Christ Is Being Born in the Hearts and Lives of Men --Christ Is Being Born Every Day!

"When You Are Desirous of Bringing Forth the Best, You Will Still Yourselves
For a While and Allow the Best to Come Into Expression.

"There Are Those Who Drop in From Time to Time, Get a Glimpse of The Gathering,
But Not First Hand Information, And Go Out to Criticize And Ridicule."





Our Father's Message Given While at the Banquet Table, 1887-9 Madison Avenue, New York City
Monday, December 25th, 1939 A.D.F.D. Time: 3:30 P.M.

Divine Tracy Hotel Bedroom

Divine Tracy Hotel Bedroom.




While the outside world sets apart one special day to celebrate Christmas Day, those of us who have been awakened to this light of Spiritual understanding through the Teaching of FATHER DIVINE, have now become cognizant of the fact that we live in One Eternal Christmas Day and One Eternal New Year's Day. For this reason, even though the twenty fifth of December is considered a special day in the consideration of men and a day when the churches would be filled on that day especially, to the extreme reverse, the Peace Missions are filled to overflow at any time, but more so wheresoever FATHER is Personally presiding.

Therefore the Madison Avenue Residence was filled to capacity as usual and many visitors were present, and as on all other occasions, visitors generally come to see and hear FATHER Personally and to get first-hand information concerning the Peace Mission Movement and its activities. It is for this cause that, whensoever we have visitors in our midst, and especially when individuals come seeking the Truth, it is very essential for those who desire to talk so much and have so much to say and desire to especially be seen and heard--if that be the case--when visiting friends come in from time to time, to consider whether or not what they are saying is uplifting and beneficial to and for others, or whether it is something that will merely cause them to stumble or criticize the Movement because of what someone may say who claims to be a follower and a believer, and in the end cause them to go away with the wrong conception of the Truth.

This often happens to individuals who come from time to time, and even from far and near, but who in many instances, would not desire to stay long enough to get some information that would be uplifting and for their advancement. This seemed to be what occurred on this occasion, and whether or not it was for this reason that several of our visiting friends left after the testimony of one of the sisters who had nothing to say that was especially significant, except being glad to see FATHER Personally and having been able to hear HIS Voice transmitted through the telephone to the microphone, for the benefit and enjoyment of the thousands that had gathered at the Rockland Palace on Sunday, while HE was Personally in the Promised Land serving the dedicatory Banquet in the new, beautiful steel structure hotel just completed, several visitors did leave. Shortly after, FATHER delivered the Message herein recorded. Thank You, FATHER!

The foregoing statements come from the transcriber, after which FATHER speaks as follows:





Everybody happy? On this one Eternal Christmas Day I AM born into the hearts and lives of men and have arisen again! For this cause I come and for this purpose I stand.

At this particular instance I would just like to say, from time to time we have visiting friends come from far and near just to see ME; but just to see ME--even those of MY immediate followers--it will profit them little or nothing just to see ME Personally, but when you recognize the Fundamentals for which I stand and live in the recognition of the supernatural Ever Presence of the INFINITE ONE, you will find matters are adjusted satisfactorily and your soul, body and mind will be filled with Joy, Peace and Happiness! I just thought to say in reference to one of the speakers, I mean one who claims to be one of MY immediate followers or believers--they are so glad to see ME Personally and even to hear MY Voice transmitted through the loud speaker by the mechanical invention given by the Spirit of GOD'S Presence--that is not anything out of the ordinary.

It should not be strange to know and to see that such a thing could be, but to have the transmission and the reincarnation of MY Spirit as a living reality to change you characteristically and dispositionally, cause you to be new creatures and become to be new characters in reality, why, that is something well worth considering. By this you can tell ME in actions and deeds and can also tell others by your characteristics and by your disposition, that you are MY real believers !

Our visiting friends who come from time to time and desire to get a glimpse of the Physical or Visible Body of MINE for criticism in a great measure--the majority of them do--and they come in, although they may come from afar, and hear a few testimonies of the followers that are apparently imperfect to them, something to criticize--they will not wait and hear from the Omniscience of GOD!


With the Spirit You Need No Man to Tell You

GOD IS PRESENT! Why not get the Message first hand? Why leave without some consideration and go away under the spirit of criticism? For with the Spirit of MY Presence in the actuated words of expression and in words that are spoken from the spirit scientifically, intellectually and from every other angle of expression that are so profound, you will need no man to tell you.

