Part 1 -
"Some Carried out the Report That They Gave Me Some Money.
Now You Know You Didn't Give Me a Penny!"

Part 2 -
Re: Judge Smith's Decision and
The Decision of the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court
of the State of New York.
Handed Down on January 3, 1933,
Reversing FATHER DIVINE'S Conviction.

The Word of GOD Revealed - Installment 71


Part 1

FATHER DIVINE'S Message Given at the
Breakfast Banquet 229 West 135th Street New York City
Friday Morning September 9, 1932 A. D. F .D. No Time Given


During the Breakfast Banquet Service a visitor testified that she had nothing and wanted nothing but FATHER's Mind and asked HIM to bless her with more of it. Then she asked FATHER to bless her home.

FATHER DIVINE on the move

Picture of FATHER DIVINE on the move




FATHER responded as follows:



Don't have any home and then you will have MY Mind. You see, when you give yourself to GOD don't even have any eyes, or hands or feet. It was said in the Kingdom many years ago--what I said about fifteen or seventeen years ago, and many of the Angels caught the spirit. of it, and they stopped saying "their" hands, "their" feet or anything like that, because if you give yourself to G9D and then go back and claim them member by member, you will take your whole self back from GOD, and that will come to pass. Eventually the time will come when you will not lay claim on the hair of your head. You will say "the" hair instead of saying "my" hair. You will say "the" feet instead of saying "'my" feet. You will make it plain that you will not lay personal or individual claims on anything, and you will not let your mind encumber you with attachment to the body you see for attachment to the body is detachment from the Glory; and detachment from the body, is attachment to the Glory.

That is just a little thought as a conveyance of what one must do to receive and maintain the Infinite blessings of GOD. Now that does not say that I want you or anyone else to give ME anything. As the thought has been conveyed by some that claim to be followers of MINE, some that have been out to Sayville, commonly known as the Kingdom, and stayed and were fed and housed for many months, and coming to ME-one did claiming that they had money and they wanted to utilize the money for MY Cause. I told them the only way that they could do it would be to buy that piece of property, or one of the pieces of property there in Sayville; or if they wanted ME to take anything from them, to give ME a mortgage on that property, as I was planning to sell, and I couldn't sell so readily without a mortgage, and I was planning to leave.

Representatives of Lies

Some carried out the report that they gave ME some money. Now you know you didn't give ME a penny! Now the very one that talked like that was the very one, no doubt, that wouldn't want to give anybody a penny on their tin- type. Now that one knows that they were lying. They have not given ME a penny, and have not actually offered ME, a penny! But when they talk along that line, pretending to 8ay that they give ME money, I said, now if you all; since this movement is started and I want to sell, I will sell you this piece of property, or I will give you a mortgage on this piece of property, or something like that. It is Wonderful! .

So you see, that's the way the mortal mind always wants to carry something, and they know positively well that the mortal mind that talks like that is the very one that wants you to carry them. And that's why I don't take collections of any kind or foolishness like that. That's why anyone, if they want to do anything for ME, I always have, heretofore, and even now I always have arranged it, I say, if you want to do something, I have property here, and the only way I could accept anything would be on that. I finance all of MY Kingdom and MY affairs, and that is the only way that I could accept of it.

And then when I said that and said, you can buy this if you want to, then they claimed that what they had was in litigation and they could not get it out, and then carried out the report as if they gave ME something to finance MY movement or pay on the establishment that I started to buy up the Hudson, when they have never given ME one penny! Now candidly and frankly I can say that-not even apparently gave ME anything, because you cannot give GOD anything anyway.

Everything you own belongs to GOD and GOD will have it when HE gets ready anyway. But you have not, even humanly, mortal mindedly, given ME a penny-the very one that said that -haven't even apparently done it and they talk about representing truth! Representing lies! It is Wonderful!

Losers Through Dishonest Minds

And that's why, if they lose anything, that's why they lose it, because it was a deceitful heart in it. Better allow the thieves to break through and steal, of your own mind. Nobody can steal anything from ME. I leave MY cars out in the street all the time and if they need to go, let them go! Nobody can steal anything from ME, and if anybody steals anything, it is not stolen from ME. There is nothing lost in this great Universal Mind Substance.

" If anyone can take anything from you, it is because you have taken advantage of somebody, or you have some dishonesty and have not laid up treasures in heaven, where moths and rust do not corrupt, and where thieves do not break through and steal. So I say that so you can know and you can tell your fellow brother and your fellow sister that someone that talks a lot, that is someone that wants something for nothing, and instead of trying to give anything, is trying to get something for nothing. It is Wonderful! And that's why people lose things and all such as that, because they are dishonest in their feelings and in their works and in their ways. If anyone knows GOD, they know they can give GOD nothing. But when you come down, even humanly speaking, materially, I don't even bear record of the party changing a dime for ME to call up over the telephone in a public phone booth. It is Wonderful!

Give ME Your Heart

So I said that to throw you off of that course, and you had better stop carrying out those reports, for if you don't, I will have to make it known to the tens of thousands that I speak to. It is Wonderful! Tell the Truth! Even if you thought you were doing something, if you thought you were doing something-and even apparently were doing something, why, it would look more real if you apparently were doing something. It is Wonderful! But I said that to let you see and know, just the way the mortal mind goes, and that's why any of MY real children, if you are of MY Spirit and MY Mind, you don't want anything from any mortal mind anyhow! you want to live an absolutely independent life. It is Wonderful! I don't ask for any favors or any affections or any petty presents or anything of that kind, or any grand presents or grand prizes. GOD says,

'Give me your heart,'

and if I cannot get your heart, I don't want anything about you. It is Wonderful!

Tired of the Mortal Mind

Those thoughts are well worth considering, as people try to degrade or low-rate the standard of this Truth by trying to convey some thought that they have done something of their little insignificant selves, tied up in bondage and slavery! It is Wonderful! Then always coming and standing around in the meetings and places, and they know they are not wholehearted, in the way of those that would be willing to exercise their gifts and talents-not even a song sung, not even a testimony or anything. It is Wonderful! It is Wonderful!

I say that because I get tired of the mortal mind trying to convey some thought as if though it has done something; and I want you to know it distinctly and know it plainly, that they haven't done anything like unto that-not even an appearance of it. Your thought may go, "Well, FATHER says everything belongs to GOD anyway, and nobody can give HIM anything"; but you have not apparently done anything in any shape, form or fashion, humanly speaking, mortally speaking, or any way. They talked about, they had money and they wanted to help ME, they had been out there so long, and all like that, and they wanted to help ME, and so on, And I said, I AM after selling this place and getting a mortgage on it, and that's the only way I could use your money, because the property stands for the money, you see, and that is not talking anything from you. It is immaterial to ME. And so far as that was concerned, I did sell the place. It is Wonderful! But it wasn't anybody giving ME any money! When' they got the place, they were getting their money's worth, unless I would have sold it for more than it was worth, but that was for them to find out.

