"The Reality of the Universal Kingdom That Shall Be Manifest on Earth Among Men."
"GOD Alone Shall Reign". --- FATHER DIVINE


Our FATHER'S Sermon at the Columbia Hall 239 Ocean Avenue, Jersey City, N. J.
Sunday, March 12th, 1933 A.D.F.D.

 The Ground Breaking Ceremony for the
FATHER DIVNE Library at The House of the Lord.

The Ground Breaking Ceremony for the FATHER DIVNE Library at The House of the Lord.






The vast throng that filled the Columbia Hall in Jersey City, N. J., on Sunday, March 12th, was thrilled and filled with joy as the Beloved FATHER DIVINE showed Himself in Presence and in Power in the meeting, long before His Personal Body was visible. Many were the evidences of His Presence as thousands agreed that HE was causing them to walk in His Statutes and many told of the blessings HE had bestowed upon them. But the greatest evidence of His Presence was when one rose up to testify, claiming that FATHER in the Spirit, sent him to accomplish a certain work, when it was well known to many, that he was not in accord with the FATHER in life or in teachings, and that he would not be one selected for any such work. Not a word was spoken by anyone personally to refute was he said, but FATHER was there and knew that the statements were untrue and HE rose up as one in hundreds throughout the audience and in the majority of His immediate followers on the rostrum, and created a demonstration that would not allow the testifying one to proceed further, and he was forced almost through physical force, to take his seat. Then the triumphant songs of joy and praise continued undisturbed and undiminished until FATHER arrived in Person. HE was greeted as LORD of Lords and as KING of Kings by the assembled thousands and many were the petitions that went to HIM, and many were the songs of praise, until HE arose and spoke as follows to the enthusiastic throng:




PEACE EVERYONE! There you are once again, and I AM always glad to see you there. It is wonderful, as you are there and I AM here, yet I AM there and you are here. It is Wonderful! It is a wonderful recognition to realize and to recognize your at-one-ment with your fellow brother. Therefore, I often say, you are the same one and you are not another. What you think I AM so are you, although you may not be called by this Name, but I know you are the same. It is Wonderful! That clears up all superstition, and clears up all preconceived ideas and opinions concerning ME whatsoever -- concerning Myself and concerning your version or mankind's version of what they may term as My Self-exaltation. It is Wonderful! I have made it plain, you are ME and I AM you. That is, if you are the same in heart and in mind. There is but one, expressing in you and in ME, as it may appear to be. So I AM happy when you are happy. I AM glad when you are glad. When you are happy, so AM I, for we are one.

'No man can say that Jesus is Lord, except by the Holy Ghost.'

There are many of you may human-mindedly try to say those things, but yet with the rightful sound it may not ring unless you actually say it in reality. You must say it from your heart. It is Wonderful! GOD does not recognize the person or persons saying a thing by the mouth and not from the heart. It is Wonderful! It is written,

'If you believe in your heart and confess with your mouth, thou shalt be saved.'

When you believe in your heart, a change takes place. It is Wonderful! For

'As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.'

I believe some of you believe with your hearts! It is Wonderful! And because you believe in your heart, I AM making GOD real in your heart. It is Wonderful!

Therefore, as you rejoice, so do I. It is Wonderful! When you believe firmly in your heart in GOD, so believe I in you, and I in you will speak and act and make melody in your heart. It is Wonderful! That is the great mystery of this Truth. It is not merely from an emotional point of view, it is wonderful, neither is it from an intellectual standpoint of view. When you believe so vividly and so firmly in your heart, I make it real in your bodily form. Therefore GOD begins to move and walk and talk in you, it is Wonderful, and change your vile bodies in fashion like unto His glorious Body, getting in every joint, every sinew, every bone and every vein; yea, even in every fibre and every atom of your bodily form, fixing and keeping you so the world can do you no harm. It is Wonderful!


"You Are ME"

Therefore I say, you are ME and I AM you -- it is Wonderful -- the mystery that the world cannot understand -- it is Wonderful -- for GOD walks and talks in man. It is Wonderful!

'Know ye not that ye are the temples of the living God, and God has said, I will walk in them and dwell in them?'

This is the way to say that HE transmuted Himself imputedly to you and in you expressed Himself in words, deeds and in actions.

'I will preach Christ in words, but more so in deeds and in actions and I will put My Spirit in you and cause you to walk in My Statutes.'


The House of the Lord,
East view.

The House of the Lord, <br /> East view.





It is Wonderful! Therefore, rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for great is your reward in Heaven here and now and you are not thinking about going anywhere. It is Wonderful!

