Reports to FATHER and MOTHRT DIVINE of the Woodmont Celebrations
— Sacramento, California; Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Also British Guiana


1962 0ctober 25 A.D.F.D.


Sacramento, California

Sacramento, California.

Sacramento, California



Peace to the whole world:

For it is your world, FATHER DEAR. YOU are GOD Almighty, Creator of every, everything, visible and invisible. Father Dear. I want to tell YOU I love YOU and our Darling Virgin Rosebud Mother, Your Spotless Virgin Bride.

GOD, YOU are beautiful, YOU are so true. Oh my, my, my, YOU are the real GOD, FATHER! It is just so wonderful! I just cannot praise YOU enough. YOU say YOU fill every good desire. Well, Darling, mine is to love YOU and our adorable MOTHER more. I want do dig a little deeper in YOUR Love. I thank YOU to help me.

FATHER, YOU know this heart better than I do, so I thank YOU to help me more and more each hour. FATHER, YOU really and truly are the Word made Flesh. I thank YOU for the privilege to love you more. GOD! GOD! GOD!  

Father, I want to tell YOU of the wonderful time we had here. We were busy getting things ready for our celebration to be held on the 30th, when the door bell rang on the Saturday  p. m. Two brothers from Los Angeles arrived. They told us that more were coming. Well in a short time seven sisters arrived, then in  a short time three more brothers arrived. It was glorious to have such a lovely gathering, coming together to praise YOU and MOTHER.

Well, Father, we prepared a little supper for them. It was wonderful. Then everyone went to rest for the rest of the night. In the morning we all got together, prepared a breakfast. We sure had a lovely time. Father, I am sending You the menu. I thank You, Father for the inspiration. We really had a good start. After breakfast we all got busy preparing for the Banquet. Father, we really felt Your Presence. Father, You are so good to us, to let us get together  in Your Mind and Spirit to praise You and Mother. Father, I am so happy! It really is such a privilege and pleasure to serve these Banquets, to see the children so happy. Some get caught up in the Spirit and dance. It's beautiful.

Father, I want to thank You for everything. You are wonderful and Mother is just the same. On Saturday, we were busy, the phone rang and I answered. A voice said, "I'd like to talk to Mrs P." I said " Speaking."

He said, "This is Mr. Shay's son. I have some flowers here for Mrs. P. They are to be delivered tomorrow, Sunday, but we are closed on Sunday. May I bring them today?"

I said, "Flowers! Someone is sending me flowers?"

He said, "Yes. They are here from  Conshohocken."

Father, something came over me! Father, I called to Miss S., Miss T., Miss B., for Your co-workers really are faithful. They looked at me and said, "What's the excitement?"

I said, "Listen I received a call. There flowers from Conshohocken coming."

We all looked at each other and started to get busy again. Then in a short time here comes the young Mr. Shay with this Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful Giant bouquet of the just beautiful basket of flowers. I sent You and Mother a sample, one of each, so You could see how beautiful they were.

Father Dear, I have seen many, many baskets of flowers and many arrangements, but never have I seen such beautiful arrangements. Father, they are still beautiful. It sits on the Banquet Table just so beautiful. We put it on the Table as You will see in the pictures. As I received the pictures, I am sending them on to You. You are first, I will have some more developed so I can let the children see them.

Please keep them for they are for You and Mother.

Father, we had a wonderful time, Sunday the 30th, celebrating the Woodmont ninth Anniversary. It was a glorious day. We played the recordings. The children sang songs to You and Mother and they sure did praise You, Sweet GOD. I think there were about seventy-five in all. Father, I thank You to be able to male a recording next time to send to You. Father, we were blessed with one of the Rosebuds from Los Angles. She read the Woodmont reeds. It was so beautiful to listen to her read them. Father, she testified so beautifully, giving praises to You and Mother. Miss E. testified also giving praises to You and Mother, also Mr. E. and Mr. H. They surely do love You and Mother, as do the many others who testified.

Father Dear, if it had not been for You and Mother we would not be here today! You are so good. You brought us all together because You are GOD. You are all Pure Love. So let us praise our Lord, the True and Living GOD.

Father, we had a tent for the Celebration. It was very nice and it was new. The chairs were new and we had the abundance of everything.