Truths No Man Can Refute or Dispute

Now, I AM sometimes apparently meek and lowly, and then sometimes I may be apparently stern, and so on like that, but if you do right; you will find that Love is always reflected, and not only reflected, but produced and reproduced and increased and multiplied for you. But if you try to give flesh some honor, and try to rob GOD of the Infinite Love and Majesty and Power HE has for HIS people, why I will have to pull the cover off you. It is Wonderful!

That's the reason I have heretofore, up until here recently, not even allowed anyone to sweep a rug--to sweep and beat a rug on the line, unless I paid them for it. Those that were staying in the Home, some stayed there for months and some stayed there for years. Now one that is there now can verify that statement of his own experience. He used to go out there before he was employed in the Kingdom for several years. He used to go out there every summer and stay in the summer, and his laundry, his meals and everything was fixed; and he would go out and do work at his regular occupation, making five or six dollars a day, and he didn't have to get a newspaper. Newspapers were bought and placed there in the Home that he could read. His hair was trimmed and everything, and even sandwiches for his lunch, and didn't charge for anything, didn't ask for anything, not a penny. Some of them didn't give even the waitresses and' the cooks a pocket handkerchief, and their meals were fixed every day, and they had a chance to save four or five hundred dollars in the season, and Mr. Lindsay was one in the number, but he was one.

'There were ten cleansed, but where are the nine?

Of course when he came back the last time he wouldn't go anywhere, but he asked for a position in the home and took a position in the home, and I paid him, and paid him just what he charges. It is Wonderful! And no man can refute that or can dispute it. It is Wonderful! It is Wonderful!

And that is the way I have been doing! But of course here, now that the Kingdom as it has extended, there are many times, the same as here, some of you all that are connected with the Body will come in and serve the Table and all such as that. I haven't heretofore allowed them even to serve the Table, and any of them that were in the Home get their laundry and everything else absolutely free. If they served the Table, when I needed some extra help, I would pay them for it. That's the way I used to do! But since I have been here, I haven't done all of that because this, as I say, is Mr. Calloway's home. And the different homes where I AM, they are MINE, but since they are having charge, over them, they let someone come in and voluntarily serve, like Tree and the different Angels that were not employed and not serving in the Home. They were glad to come in and do it, and also Mr. Daniels here, and the different ones. But you see, I would rather spend a thousand dollars a day just for the Home than to have any mortal mind going around talking about.. (Demonstration from the listeners.) It is Wonderful!

Do Not Sound a Trumpet When Doing Alms

Because anyway, the Word plainly says, when you do your alms, and if you did do something and can do something for the poor, when you go around and sound your trumpet, you have your reward. That's all you are going to get. You don't get any reward, even if you do something, and let anybody else know it but yourself and GOD. It is Wonderful! That's why, if anyone gives ME an apple or an orange and wants someone else to know it, I don't want it! And if I give you an apple or an orange, I don't want you. to be telling all of the other Angels about it. If it is known, let it be known spiritually and collectively, and not as an individual. GOD is of no private interpretation. GOD blesses everybody.

And so it is with those books... If anybody gets the book "Wonderful" and you holler' and tell everybody about it, I don't appreciate that, because when you do your alms, do not sound a trumpet. If someone else does it, why they should rejoice in a way of speaking. But that's why I have always tried to avoid publicity, because publicity, in the mortal consciousness, is for the exaltation of the so-called giver, and it is not for GOD universally, It is to give praise and thanks and give honor, to that individual person that has given it. It is Wonderful!

But when anybody gives you a toothpick, if they did give you a toothpick, and tell it, or if I were a natural man living in mortal consciousness and had mortal appetites, such as smoking, and I met a, man on the street and he gave ME a light from his cigar, and he had to go around and tell it, I wouldn't appreciate it. It is Wonderful! So if I were a mortal man and was taking collections and so on like that, and if Mr. Rockefeller would give ME five hundred thousand dollars or half a billion dollars, or if Mr. Ford gave ME a half billion dollars and then told anybody about it, I would go and throw it in his face, because that is all he would get out of it, just the praise of men.

The Word says, when you do your alms, do not sound a trumpet, but hide your hands. Just to the reverse, so many will throw a stone at you and hide their hand. Well then, if you give a blessing and you are real, you will hide your hand and will not want; anybody to know it. It is Wonderful! I have always believed, in the expression of the consideration of the child at Christmas time; not believing in actually falsifying the word as other parents do, saying that Santa Claus is coming down the chimney some place, but I do believe that whatsoever you receive, if you receive it, receive it as a surprise and nobody know it but yourself and GOD. And whatsoever you do if you do it for Christ's sake, then it is done in secret, and

'HE that seeth in secret shall reward you openly.'

It is Wonderful!

Robbing GOD

Everyone that goes around and tries to make pretend that they have done something when they have not, then. they are trying to rob GOD of the honor and such as that, the same as people go around and say they do things gratis, then turn around in a way of chicanery try to charge more than anybody else. Then they are robbing GOD and robbing the people of the confidence they had in GOD and robbing GOD of the virtue that is being done. It is Wonderful! It is Wonderful!! And that's why I say so often say I came treading the winepress all alone.! I would rather throw off every mortal version of every human imagination and every human expression, rather than be entangled in the bondage of those kinds of yokes of beliefs and opinions, as they had entangled you. So then I say, when you do your: alms, do not sound a trumpet. If you expect to get any reward from GOD, you don't want anybody else to know it but yourself and GOD.

The Destination of Your Blessing

Just like someone said one time, someone wanted to give ME a surprise. It would be that way rather than trying to advertise it. If you could keep it from GOD, you wouldn't let even GOD know it. You would do every blessed thing you could, that would be pleasing to GOD, and would not let HIM know that you did it, because you would not want any personal honor, personal praise, or personal consideration at all, for that which you did through the Spirit of Love, It is Wonderful!

But that's the destination of your blessing and your existence, when you try to get personal consideration or personal praise or personal respect, That is your reward! That's all the blessing you are going to get for anything you do or have done, if you want anyone to know that you are devout, you are faithful, and trying to act or look sanctimonious and trying to do something for GOD or for man. And as soon as you let someone think that on your account, by your trying to make them think it; that's all the reward you will get, just what they give out, and no more. That's all the help, and the blessing you are going to get, just what they can pay you. You are not going to get any from GOD! It is Wonderful!