It is Wonderful! I came to bring the Heaven and the earth in one. It is Wonderful! That is why I came to get your mind off of woman and to get your mind off of man, that you might be married to the Lamb. It is Wonderful! To be married to the Lamb! You will come in to this great Marriage supper of the Lamb. Therefore, you will be no longer married to mortality after the similitude of the flesh in your conception -- I say in your conception -- but in your spiritual conception you will be married to the Spirit (it is Wonderful) and the Spirit will be in you and you will be in the Spirit throughout all Eternity. It is Wonderful! Then and there and here and now,

'they that are joined unto the Lord are one Spirit'

-- in your hearts and in your minds. As soon as your hearts and your minds and your bodies are changed, you are joined unto the LORD in your hearts and in your minds and causes your body to be spiritualized. It is Wonderful! And your mortal energies, your mortal fancies, and your mortal tendencies and your mortal affections and pleasures are changed from mortality to immortality. They are changed from nature to Grace by the Spirit and they are quickened and they quicken your mortal bodies and this destroys the works of the d-v-l through mortality. It is Wonderful!

There are many things I could say along this line, but at this particular time I did not rise to even say or to speak as I have. I merely rose to make a few announcements and also to verify some of the testimonies of our beloved ones. It is Wonderful! I just want to say, what a glorious gathering this is! This is such a glorious audience -- to see you gathered together with the recognition of GOD'S Presence. It is Wonderful! And from henceforth when you go home, you will allow the Spirit of GOD to be your guide, won't you? It is Wonderful!


GOD Is Your All

I have often heard some of you say -- I have even heard some of your ancestors also say,

'I am married to Jesus, never more to depart.'

The Spirit of the CHRIST united to you and in your hearts -- you will never depart from it. It will be with you in your homes and in your workshops and wheresoever you go. It is Wonderful! It will stick closer than a brother; it is dearer and nearer than a mother; for in short, GOD is your FATHER and you never had another. GOD is your MOTHER, your Sister and your Brother. Believe thou this and you will receive it, and then and there you will no longer be subject to mortality and you will be subject only to true spirituality, the true resurrected Spirit of the CHRIST having condescended to enter your lives and live and reign among men, for it was said plainly by Him,

'My Father and I will come and make our abode with you.'

Do you not have the Presence of GOD with you? It is Wonderful! That is the mystery, and that is the great consolation. GOD is your refuge and your strength; GOD is your Company Keeper; GOD is your Savior. I heard you say and I heard you sing,

'HE is everything to me: HE's my Father, my Mother, my Sister and my Brother; HE is everything to me.'

Then act it out! It is Wonderful! If every mortal versionated expression should disappear into its nothingness, rely upon the Ever Presence of GOD, for it is the same today as it was yesterday and it shall forever be.

Take these thoughts into consideration and you will not have an occasion to fret not worry, and this world soon and very soon, will be manifestedly under the jurisdiction of GOD and GOD alone. Now David spoke of these Truths, but they are being fulfilled here and now in the midst of you.

'The LORD reigneth,'

he said that, he predicted the Reign of GOD! It is Wonderful! And now you are joined unto GOD, never more to depart. It is Wonderful! And they that are joined unto the LORD are one Spirit; GOD materializes HIMSELF expressly, collectively and universally. It is Wonderful! Therefore you can rejoice to see and know, you are joined unto the LORD. It is Wonderful! As a man loveth his bride, so the LORD loveth you. It is Wonderful! It is Wonderful! As the LORD loveth you and has joined Himself unto you -- as a man loveth his bride, and will take her with him whithersoever he goeth, even so, wheresoever you go, the LORD will take you with Him. ("Praise the LORD!" echoed and re-echoed.) It is Wonderful! It is written that man should leave father and mother and cleave unto his wife and that they should be one flesh;

'Nevertheless, I speak concerning CHRIST and the Church.'

It is Wonderful! These things are done in parables on the material and physical plane, to bring to you the conscious conviction of GOD without and within. It is Wonderful! GOD is in you. You are married to GOD!


says he,

'I speak concerning CHRIST and the Church.'


The Parable of Marriage

Those things are done in parables to show you how you should be rightfully and righteously joined to GOD. That is what it was! The physical marriage life is a pure and a perfect parable (it is Wonderful!) as a sketch and a reflection of how the inhabitants of the earth collectively as many, should be married to CHRIST. It is Wonderful! That parable was not confined to the physical or personal husband and wife, but GOD did it in a parable and required you to be devout and faithful and true to each other on the material plane as a true sketch and a reflection in a parable, of how you should be true to GOD and should obey GOD and serve HIM whithersoever you go. It is Wonderful!

Therefore, the Heaven and the earth have truly come together. It is Wonderful! For this is in fulfillment of the Prayer you all have so long prayed. It is Wonderful! You have prayed it from your earliest existence up until this present time, and today there are many of you still praying that same prayer, saying,

'Our Father, who art in heaven,'

you said,

'Hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.'

