"In My 'Upper State of Consciousness' I do not Have Time to Think of Adverse Conditions"

"The Garden of Eden Was a Place of Abundance." --- FATHER DIVINE


Our FATHER'S Message at the Banquet Table 20 W. 115th Street, New York City Thursday,
April 5th, 1934 A.D.F.D. Time -- 12:20 P.M.





FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE, Sayville, L. I., N.Y.

FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE, Sayville, L.I., N.Y.



Millions have come to the place of recognition which FATHER has spoken of in this glorious Message, and there are millions more desiring to reach this Upper State of His Consciousness where the lower regions of the mortal state of existence are no longer a barrier and where lacks, wants and limitations, adverse and undesirable conditions can no longer reach them; where the recognition of GOD'S Presence is Supreme and naught can hurt nor harm.

By continuing in this Truth as spoken of by FATHER, these barriers are crossed. Read His Own Words of Spirit and Life as HE reveals so freely the mystery to all mankind.

The following song was sung just before FATHER arose to speak:

'Your Faith has made you whole,
Your faith has made you whole,
Verily, verily, I say unto you,
Your Faith has made you whole.'

FATHER speaks as follows:



PEACE EVERYONE! Good Health, Good Will and a Good Appetite; these I bring for consideration in accord with the song we were singing, "Your Faith has made you whole." The Faith that is hidden until you put it into action -- that same identical Faith is it that has made you whole, since your Faith was aroused and directed in a direction that would give you the results. Your Faith must be aroused and directed in a positive direction to bring positive results, but if your Faith is directed in a negative direction and in a unprofitable and impractical direction, it will cause you to produce and bring into expression the undesirable results, the same as you have been receiving. But you are fortunate enough to be unfortunate enough -- or in other words, unfortunate enough to be fortunate enough to make the contact through the way of the insignificance of that which is termed ME. It is not ME as a Person My Co-workers and friends are advocating, neither are they advocating those who observe the Truth concerning ME, but they are advocating this Principle with or without a Person, the Fundamental, the Real, the Ideal. By so doing they have directed their Faith in the positive direction, in the profitable way of expression, and they get the desirable results.


Consecrate Your Hearts

Hence, there are thousands of others entering into this state of consciousness. Therefore this last speaker you heard testify how she made the contact through Faith, and although she had been seeking GOD in the different ways of expression and in the different directions, nevertheless at this time, she claims she found something that gives the satisfying portion. It is indeed wonderful! It is not because of the Person, it is a Principle, it is a Life, it is a Love, it is a Mind, it is a Spirit; and this and all of these of whom you say I AM, can and will eventually be universally personified. This is coming to pass daily as the different individuals dial in on this Fundamental Principle by living according to this Teaching and consecrating their hearts, their minds, their souls, their bodies and all of their powers, and bringing them under CHRIST'S Control. By so doing, that which they are visualizing and gazing upon, they are becoming to be the reincarnators and the personifiers of that identical High Light of Understanding of whom you say I AM.

For this purpose I stand and for this purpose I come. Through every opposition of life, through every conflict, through every criticism, the Spirit and the Mind of My Presence, it is greater than all of the oppositions. It is indeed Wonderful! Live in this recognition, being substantiated in Faith and unshaken in confidence; the very Powers that be, will be subject to you as they are to ME. It is indeed Wonderful! The CHRIST in the Person of Jesus declared:

'If you have Faith like unto a grain of mustard seed, you can say to yonder sycamine tree, 'be thou plucked up and cast into the depths of the sea', and it will obey thee.'

It is a privilege this morning to bring to your consideration the great significance of visualizing perfection and gazing upon it, and being substantiated in Faith and unshaken in confidence, regardless as to how the consequences may be. That which may appear to be absolutely impossible, that which may appear to be cross-grained and conflicting, I AM here to declare to the people, everything that may be put forth into expression will work for the good of the people, as they are for the good of ME. This also is Evangelical:

'All things work together for good to them that love the Lord and are called according to His purpose.'

It was a Blessing for you to have met with conflicts and seeming failures and disappointments in the past, that you might be strong to meet the oppositions in the future.