However, life goes on! It is the privilege of anyone, even though this is MY Private home, if they see fit to drop in from time to time, although strangers to ME Personally and strangers to any of MY immediate followers, so long as they come and express and live Evangelically while under this Jurisdiction, they are welcome to do so; but to get first hand information is the great essential.

There are those who drop in from time to time, even ministers and professors and others, and just get a slight glimpse of the outward demonstration of the gathering, but do not get first-hand information by contacting ME effectively and recognizing the supernaturalness of MY Presence. They hear a few words many times--they go out to criticize--to accuse and to ridicule. Nevertheless, the Spirit of MY Work is going on conquering and to conquer! It has the victory over every opposition, for GOD in His Spirit and in His Presence is the BIGGEST! GOD is bigger than anything else that can arise in opposition. Therefore there is not anything that can hinder HIM ! For this cause I AM rejoicing and AM exceedingly glad this morning on Christendom's Christmas Day, as they call it; but in the recognition of your understanding you realize there is one eternal Christmas day, for CHRIST is being born in the hearts and lives of men--CHRIST is being born every day!

You realize this is also Easter Day, the Day CHRIST arose from the dead. I have heard Christendom say for lo! these many years, with the words of Job

'I know that my Redeemer liveth, for HE liveth in my soul.'

With the Christian world of expression also, I hear them say,

'I know that HE has risen, for HE has risen in my soul.'


Resurrection of Light of Christ's Spirit

Then it is a privilege to realize such a resurrection as this one of which we are stressing. It does not merely mean the resurrection of the Person of Jesus, but it means the resurrection of the light and understanding of HIS Spirit, of HIS Nature and of HIS Characteristics.

When this is arisen in the hearts and lives of this people, we will have in ourselves a Righteous Government! This Righteous Judgment will enact and also establish a Righteous Government. It is for this cause, by the Righteous Judgment of the children of men, those who have been converted and recognize GOD'S ACTUAL PRESENCE, MY Righteous Government Platform was drafted for this present generation, that they might have a foundation upon which they may build politically and yet be spiritually established, and religiously. Then is the Scripture fulfilled in the Psalmic prediction of David

'Righteousness and Judgment are the habitation of HIS Throne.'

With a Righteous Judgment in the hearts and lives of the children of men a righteous government is actually founded in them! Therefore they live soberly, righteously and Godly by the Righteous Judgment transmitted from the Judgment Seat of your Savior!


Christ Controlling All Things

Living and expressing the true Characteristics of your Savior from Calvary's Cross, you may call it an expression of life exhibited in Righteousness, in Truth and in Justice, in CHRIST JESUS your Savior--the Redeemer and Savior of all humanity. For this cause we can say we have within ourselves a Righteous Government, by the Righteous Judgment established in our conscious mentality where CHRIST has been selected and elected and enthroned on the throne of our minds, to rule and to reign and to control all things.

By this, HIS Kingdom has truly come! Aren't you glad? For,

'Wheresoever a king reigns, there is where his kingdom is.'

I cannot stress this thought too vividly and too often, for you must get it effectively and it must be established within you, to recognize the reign of CHRIST as LORD of lords and as KING of kings, and refuse to observe something according to the mortal version of men--a principle that has been lifted as a standard, the recognition of CHRIST your Savior as supernatural, inculcated and reincarnated in humanity where GOD ALONE has dominion. That is the mystery! Then 1 say, it is the reign of CHRIST in reality and CHRIST being rightfully established in the conscious mentality of humanity. CHRIST in you then is the Principle, as the principle of mathematics controlling the world of accounts, will control you and all of your affairs.

Then and there HIS Kingdom has truly come, as far as you are concerned--a Principle as a standard to be inculcated, to be reincarnated and to be actually established in all of your activities, in all of your endeavors and even in every emotion, in every gesture the Spirit of GOD'S Presence should enact all of your emotions.

When this is done and CHRIST Alone has full control, every actuated word of an expression you may make personally, will be as a territory under the jurisdiction of a great country. It will be controlled by the flag and the banner of that country under which jurisdiction such a territory functions. Can you not see the mystery ?


GOD a Living Reality

For this cause the Kingdom has truly come, and by it, all will see and know GOD is no longer something imaginary, but a Living Reality in all of your activities. Aren't you glad? No longer looked upon as something foreign, no longer looked upon as something merely supernatural or invisible, but looked upon as ALL and in all for your spirit, your body and your soul. Aren't you glad?

