think themselves qualified to criticize or to know or to in any way interfere with this Message, to them I say, this is a Live Wire that they cannot fool with! It is a Live Wire. I say, and they had better keep their hands off! It is Wonderful! Electricity does not know anything about a president, or a governor, or a king. If a king or a governor or a president gets on a live wire, he will get killed just the same as anyone else.

This mighty Message of Life is the magnet of the world. You desire something, and if you cannot get it, then it is because you have not applied this Life Magnet. Get this magnifying dynamo and apply it to the thing, and even apply it to your mind, and it will so charge and electrify your soul and your body that you will manifestedly be a magnet to draw to yourself the thing that you desire.

Agreement Will Regenerate, And Automatically Bring the Presence of GOD

It affords ME no small degree of pleasure to see so many happy faces and to know that this Life has drawn you, and to know that through this Life and this Love the whole universe shall know GOD, and through this identical Truth the whole world must come at the command of GOD, for every knee must bow and every tongue confess. Therefore I have gotten in your hearts, have I not? I have gotten down in your hearts and in your souls and in your bodies. Therefore you are willing to go wheresoever I go. You are willing to follow wheresoever I AM. You are willing to pasture wheresoever I feed. Therefore you will agree and wheresoever two or three are gathered together in MY Name, there will I be in the midst of them. It is Wonderful!

The same Spirit is speaking today, it is still saying that wheresoever you agree with that one heart and that one mind and be in perfect love, GOD is there. You do not have to look for any other then. You do not have to look for any other then, for the agreement will regenerate and re-create. In other words, there will be the very Presence of GOD in your midst wheresoever you be. The agreement will automatically bring the Presence of GOD. That is why I say so often that when you think I AM absent, I AM present, and just as operative without the Body as with the Body; and you have arrived at that consciousness to know that GOD is Ever Present when you realize that you are not talking about this Body, but

'By my spirit, saith the LORD.'

So it is a great consolation to realize these truths and to know that you can build upon a foundation that is incorruptible, undefiled and that fadeth not away. And if the whole world the whole material expression should pass away, still alone in GOD you could stand, and you would not be shaken even though the whole world sinks: your faith would be unshaken because you are substantiated in the Word, for the Word of GOD tell you plainly that the

'Heaven and the earth shall pass away . . . but the word of GOD stands firm.'

And as upon this foundation you have built, therefore, whether I AM here or there or wheresoever I may be in Person, you can always be the same. It is Wonderful! And it is a consolation to know ---the greatest consolation to know that.

Now today we have three or four meetings on, and I AM there and I AM here and you know you feel that I AM with you when I AM supposed to be absent. When you do not see this Body, you know that I AM with you just the same. That is the way they all are in thousands and thousands of places today, and that is why they cannot stop this Truth. This Truth shall go on and on conquering and to conquer. I rejoice because of the great significance of the Truth, how it can work and the way it does work, and the way it will stand with the sons and daughters of men.

There are many of you here who have apparently been blessed, and the majority of you were blessed without touching ME, without MY touching you, without you coming near ME or I going near you, according to the flesh, or from a personal standpoint of view. That is why you can be assured that you are not dealing with matter. And that is why we say that those who desire to criticize and those who try to interfere had better keep their hands off. It is Wonderful!

I Came To Bring the Truth To Every Field of Life

I want to say that this is a political live wire, and I want to say that this is a religious live wire, and I want to say that this is a social live wire. It is Wonderful! And I want to say that this is an intellectual live wire. I want to say that this is a financial live wire. Not only that, but it is the dynamo of both it and them. And I say that because if I could feel sympathetic or sorry for those who oppose this Truth, I would do so. It is Wonderful! I say that because if I could feel sympathetic or sorry for the churches that reject this Truth, and for the societies of every kind who reject this Truth, I would feel sorry for them. It is Wonderful! I mean every society and every organization of the United States.