I am not an artist, but here is a drawing of the arrangement of the tables. (The drawing shows a 20 by 27 foot area with a u-shaped table and a separate table for flowers and extra seating.) Father, it was really nice. We would not have been ashamed if You and Mother had walked in Personally. Father, in fact, I could really feel Your and Mother's Presence and Love.  I really thank You for everything. Father. I am determined to hold on to the end. I know You are GOD. My Salvation and the Salvation of the whole wide world.

Father, the Banquet was served and the Table dismissed after all had a-full and a-plenty. Then the children went inside to the praise room. The vibrations were really high and the testimonies! My! My! GOD! GOD! GOD! You sure are GOD! Then toward the evening some of the children had to leave by bus, some by cars, but Father they did not want to go; but as we all know, they had to leave to go about their daily business. Father, it is really wonderful.

Father I thank You. I really want to thank You sweet Father for everything. It was so beautiful and I am so glad for our Sweet Mother said that Father would send His Spirit. Father, You surly did. I truly thank You from the bottom of this heart, how you worked in the children. It was just beautiful. I am looking forward to the Holy Day when You will bring Your Holy Body and Mother's Holy Body to Sacramento, California. I know what will happen to Your Staff. Well we will see them too. Father I really mean what I am saying. We have got to be prepared. I mean prepare our hearts and minds to be ready to receive Your Holy Bodies, so as to be worthy. Yes, GOD, You are so real and Mother is just the same. I thank You for the blessing just to know You are GOD, Holy to behold! Father, as I sit here at the kitchen table writing to GOD in Person — no make-believe — You are GOD. You are Real! I keep looking at Your picture and Mother's. It is one of You and one of Mother looking at each other. You have Your hand on the Bible, as You stand near the Table, a vase of roses on the Table. Perfection looking at Perfection.

Father I thank You to be worthy of Your Love. I thank You to be a good custodian of the Peace Mission Extension in Sacramento.

Father, forgive me for taking up so much of Your time, but I love You and Mother. Father, I thank You to make me worthy of Your Holy Love and Mother's. My Holy Father and my Holy Mother and I never had another! You are Real, Real, Real!

Peace and I love You
Your child
L. C. P.



Father's Reply



Father and Mother Divine

Sacramento, California.

Woodmont, Gladwyne, Pa.
October 25, 1962 A.D.F.D.

Miss L. C. P.
Sacramento 17, Calif.
My Dear Miss P —:

Thank you for your correspondence. I have received all of your letters, including the one enclosed to one of MY secretaries. Of course,  I need not tell you that it is not always convenient to respond Personally; however, that should not prevent you from writing, whensoever the Spirit moves you to do so; for I enjoy hearing from MY Spirit.

The pictures are very clear and the abundance of all good blessings is very evident, for are you all not MY Blessings? Truly, wheresoever I AM seen and known to be, there the blessings flow, for MY very Presence is the magnet of the Universe, I can see the evidence of MY Presence with you in the beautiful flowers and the abundance of food for spirit, body and mind.

It is wonderful to know that these blessings are as operative and expressive any where in the universe as they are for you and others of MY true followers throughout the world.  Truly I have said that just as I have it under My Personal Jurisdiction and on MY Personal Staff, so shall it be from shore to shore and from land to land. That is the way it shall be if men live.

You do not have to wait for some future day to enjoy the blessings of GOD and the Peace that passeth all understanding. Even in the world of turmoil and confusion I have sheltered you in MY Holy Heart because you have known ME, even as MY Spotless Virgin Bride. Therefore, you can rejoice for I have lifted you into this Woodmont State of Consciousness where you are sheltered in MY Love.

Then I say, keep the faith and abide in MY Will for I AM Present with you that you may be even as this leaves ME, as I AM Well, Healthy, Joyful, Peaceful, Lively, Loving, Successful, Prosperous and Happy in Spirit, Body and Mind and in every organ, muscle, sinew, joint, limb and bone and even in every Atom, fibre and cell of MY Bodily Form.

                                                                                                 Respectfully and Sincere, I AM



                                                                                                                  Rev. M. J. DIVINE, Ms. D., D. D.