The real thing, the real Child, the real faithful One said,

'When you pray. enter into your secret closet and pray to him in secret; and he that seeth in secret, he himself shall reward you openly. . . When you do your alms do not sound a trumpet that you may be seen and heard of men. . . When you fast, do not appear unto men fast . . .'

Go right along just like you are not fasting from drunkenness, from debauchery . . .that you are not fasting from anything, and try not to appear unto men to be fasting from those conditions and those things, but let GOD know in your heart and in the invisible that you are fasting and that you are a true faster. Anoint your head with oil and just appear not to be fasting, and yet be fasting all the time. Then and there and here and now, you are living in ,mental seclusion, you are secluded from the mortal versions of the human mind and not exposed to them, and yet you are manifesting yourself and manifested in the midst of them you cannot be distinguished from he or him, whosoever it may be.

After having a secretary read the current article in The New York News concerning HIS Teachings, FATHER, while the service o{ the, breakfast went on, elucidated a point that had been misquoted in the paper or the report. It was concerning GOD having come out of our imaginations into our realization. FATHER said:

You had an idea. that GOD was in your imaginations, that is the way the paper has it, but it is not that you had an idea that GOD was in: your imagination, you had an idea in your imagination that GOD was somewhere in the heavens, far away.

But it is wonderful to see that GOD has condescended to bring Truth in the highest light of Truth that has ever touched the earth, to bring it in your hand's reach where the most insignificant person can receive the highest teachings, wherein that the poorest person can get the Message of Truth, don't you see? I AM bringing everything down where they can get it and verifying that which was spoken of by the mouth of Jesus, saying that,

'The blind receive their sight, the lepers are cleansed, the sick are healed and the dead are raised, and the poor have the gospel preached to them.'

Endorsers of Truth

Now there are other Truth teachers, supposedly Truth teachers, if they would give a lecture like that, just think what it would cost the general public and anyone can get that just for buying the paper for a nickel. It is Wonderful! Yet it is not that I AM charging anything for it; MY service is absolutely free! But this paper happened to take MY Message, and by taking MY Message and being in harmony with ME, we buy the paper; and as long as it does carry it, why we endorse the paper; and those that will not carry the Message of Truth and endorse the Truth, neither will we endorse them in their folly. It is Wonderful!

We endorse anything in the educational world, the socia1world, the financial world, that will advocate the Truth. and emphasize the Truth, even as is our duty to do. Those that will do that, we will see that they will be the head and not the tail. It is Wonderful! That is the influence of the Spirit, and the Spirit has influence over the minds of men for this cause, to subjugate humanity to that which is right, and to hold them in check that they might do that which is right, to preach and advocate the Truth rather than advocating error. It is Wonderful!

Would Rather Hear Others Speak

So as I say, especially this paper, why I have some copies MYSELF and we are keeping some copies for future reference. And as one of MY secretaries was telling ME the other day, she said, "FATHER it looks as though you like to hear your own Sermon as well as we do, after it is written." I do like to hear the Truth wheresoever it is said or done, but if anyone else, whether it would be ME or anyone else or anyone connected with ME, it makes no difference when they convey the real Truth. I have had students heretofore that I would rather hear speak than MYSELF, because they could convey the Truth so vividly and so enthusiastically, I would rather hear them than hear MYSELF. And I would just rather hear anybody that can do anything better than ME, I would rather hear them do it. It is Wonderful!

A Principle to Rule the World

And this love is just so sweet! And hence this Truth will rule the whole world! It is not confined to persons; we are not advocating that. You all understand that I AM not talking about it will be ME as a Person, humanly speaking rule the world, sitting up on some material throne. You all understand the Principle that is back of all of it, it is the True Principle pf Life, the Ideal of Life of which the Apostle spoke saying:

'At the name of Jesus Christ, every knee must bow and every tongue must confess.'

At this Name, which means nature, the Divine Nature will take place in the consciousness as well as in the system of the children of men, and then He will rule among them. That is the great significance of this Truth, and that is when we will universalize this, and all nations and all people will be under this one Government.

Then verify I that of which the Russellites said years ago, that the Government will be a Righteous Government. It is Wonderful! Whether, it be in ME or in someone else, it is immaterial to ME who it may be in, we know that this Spirit and this Life and this Love and this Mind shall rule, physically rule, and spiritually and mentally rule, the whole universe for

'He rules the world with truth and with I grace, and makes the' nations prove the glory of his righteousness and the wonders of his love.'

It is Wonderful!

Not Advocating the Personal Life

Now don't you feel good? It is Wonderful! Why do you feel good? It is because there is an assurance, and there is complete assurance in this Principle, which is Christ, better known in the religious world, as, "Jesus is mine !" You can say, "0 what a foretaste of glory divine! An heir of salvation, I am purchased of God. I am born of His Spirit, and washed in His blood." It is Wonderful! '

Now upon this foundation we can wear the world as an absolutely lose garment. We don't need to fret nor worry or care anything about whether something comes or something goes, we know that it will stand and withstand, for we are advocating the Impersonal Life and not the person. Then you know positively well that this will go forth conquering and to conquer; confident that if one or all of these physical bodies as instruments that may be instrumental in carrying the Message forth to the world, now would cease to function, we know that there will be others. If such a thing could be as that they would cease to function after any violation of the Law of Life, we know that that would not cause a failure, don't you see! It is Wonderful!

For this cause, when we are not advocating the Personal life, you can be filled and thrilled with the joy that is unspeakable and full of great glory continually and at. all times, it matters not where you may seem to be or what seems to come, it would be absolutely immaterial to you.

Part 2


I AM the Mystery of the Secret of the Ages.
To This Generation I Come!



FATHER DIVINE'S Sermon Given at the Banquet Table
20 West 115th Street, New York City, N. Y.
Wednesday, December 27. 1933, A. D. F. D., Time: 11:00 A.M.

Ending with The Decision of The Appellate Division of The Supreme Court of the State of New York, January 3rd, 1933.



As the lightning cometh out of the east and shineth even unto the west, FATHER has come in the hearts and minds and bodies of the children of men in all parts of the world, and they are blessed through their faith and contact with HIS Spirit. without seeing HIM Personally; but sooner; or later they are drawn irresistibly to HIS Personal Presence. Therefore HIS New York Headquarters and other connections are continually thronged with those from practically every country on the face of the globe.