I came to bring the Truth to every world and to every field of life, I do not care what kind of class a man may claim, but I came to represent the Truth that they might accept of the Truth, and the Truth will set them free. For the Truth will set you free in any department of life and in any movement. If you continue in the truth, the truth will set you free. But you must accept the Truth, take it just as it is and live in conformity to the same. It is Wonderful!

So I rejoice to see and know that this Truth is going forth from shore to shore and from land to land, in every business I AM speaking about and every profession I AM speaking about, not only in the religious world, but I AM going into the political world. I AM going into Washington on either the donkey or the elephant. It is Wonderful! I say, if the donkey does not carry the Truth into Washington, the elephant will, and if the elephant will not carry this Truth into Washington, I will conceal MYSELF in a way that they know not, and it will get there anyway. It is Wonderful! That may sound a little radical, but you always did want a righteous government. That is what you have been praying for --- a righteous government, and we are going to have a righteous government. It is Wonderful! We shall impeach every judge and impeach every governor who will not do right, until one comes who will do right and will recognize man and man, and those who will not do that, we will take them out of office. It is Wonderful!


Whatever Is Right And Gives Justice We Are Putting Forth

For I AM in five million hearts and minds and we will continue to increase daily in this Truth and in righteousness, as the Word says that,

'Righteousness and judgment are the habitation of HIS throne,


the earth saw, and trembled.'

Don't you see them trembling now? It looks like somehow they are getting scared. It is Wonderful! You know all of the fields are getting afraid now; they are beginning to tremble because righteousness is on the line and judgment is on the line. I say the newspaper field must do right. It is Wonderful! We are going to close up more newspapers than were ever closed up before.

Now, Dear Ones, I do not mean to close up anything that will do right. Everyone who will do right we will endorse, but everyone who will not do right we will withdraw the strength from it. We mean to have righteousness on earth! Righteousness means right-use-ness, and if any will not utilize their strength and their power righteously, we will withdraw from them. I know some of you did not think that CHRIST was going in all of the fields, sure enough. Some of the people want to keep GOD up in the spirit somewhere, but GOD is in the material world as well as the spiritual world, and HE is going to rule the world with truth and grace, and HE will make the nations prove the glory of HIS right- use-ness and the wonders of HIS Love.

So, HE shall rule the world and HE has now just begun, and I know that thousands and thousands of hearts just now are coming to it, because you know you always did want a righteous government. It is Wonderful! You always wanted someone in the White House who would do right. You always wanted governors who would do right. Whatsoever is right and gives justice to other men is what we are putting forth, broadcasting the Spirit of Truth for the President and governors and for all those who are in authority, that they may execute a righteous government on the earth.

'In these things I delight, saith the LORD.'

If any try to put ME down, if they try to refute ME, they bless ME. If they try to curse ME, they bless ME, and when they try to knock ME, they boost ME and knock themselves down. It is Wonderful! I do not want them to do it, but they do it just trying to knock ME, but they knock themselves.

Again I say unto you, for your own sakes I AM glad that you did call on ME. You have been apparently blessed, and there are thousands and thousands right here in New York City who have been apparently blessed. That is the great significance of this Truth; that it is not a personal affair, but it is the Impersonal Life, and is as operative without the Body as it is with the Body, and everyone can tune in and be a producer of the same if they will only live in conformity thereto. And I rejoice and AM glad for everyone who seems to have done so.


I Want To Bless Everybody -- So Then Blessings Come Back To ME

I often say that good thoughts and good wishes and good desires, and evil thoughts and evil wishes and evil desires, they are all like chickens, they come home to roost. They come home to roost if they ever leave home. Sometimes you turn your chickens out and they never leave home. They will scratch and pick around the door and never leave home, but as soon as the sun begins to get low, then they begin to come home to roost. So it is with blessings, so it is with curses.

As it is with good wishes, so it is with evil wishes. You know I AM blessed, so I set forth MYSELF as a sample and an example for you all.