The Protestant Church -- a great number of the different organizations of the Protestant Church, have been singing this original Composition: "Each Victory will help you some other to win." Transpose I that version for the consideration of them: "Each FAILURE will help you some other to win." It is indeed Wonderful! I will use every adverse wind and every cross-current doctrines of men, as a GLORY to HIM that liveth forever and forever. That is the great significance of utilizing all adversities, and utilizing all adverse conditions, expressions and words and phrases and sayings, or whatsoever they may be. It is indeed Wonderful! Then and there, when this shall have been accomplished in your consciousness, you will be even as I AM, and you will be able to declare unto all men, "All things work together for good to them that love the Lord." profitable way of expression, and they get the desirable results.


Rejoice In Oppositions

You should rejoice in having oppositions and you should rejoice in having met with the many so-called difficulties, with the many so-called defeats and failures and disappointments. All of these adverse conditions have been working for your highest good for the future. If there had not been darkness, you could not and would not enjoy the light. How could you know anything about the light if there had not been darkness? That is why the Word says:

'Glory in tribulation, knowing this, that tribulation worketh patience and patience, experience, and experience, hope, and hope maketh not ashamed.'

It is our privilege this morning to glory in the oppositions and conflicts and conflictions of life, the same as we can glory in the harmonious expressions and cooperation of the people. In that, you will find you will not be an enemy to anyone, neither will any person, or no person, organization or opposition be an enemy to you. They are all for you, even if they appear to be against you. It is indeed Wonderful!

Oh that man could but learn the great significance of being a friend, and allow all oppositions and conflicts and criticisms and slanderous expressions and every imaginable word or supposition to be a friend of them! CHRIST will turn your darkness into light and turn your wrongness into right -- cause that which is conflicting to be harmonious and to be helpful. When you dial in, or reverse your mentality and put it in a reverse direction when the opposition is coming forth, it will work to your highest good and to your honor, as it is to the Honor of GOD. It is indeed Wonderful!

Hence, we all can rejoice with those who rejoice and we can rejoice with those who mourn. It is indeed Wonderful! We can shout with those who weep and cry for the joy of receiving, and blessings will come in action when you shall have contacted those who are supposed to be in trouble. Therefore, we are rejoicing continually.

'Rejoice in the Lord always, and again I say rejoice: Let your moderation be made known unto all men the Lord is at hand.'

Through this rejoicing you will be giving praises. In accord with the expression or degree of your rejoicing, even so do you give praises. You will give praises according to the degree of rejoicing you are producing in your consciousness. It is indeed Wonderful! profitable way of expression, and they get the desirable results.


Upper State of Consciousness

There are so many things to consider, but yet it is essential for you to observe or learn the great significance of giving praises and thanksgiving instead of accusations and condemning. It is indeed Wonderful! Those of you who are living in the "Upper State of My Consciousness," the same as living up-state -- New York City, New York State -- those of you who are living in the "Upper State of My Consciousness," you will give Praises and Thanksgiving and you will be giving these to GOD continually in the midst of the people for the limitless blessings you are receiving. In the "Upper State of My Consciousness," there is therefore now no condemnation. In the "Upper State of My Consciousness," there is not an expression to be made in the way of failure, disappointment or being defeated. It is indeed Wonderful! The Victory is ever present.

We carry within ourselves the Victory over all adversities, over every adverse condition and over all of the adversaries. It is Wonderful! Therefore, in My "Upper State of Consciousness" we do not have the time to even so much as to think of failures. We do not have the time to think of disappointments. We do not have the time to think of limitations. We do not have the time to think of adverse conditions, and it is a matter of impossibility for an accident to come in My "Upper State of Consciousness." Accidents, disappointments and failures and defeats do not come in the "Upper State of My Consciousness," and if you are a friend of your own, the seed you have sown, you will sow no more. When you are sowing the seeds of disappointments, failures, accidents and handicaps and adverse and undesirable conditions, then and there you are building for yourselves the foundation for negation and for chaos to be built up in your structure, in your state of consciousness.