On. Wednesday, December 27th around the great Banquet Table at 20 West 115th Street, New York City, was gathered FATHER'S large household, while visitors continued to fill the Banquet Hall to overflow. There was a delegation present from the State of California, who had heard out there of FATHER'S wonderful Works, and also a native Australian Bushman who spoke of the hardships he and two friends had encountered during what he termed the Depression. FATHER responded to this last testimony in song while HE served the Table, after which HE spoke as follows:

There's a full and aplenty, a full and a plenty,
I have a full and a plenty for all,
Of food and of raiment, of houses and shelter
There's a plenty, a plenty for all.
Of peace and of pleasure, success and prosperity,
I have a plenty, a plenty for all,
Of wisdom and knowledge, dominion and authority,
I have a plenty, a plenty for all.



PEACE EVERYONE! Here we are in One, and there I AM in all. Then I say there is a full and a plenty for all, for I AM the Mystery of the Secret of the Ages; to this generation I come. It is indeed Wonderful! I AM and have a full and a plenty for all, of food and of raiment, of houses and shelter, I have a full and a plenty for all, Of peace and of pleasure, success and prosperity I have a full and a plenty for all.

And not only have it, but IAM radiating it, producing it and reproducing it and bringing it into materialization, causing the people collectively to become the personification of this identical Principle of Whom you say I AM. I AM expressing not merely in words, but in deeds and in actions, the abundance of the fullness of all good things, of all wisdom, knowledge and all understanding, the Wisdom of GOD imparted to the children of men.

For this cause I came, and for this purpose I stand; and I stand in the midst of them as being one, that they might be one with HIM that liveth within, forever and forever, calling humanity's attention back to the beginning of the creation, when it was Spirit from the foundation of the world. It is Spirit in this Dispensation in which we are now living! If you will live in this recognition, through this conscious rea1ization you will rid yourselves of all negation.. and all negative and chaotic conditions will disappear into there nothingness and GOD will reign in them, in the place of them as the Source. the Supply and the Substance.

Pouring Out My Soul to Man

For this cause I came and for this purpose I stand. MY Soul is the Life of the world. I have poured out MY Soul to man. Then I say, here you are and there 1 AM; there I sit and here you stand. In this I AM pouring out MY Soul to man, as did David in the Psalms, saying,

'LORD, I pour out my soul unto thee.'

In response to that saying, as a reciprocation of that expression of David's and as a delegation or delegate from the inhabitants of the earth, I say, I pour out. MY Soul to man. It is indeed Wonderful! In pouring out MY soul to man, I AM reincarnating MYSELF in them, that they might have the victory even as I have over all adverse conditions, over undesirable and unprofitable conditions, and that they might recognize this Ever Presence and bring it to fruition in their experiences.

Then I say, I AM pouring out MY Soul to man when I say, Here you are and there I AM when I AM declaring unto the children of men individually, collectively and universally, There I stand and sit, and here you stand imputing MYSELF unto them that they might be transformed by the renewing of their minds, and bringing you back to the spiritual recognition and realization of the Ever Presence of the Majesty of HIM that liveth forever.

Your Only Hope

In the beginning of the creation we find it was Spirit, and the spiritual realm was put forth into expression from the beginning of the creation, and all things that were brought into materialization came through and by the deepness of the expression of the true foundation of the spiritual realm, when the Spirit of GOD moved out upon the face of the deep and said.

'Let there be light; and there was light.'

The Spirit moves upon the face of the 'deepness' of the mysteries of GOD, and it expresses itself and things appear. In other words, when it expresses itself, things appear spontaneously, for they come at the recognition of such a conscious realization. When the Word is spoken, they are spoken into existence bringing you back to the original, to the foundation of the creation, wherein it was Spirit in the beginning. That is your only propitiation; that is your only hope of salvation; getting back into the Spirit and the spiritual realm and recognizing that which was from the beginning. That is your only propitiation; that is your only hope of salvation; getting back into the Spirit and the spiritual realm and recognizing that which was from the beginning . You must recognize it and realize it as your only hope of salvation; not living in materialism, not living in the mortal versions of men, not living in the limited concepts of them, but living in this recognition, through your conscious conviction and realization of the Ever Presence of HIM that liveth forever and forever! It is indeed Wonderful!

Lay aside every preconceived idea, lay aside every preconceived opinion and all mortal versions of the human mind, and live in this recognition of GOD. here and now! By so doing you will be transformed by the renewing of your mind, you will put off the old man with all of his deeds, and GOD will express in the place and places of him, and recreate a, new and a living way for you.

Wisdom in Subconscious to be Conceived

Then I call your attention to MY recently composed and often rehearsed motto for your consideration in verifying this statement I put it forth in the composition of a motto for consideration,

'The relaxation of the conscious mentality is but the of re-conception GOD's Omniscience.'

Relax your conscious mentality with all of your pre-inherited and pre- conceived expressions and all of their versions, and allow the stilling of the conscious mentality to conceive the subconscious treasures of wisdom, which is GOD's Omniscience that has been lying dormant there. You, cannot re-conceive in your conscious mentality the Omniscience of GOD - humanly speaking the Divine Intelligence - until you shall have stilled your conscious mentality, for as long as your conscious mentality functions after the mortal versions of men, the preconceived ideas and opinions of them, you cannot conceive the Mysteries of GOD that are hid within. They are there, but they are lying dormant and not in consciousness. They are merely in your subconscious mind, waiting for your conscious mind to Be still and know that I AM GOD!

Through such recognition and through such conscious conviction, it brings you into fellowship with GOD consciously, and causes the Actuality and the Reality of the Actual materialization of GOD to take place in your experiences, and you will see these Principles collectively, and combined-ly coming to fruition and into materialization. They will appear and will express to you the things that GOD always did. It is indeed Wonderful Cannot Restore Blessings Without Recognition of Principle

Then I say, get in the Spirit and live in the Spirit! In the world you will have pain and you will have death, but in ME and in MY Mind you will have life eternal. It is indeed Wonderful!

I AM calling your attentions to the original quotation as recorded by the apostle,

'As in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive:'

In the Adamic state of consciousness all will die. Then you need not come to ME seeking blessings, desiring to continue living in the mortal consciousness.

'The wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ your Lord.'

Upon this foundation if you do not build, you will be sure to be lost. Take these. thoughts into consideration.

We find those of you seeking blessings coming from far and near, even some coming from California and claiming to be seeking salvation, or deliverance from sickness and diseases and afflictions, yet they are not willing to deny their preconceived ideas and opinions, they are not willing to deny their mortal versions, their human fancies and tendencies and pleasures, they are not willing to be transformed by the renewing of their minds, and yet they are seeking the life and love of GOD.. I say nay! I have all life, all health and I have all wealth, and I have every desirable blessing you are seeking, but you cannot and shall not have it until you recognize this Principle.

