"The Whole Creation Groaneth and is in Travail Today Desiring the Resurrection
of CHRIST in Their Hearts and Minds to Take Place." --- FATHER DIVINE

Our FATHER'S Message given at the Banquet Table, Peace Center 152-160 West 126th Street New York City,
Easter Sunday, April 1st, 1934 A.D.F.D. Time 6:00 P.M.









Leaving the Rockland Palace in New York City ringing with the shouts of ten thousands and fluttering with the waving of thousands of white flags, in a demonstration of His followers' Love and Devotion that followed a brief Message HE had given them, FATHER Personally proceeded to the 126th Street Extension of the Kingdom, on Easter Sunday afternoon, arriving about 5 P.M. Like the Rockland Palace, the 126th Street Extension was filled to overflow with merry-hearted Believers, shouting victory over sin, and when FATHER appeared Personally at the great Banquet Table in the midst of the throng, there was another mighty demonstration of Love.

This was but one of the stirring scenes of a day filled with such demonstrations of the Power and the Majesty of GOD as had never before been seen. Early in the morning FATHER had flown from Bridgeport, Conn., with Mother and part of His staff, in His beautiful new twelve passenger Bellanca "Airbus", landing at the North Beach Airport in Flushing. It was a beautiful sunny morning, after a day and night of lashing rain and wind that the Weather Bureau had expected to last over Sunday, but as on every other occasion where FATHER'S Work is concerned, the cosmic forces of nature worked in harmony with His Activities and the elements were at peace, providing a beautiful warm day for the Easter Parade that was to take place in the afternoon.

Early as it was there was a party of His immediate followers at the Airport to meet FATHER, in addition to those of His staff, and when the red Monoplane came gently down and taxied to the gate, there was a rush to greet HIM. FATHER proceeded immediately to 20 West 115th Street, which was already filled to overflow with a part of those in readiness for the Parade, the street being filled with buses from many surrounding States, waiting for the signal to proceed to the starting point. A late breakfast was served in the Dining Hall, and when FATHER entered Personally, there was a mighty demonstration and a scene never to be forgotten. White flags lettered in green had been distributed, and these together with many of the gorgeous banners for the Parade, were waved, while hands reached toward that Holy Body with a mighty shout.


FATHER Views the Parade

A Helicopter landing at The Mount of the House of the Lord.

A Helicopter landing at The Mount of the House of the Lord.

Responding briefly, FATHER announced that it would soon be time for those who were marching, to go to the starting point, and said, "I will be in the Parade, and yet you can look up and see ME there too!" Proceeding immediately to the Airport where the plane was in readiness, with its comfortable leather covered seats and beautifully finished cabin, its reading lights, luggage racks, and other conveniences, FATHER selected His guests, including Mother, part of His staff, a prominent business man from New Jersey, an aerial photographer and pilot, and took off for the vicinity of the Parade.

Soaring smoothly over the city at an altitude of three thousand feet, in a few moments the plane was directly over the Parade, which was passing down Seventh Avenue. It was a moment never to be forgotten, as that long line reaching from 112th Street to 145th, and around on 145th Street, came into view an open expression for the world, of those who had dedicated their hearts, their souls, their minds and their bodies to GOD, and GOD in a Body in the Name of FATHER DIVINE. Such Love was never before seen by the physical eye, as when HE who was the Cause of all this devotion, moved backward and forward in the plane, looking down with inexpressible Love on His Children as HE circled above them.

The Procession had halted so that the Marchers could look up, and the long line was still the many buses, taxi-cabs and cars that followed, stretching away into the distance. Soon, another plane an Auto gyro, was seen approaching, and it passed beneath the Bellanca, crossing the line of Parade, flying a signal composed of large red letters:


It crossed and re-crossed the line of Parade, flying at a low altitude, while FATHER'S Personal Plane cruised above and the photographer took pictures from various angles.


GOD'S Goodness to Mankind

After a flight of nearly one hour, FATHER'S Plane returned to the Airport, leaving the Auto gyro still trailing its banner. Arriving at the Airport, FATHER and His Party proceeded by automobile to the Rockland Palace, arriving shortly before the Marchers, and speaking to the vast audience there when they were assembled. From there HE went to the 126th Street Extension, as afore said, where HE spoke as follows after serving the Banquet and before returning to the Rockland Palace for the evening session of the Meeting.




