"It Seems to Me That If We've Been Looking for Christ to Come All of These Years
and All These Countless Numbers of People Are Saying That He Has Come,
it Seems like the Scholars Would Try to Research to See If it Is True.

"Many Authors Have Tried to Tell the Story of FATHER DIVINE and the Peace Mission
but it Seems They Are Really Researching to Prove That FATHER Is a M-a-n"

At the Lutheran Theological Seminary, Germantown, February 26, 1991 A.D. 46 F.D.

'When I offered an honorarium to MOTHER DIVINE consistent with the principles of Her religious group, She declined it, so She has come here out of the goodness of Her Heart to share with us the story of the Peace Mission Movement,' so said Professor James K. Echols who chaired the students from the 'Emerging American Religions' class who had read MOTHER DIVINE's book on the Peace Mission and desired to hear more from Her Personally.

They listened attentively as She covered the wide field of FATHER DIVINE's Personal Activities, and the Peace Mission as it had evolved and existed in this day. She established an atmosphere of fellowship at the outset, saying: 'Being both Christian and Protestant, it affords us a good foundation to communicate and as the Scripture says, 'Come, let us reason together.' She stayed on the material plane with Her listeners much of the time, telling of what She Personally had experienced and witnessed in Her Life with FATHER DIVINE and afterwards fielded the perennial questions in a manner which would set them thinking.









Can You Find a Better GOD Than FATHER?



In Her talk, She said:



'Many authors have tried to tell the story of FATHER DIVINE and the Peace Mission but it seems they are really researching to prove that FATHER is a m-a-n, and everything about Him just proves that HE was a m-a-n. It seems to Me that if we've been looking for Christ to come all of these years and all these countless numbers of people are saying that HE has come, that HE's healing the sick and raising the dead, feeding the people and causing all of these wonderful things to happen, it seems like the scholars would try to research to see if it is true rather than to have the thought at the beginning, HE isn't and go forth to try to prove that HE isn't.' Therefore when a student later asked her if FATHER DIVINE was the same GOD he read of in the Bible, MOTHER came back with a dynamic response: 'Absolutely! If you can find One better--that's what I say. I mean, how many of you have really studied the Peace Mission? If you would read open mindedly FATHER DIVINE's Words for two years, you would know, no one speaks like FATHER DIVINE! You've got to keep an open mind because of what FATHER DIVINE has accomplished. When you think of what FATHER DIVINE has done, over and above the oppositions, and no one helped FATHER. HE came without anybody and without any degrees behind HIS Name, and in that complexion! Look at what HE has done! FATHER DIVINE has drawn people of the highest caliber and they have sat at HIS Feet and wanted to hear what HE had to say.'

MOTHER DIVINE took a little time to explain how FATHER DIVINE came, as Jesus did, in a humiliated way.

'This curse that we've been laboring under of segregation and discrimination which is what has perpetrated so much evil in the world,' She said, 'for GOD to come in this expression is the only thing that can heal the people. It takes nothing but GOD, and it just seems that--this is My own version--the dark complected people can really feel equal or good, because GOD came looking like they look, and the ones that segregated and discriminated, if they're going to find GOD, they're going to have to change their way of thinking. I think this is one of the reasons why the truth of FATHER DIVINE has not been told, and the papers have really kept the truth of the Peace Mission hid.'

Jesus Christ, the Role Model!

'FATHER's Teaching is Basic Christianity,' said MOTHER DIVINE. 'Anyone desiring to follow FATHER DIVINE, HE would tell them to read Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and do whatsoever they believed Jesus would do. FATHER was not for telling people not to do this and not to do that so much, but HE would say, 'If you believe that Jesus would smoke, you go ahead and smoke.' FATHER believes in freeing the person--GOD is for everyone and the Truth is for everyone. A person receives the benefits to the degree that they can incorporate the principles into their lives--and those who hear of FATHER DIVINE, they start right where they are putting into practice in their homes the things that they can, where they are, with their families.'

'One of the wonderful things is to know that GOD is Present and to set a place at the table for GOD and let that family table be the Family of GOD. Relate to each other as Children of GOD and teach the children that GOD truly is their father. True parents are just channels through which the child comes and they are GOD or Good or guardians to teach them right and wrong until they have developed to the place where they can know right from wrong and know GOD for themselves.'

Marriage to GOD

To a questioner who asked why FATHER DIVINE did not promote marriage, MOTHER DIVINE said, 'Well, we believe 'Thou shalt love the Lord thy GOD with all your soul, with all your mind, with all your strength and with all your heart.' GOD is our true soul's mate, but when we fell from Grace in the Garden of Eden, that's where a woman was subjected to her husband--I feel that in our society today we have women now that have been liberated and the Curse has been lifted and we just have to mate with the Creator and with the Qualities of the Lamb, being united with our GOD. And likewise with the man, in the Kingdom of Heaven there is neither marrying nor giving in marriage; they are known only as angels, because we become to be whole by our union with GOD.'

Development of Peace Mission Concepts in New Dispensation

'Is the Movement still moving as rapidly as in the past?' was a question no doubt in the minds of many, but expressed by one. 'Not as an organization,' replied MOTHER, 'if you look at it in terms of numbers and things. But it's moving on in the world. I mean, I have seen magnificent changes, and I see a change in the consciousness of the people that makes Me know that what I believe is beginning to be manifest. There's a lot in the opposite direction, but there's a whole lot in the positive and to Me that's the Peace Mission Movement. FATHER DIVINE is GOD and HE is not confined to the Peace Mission as an organization. It's raising of the consciousness of the whole of humanity HE demonstrated--FATHER DIVINE is really interested in lifting humanity. HE demonstrated something that people could see and that they could incorporate into their lives or be inspired to do the same.'

MOTHER DIVINE concluded Her talk by saying:

'. . . .We have moved into a new dispensation and our values have to change. Whether we like it or not, our society has changed and it really is very much disturbed. It has to be stabilized to these new values. I feel that we have replenished the earth. Our problems are caused through over-population. Everything must have a balance. Our ecology must be in balance, and we as the human race are over-populated. That's why FATHER said we should stop propagating and we should address our attention towards perfecting ourselves as individuals. Then we will bring forth, if necessary, in a higher expression of GOD, in the Image and Likeness of Christ.'








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It is also nice to give credit where credit is due for through the Spirit and Teaching of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE you are and can eternally be abundantly blessed.

From all of us to all of you. we wish you, peace and love, and many blessings, and may we all ever live in unity and brotherhood and the Consciousness of GOD'S Actual Ever Presence.

True Americanism, True Brotherhood, True Christianity, True Judaism and All True Religions are synonymous and truly Our GOD is One GOD. Amen

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