When you realize GOD IS ALL AND IN ALL over you, through you, both mentally, spiritually and materially, GOD ALONE will have control. Can you not see the mystery? Then that is the answer to this Purpose of which I AM now speaking, of which has been one eternal consideration apparently--how will GOD reign and where is HIS Kingdom? In the hearts and lives of the children of men when HE has full control over them--over all things--GOD has dominion. Aren't you glad? For man was given power and control over the earth, was he not? And when CHRIST gets in one's heart and takes full control over the individual mentally, physically, materially and spiritually, there and then CHRIST has come to reign over this wide extended plane, as far as you are concerned.


All Powers in Subjection to GOD

Do you not see the mystery? And when this is actually established, you will not have an occasion to fret nor worry, for GOD ALONE reigneth now, henceforth and forever and shall have brought all powers into subjection and put them under HIS Feet! A Supernatural Presence!

The memorial, as this day, is set apart as a representation of the Birth of JESUS the CHRIST. This is an expression for the conscious mentality of the children of men--those who are living in mortal consciousness and do not know HIS Actual Presence. The material Birth of CHRIST was an abstract expression for the Christian religion and for all who would believe in HIM, but when this shall have been established effectively, you yourselves individually and severally will become to be the reincarnators of that identical CHRIST Who was born in Bethlehem. Not of the mortal concept of it, but of all of HIS Nature and HIS Characteristics; for what said the Gospel concerning the mystery ?

'Of all of HIS Fullness have all we received, grace for grace.'

That is what it is all about. Therefore it changes you and it causes you to be new creatures, no longer the old Adamic state of consciousness, no longer the mortal characteristics, no longer the mortal nature from whence you came apparently, but being born again, you are new creatures characteristically and dispositionally and heirs and joint heirs together with your Savior!

It is for this cause I came and for this purpose I stand, unifying the children of men together in ONE, that they all might become to be partakers of GOD'S Nature, of GOD'S Characteristics and of GOD'S Disposition and become to be the real reincarnators of His Mind and of HIS Spirit !


A New Birth Essential

Truly might have Jesus said,

'Except a man be born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of Heaven.'

It was essential for a man to be born again mentally out of the mortal state of consciousness, born again spiritually, born again characteristically and dispositionally, that they might take on the Nature and the Characteristics of Heaven and be new creatures in reality.

I need not say more. I first arose to say we have visiting friends with us as usual. We desire to hear from them. When you MY followers, coworkers and friends are desirous of bringing forth the best and bringing the best to and for the children of men, unless you are convinced intuitively that you have the best for them, you will relax your conscious mentality and still yourselves for a while and allow the best to come forth into expression, that they might hear their GOD!

The best from whithersoever it cometh, is the Spirit and the Voice of GOD! GOD is the BEST for one and for all. Now will you not make GOD your choice? As I often say, and was telling a party the other day, I do not want to hear men preach, I do not want to hear men sing, I do not want to hear women preach, neither sing, and I truly do not want to hear them speak in tongues; but RELAX your conscious mentality and still your conscious, egotistic self, and GOD will speak and do everything else, and I will enjoy the CHRIST !

Let GOD preach! Let GOD speak! And let GOD speak in tongues and everything else, so long as it is HE Who you say is HIM! Then it is all right, for it is GOD that speaketh. He is all of those things. It is not by the work nor the power of men; it is GOD ALONE and GOD ALONE SHALL REIGN. That is what I AM speaking about when I say I do not want to hear mortality preach or men preach, or men sing, or men do anything, for we have declared by inspiration intuitively and consciously in expression--



GOD ALONE SHALL REIGN ! Then we want the stilling of all mortality's version and all mortality's activities and let GOD speak and move within you, and if GOD speaks in you all day, if GOD preaches in you all day, if GOD sings in you all day, if GOD speaks in unknown and other tongues and uttering tongues and chattering tongues, and flattering tongues all day in you--who has anything to do with it? Matters not what GOD may do. I thank you!







GOD is a free gift to the world. Any and all of the material on this and other pages may be copied and reproduced.

Use the material freely but respect FATHER DIVINE'S intent, which was and is, to provide us all with the keys to eternal health and happiness without cost or price. HE truly came as a free gift to the world, gratis to mankind.

It is also nice to give credit where credit is due for through the Spirit and Teaching of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE you are and can eternally be abundantly blessed.

From all of us to all of you. we wish you, peace and love, and many blessings, and may we all ever live in unity and brotherhood and the Consciousness of GOD'S Actual Ever Presence.

True Americanism, True Brotherhood, True Christianity, True Judaism and All True Religions are synonymous and truly Our GOD is One GOD. Amen

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