Tell it to the world at large, I have declared you shall not have it, and no other person shall have it until they recognize this Principle and accept it! This Principle, these ideals and expressions that I have brought to fruition in your very presence, you must accept them before you can come to this inheritance to inherit life and peace and health and wealth and happiness, and have them all. Coming from far and near, thinking you can deceive GOD! I say nay! You must accept of ME just as I AM!

The Way to Your Rightful Inheritance

The Spirit, in the beginning moved and it said,

'Let there be light.

The same Spirit is speaking today, and I AM declaring you must accept ME before you can come to this place in consciousness wherein I stand, having all power in MY hand. (Holding out HIS hand.)

Take these thoughts into consideration if you will to. If you desire to come to your rightful inheritance, which is for you and for every individual, remember you must live Evangelical and put away your preconceived ideas and opinions, and all of your human fancies, pleasures and their tendencies; in short, deny yourselves wholeheartedly and make a complete and a wholehearted sacrifice unto GOD of your physical bodies, and you will

' . . . prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect ,will of GOD.'

and not until.

Take these thoughts Into consideration I say, if you desire the blessings which I have, if you desire wisdom, knowledge and understanding which I AM. If you desire wealth, health and happiness, success and prosperity and every desirable blessing that I AM manifesting, you must bring your bodies into subjection to this Principle and live Evangelically. It is indeed Wonderful!

GOD is moving! GOD is moving, for HE is ruling in the hearts and minds of men, and they too, as well as you, must accept of HIM and bring their bodies into subjection. It is indeed Wonderful!

Confirming Process by the Almighty

This is not merely a supposition, neither is this merely an affirmation or affirmations concerning MY limitless blessings that I AM advocating, but it is a declaration which has been changed from an affirmation to a declaration. You. should be changed from nature to grace. You should be changed from mortal to immortal. You should be changed from the natural to the spiritual, or from the carnal to the spiritual, and live in this recognition. As it is with affirmations, so should it be with you. An affirmation, when it has been made by the 'Affirmer,' it is brought into actuality by the recognition of such convictions, and by continually affirming that affirmation, and when it has been confirmed by the Almighty, it is no longer an affirmation, but it is a declaration.

You can use the same identical words you used before they were converted into a declaration or confirmed by the Almighty through and by the affirmation -- I mean the confirming process that went on through and by the Almighty - you can continue to make your affirmations, but when they shall have been confirmed by the confirming process that goes on in the fulfilling of the affirmation, they are no longer affirmations but they are declarations, for they are real. When this affirmation shall have been changed to a declaration, the declaration is declaring the thing that you have affirmed, for GOD has confirmed it and made it real and a reality in your experiences, and you can make your declaration known that it has been fulfilled.

You, as individuals, collectively and individually, from your earliest existence, have been called Christians. You were not really Christians, you were making the affirmation. You have been called the children of GOD, and speaking from a personal point of view you would say, 'I know I have been born of GOD.' Some of you would even say, 'I have been baptized,' speaking of your physical bodily form; and when you are confirmed in your churches, you are confirmed personally as a child of GOD, as a personal child of GOD. You are not in reality a personal child of GOD, for you have not yet been born. You are merely making that affirmation as an affirmation that is so often made by the psychologists, but you happen to be making the affirmation of being a child of GOD in deeds and in actions, by being confirmed and by joining the church personally.

When that shall have been accomplished, when the Spirit shall have ,endowed you with power from on high as the promise was for the children of the people at the time Jesus gave them the message to tarry at Jerusalem until you be endowed with power from on high - when this shall have been accomplished in your experiences, when you shall have tarried in this actual affirmation by being confirmed in the Church, as being a Child of GOD, the Spirit will quicken these affirmations and will confirm them, and you will be born out of the mortal version of such conceptions, and you will become to be the Child of GOD in reality.

You are no longer making an affirmation in words, deeds and actions, but you are making your declaration known in words, deeds and actions, for you have physically and personally become to be the Sons of GOD. It is indeed Wonderful! Therefore I say, these affirmations that are made, they are merely affirmations until they are confirmed, and when they shall have been confirmed by the great Confirmer and brought into outer expression then and there you can make your declarations known by using the same identical words.

Blessings for All Who Deny Themselves

I have a full and a plenty and to spare. ..I have all Wisdom, Knowledge and all Understanding. I have and AM, the Omniscience of GOD, and who can hinder ME! This is not an affirmation, it is a declaration to all the world, for these things have been actually fulfilled in your hearing and in your very presence, and you can see them. It is indeed Wonderful! Then I say to those of you that are sick, afflicted, limited and having any undesirable condition and seeking blessings - seeking MY blessings - I AM telling you, you cannot get them, although I have a plenty of them until you shall have recognized this Principle and shall have brought your bodies into subjection to this Fundamental Principle that I AM advocating. They are for you, they are for all of the people collectively as well as a few individually, but they too, as, well as you, must deny themselves and live evangelical.

Mankind desire to be freed from their sicknesses and afflictions and all adverse and undesirable conditions, but they are not willing to rid themselves of their preconceived ideas and opinions, of their races, creeds and colors, and their nationalities, and their d-mnable pre-inherited tendencies that were handed down through and by their murderous fore-ancestors. It is indeed Wonderful !

Some come, some go, some went away; but some said they did not have long to stay. Many have sought the blessing, many have found it and have the blessings they have been seeking, collectively. and individually, yet there are some have not received them, for they have not responded mentally and spiritually to the teaching. If you respond mentally and spiritually to this Truth, by denying yourselves of your ways, your ideas, your opinions, your human fancies, pleasures and your tendencies, and denying yourselves of your ancestors' influences that they have handed down to you through and by tradition, you can be transformed by the renewing of your mind. How can you expect to receive these blessings when your preconceived ideas and opinions and your ancestors' tendencies, fancies and characteristics have brought you in such conditions and you are not willing to forsake them and deny them?

Die as Jesus Did

Living in a country you are not supposed necessarily to be of that country, being born of some special nationality according to the flesh, you should be born again. Here, there are some claiming to have been born in some special country, having the prenatal influences of drinking, of gambling and of other vices and crimes, then you desire to live in those prenatal influences and, allow them to bind you down? That is why Jesus, the great Love Master said to Nicodemus, a man must be born again. You must be born out of your prenatal influences., your pre-inherited tendencies and all of their fancies and pleasures, etc. You must be changed from your physical characteristics that were handed down through your fore-ancestors, especially if they are negative. It is indeed Wonderful! That is why Christ said,

'Except a man be born again he cannot see the kingdom of God.'