You know I AM blessed, so I have no end to MY blessings because I want to bless everybody and blessings come back to ME. I do not curse anyone, because if you curse anyone that curse comes back to you. If you bless anyone a blessing comes back to you. So you will reap what you sow. Now I do not send out any curses to anyone. I want to see everyone prosperous.

There are thousands right here in New York City who can declare that I have made them prosperous since they came in contact with ME, and because I desire to see folks have plenty of money, why then, I have a plenty and to spare. That is why I can talk to a million or five million people and it would not tempt ME to take up a collection. I know there are five million who would be willing to give ME most anything they have. But I do not ask for it. I do appreciate your co-operative thoughts and the fellowship of your life and your cooperation that we may go forth conquering and to conquer, that we may establish this Truth in the hearts and minds of men. So I do rejoice and thank you so much. Sons and daughters, give ME your hearts. It is Wonderful!

I do not say bring ME your nickels, quarters or dimes, but I say, give ME something that is near and dear to you, then we can be near and dear to you. But if you just give ME something that is not near and dear to you, that something will separate ME from you. For it is the spirit of separation that the love of money will create, and where there is division there is strife, and, 'The love of money is the root of all evil,' and it will create all kinds of evil things -- the love of money. I heard someone say,

'Jesus, lover of my soul,
Let me t to Thy bosom fly,
While the nearer waters roll,
While the tempest still is high
Hide me, O my Savior hide,
Till the storm of life is past;
Safe into the heaven guide,
Oh, receive my soul at last.'


If GOD Made the Machine, HE can rebuild it

The followers of FATHER DIVINE in Jamaica held a meeting of praise in the Polish Legion Hall, l88-ll Sutphin Boulevard, Jamaica, Long Island, on Monday, July 25, at which Reverend M. J. DIVINE and HIS immediate Followers were the invited guests. Whenever FATHER visits Jamaica, the meetings are full of praise and joy and thanksgiving, but this one surpassed them all and the vibrations were very high, so that many blessings were poured out from the Fountain.

FATHER and HIS immediate party entered the meeting about 9:30 P.M., after having attended another meeting in the afternoon and a banquet. Although the night was extremely warm and the streets of the city seemed deserted, the large Polish Legion Hall was packed with as many as could possibly find standing room. There were probably as many standing as there were seated, and a large number of them had been there all day waiting for FATHER'S appearance in Person.

When FATHER walked into The meeting there was the usual joyous demonstration with everyone on his feet to greet HIM. Mr. Alexander led the audience in singing, Nearer my GOD to thee, which was followed by, Behold I live, Behold I live, Behold I live forever more. HE continued as follows: John has said to you,

'If a man keep my sayings, he will never see death,'

and that Infinite Power that has made you has said that you can live. But you in mortal consciousness, through sickness, you cannot see how you can live. Do you mean to tell me that GOD can build a machine and then cannot rebuilt it? It is a pretty poor carpenter that cannot put in a new rafter. It is a pretty poor mechanic that can make a car and then cannot make it run when it stops.

'Verily, verily, I say unto you, If a man keep my sayings, he shall never see death,'

and not only that, but you shall have no wants, no lacks and no depression. It is a shame that you go around here saying,

'My Father is rich in houses and lands,'

and you going around in lacks and in wants. Take the natural father, if he is rich, how much will you lack, how much will you talk depression? We don't talk depression up here, do we? Now what is depression?

Let us sing, 'My Father is rich in houses and lands,' (Audience singing.) Once upon a time you said, 'A King,' you didn't know which king, but now we can say The King shall reign in righteousness.' It is Wonderful! Now let your testimonies roll.