PEACE EVERYONE! Good Health, Good Will and a Good Appetite, and Love beyond degrees. These are the Blessings I AM bringing to you, and I AM putting them forth into expression in deeds and in actions as well as in words. It is indeed wonderful!

While that song was going through by the Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence of GOD, creating such an emotion through your sincere devotion, it caused My Mind to run back to the Message that was given and was left on record in the Scripture:

'He giveth beauty for ashes,
And the oil of joy for the spirit of heaviness." (Isaiah 61:3)

This is fulfilled this day in your hearing.

'HE giveth beauty for ashes",

and joy and merriness for sorrow and worry. HE giveth Love for hatred, and Honesty for dishonesty. Hence, that which was classed as being bad, GOD will take these, or those expressions, and transform them by His Mind, and form them in fashion like unto His. It is indeed wonderful!

While thinking over the limitless number, apparently, that have received limitless blessings, how they are rejoicing, filled with the spirit Praises and Thanksgiving, I brought for consideration at this particular juncture the great significance of self-denial and consecration, and how GOD is taking that which is termed to be your wickedness and your badness and giving you the Spirit of His Presence in short, His Nature and His Characteristics. It is indeed wonderful! For all of that which was termed to be your badness, GOD imparts to you His Goodness. Therefore you can say as some have sung,

'Just think of His Goodness to you.
'Though the storms over you sweep",

you can remember, there is Someone

'able to keep!'

If you will but think of His Goodness to you, GOD will do just what you think HE can do, for that is the Work of GOD on earth among men. For this cause we are rejoicing.


Harnessing Wickedness

I was bringing to consideration the great mystery of transformation; the great mystery of translation the great mystery of transmitting and the great mystery of generating in us, all of these expressions as they are put forth in parables through the world of Science on the material plane by the materialists. By material things the reality of the parable is fulfilled this day in your hearing, by My Spirit and by My Mind. Just think of it! The wickeder you are the most wicked person, humanly speaking when the spirit of that wickedness shall have been transformed by the Spirit of GOD'S Presence under this Jurisdiction, it will produce and express the Glory of His Righteousness and the Wonders of His Love.

'He giveth beauty for ashes,
and the oil of joy for the spirit of heaviness.'

That which is negative, HE produces the positive therefrom. Therefore HE causes that which is right to be made wrong, humanly speaking, but that which is wrong to be made right in reality.

The human mind will say it is right for you to live in mortal consciousness. The human mind will say you should live in human affections and all of the human fancies, tendencies and their pleasures. Therefore, when the Spirit transforms you by the renewing of your mind, the mortal mind will say, this understanding or connection with HIM that Liveth forever has made that which was right, wrong. It is indeed wonderful! But just to the contrary that which is wickedness, in reality GOD transforms it and causes it to be the actuality and reality of Righteousness, putting it into action and causing it to be transformed into the beauty and beauties of the Righteous by the Spirit of GOD'S Presence through your conscious recognition! For this cause we are rejoicing.

I have harnessed the wickedness of all of the wicked, as Benjamin Franklin harnessed the lighting. It is indeed wonderful! Through the generating process that goes on in the heart and mind of men, yea even in the hearts of them, it will transform that which was wrong into the right, and that which was wicked into Righteousness, changing your wrongness into right and turning your darkness into light; making your crooked ways straight, your rough ways plain, and fulfilling the Prophecy of the Prophet when he said:

'He will make the hilly ways level and the rough ways plain." (Luke 3:5)

It is indeed Wonderful! Do you not see it is fulfilled and yet being fulfilled this day in your hearing? GOD is transforming you by the renewing of your mind. You can see it plainly, GOD in reality has harnessed your energies, your will power, your zeal, your courage, and that which was sponsored by the mind of mortality in other words, the mortal mind. It has transformed your whole mental world of things, and now you are seeing as you had not seen. Where you could not understand, now you can understand, for the Spirit of GOD'S Presence has transformed you by the renewing of your mind! It is indeed wonderful!

I was just thinking, why is it those that were supposed to have been wicked, and super-wicked as it may be termed, the Spirit of GOD'S Presence has harnessed your wickedness and changed it into Righteousness, and you are just as determined to live for GOD, as you were to live for mortality. It is indeed wonderful!