Why? Because he was born wrong. How dare you be born as you were born! Man had gone wrong, that is why he must be born again.

Jesus as a Person came to show mankind how they should be born - came to show you how you should be born; how you should live, and the only way you should die if you die at all. That is the only way you should die if you die at all, just as Jesus died. Is it not written in your Epistle that He, as a Sample and all Example came to show you the way - to show you the way to be born, show you the way to live, show you the way to die, show you the way to rise and show you the way to enter in even though the doors be closed against you; how to enter into the hearts and minds of men and they cannot hinder you?

I have Entered in so the World can Handle and See ME

After entering in and speaking to them socially, intellectually, financially, spiritually, righteously, politically and legally - Handle me and feel me and see. Handle ME! Handle ME! Handle ME, I say, and feel ME, and see that a spirit has not flesh and bones. I AM no longer a mystical Spirit as man supposes, but can be handled and can be felt, and can be seen; and will let mankind in all of these aforesaid fields of life,

'Handle me and feel me and see that a spirit has not flesh and bones.'

And I AM not merely a Spirit alone, but I AM a Bodily Form made in the likeness of all mankind, and yet the world can do ME no harm.

I have entered in! I entered into the political world - I have entered in. I have entered into the social world - I have entered in! I have entered into the financial world - I have entered in! I have entered into the educational realm - I have entered in! I have entered into the legal field - I have entered in! I have entered into the journalistic field also. The doors were closed against the Christ consciousness, but I have entered in, that the world at large, in all of these fields and in all of these worlds, can handle me and feel me and see that I am not merely a Spirit alone. It is indeed Wonderful! Not merely Spirit alone, for a Spirit has not flesh and bones, but remember, the Word has been made flesh and it dwells among us, and you can observe the Glory of it as the Glory of the Only Begotten of the FATHER, and it is full of honor and ,of Truth, for it causes even mankind to honor you.

Significance of Going Back to GOD

Take these thoughts into consideration, and you will find in this recognition through and by your conscious conviction, you can live In heaven here and now in personal or physical bodily forms, by being transformed by the renewing of your mind., It is indeed Wonderful! Oh, that man could but observe the great significance of going back to GOD, for

'as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive.'

The mortal versions of things are filled with all sorts of contagious disease germs, and they are filled with the germs of death and all chaos that could be imagined by the conscious mentality, yea, even by the subconscious mind of men. It is indeed Wonderful!

Take these thoughts into consideration. Live in this recognition and you as well as I will ascend from your mortal state of expression and will go to the height of the Kingdom of Heaven, and you will have the victory. It is indeed Wonderful! Do not doubt neither fear. You have naught to falter for, neither to fear, for this Love that transcends all human imagination, it goes into Infinitude, the end you cannot vision. Therefore, wheresoever you can or will go, mentally and spiritually, this Love in reality will be with you. I thank you!

Several testimonies from visitors followed, after which FATHER spoke again as follows:



PEACE EVERYONE ! Here we all are again, expressing through One the Life, the Love and the Truth, the Wisdom, the Knowledge and all of the Omniscience of the world, condescendingly come. Here ,we are, and there I AM. We are switching on our mental and spiritual radios of life and we are producing it and bringing into expression a distinct and a legible expression of every good and desirable condition, including all of GOD's Omniscience, all of the joy and happiness and everything desirable. That is the mystery.

How much more can GOD Do?

We have radios in our present day that will catch up messages that are broadcast through the ether. If you are traveling at sea, and even by air, it is equivalently the same; you can catch up messages that are sent out from the different broadcasting stations. If that can be done mechanically by GOD inspiring man through science to invent such inventions, how much more can GOD do Himself with all of HIS Omniscience ?

Then say, Here you are, and there I AM; and here we are - all of the, nations of the earth combined - the reality of the Life Substance, the mentality and the true Spirituality of them; but these qualities and characteristics and attributes are brought into subjection to the insignificance of that Principle that was called the Person, Jesus. The reproduction and recognition of the same, identical Principle, I AM expressing for your consideration. It is indeed Wonderful!

There are many things I could say along this line, but as it appears to be in time, and time apparently is limited at this particular juncture, as there are others desiring to eat, I AM quite sure, I will cease to speak so much in Person, but I will speak more so in deeds and in actions. I wil1 continue to put MY Spirit in the people collectively, and through so doing I will bring them into subjection, and they collectively, as well as you individually, will walk in MY Statutes joyfully.

Nothing Personally and Individually Mine

At this particular juncture, I call your attentions to the third and fourth last speakers for consideration, as there has been an issue put forth into expression that was in the defense of ME, but it was supposed to have been in opposition. When you hear the people say they surrender all to ME, take these thoughts into consideration,

'The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof.'

They are not surrendering all to ME! Take these thoughts into consideration,

'The earth is the Lord's, and the fullness thereof.'

They are not surrendering all to ME, nor giving ME Personally such things as they have, personal or real property. I do not Personally know anything about it humanly speaking, although all things are under MY jurisdiction from a mental and spiritual point of view, Even things that are MY own, humanly speaking, I would not allow them to be Mine Individually. I have money and money a plenty, but I will not even1 allow it to be legally Mine, humanly speaking. It is indeed: Wonderful! I have a full and a plenty of personal and real. property, but I will not allow it to be Personally and Individually Mine, humanly speaking, for I AM not seeking material things, after the mortal versions of men, to acquire so much as a Person, and bring it under MY Personal Jurisdiction.

Therefore I AM saying this for the good of the people: the prejudicial. seed that has been handed down through the malicious representations or records that have gone to the Courts through and by the investigating committees, these prejudicial and malicious reports have been given through and by just such testimonies as the last speakers gave. Now when they testify and say they give ME all, they even give ME their lives - there are more than ten million claiming they give ME their lives - but their lives all belong to GOD from the beginning, and all of their inheritance and possessions belong to GOD. It is indeed Wonderful! And when they say they give ME all they have, the mortal mind records it as though they are giving it to ME Personally.

A Thousand Dollar Reward

Now if there is a person wishes to have A cold thousand dollars real easily, bring to ME the person that can really prove to ME, and verify in reality by others, that they have given ME their insurance monies, or given ME any of their insurance money and made it known to ME. Take these thoughts into consideration.