I enjoy the testimonies of Praise. I enjoy the testimonies of Thanksgiving. I enjoy the testimonies of an open confession for your disappointments, your failures -- confessing your sins, your transgression, your rebellions, that causes you to have the disappointments or failures, to be defeated in any way whatsoever. It is indeed Wonderful! If everything -- if each and every method, if they did not express success and prosperity and perfect harmony, why not confess your sins? Confess your sins that caused the disappointments, your sins that caused the failures, your sins that caused the lack of perfect harmonious expression. My Spirit and My Mind can carry you from Europe to Asia, and from Asia to Africa, and if you will stay in the "Upper State of My Consciousness," there will be no tornadoes in the mental realm of My "Upper State", and there will be no cyclones and there will be no storms; there will be no disappointments. When you are telling of every desirable blessing, every unfoldment of the profitable and every unfoldment of success and prosperity and every good and desirable action, you are sowing the seeds of the desirable, the profitable and the practical, and you will produce the fruit of the same, for this is the way the seeds are sown. profitable way of expression, and they get the desirable results.


Lighthouse of Salvation

Take these thoughts to consideration. But if you sow the seeds of limitation, failure, disappointment or accident, or any adverse expression of life, you can expect to reap the fruit of the same, somewhere, some day and somehow. As a Practical Psychologist, humanly speaking, to those who are psychologically inclined, I speak after the manner of men. Speak POSITIVE words, think POSITIVE thoughts, and you will produce the POSITIVE FRUIT and also reproduce the POSITIVE SEEDS. It is indeed Wonderful! If you continue to sow seeds of limitation, disappointments and failures, adverse and undesirable conditions, you will certainly reap the fruit of the same some day, somewhere and somehow. But oh how I do enjoy the testimony of praise and thanksgiving, of peace, of joy and of happiness, giving praises and thanks for the Limitless Blessings you are receiving, for these are the desirable qualities that GOD is calling. GOD is calling them into action, and the seed you are sowing. "Paul may plant and Apollo's may water, but GOD will give you the increase." I delight in giving increase of the abundance of the fullness of things -- of desirable blessings such as PEACE and JOY, SUCCESS and PROSPERITY, such as the abundance of the fullness of all good things -- of HAPPINESS, WISDOM, KNOWLEDGE and of UNDERSTANDING -- each and every expression imaginable. These are the seeds I sow, the seeds I produce and the fruit I reap; the fruit of the kind of seeds I have sown.

Now is not this a more glorious altitude of expression of life, in this atmosphere wherein JOY and HAPPINESS and PEACE and PLEASURE are being expressed, and keeping the desirable uppermost in your consciousness? ("Yes, FATHER Dear," replied the Assembly.) It is indeed Wonderful! Such a privilege to live in THIS State of Consciousness, where the Ever Presence of GOD is always uppermost in the consciousness of men and where you can see at all times the Lighthouse of Salvation, giving you the information concerning the Mental and Spiritual Weather, and the weather conditions that are existing in and on the lower region, just below the State of the CHRIST Consciousness.

There are many things I could say along this line, but the Spirit as it has always been, has time to bring it to light, and to bring many more things to light than what has been heard and that of which we have said. It is indeed Wonderful! Such a privilege, Dear Ones, to give praises, to give thanks and continue to stay in the Spirit of Praises -- not in the spirit of condemnation, not in the spirit of limitation in expressing adversities, but to the contrary -- expressing the harmonious conditions and giving praises for the limitlessness of GOD'S Blessings for His Children. By so doing, as it has long since been said:

'The quicker the crop grows the less the grass and the weeds will grow.'

When the crop grows up fast, the less weeds will have chance to grow, for the crop will crowd it out. So it is with the POSITIVE -- the positive thoughts through praises and thanksgiving will crowd out all negative expressions, will crowd out all negative imaginations and will crowd out all negative conditions, and negation will no longer have an existence in your consciousness. This is the "Lighthouse of Salvation," giving you to know the direction of negation, and the conditions of the Mental and Spiritual Weather down in the Lower Region beneath My Consciousness. There may be a storm down there, but not up here in the CHRIST Consciousness. There may be a famine down there, but not up here in the CHRIST Consciousness, and especially in the "Upper State" of the CHRIST Consciousness. It is wonderful! profitable way of expression, and they get the desirable results.


