FATHER'S Letter to President Roosevelt' JUNE 30, 1937 and to various personages
whom HE invited to attend the Divine Greenkill opening,
sent Special Delivery Registered Air Mail, Return Receipt Requested.


FATHER DIVINE'S Invitation Ignored by State Officials



FATHER DIVINE"S Office, Woodmont.

FATHER DIVINE"S Office, Woodmont.







Taken from The "Spoken Word" - July 24, 1937 A.D.F.D.



Commentary: From FATHER DIVINE'S Office copies of significant letters have been released for publication which are of striking import. They are addressed to President Roosevelt, Chief Justice Hughes, Governor Lehman and many others. Each letter is a Personal Invitation from FATHER DIVINE to attend the recent opening of the many properties of the followers' in Ulster County, N. Y. known as the Promised Land and to have a seat at HIS Banquet Table.

Only a few of the dignitaries addressed replied to the invitation.

In striking connection with this event it was observed that on July 11th FATHER DIVINE announced in a Message of unusual directness and power, that HE was about to present HIMSELF, HIS MISSION and HIS Righteous Government to the world and its rulers for acceptance or rejection and that if HE and HIS Program are rejected, the final woes prophesied will soon begin.





JUNE 30, 1937 A.D.F.D.

Mr. Franklin Delano Roosevelt
President of the United States
White House
Washington, D.C.

Dear Mr. President:--

I write as I wish to advise a number of the followers of Mine have purchased the Greenkill Park near Kingston, New York, and are having a general Opening at the above said place on July the 8th and 9th.

As their Spiritual Advisor, Spiritual Leader and Instructor of the true morals of true Christianity, to make them real, tangible and practical as a living factor, the honor has been conferred upon ME to christen the above-said place of amusement into the true morals and the Standard of Christianity, according to MY Version.

I do hereby request the honor of your presence and your Cabinet on the above-said dates, as an endorsement of the act of MY endeavors to bring about a moral betterment generally by your cooperation in eliminating all of the vice and immodest habits among the amusement Enthusiasts, such as smoking, drinking, swearing and using profane and obscene language, in the act of getting at the root of vice and crime, to eliminate all corruption from among us.

Through having the honor of your presence as an endorsement to MY Religious, Political, Social and Intellectual endeavors, we will be able to accomplish great things along that line, that Righteousness, Justice and Truth might be established among all mankind.

We are anticipating having a Righteous Government Meeting according to MY Righteous Government Platform on the above said dates, and would appreciate having you as our Guest Speaker on either one of these days, as MY Work and Mission, though Spiritual, are more political, social and moral, than actually religious as the average person classes religion.

If it is not possible for you to visit with us the full length of the time of the outing, we will appreciate your visit as much of that time as it is convenient for you and those of whom you may bring. Please kindly drop ME a card and let ME know whether we shall expect the honor of your presence.

With best wishes, this leaves ME Well, Healthy, Joyful, Peaceful, Lively, Loving, Successful, Prosperous and Happy in Spirit, body and Mind and in every organ, muscle, sinew, joint, limb, vein and bone and even in every atom, fibre and cell of MY Bodily form.

Respectfully and Sincere, I AM
(Better known as FATHER DIVINE)


P. S. It is further understood that we anticipate you being our honored Guest at our Banquets and Luncheons whilst there, which will be served at regular hours.





Comment: This same letter was sent to each of the following including President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Chief Justice Hughes of Washington, D.C., Governor Herbert H. Lehman, New York, Attorney Harry I. Huber, Jamaica, L. I., N. Y., Captain Millard J. Bloomer, Bronx, N. Y, Reverend Father Ford, NYC, N. Y, Hon. Jonah J. Goldstein, NyC, N. Y, Hon. V. F. Ridder, NYC, N. Y., Mayor of Kingston, N. Y. John Schwenck, Hon. Allen J. Woods, Kingston, N. Y., Hon. K. Edward Conway, Kingston, N. Y., Hon. Cleon B. Murray, D.A., Kingston, N. Y., Archbishop W. H. Francis, NYC, N. Y., Dr. Joseph Broadman, NYC, N. Y.

(The only invitation from FATHER DIVINE accepted was from Captain Millard J. Bloomer, who brought his friend Mr. Graham Booz who were present during the whole trip to the Divine Greenkill Park Demonstration. )

(The only acknowledgment by letters were from Attorney Huber, who was unable to come because of his wife's health; Secretary to Father Ford, had other commitments; Hon. Jonah J. Goldstein, had another engagement; Archbishop Francis accepted, but did not show, however, in another letter from FATHER inquiring why, he wrote that circumstances beyond his control caused him not to be present; Dr. Joseph Broadman accepted, but was not present at the demonstration.)







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