                                                                                                             (Better known as FATHER DIVINE)





Vancouver, B. C., Canada



Sacramento, California.

Vancouver, B. C.


Rev. M. J. Divine, Ms. D., D.D.
764-772 Broad Street
Philadelphia 46, Pena.

Peace, Father Mother GOD:

Thank YOU for the lovely 9th Anniversary of Woodmont in color and they were very much appreciated. The flowers on the table were grown in the garden at the Church. Thank YOU, FATHER and MOTHER Dear.

Thank YOU, FATHER MOTHER GOD for the celebration held in Vancouver, B. C. as it was sweet and heavenly. Thank YOU for every blessing. Peace and Love.

                                                                                                                       J. W.







Woodmont, Gladwyne, Pa.
October 18, 1962 A.D.F.D.

Mrs. J. W.
My dear Mrs. J. W.

Thank you for your letter of the 3rd and previous correspondence. The pictures are very clear and very good of the Woodmont celebration.

Truly I appreciate the way you keep ME informed so accurately of all that concerns you and the Peace Mission buildings. It is indeed a privilege and a blessing to be responsible and reliable. So many have not been able to prosper because they lacked those two qualities and sought blessings for themselves alone, without consideration of the well-being of others.

Yet, I do rejoice to see the way in which MY Spirit does bless and prosper those who are sincere in Righteousness, Justice and Truth. Thus as you put the principles of the Life of Christ into action in your daily lives and affairs, indeed I AM with you to bless you in all you put your hands to do.

With best wishes and many blessings to you and all who are concerned, this leaves ME as I AM Well, Healthy, Joyful, Peaceful, Lively, Loving Successful, Prosperous and Happy in Spirit, Body and Mind and in every organ, muscle, sinew, joint, limb, vein and bone and even in every Atom, fibre and cell of MY Bodily Form.


                                                                                               Respectfully and sincere, I AM


                                                                                                 Rev. M. J. DIVINE, Ms. D., D.D.

                                                                                              (Better known as FATHER DIVINE)

Rev. MJD/r




British Guiana



Sacramento, California.



Georgetown, Demerara, British Guiana
August 18, 1962 A.D.F.D..

Rev. M. J. Divine, Ms. D., D.D.
764-772 Broad Street
Philadelphia, Penna.
My dear FATHER,

I am indeed happy to inform YOUR Holy Body concerning the wonderful manifestation of YOUR Holy Spirit here in Charlestown Peace Mission Extension.

YOU have spiritually appointed me to reorganize and re-establish the work here in British Guiana, the same as YOU did in Panama in 1946, when I was elected Secretary of the Circle Mission Church in that city.

It is now six years since I have returned back to my native land with the assurance of returning to Panama, whenever YOU, GOD will; but it appears to me now, that this is not Your Will; for YOU said that YOU would put bits in horses mouths and turn their whole bodies around. I thank YOU, Dear GOD, for harnessing me to suit YOUR Righteous Purpose. I have decided to let go and let Your Will be dine in me.

Here is something for the world to consider and to know that YOU are GOD. I got up in the meeting one Wednesday night and thanked YOU for a new revival and a better and safer place to hold our services; for the sister's home was becoming very small and in convenient to give the spirit vent, and in less than twenty-four hours my prayers were heard and answered.

One of the brothers, who had first demonstrated pessimism at the thought, was chosen by YOU to bring us the glad tidings that a suitable and inexpensive building was found. We thank YOU, FATHER. We anticipate the first week in September for the opening celebration. So we have taken this opportunity to invite YOU and MOTHER and all the Angeles to attend Spiritually, if not Personally. There is absolutely no doubt FATHER, that YOU Dear, and MOTHER will attend for YOU are always Present with us, here, there and everywhere.

We have two brothers who play violins very beautifully, but I pray Your Holy Spirit to give me my instrument which is the piano for YOU know, Sweet FATHER, that will be glory to me.

Before closing this letter, Father Dear, I must thank YOU for wisdom, knowledge and understanding. At present I am employed as a language professor in a small college in the city teaching four languages, namely, English, French, Latin and Spanish. It is wonderful to see how YOU have instructed me to become a teacher. I thank YOU, FATHER, to always remain in Your Mind and Spirit.