The CHRIST Consciousness

Therefore the destructive forces of your mentality, as the destructive forces of the ether, have been harnessed. So harness I the destructive forces of your mentalities, and bring them into subjection to the great Universal Mind Substance. Therefore you will, and you are, expressing the abundance of Righteousness, for that part of wickedness you did express. Hence, GOD gives Righteousness for wickedness Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding, and Sincerity, for your follies, and every desirable blessing for the undesirable, when you surrender your hearts, your minds and your bodies. It is such a glorious privilege, Dear Ones. You are living in this Day and in this Time where GOD will, within the soil of your souls and in your minds, Glorify His Son.

It is a privilege! But remember, His Son in you is Glorified by you as an individual, and as individuals, bringing your bodies into subjection to the CHRIST Consciousness. It is indeed wonderful! Remember, it matters not what brand of Religion or Metaphysics you may take, or have taken, unless you bring your bodies into subjection to the CHRIST Consciousness, unless you LIVE according to My Teaching, unless you are willing and ready to be true and faithful and deny yourselves as persons and live in this Recognition by bringing your bodies into subjection, you will be

'weighed in the Balances and found wanting." )Daniel 5:27)

These are facts and figures too stout to be denied. You are the Son of GOD when you shall have become to be One with the Sonship Degree, by being whole-heartedly subject to the CHRIST Consciousness and allowing the CHRIST Characteristics to be produced in you and brought to fruition as it was in Jesus.

These may be hard sayings, but I have come to show you the Way of Life. The Son of GOD is in every individual that is a fact; absolutely true, but He will lie dormant in you until you shall have brought your bodies into subjection to the CHRIST Consciousness, and allowed the CHRIST Characteristics to Live and Reign and Rule in you, for nothing else will do. These thoughts are well worth considering.

Men wonder, "How can HE be so successful and prosperous?" "How is it HE can do as HE is doing and as HE has been doing, or as HE has done?" yet they do not stop to consider, these Blessings are given to CHRIST, to GOD, or the Son whichever, and not to the mortal consciousness not to the mortal versions of men, not to your human fancies, pleasures and inclinations, etc., for such has been the cause of misery and woe. The CHRIST Consciousness came to bring you Joy and Life and Health and Love, and it can only be accomplished, Dear Ones, by accepting GOD.


Complete Consecration

These thoughts are well worth considering. You produce and bring into your experiences the identical Principle of Whom you say I AM. But remember, this Principle within you will not function unless you still your conscious mentality and allow the CHRIST within you to have dominion over your spirit, your mind, your soul and your body unless you put on the Mind of CHRIST by denying your views, your ideas and your opinions, your human fancies, pleasures and their tendencies and live in this Recognition by a complete surrender.

I do not ask a man to do as I AM doing nor to be as I AM, especially, but there is a Sample and an Example for those that are living in mortal consciousness, and it can be and it was brought to fruition and it is still observable. If you will live exactly according to the Life and the Teaching of CHRIST, as being termed Jesus, and let this Mind be in you that was also in that Individual, by having the Characteristics of the CHRIST in all your works and ways, and in all you do and say, the CHRIST Consciousness in you will be produced and brought to fruition, and the CHRIST in you as an individual will be Lord of lords and King of kings.

Jesus as a Person would not yield to temptation. The tempter came to Him as a Person, and being tempted in every way, said the Apostle,

'like unto us, yet He was without sin", (Hebrews 4:15)

for He did not yield to temptation. He denied the versions and the theories and doctrines of the tempter and of the tempters. By denying those versions, that subconscious mind that was the Inhibitor of the CHRIST in reality, gave birth within His Consciousness to the CHRIST, and He rose up, Lord of lords and King of kings. This is the mystery. CHRIST is in every individual but He cannot be delivered, although you as an individual may be in travail you cannot give birth to the CHRIST Consciousness saving by self-denial and consecration. CHRIST as a Person said:

'Yield not to temptation",

for He has shown you, as a Sample and as an Example on the Mountain of Transfiguration and on the Mountain when He preached the Sermon; the Message He gave to the people it was a Light it was something that would stand and WILL stand and withstand every opposition, for it was the Word of GOD, the great CREATOR, and it was brought to fruition in that Individual, by that Person as a Person, humanly speaking, denying Himself completely. It is indeed wonderful!