The Kingdom has truly come. It is Wonderful! Now you are the inhabitants of the Kingdom of GOD on earth among men. As soon as the eradication of all sin shall have taken place in your consciousness, then and there you will be united to CHRIST manifestedly, and CHRIST to you will be your wife and CHRIST to you will be your husband. It is Wonderful! Then and there you will say, "He is everything to me," for He is a present Help wheresoever you may be, being always present, and you cannot get away from Him. It is Wonderful! That is a great consolation, dear ones! Live in conformity to this Truth, and this Truth will live in harmony with you and you will be united to this Truth and this Truth will be united to you and then and there, yea, even here and now, they that are rightfully joined unto the LORD, are One Spirit. It is Wonderful! Aren't you glad! It is Wonderful! And we will have it just as it is here, all over the world, as far as a ship has ever sailed the ocean or foot has ever trod the soil. GOD alone shall reign! And by recognizing only GOD in the midst of the children of men, there shall be peace on earth and good will towards men just as you see I AM expressing in the midst of you all here today. It is Wonderful!

This is a sketch and a reflection. It is Wonderful! I say so often, "It is a sketch and a reflection of a percent of a percent of a percent of a percent of a grain of a fraction, of the reality of the Universal Kingdom that shall be manifest on earth among men, and that is within; but it will be manifested without and you will see that there is reality in this Truth." It is Wonderful!


Bought With A Price

Now look at this beautiful gathering here today, and everyone of you has a good thought in your heart! I fill the atmosphere with "Wonderful!" "Hallelujah" and "Praise GOD!" All men shall know,

'You are bought with a price, and you are not your own.'

You are the temples of the Living GOD, and GOD shall have control in you, through you, and over you, and by you, for the Government is upon His shoulders. Oh, it is Wonderful! And the Kingdoms of the earth must hear the Voice of GOD, and they that hear shall live! They must obey; they must subjugate themselves to this Truth, or else GOD will move out apparently. I further wish to say, the Government of all of the kingdoms of the earth is upon His shoulders (it is Wonderful!) and the "other fellow" need not say to ME,

'All of these things I will give you.'

All of the Kingdoms of the earth belong to GOD! It is Wonderful! GOD alone shall reign! It is Wonderful! So why should you fret or worry or think about hardships, hard times, and depressions, and such as that. GOD alone shall reign! It is Wonderful!

'The earth is the Lord's, and the fullness thereof.'

GOD has come to take possession of it! It is Wonderful! I say, GOD alone shall reign! Now aren't you glad! ("So glad, LORD," came the response.) It is Wonderful! I say, GOD alone shall reign! It is Wonderful! GOD will rule in the affairs of men! GOD will get in your hearts and in your minds, and you will eventually accept of the LORD, as LORD of Lords, and as KING of Kings. It is Wonderful!

I see mortality's version of things getting out of the way. It is Wonderful! I see the judges and the governors, and the presidents, being still right now. (This brought forth a demonstration from the multitude that shook the building.) It is Wonderful! GOD alone shall reign! It is Wonderful! They must accept of His Idea, of this Ideal of Life as the only true fundamental for all mankind in all professions and in all organizations, and in all societies, and in all walks of life; the only true Ideal of Life, as the CHRIST has brought to your consideration here in this very life, as insignificant as it may appear to be. It is Wonderful!


Equity Shall Prevail

So you may rejoice continually, and be exceedingly glad, for I came this time to get in the hearts and minds of men; and it is not merely confined to the emotions, neither is it confined to fanaticism. It is not confined to ignorance, but

'Every knee must bow and every tongue must confess.'

It is Wonderful! Therefore, I said, I see men in power stilling their conscious mentality. They are concentrating on this Principle, the Ideal of Life. They desire the CHRIST to judge through them. It is Wonderful! They desire the CHRIST to rule through them. Therefore, I say, I AM stilling the mortal version of the children of men and the CHRIST Consciousness is being accepted as the true Ideal of Life, the fundamental Principle, the only Way shower, the only Teacher, the only Instructor in the midst of them; and as in the days of Solomon so shall it be in your day. It shall be! So shall it be in your day. Your judges, your governors, your presidents, and your rulers, shall pray for Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding! It is Wonderful! It is Wonderful! And the time cometh and now is, none shall judge or rule this people, that will not rule and judge with equity -- and have dominion over the people -- the Mouth of the LORD hath spoken it! It is Wonderful!

Take these thoughts into consideration. It is Wonderful! If there be any rulers, any judges, any lawyers, or anyone of authority under the sound of My Voice, or any official here, hear ye the Words of the LORD! (Great demonstration and shouting from the audience.) Peace! It is Wonderful! I say, only you that will rule and judge with equity are the ones that shall rule this people from henceforth and forever. It is Wonderful! If you will judge and rule with a Righteous Judgment, then and there, and here and now, when men go before you and say, "Judge your Honor," they will not be speaking unto man but unto GOD. It is Wonderful! GOD shall rule in the affairs of men. Therefore, HE is getting in the hearts and minds of them, and GOD in and through man will judge this people and will judge them with Equity, with Righteousness and with Truth, for,

'He rules the world with Truth and with Grace and He makes the Nations prove the Glory of His Righteousness and the wonders of His Love.'

Aren't you glad! It is Wonderful! It is Wonderful! I thank you.








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