                                                                                                             I am Your loving son,
                                                                                                                                                  C. V. R.


Opening of Peace Mission Extension


Charlestown, British Guiana,
South America

Rev. M. J. Divine, Ms. D., D.D.
764-772 Broad Street
Philadelphia, Penna.
My dear sweet Father and Mother,

It is with deepest reverence that I once again come into Your Presence to give YOU thanks and praise for the wonderful working of Your Almighty Power in our midst in British Columbia. Truly, Father, it is indeed wonderful.

Since our last Anniversary celebration through Your Holy Spirit we are making steady progress. Our numbers have grown; hence the home is too small to carry on our meetings and we thank You, Father, to bless with a lovely meeting room situated at the Lot 26 Norton Street, Worthmanville.

On Sunday, the 3rd of September, You blessed us to open our Peace Mission Extension in the presence of many guests, including followers and children. We had a happy time singing, rejoicing and praising Your Holy Name for such a blessing. We were accompanied by two violins and an organ to enliven the afternoon and the vibrations were high. Everyone was happy, giving testimonies and songs of praise.

Our service commenced at 3 o'clock and thank YOU, Father Dear, we had a-full and a-plenty. Father, we thank You for the abundance of all good things for we know You are GOD. We are grateful to You and Mother for being Present with us at the opening to bless us and we also thank You for the cooperation which I believe brought success and happiness. We had wonderful cooperation. Father Dear, we thank You our Blessed Lord and Master. Please be with us always, Father and Mother Dear, to guide us as we continue with our services each Sunday and Wednesday. We are asking You to bless us with a children's class on Sunday afternoons, because we are having a group of children. We would like, Father Dear, to hold a Creed and Bible Class on Tuesday among the Sisters. Please bless us, Father Dear, to learn more of Thy Precious Ways that we may prosper in this land.

Our menu is a follows:

     Soup served with bread

     Rice and Provisions

     Pumpkins and Squash

     Salads, Cucumbers and Tomatoes

     Drinks, Fruits, Sweets

     Ice Cream

FATHER DEAR, we thank YOU that we had a-full and a-plenty. Our service concluded at 10 p. m. with the singing of the Doxology.

                                                                                                             We remain,

                                                                                                                Your loving children

                                                                                                                Worthmanville Peace Mission Extension.





Woodmont, Gladwyne, Pa.
September 24, 1962 A.D.F.D.

Mr. C. V. R.
British Guiana

My dear Mr. R — :

Thank you for your letter of August 18th, concerning the opening of the new extension there of the Peace Mission Movement.

Also, I did receive a letter delivered by Mrs. B. relative to the opening and have since received the pictures of same. I appreciate knowing that so many guests and followers attended. I believe Mrs. B. said there were nearly 100 guests and others present  at the open of the Mission at 26 Norton Street, Work-en-Rust. If you will allow ME to serve the people through you, I will be with all of you concerned, to bless those who enter the doors and multiply Peace through Righteousness.

As you have conveyed the thought, in MY Work and Mission you can see the salvation for all people. It is salvation from strife, from political unrest, from violent revolution, for I have the solution for all problems, whether they be economic, moral, physical, material or spiritual. Thus, I do appreciate the efforts of those who have combined to make it possible for the people to receive MY Words of Spirit and Life.

Hence, walk in the way of virtue and I will truly multiply and increase your blessings continually.

Mrs. B. did testify of the nice place you have, and when it is convenient perhaps you could send other pictures of the outside of the building also.

Stand together in Unity and live Righteously, Soberly and Godly; then, as far out in the mathematical field as you can vision can be for your inheritance. Nothing good will be restrained from you to do, if you will stand together as One Man at Jerusalem.

With best wishes and many blessings to you and all who are concerned, this leaves ME as I AM Well, Healthy, Joyful, peaceful, Lively, Loving, Successful, Prosperous and Happy in Spirit, Body and Mind and in every organ, muscle, sinew, joint, limb, vein and bone and even in every Atom, fibre and cell of MY Bodily Form.

                                                                                                                     Respectfully and Sincere, I AM

                                                                                                                           Rev. M. J. DIVINE, Ms. D., D.D.

                                                                                                                           (Better known as FATHER DIVINE)

Rev. MJD/r 








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