There are those that are prejudiced, and they will come into our assemblies at times. They are seeking high, exalted places according to the mortal version of the human mind, and when GOD does not exalt them and appease their human fancies and pleasures, they will go out at times and try to pervert the Truth into a lie, And the inspectors or investigators whichever, they come around and hear the different individuals testifying they surrender all to ME, and they take that down as a fact, that they have given it to ME Personally; and therefore they are partaking of the germs of degradation that will bring to them the same condition that was brought to Judge Smith ant to others. It is indeed Wonderful!

All die in ,Judge Smith's Decision

In Adam all die. In the reports of the Courts, you all are dying. Did you hear What I said? I said, In the reports of the Courts through that prejudicial report that has been reversed by the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of the State of New York - you all will die! It is indeed Wonderful It is indeed Wonderful! The conviction in Mineola, according to the mortal versions of men it was termed a: conviction, it was brought out through and by maliciousness and prejudice and comments that were made by the Court, who did not have real records on these settlements he said, and tha1is why he is now dead!

The Investigating Committee in Newark, it, was a repetition or reproduction of that same proceeding that went on in Mineola. They sent for and took the reports of what had been recorded in the Mineola Court and they had representative witnesses over there from Sayville and other connections, to bear false accusation against the Truth. For this cause they took the reports of the proceedings in Mineola, and, also the Decision and the findings according to the record of the Court. They reproduced it and put it forth as real, but remember, the proceeding in Mineola was reversed by the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of New York, and it was declared to have been sponsored by prejudice in some thirty odd folios, and by comments that were made by the Court, which it was a violation of the Law to make.

Take these thoughts into consideration. That Decision was reversed, but they tried to bring that in under cover and re-enact it in Jersey. Now I say,

'In Adam all die !'

In Judge Smith's Decision, all die! In the records and findings of such decision which was declared by the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of New York to be prejudiced, they all die. Take these thoughts into consideration. You, as well as I, will come to this recognition and this realization, GOD in reality is living, now, henceforth and forever and has the Victory over all adversities, although there must be a negative. The positive is real, but remember, the negative must come forth. But the negative is not true and therefore it cannot stand. It is indeed Wonderful!

Mankind regret, they hate very much because I have established the Kingdom of GOD on earth among men. They have sought in every way imaginable to refute it or dispute it from some point of view, but I AM declaring unto you, it is a matter of impossibility. And every time a person or, persons try to endorse or cooperate or agree with that Decision that was given in the Mineola Court, they are subject to death! In that Decision, and in that conviction, it was verified by the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court. of New York, that it was prejudiced - expressed in the way of comments that it was a violation of the law for the Court to make, and in the way of Rulings also, in some thirty- two or thirty-three folios, which were not legal. Under such proceedings, they all die! They may not die immediately. but they are bringing selves into subjection to that same curse that fell upon Judge Smith as a person. It is indeed Wonderful!

A Blessing or a Cursing

Now as I aforesaid, ,when you hear the different individuals testifying to ME that they are surrendering everything, It times they may say, houses and lands and everything. That is what you testify in your churches. From your earliest existence you surrendered a11 to GOD. It is indeed Wonderful! But you know positively well, you did not go up into the imaginary heaven and bring GOD down to come to your possession and take your material and legal inheritance.

Therefore, I say to the people of America and to all of the other countries combined: The work of the Courts and the investigation, it has been a great expression that will lead you to GOD in heaven, or will lead you to perdition. Now it is according to your decision! It is true, that the Judge did say he would leave it with the people. Now I AM leaving it with the people! and I AM leaving it with him! and I AM leaving it with others, to believe ME or doubt ME if they will!

I AM not beseeching you to believe ME, and I AM not beseeching you nor begging you not to doubt ME, but I have set before you a blessing and a cursing in this particular issue. It is for you to believe it and receive your blessing, believing the Message that I AM giving, or doubt it, disbelieve it and receive a cursing. It is indeed Wonderful! I Will not do one thing or the other: I will not bless you, and I will not curse you, but I set before you a standard of expression that will bring for you a blessing or a cursing.

'He that believeth,

said the Christ in the person of Jesus,

'shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be d--n-d.'

According to Faith or Unbelief

Truly might Judge Smith have said to one of the witnesses for the defense, If HE can make you well. HE can make sick then. can't HE ? He said, It works both ways, doesn't it ? Well, it is true! I did not Personally give the person to whom he was speaking, life, but the person, this witness, received life and health through believing in ME; and he received sick ness and death through disbelieving ME. I didn't do a thing to either one of them. It is indeed Wonderful! Your faith brings you a blessing, your unbelief will bring you a cursing. Therefore, I will leave it with the people, the leaders, and even the courts, and all of the people collectively, to let. them accept ME or reject ME, and they will be blessed or they will be cursed.

I will leave it with them to believe ME, or disbelieve ME, and if they believe ME they will be blessed the same as you and millions of others. I do not have to do a thing, and I AM not going to try to do a thing. I AM leaving the decisions and conditions of the verdicts with the people for their consideration collectively. Each and every individual can be blessed or cursed, and I will not do either, to any of you. I AM not blessing you, and I AM not cursing you. Your faith in ME, as though it is ME, has blessed you; your unbelief in ME, as though it is ME has cursee1 you. I did not do a thing either way.

So it is immaterial to ME which you choose. I set before you a blessing and a cursing, you can choose either life or death. But in the accusations and condemnations of the people you will find death, while in the faith and the belief and confidence in Christ, as being termed Jesus, Whom you say I AM, you will find life and health and happiness. It is indeed Wonderful!

But remember, when you hear one testify, I have surrendered all to FATHER,' know within yourselves, so far as yet they are not giving ME anything Personally, although

'The earth is the Lord's, and the fullness thereof,'

and after a while I will legally take charge as the Great Controlling Power of the earth!

After a short interval FATHER spoke again as follows:



PEACE! At this juncture we wish to say, we nave some lost and found articles, and also some money supposed to have been lost and found. As I continue to say, there is nothing lost in the great Universal Mind. The time is near at hand when the Spirit of MY Mind through some individual will find everything that has been lost. It is indeed Wonderful! Hence, here we have money that was found in the street - at a place in this part of the city. If anyone thinks they have lost it, let it be made known. Also we have pins, and other money still coming in. Isn't this a wonderful collection? It is quite a contrast to the ordinary churches. All of the collection we are taking is the lost and found, to be given to the loser. It is indeed Wonderful!

We are making these announcements daily, and it will be given to our weekly papers and anything that is supposed to have been lost and found any place, not only in connection with our assemblies, but in any place, if it is given to MY Angels, we will publicly announce it or advertise it and the loser, if he can identify it, he can have it. If they can tell where they lost money, or anything of that kind, it is not a matter of going through a whole lot of red tape, all we want you to do is to know you lost it, and tell where you lost it. It is indeed Wonderful!