Do you not suppose or surmise within yourselves I could be, or could have been, out somewhere humanly speaking, enjoying what the mortal mind calls enjoying the things of life? Yet I could, or would not, express a percent of a fraction of a grain of a sketch of the reality of the Kingdom of Heaven, under such conditions. The Keys of the Kingdom are given to the individuals that will speak and act upon the impulse of the moment, as Simon Peter did while going down from the Mountain, when he was questioned to give his version concerning CHRIST, the Savior. Spontaneously, upon the impulse of the moment, he spoke and declared his view and his version concerning Jesus, and it overthrew all of the other versions that he had conceived; all of the other theories and doctrines of men and their versions that were uppermost in his consciousness. When the CHRIST in the Person of Jesus called for his sincerity, or sincereness, to speak spontaneously from the very depths of his heart he declared what his version was concerning the Savior. Through this Recognition and Declaration, and by throwing off the other versions that he had conceived, Jesus said,

'I give you the Keys of the Kingdom." (Matthew 16:19)


Your Rightful Inheritance

Do you not see it is such a glorious Privilege to live in this Recognition, wherein you can have an access to the Keys of the Kingdom by denying yourselves, humanly speaking, with all of the mortal versions of men, their theories and doctrines and ideas and opinions? but living to the CHRIST within and going on, going by exactly what that intuition says; that Intutor, by inspiration, expressing to you in your consciousness. It is wonderful!

For this cause we are rejoicing. We know we have the Keys to all of the Mysteries of the Almighty, and we know you can have them too. We know they are free for you if you will but do as I bid you do, by denying yourselves whole-heartedly. You cannot come into possession of these things merely by getting down praying. You cannot entice GOD, neither can you bribe GOD into giving you the limitless blessings you are seeking, but there is a Law through which they are given, and they will come to you automatically, if you live according to this Teaching. It is indeed wonderful!

In some of the religious worlds they feel as if though they can get down and pray, "Oh GOD, please come this way today!" and GOD will come at your command, when you will not do a thing at His. Now take these thoughts to consideration. GOD will come at your request and at your requests as you bring your bodies into subjection to His. That is the Mystery, and that is the way to enter into your rightful inheritance, to come into possession of the limitless blessings we are now enjoying. It is indeed wonderful! By doing what GOD said do wholeheartedly, without consideration as to how the outcome will be, but wholeheartedly trusting and obeying, sincerely believing and living according to same, automatically your reward will return. It is indeed wonderful!

Take these thoughts to consideration. Live in this Recognition. The Spirit of My Presence and the Presence of My Spirit will be with you. It will inspire you with Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding transcending all limitations, and especially adverse and undesirable conditions. You will ascend to the height of Perfection where there is no limitation, where GOD Alone shall Reign forever and forever. It is indeed wonderful!

These thoughts are well worth considering, and as I AM speaking, My thought goes forth to millions and millions of people desiring to resurrect the CHRIST in their consciousness, even as the CHRIST has been Resurrected today in the hearts and minds of millions the great Resurrection. And so it is, it has begun, and it is becoming or going to be unfolded more and more the Resurrection of the CHRIST Consciousness; the Resurrection of GOD'S Ideas and Opinions, not concerning spiritual or religious things alone, but GOD created all things and GOD Alone shall have dominion. It is indeed wonderful! GOD deals in the affairs of men. Condescendingly HE came as one of them, to reach their conditions. See? That HE might Speak to them Mouth to mouth apparently, as HE did to Moses! It is indeed wonderful.


The CHRIST Characteristics

Live in this Recognition, refuse to deviate from My Teaching, from the Fundamental, from this Life, from this Love, and CHRIST in you will manifestedly be GOD, the Master of Omnipotency and the Controller of all mankind's destiny. It is indeed wonderful! These are facts and figures too stout to be denied, but you must realize, your great essential is to copy after the Fashion I have shown you on the Mountain, the high Light of Spiritual Teaching and Consecration, through the Life and Teaching of Jesus. By copying after this Fashion and producing the CHRIST Characteristics and bringing them to fruition in your experiences, GOD will answer your simplest desire, if CHRIST Alone is seen and heard in you.