CHRIST Taught In Deeds

Take these thoughts to consideration. Live in this State of Consciousness where you can give GOD Praises without being handicapped or conflicted with the mortal ideas and opinions and versions of men concerning limitations, lacks and wants and adverse and undesirable conditions, for if you live in My State of Consciousness, you will have the Abundance of the Fullness of all good things. In My State of Consciousness you have a plenty to eat and to drink and to wear; you have a plenty of money, wisdom. knowledge and understanding and every other desirable Blessing in My State of Consciousness.

Any time that you lack for anything, it is because you are not in My State of Consciousness. David caught the inspiration by Revelation and spoke and said, "The LORD is my Shepherd and I shall not want." Live in this State of Consciousness and there will not be an expression of limitation, not in words nor deeds nor in actions, for "the Abundance of the Fullness of All Good Things is wheresoever I AM." It is indeed Wonderful! Sowing seeds of limitations, sowing seeds of lack, sowing seeds of want, sowing seeds of adverse and undesirable conditions, such is the expression of the mind of those who are living in mortal consciousness.

Take these thoughts to consideration. Those of you who desire to go out to carry My Message, you need to be qualified Mentally, Spiritually and Financially. If you are expressing limitations, lacks and wants, adverse and undesirable conditions, you are not expressing and manifesting the Positive, for the Positive is PERFECTION. It is indeed Wonderful! Once again I wish to say to those desiring to go out to carry My Message from time to time, as a special Message to be established in any other city or town, remember, you must go absolutely independent to person or persons as far as individuals are concerned, and rely upon the Fundamental of this Truth and stand independent to those with whom you come in contact. If you do not, you are not rightfully and righteously carrying My Message. You can preach CHRIST in deeds and in actions, more than in words. You are preaching CHRIST in deeds and in actions when you are expressing the Abundance of the Fullness of all good things. That is the purpose for which CHRIST came, that He might redeem mankind and bring him back to the Garden of Eden, from whence he was driven. profitable way of expression, and they get the desirable results.


Tree is Known by Its Fruit

The Garden of Eden was a place of the Abundance of the Fullness, and the stressful thought that was conveyed to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden was to Eat and Enjoy themselves and Dress the Garden. Eating was one of the main essentials, and there was an Abundance there as well as to eat. It was not to eat sparingly, but a Full and a Plenty -- to partake of every tree saving the Tree of KNOWLEDGE of good and of evil. Through the violation of the law, man was driven from the Garden of Eden, and the CHRIST Consciousness came as the FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLE to redeem man that he might have a right to the TREE of LIFE and enter back into this State of Consciousness where there is a Full and a Plenty. There is no need for none of you, or for any of you, or one of you to tell ME you are expressing ME when you are expressing lacks, wants, adverse and undesirable conditions.

Take these thoughts to consideration. The time has truly come when the tree is known by the fruit it bears. It is indeed Wonderful! There are thousands who claim to believe in ME, desiring to live in the old Adamic state of consciousness and think they can get back to the TREE of LIFE from which they were driven -- they think they can get back there and live in the Adamic state of consciousness. If you are living in Adam, you cannot expect to get your rightful inheritance. In JESUS the CHRIST is the only way to return and enter into the Kingdom, of which is back to the Garden of Eden. It is indeed Wonderful! profitable way of expression, and they get the desirable results.


The Mind as a Field

When you shall have come through the CHRIST Consciousness, and lived therein, the Abundance of the Fullness of all good things will be where you are, even as it is where I AM. It is indeed Wonderful! And if perchance there would be an appearance of a lack or a want or limitation, such seeds are impractical -- they are undesirable, they are unprofitable, therefore, I would not sow them. If there would be an appearance of a seed of the tare to be reflected in your experiences, if you are conscious of GOD'S Presence, you would deny negation, you would deny limitations, you would deny the adverse conditions and you would refuse to sow them. You would refuse to reproduce them, you would refuse to snapshot them, you would refuse to broadcast them over your radios; you would refuse to talk them over your telephone, you would ignore them completely, and would not give them any ground to enter in your state of consciousness. I know the seeds that were sown, after which the enemy came and sowed tares; nevertheless, it is for you to ROOT UP such seeds or such plants that will spring up, and completely ignore them instead of reproducing them and transplanting them in your field. It is indeed Wonderful!