The Greatest Work

Is not this a wonderful place to be? It is quite a contrast to what was supposed to have been when I first began here in the city with our public meetings and assemblies. There were said to have been pick-pockets and many other negative and dishonest expressions, but to the reverse of those conditions, I have converted all of the different individuals. it is indeed Wonderful! Do you not see a wonderful work going on? Here is money. Here is a dollar bill that was found on the street this morning and we have other money waiting for the owners. If you think you have lost any, any place in the city or anywhere else, if you can come and tell ME where you lost it, if it has been found by MY Spirit, to ME it will be returned. In other words, I will gladly return it.

So you can see, as well as I as a person, how glorious it will be universally, when this Truth shall have overcome, or covered the world universally. We are casting out of the consciousness of the children of men the love of money, which is the root of all evil. Don't you see? That is one of the greatest victories that has ever been accomplished, or could be accomplished, when you can get the love of money out of, the people, and get that thought or desire of graft and greed out of them. That is the greatest work! That is the work of all of the ages, and the secret thereof to free the people from evil of every type and of every description! It is indeed Wonderful! It is such a glorious privilege, dear ones. I AM still broadcasting this mighty Love, for J have charged MYSELF up with it, and to you I have poured out MY Soul. It is contagious and the people are beginning to think as I have, and act as you do. It is indeed Wonderful!

The Significance of Personification of GOD

So we will have here a Lost and Found Bureau, and those that have lost anything, all they must needs do is to let it be made known, and if it has been found and brought in to ME, it will be returned to them. It is indeed Wonderful! While yet, in the meantime, I want you all to understand, it does not have to come to ME Personally, it is immaterial to ME if you keep it, so long as you keep it and will announce it and give it to the loser whensoever they call for it.

I have a ring that was turned in since this Message has been being conveyed, that was found last Spring. I also had a visit from the Detective Bureau yesterday, where someone had lost a bracelet, but the one that was supposed to have been the one, it was not the one. Someone had lost a bracelet in the Grand Central Station, but the one we have that was supposed to have been lost there, was not the one that had been lost and had been advertised. But of course it was a good thing that I did have it, and I AM glad I did have the one that was found in the Grand Central Station. We still have it, and if it belongs to any person, they can get it. It is indeed Wonderful! Not only that, but anything, whether it has been announced in your hearing or not, it can be had if it has been lost and found, especially if it has been lost, and found by any that are connected with ME!

From henceforth, now and forever, you can see that I AM going forth conquering and to conquer from a Persona] point of view, not merely in a mystical way, as the Truth teachers and students wished to do. MY Spirit and MY Mind, in some way will Personally find things for you. It is indeed Wonderful! That is the great significance of the Personification of GOD in the midst of the people. I thank you!



To Whom it May Concern

No. 20 West 115th Street New York City, N. Y.

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN or may be interested in anyway whatsoever, in the Work and Activity of Mine, Spiritually, legally, socially and financially and otherwise; I wish to advise the general public in reference to the Legal Proceedings and Investigation that has been going on in the State of New Jersey, Essex County, Newark, by the Common Pleas Judge, through the Investigating Committee, sent out from His Honor.

This Statement is for the sake of the public, at large, to warn them against malicious and prejudicial reports and investigations, for such is but a repetition or reproduction of the Court Proceedings and Investigation and reports and records given by the finding of the Verdict in Mineola of 1932.

These false accusers did not even appear in Court, and did not even write themselves, but sent reports, the majority of them. The Finding of the Verdict and the passing of the Sentence in Mineola of 1932, was declared by the Supreme Court Judge of our State, to have been absolutely prejudicial and the reports having been given, were through and by prejudiced and malicious people who held grudges against the Defendant.

I AM giving this statement to fore-warn the public and those who may be concerned that these reports are unfounded, the most of them, especially in reference to any person or persons selling their insurance policies or turning them in and giving the refunds to ME, and also the fictitious name they have given to ME.

There is a thousand dollars reward for any person who can truthfully and prove-fulIy say and bring to ME, this proof. I accept of no donations, contributions or love offerings or any such, that is, if it is known to have come from any person. Although in reference to those who are termed to be ignorant, humanly speaking, the majority of them openly say, they give ME their lives, not only their personal or real properties.

The Ten Million Followers of Mine, and Believers, having given ME their lives and all they have possessed, does not mean that they gave it to ME as a person, neither have these things come under My Personal Jurisdiction. When they say, they have given ME anything or all they have, they are not speaking of giving ME anything Personally, for they can tell the world at large, I do not need it as a Person.

Now then in reference to the Proceedings and the report and the findings, according to the repetition or reproduction of the Mineola Trial and reports both of the Court's Proceedings, records and convictions were reproduced by the Court sending for the records of the Assistant District Attorneys and their Representatives from Suffolk County, of which had the Court records and reports of the Trial in Mineola, Nassau County. These reports being re-recorded in this investigation in the State of Jersey, by the Investigating Committee, but having not brought to light the decision of the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of New York, of which counterfeits all or the better part of the Proceedings and Conviction in Mineola, Nassau County of 1932.

The Appellate Division of the Supreme Court's decision in reversing the Conviction, is given as follows, of which you can plainly see it was a contradiction of all of the Proceedings and the reports herein mentioned.

People of The State of New York against Major Divine

Appellate Division of the Supreme Court, New York. Decision handed down on January 3, 1933, reversing FATHER DIVINE'S Conviction and granting a new trial, in the following language:

Judgment of convicting reversed and a new trial granted. In our opinion the Court's ruling at Folios 487-490, 492.496, 648-650, 891-896, 947-949, 572-576, 651.656, 788-790, 666.667, 669-670, 86-89, 131.132, 133-135, 168-172, 243. 660-661, 683-684, 690-693, were erroneous and prejudicial, and we think that prejudice against the defendant was excited in the minds of the jurors by comment, rulings and questions, by the Court throughout the trial, and that the Court went beyond reasonable and proper limits in the cross examination of Defendant's witnesses. We have examined the record and find no error as to the facts.

Lasansky, P. J. Young, Carswell, Scudder and Tompkins, J., Concur.

This is plain to see and understand that a repetition of the same proceedings were false and prejudicial according to the Decision as stated above. Those of the public who may be interested, can take these thoughts and these Proceedings and this Decision for consideration, as the Decision of the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of the State of New York has given against the same. This has been re-petitioned or reproduced in this last Proceedings in the State of Jersey.

Signed: REV. M. J. DIVINE






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