The Palace Mission Church and its Varied Activities.

Rockland Palace, N.Y.C.




The Very Beautiful Woodmont Estate is Among Its Properties.









Rockland Palace, N.Y.C.







Palace Mission , Inc. of New York has always done things in a big way. During the early days of the establishment of the church, services were held in a large auditorium called Rockland Palace where FATHER DIVINE, as Founder, Bishop and Pastor of the church, officiated weekly.










The parsonage of the church at 305 W. 107th Street in New York City

The parsonage of the church at 304 w. 107th Street in New York City




On 107th Street near Riverside Drive in New york City the church maintains a parsonage. It has a suite for FATHER DIVINE and guest rooms for male members and guests of the Palace Mission Church.


The parsonage of the church at 305 W. 107th Street in New York City is a comfortable place for male resident members in the city. Just up the block and across the Drive is the Hudson River. Accommodations here are nice and the atmosphere is quiet and peaceful. FATHER DIVINE'S suite is on the second floor of the four story building.








Woodmont, The Mount of the House of the LORD

Woodmont, The Mount of the House of the LORD

Near Philadelphia, the Palace Mission Church of New York owns the famed Woodmont estate which it gave to FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE for Their use as a summer home. And in Philadelphia on the main thoroughfare, the church maintains an International House for foreign guests visiting Philadelphia.


Woodmont seen from thepool. The picture was taken in July People come from all over this country and the world to visit FATHER and MOTHER and to tour the Woodmont estate, The Mount of the House of the Lord.




The Library in the Manor House at the Mount of the House of the LORD

Woodmont, The Mount of the House of the LORD

FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE make frequent visits to Woodmont Their country estate owned by the Palace Mission Church. Here they enjoy a moment of leisure on the lipstick-red divan in the library of the mansion. Although not shown here, whenever FATHER and MOTHER go to Woodmont anyone is allowed to come along or follow later to enjoy the luxuries of the estate.



Although no regular church building is maintained by Palace Mission in Philadelphia, the legal address of the church for business purposes in Pennsylvania is FATHER DIVINE'S Headquarters at 764-772  Broad Street near center city. It is at this address that the church will hold its Annual Business Meeting this year.




Pine Brook Hotel, Pine Brook, New Jersey.

Woodmont, The Mount of the House of the LORD


Pine Brook Hotel, which is used by both the Palace Mission Churches of New York and New Jersey. is a fine vacation spot for those who like to get out in the country and the hills. The large lobby, auditorium, Holy Communion Hall, private rooms, indoor swimming pool and outdoor sports provide for recreation as well as religious service for members and the public.

There are other Palace Mission churches. One is the Pine Brook hotel which is used by both the Palace Mission, Inc. of New York and the Palace Mission Church and Home. Inc. of New Jersey.




Washington, D. C,



The New Jersey church, which is separate altogether, also has church connections in Newark, New Jersey. One is located at 22-26 Halleck Street. The other is the Palace Mission Church and Home, Inc., and Home for the Aged and Training School, at 540 Central Avenue.







Washington, D. C,




Washington, D. C. also has a Palace Mission Church located at 3822 8th Street, N. W.  This church is convenient for members and guests traveling through Washington. A separate building adjacent to the main house accommodates brothers.























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