As an outward expression it is something to consider how finite this Planet is, to the great Infinite One. You can take for consideration our personal experiences today. While We were Personally flying over this great City and it looked as if though it was a little play-yard for children. It is something to consider. And We were not so very high, yet the lower plane, the small plane that carried the Message, it looked to us from where we were, as if though it was dragging on top of the houses. That is just the way it is with the sun and the moon and some of the stars; when you look above, they appear to be all on the ceiling of the Element. But remember, the moon is very near us. It is not very far. The sun is quite a distance but at times the sun and the moon would apparently be at the same distance from us. It is indeed wonderful! Remember, the moon is only a few hundred thousand miles from here, but the sun is many million miles ninety-two or three million miles from here and remember, it takes ten hundred thousand to make a million. The moon is no distance from the earth, to be compared with the distance from here to the sun.

So it was with us today, apparently. The big ship that we were in, the "Airbus", it was so far above the little plane that carried the signal, when we would look down on it, it looked as if though it was right down looked like it was going to drag on you. And we could see your little white caps, and we could see the little buses running along, not like a big spoon you know, but just running along like a little spoon. (Holding up two spoons, a tablespoon and a teaspoon.) It is indeed wonderful!


My Ways Are Not Your Ways

That is to say, do you think you are so great, humanly speaking, in the Sight of the great Universal Mind Substance? In mortal consciousness I mean to say, when you are living in mortal consciousness, do you think you are so great in the CHRIST Consciousness, when you are living in mortal consciousness? The Bible declares:

'Your ways are not," says the LORD, "neither are your thoughts My Thoughts. As high as the Heavens are above the Earth, so high are My Ways above your ways, and My Thoughts above your thoughts." (Ezekiel 18:29)

Do you not see where I AM going? If you live in mortal consciousness, you are so far from GOD you cannot be seen, but if you are transformed by the renewing of your mind, as a telescope or microscope you will be enlarged and magnified by the CHRIST Consciousness, by living according to His Teaching. It is indeed wonderful! Just a few thousand feet up, the City the buildings looked like little play-houses, and you all could . . . ("Oh FATHER!" came a loud shout.) . . . and the buses and trains looked as if though they were little toy trains. And that was only a short distance from the earth, humanly speaking, and GOD has declared, "As high as the Heavens are above the Earth, so high are My Thoughts above your thoughts, and My Ways above your ways." It is indeed wonderful!

Then I say, be transformed by the renewing of your mind. If you are transformed by the renewing of your mind, you can be seen and heard and GOD can see and hear you. These thoughts are well worth considering. If you live in mortal consciousness you are so far from ME, I cannot see you. It is indeed wonderful!

These are facts and figures too stout to be denied. It has been declared according to the Scripture, GOD'S Eye is too pure and Holy to behold evil. Therefore I say, if you live in mortal consciousness, I cannot see you. That may be a mental interpretation. I may have meant I could not see you mentally and spiritually. As it was declared:

'My Thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My Ways. so high as the Heaven is above the Earth, so high are My Thoughts above your thoughts, and My Ways above your ways.'

It is indeed wonderful! But if you are transformed by the renewing of your mind; if you desire Joy and Peace and Life and Health and Love in short, if you desire to have all of Whom you say I AM, live in the CHRIST Consciousness and you can be discerned, you can be seen and you can be heard. These are facts and figures, and if you will live it and be it, others will see it and you will be increasing it and multiplying it and living it, and causing others to visualize it, for whatsoever one visualizes, he tends to materialize and bring it into outer expression, that it might be observable, and others will see it as well as you.



The Germ of Life

GOD'S Mighty Love to His People! Remember, the CHRIST Characteristics will bring to you the desirable blessings, whatsoever they may be, but you cannot be in reality the Son or the Sons of GOD unless you live in the CHRIST Consciousness. The CHRIST Consciousness, it does not mean to say, or in other words I do not mean to say the CHRIST Consciousness is that one must say, "I Am God." Saying that, that does not cause you to reflect nor manifest the CHRIST Consciousness, neither does it cause you to produce the CHRIST Consciousness to make such an affirmation without the right concept and recognition. It is indeed wonderful! It will be unprofitable and it will profit you nothing by so doing, unless you have the right concept and recognition, and live accordingly. By living and producing the CHRIST Characteristics, the CHRIST Characteristics will hatch out the little chickens. It is indeed wonderful! That is the Mystery! You cannot bring forth the CHRIST to fruition, neither can you develop nor form the CHRIST in your consciousness, saving through the CHRIST Characteristics. But by the CHRIST Characteristics, the same Characteristics that were in the Body called Jesus, that same set of Characteristics reproduced and brought into expression in your experiences, will give birth to the CHRIST Consciousness, and He will be brought to fruition in any individual that will live accordingly. Take these thoughts into consideration.