Priscilla Paul's Testimony

Priscilla Paul was the next speaker. She said: Peace everybody! Isn't it wonderful to know that we are in another day? I want to tell you what happens everywhere I go. (Song:)

'Everywhere I go, they're talking about FATHER DIVINE,
Everywhere I go, they're talking about FATHER DIVINE,
Everywhere I go I go, they're talking about FATHER DIVINE,
HIS Name is in the air, HIS Name is everywhere,
They're talking about FATHER DIVINE,'

Isn't it Wonderful? Thank You FATHER! Now I sing by actual experience. Everywhere I go, they are talking about FATHER DIVINE. Here recently I have been in New York City, and walking up Seventh Avenue, I hear them talking about FATHER DIVINE. When I walk up Lennox Avenue, I hear them talking about FATHER DIVINE. When I walk up Fifth Avenue, I hear them talking about FATHER DIVINE. When I walk up Park Avenue, I hear them talking about FATHER DIVINE. I say HIS Name is in the air, I hear them talking about FATHER DIVINE. Even the judge that sits on the bench, I hear from talking about FATHER DIVINE.

I tell you, if FATHER has an Angel with any better ears then mine, I want to know it. I can almost hear your thoughts and everywhere I go, I hear people saying good things about my FATHER. Even the fish swimming around in the bottom of the ocean, they are praising my FATHER. And if they are not praising HIM, it sounds just like praise to me anyhow. It is Wonderful!.

You know on hot nights like tonight, where is any preacher could get you out here. So you know if it weren't for FATHER you know where this would find us, it would find us in bathing suits on the beach. But as it is, HE is our beach, thank GOD! HE is the same One that cooled Meshach, Shadrach and Abednego, and if HE can cool off a fiery furnace, HE can cool us. To tell you the truth, I had almost forgotten that it was summertime . . .

You all know you are not crowded out here just for foolishness. You are not out here for foolishness, you are not out here for curiosity. Even though it is hot tonight, you are satisfied, aren't you? If you went to the beach, when you came home you would forget it, but what FATHER is doing for you, you will never forget it. Don't you think that we young people are following FATHER DIVINE just to be following HIM! I don't try to get up before any congregation to keep telling them that FATHER DIVINE is GOD. I wouldn't bring a dog out here and keep saying he is a dog. If he is a dog and you know anything about dogs, you know he is a dog. You can see for yourself he is a dog. That is enough. So I am not up here trying to tell you who HE is, that is for you to find out. FATHER says, 'It is better revealed than told,' and HE is not running around asking anything to advertise HIM. It is Wonderful! For if I tell you it is tuition and if it is revealed, it is intuition. And I am happy. It is Wonderful!

When I went to church, it looked like to me, they were good old Christian ministers and I would walk right out, put on my ballroom dress and dance until six in the morning. Now what did that minister do to stop me from dancing? FATHER put HIS Spirit in me and caused me to walk in HIS Statute. You know the fruit is not like the tree, but the tree was once fruit itself.

The Word says,

'When the Holy Ghost has come unto you, you shall have power,'

and I am not talking just about power to whoop and holler, but I am talking about power to cause people to walk in your statutes without saying a word to them. Power that can make you stop drinking liquor without saying a word to you. Power that can stop you from smoking cigarettes. Power that can stop you from running around with the opposite sex. The other ministers have been preaching about, if you go to the dance hall, if you drink liquor, you are going to h - - l. 'Don't do, don't do,' but FATHER DIVINE is telling about 'Do, do.' FATHER DIVINE is taking us into theaters, night clubs and such places as that, and we are not associating with those that go there, but FATHER DIVINE is converting the dance halls and night clubs into the Kingdom of GOD. Where FATHER is, Heaven is there.

There never was anyone on earth before I knew FATHER that could do anything for me. There may have been some that thought they were d o I n g something, but they weren't. FATHER DIVINE has done what a mother's prayer could not do. You know that mothers pray for their daughters, that they will live uprightly, but they don't do a bit of good. When FATHER DIVINE came along HE didn't have to speak a word, but HE stopped me from doing all those things. Now why is it that the good old Christian parents could not keep their children from doing wrong?

The children were not doing what their parents are doing, but they were doing what they had done. I could talk to you all might, but there are many that want to talk, so I will just say Peace. Thank you FATHER.






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