Know ye not that your bodies are as fields, and especially your mind, your mentality? Your mentality is as a field. The seed ideas that are sown therein, you will produce them for someone, if not for yourselves. The seed ideas of Perfection, the seeds ideas of Positiveness, the seeds ideas of Desirableness, the seed ideas of Profitableness and every desirable idea of an expression, I sow such seeds in the consciousness of the people, that they might be reproduced and brought to fruition, and eventually the time will come, we will have a Full and a Plenty of such seed ideas, and of such fruit of such seed ideas that are being sown in the mind of men. It is indeed Wonderful! I AM sowing them and I AM striving to get you to sow the same. The POSITIVE, the PERFECT, the PURE, the DESIRABLE, the REAL, the TRUE; sow these seeds at all times, and refuse to sow the simplest seed idea of negation or negativeness or any undesirable expression, for such would be the destruction of the coming Generation, to establish fields or worlds of negation through sowing seed ideas of negativeness.

Take these thoughts to consideration. Live in this Recognition, giving GOD the Praise continually. Give thanks continually at the remembrance of His Presence, recognizing the Presence of GOD wheresoever you are. Allow these thoughts to be uppermost in your consciousness and you will find in the "Upper State" of My Consciousness, negation and negativeness and un profitableness and impracticalness, do not grow! The climate in the "Upper State" of My Consciousness is not suitable for those negative seed ideas that mortality is sowing in the consciousness of men. It is not the climate in which negation grows, neither is it the climate in which un profitableness and impracticalness grows. It is indeed Wonderful! Nothing but the DESIRABLE, the PURE, the TRUE, the PRACTICAL, the USEFUL and every desirable expression that will work for the highest good of the people and for the establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven, only such we will produce in our state -- especially in the "Upper State" of our Consciousness, for the climate will not produce negation nor any such fruit that grows down in the mortal state of consciousness. I thank you!



Testimony of a Brother regarding the above Message


Given at the Holy Communion Table at Woodmont
Sunday, January 29, 1984 A.D. 38 F. D., Time -- 11:05 A.M.


The Message FATHER gave almost fifty years ago -- April 5, 1934, entitled "The Garden of Eden was a Place of Abundance -- in MY 'Upper State of Consciousness' I do not have time to think of Adverse Conditions" was read by MOTHER DIVINE on a tape recording heard on this occasion. A brother who was with FATHER at the time it was given in the slums of New York City was caught up by the thought of FATHER'S wonderful accomplishments in those fifty years. Operating among the destitute, the gangsters, the sick and ill famed, HE caused those who came to HIM to be independent, law-abiding citizens and play their part in lifting up the high Standard which the Mount of the House of the Lord represents, materially as well as mentally and spiritually. The Brother said in part: At that time you could not see such a thing as this would ever come about. It is just wonderful how the Message was given in the same frame and the same Spirit as we hear it today up here in Woodmont. You would say at that time it could not be; from the evidence in Harlem and the things that were carried on there, it could not be. But look at this time in 1984 and we have the very same Message and the evidence is so positive now. If, sitting at 20 West 115th Street you could have looked forward, how could you imagine being blessed as Woodmont is blessed. There were race riots and everything was going on like that and yet to get a Message where FATHER speaks on the Positive and where we are living now, you would say it was too far in advance. If you could look back from here and see the evidence as demonstrated at that particular time and at that locale, yet this being reproduced here at Woodmont and in Philadelphia, it would verify the fact that FATHER'S Words were Positive and you would say HE knew what HE was talking about.

Take it from 1984, fifty years from now! It struck me FATHER is away ahead of us, preparing the way. How do we know what the next fifty years will bring? It just dawned on me isn't it Wonderful? As I remember 115th Street, it was no bed of roses from any angle, neither were those that heard the Message, nor the evidence of surrounding things, but FATHER was lifting us to this degree.

It is wonderful to comprehend these things that HE has established and brought about and to have lived then and had that experience. It is indeed Wonderful!






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It is also nice to give credit where credit is due for through the Spirit and Teaching of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE you are and can eternally be abundantly blessed.

From all of us to all of you. we wish you, peace and love, and many blessings, and may we all ever live in unity and brotherhood and the Consciousness of GOD'S Actual Ever Presence.

True Americanism, True Brotherhood, True Christianity, True Judaism and All True Religions are synonymous and truly Our GOD is One GOD. Amen

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