Oh that you could all observe this process and dial in on this Fundamental and hurry up and bring forth the CHRIST to fruition! Why? Why do I say, hurry up and bring forth the CHRIST to fruition? For the whole Creation, even in and at Paul's time, he said:

'The whole Creation groaneth until now", and was in travail, "waiting for the adoption, to wit, the redemption of the body, to the manifestation of the Sons of GOD."(Romans 8:23)

The whole Creation is groaning and in travail, waiting for the Adoption, for you as individuals to be Adopted into Royal Family waiting for that time, to wit, the manifestation of the Sons of GOD, for the redemption of the body. These are facts and figures. Therefore I say, hurry up and bring forth the CHRIST to fruition by denying yourselves if you will to, and live in the CHRIST Characteristics. Within each of the CHRIST Characteristics there is the very Germ of Life, the Seed Idea of the CHRIST. This Seed Idea will be hatched out in your consciousness, and will be brought to fruition as you live Evangelically. It is indeed wonderful!

Now some may say, "Well I am not much of a Bible student and I do not see or cannot see or know exactly what to do." Truly might have Philip said it! He said the same:

'We know not whither Thou goest, and how can we know the way?'

The same spirit is speaking today, and in answer to that original problem that was put forth by Philip, the same Spirit is speaking to you:

'I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No man cometh to the FATHER but by Me", (John 14:4-6)

said He. That was the CHRIST Characteristics in the Body called Jesus, as a Sample and as an Example to lead you to Victory. Do you not see the mystery? It is indeed wonderful!


Your Bodies Belong to GOD

Now I don't wish to bore you it is indeed wonderful but oh that you all could but observe the great significance of denying your mortal selves and living unto GOD; whole-heartedly giving your bodies to GOD. Your bodies belong to GOD! "You are bought with a Price and you are not your own." It is indeed wonderful! It has long since been said,

'Know ye not that your bodies are the Temples of the Living GOD, and GOD has said, I will walk in them and dwell in them?" (Corinthians 3:16)

These are hard sayings, apparently, but yet they are true! Your bodies are the Temples of the Living GOD. You are bought with a Price and you are not your own. But remember,

'He that defileth GOD'S Holy Temple, him shall GOD destroy." (Exodus 31:14)

Then I call your attention to one of the original Compositions of our modern Christian Religion:

'How careful then ought we to live with such religious fears, For such a strict account must I give for my behavior here!'

Take these thoughts into consideration.

How can you say you love GOD, and you do not love HIM well enough to deny yourselves of your human affections, and when you allow someone or anything, to come between you and GOD? It is indeed wonderful. That is why the Angel said to Mary, or to Joseph,

'Touch Her not!'

The same Spirit is speaking today, for by the Spirit you have been overshadowed. If by the Holy Ghost you have been overshadowed, the Spirit of My Mind and the Mind of My Spirit is appealing unto mortality to touch It not.

'You are bought with a Price, and you are not your own.'

Mortal affection, trying to rob GOD! It is indeed wonderful. You are destroying yourselves and don't know it, if you do it. I don't care if you paid a couple of dollars to do so I don't care if you did not pay anything to do so, you are robbing yourselves.

Do you not see and understand, the same Spirit, when it shall have been produced in man, it is required to do the same as was required of Him when the Firstborn Son was to come through by the Holy Ghost, as a Sample and as an Example for every other one? Did He not show, and show you conclusively? He said,

'I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life; no man cometh to the FATHER but by Me.'

He came showing mankind how they should be born, showing mankind how they should live, showing mankind how they should die, if they must die; only dying for Righteousness sake and not for sin and folly. It is indeed wonderful! He came as a Wayshower showing you how you should live unto HIM; and by coming to Joseph in a dream, it was a pre-evidence of the reality of the coming of this Message to the children of men, that would say unto them,

'If by the Spirit you have been overshadowed, as Mary was, touch Her not!'

It is indeed wonderful.

Germ of Life in CHRIST Characteristics

Now remember, that is not confined to that which appears to be man, neither is it confined to that which appears to be woman, but each of you in this auditorium should have been overshadowed by the Holy Spirit, as long as you have been hearing of ME and many of you following ME. When you are overshadowed by the Holy Spirit and have conceived the Seed Idea of the CHRIST, the Characteristics of the CHRIST carry within themselves the germ of the CHRIST Consciousness, the same as a fertile egg carries within itself the germ of life after the similitude of the mother bird. It is indeed wonderful! The CHRIST Characteristics carry within themselves the germ of Life after the manner and the likeness of the CHRIST. If you will live according to same, you will produce them and bring them to fruition, and they will give a free and a clear deliverance, and you will be freed from your limitations by giving birth to the CHRIST Consciousness.

These may be hard sayings, but "FATHER'S Love", you said, "is cleaning up the nation." I can do more at one stroke, than all of the armies and navies of our present civilization can do in hundred years! It is indeed wonderful. I AM cleaning you up, casting out those detestable characteristics with all of their pre-inherited tendencies, fancies and pleasures of greed and graft, etc., and by so doing, the coming Generation will not be as this one!

'He that conquers his own will is greater than he that taketh a city.'

Conquering the will of one, is in reality conquering the wills and minds of many, for in each individual they have many germs of life, mental and spiritual, yea, even physical germs of life, that they would produce and bring to fruition, if the CHRIST Consciousness does not have dominion. It is indeed wonderful!

Therefore, those detestable characteristics that are reincarnated in your systems, handed down through your fore-ancestors unless you are purged, the same you will produce and bring to fruition in your experiences those detestable characteristics and bring them into materialization and personify them, and therefore there would be wars and race riots and every other abomination imaginable coming through you, as you would be the ancestors of the coming generation, if you live in mortal consciousness.

Now your hearts and your minds, the Spirit therein, in each and every one, bears witness with ME. I AM not asking you to witness ME unless you wish to. But I AM Commanding the spirit of your mind and the mind of your spirit to

'Hear ye the Words of the LORD" (Joshua 3:10(

bring your souls and bodies into subjection and listen to the Message, for as it was with Mary and Jesus in the beginning, so bring I to your consideration the great significance of self-denial, sacrifice and consecration. It is indeed wonderful!

Copy After the Fashion of Jesus

Now you may question these assertions and say within yourselves, "How can these things be?" or in other words you may say, "I have a right to be governed by my own feelings." You have, in a way, but when the reaction of materialism takes place, you know within yourselves what mortal means. Mortal means something that can perish and will perish. It is indeed wonderful. You put off mortal and put on Immortality by being transformed by the renewing of your mind and putting on new characteristics. And the Characteristics that I AM advocating are not My Personal Characteristics as a Person especially, for your consideration, but I have stressed the great significance of you as individuals visualizing that Person that was called Jesus and putting on the Characteristics that He brought to fruition.

Now the question came forth for consideration within yourselves, "How do I know what I should do?" You do just what you think, sincerely think the Body called Jesus did, and live exactly according to same, and you will not be condemned. It is indeed wonderful! When you shall have made a complete surrender, a whole-hearted consecration and a wide open sacrifice of all of all of your mortal versions and the human fancies, tendencies and pleasures in short, shall have made a complete denial of self, then think on CHRIST. Visualize and focus your thoughts on the CHRIST Consciousness and endeavor to copy after the Fashion He has shown you, and the Fashion will deliver you, and the Fashion will reveal to you, for you will get the information directly from Calvary Station. I thank you.








GOD is a free gift to the world. Any and all of the material on this and other pages may be copied and reproduced.

Use the material freely but respect FATHER DIVINE'S intent, which was and is, to provide us all with the keys to eternal health and happiness without cost or price. HE truly came as a free gift to the world, gratis to mankind.

It is also nice to give credit where credit is due for through the Spirit and Teaching of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE you are and can eternally be abundantly blessed.

From all of us to all of you. we wish you, peace and love, and many blessings, and may we all ever live in unity and brotherhood and the Consciousness of GOD'S Actual Ever Presence.

True Americanism, True Brotherhood, True Christianity, True Judaism and All True Religions are synonymous and truly Our GOD is One GOD. Amen

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