"In Peace Times, When the Light of Liberty Has Been Allowed to Glow a Little
and Shed Some of its Rays in the Gloom of a Darkened World,
I Have Striven to Instill the Spirit of Hope, of Progressiveness, of Advancement,
of Success, Prosperity and Peace." ---FATHER DIVINE


FATHER DIVINE Peace Stamps and Stressing the Necessity of Harmonization, Cooperation and Unification.

764-772 Broad Street
Philadelphia 47, PA
September 10, 1950 A.D.F.D.

A Peace Stamp

Miss Eternal Love, President
Circle Mission Church, Home and
Training School Inc. of Australia
The Patch
Victoria, Australia

Miss Love:

I have just received your letter of the 1st instant informing ME that you are sending to your Prime Minister a copy of The New Day which carries My Proposal that Australia and New Zealand become the forty-ninth State of the United States and I AM responding to endorse your act, for the message of Truth I AM conveying is the Salvation of the nations, as well as individuals, as they heed My Words if Wisdom.

In taking a retrospective look into the international strife and upheaval on this globe (during the last decade especially) one can see how it all could have been avoided if the various leaders of the people and heads of government would have taken cognizance of the different proposals I have made from time to time in an effort to evade the oncoming tides of inhuman and even barbaric warfare.

In nineteen hundred and thirty-eight, when war was brewing in Europe and before the avalanche of war enveloped and involved this country, I made a proposal that would have not only saved this nation the loss of countless lives and millions of dollars, but would have instigated and motivated peace and prosperity abroad. On September 20, 1938 A.D.F.D. I sent cables to Chancellor Hitler, Prime Minister Chamberlain, Premier Daladier, President Benes and President Roosevelt, suggesting to them firstly (and then sending the message around the world on My Peace Stamp):

'Why not propose purchase of coveted Czechoslovakian territory, with Sudetens helping to pay for annexation, substituting cooperation and Peace for terrible inhuman warfare consequences?"

On this same Peace Stamp I endorsed the word of the late President Roosevelt when he said,

'It is my Conviction that all people under the threat of war to-day Pray that Peace may be made BEFORE, rather than AFTER war."
President Roosevelt

Since this advice and desire was ignored, I again made an effort to curb the tidal wave of destruction and devastation that was rising, when I sent telegrams to President Roosevelt, Vice President Garner and U. S. Senate, Honorable Bankhead, House of Representatives, Secretary of State Hull and Secretary of War Woodring on December 9, 1939 A.D.F.D.:

'Why not unite the three Americas as a national and international defense for Peace? Let there be THE UNITED COUNTRIES OF AMERICA even as this is the United States of America; if not I propose that the United States purchase Central and South America, and make all the Americas one Democracy."

This Proposal was considered irrational and preposterous by some, but the total cost of the war that resulted when they failed to harmonize with My Views, has been estimated to be far greater than the price of Central and South America would have been; for the lives alone that were lost in World War II could not be calculated in dollars and cents.

Even though they again refused to apply My Suggestions as a solution to world conflicts and strife I still persisted in My Endeavors to establish Peace universally, and in another Peace Stamp I declared on January 12, 1944 A.D.F.D., when the war was in swing:

'For Victory let all the allies unite consolidatedly and every American citizen buy bonds unlimitedly for Victory and a Just and Lasting Peace; and for reconstruction, mass production, rescuing the perishing and to care for the dying. The axis will unconditionally surrender by sending an ambassage desiring conditions of Peace." (See St. Luke 14: 31, 32)

I requested the American citizens to buy bonds unlimitedly in accordance with the 31st verse of the 14th Chapter of St. Luke;

'Or what king, going to make war against another king, sitteth not down first, and consulteth whether he be able with ten thousand to meet him that cometh against him with twenty thousand?'

Then in fulfillment of the 32nd verse I sent a V-letter to Premier Hirohito, appealing to him to surrender. St. Luke 14: 32 states:

'Or else, while the other is yet a great way off, he sendeth an ambassage, and desireth conditions of peace.'

On July 6, 1944 A.D.F.D. I released another proposal in the form of another Peace Stamp to promote a Just and Lasting Peace;

'Why not propose at the international conference of nations, the unification of all the mutual and allied sovereignties of the universe and let the united countries of the world be one big universal allied sovereignty? "By the unity of spirit, mind, aim and of purpose, let all of the allied sovereignties unite consolidatedly and the four freedoms will be made a reality!"

It was on May 9th, 1945 A.D.F.D. that I wrote Hirohito, urging him to surrender for humanity's sake and the redemption of millions of bodies; but he did not heed the warning and on August 5th, 1945 A.D.F.D. an atomic Bomb was dropped on Hiroshima causing great destruction. On August 8th, three days later, as second atomic Bomb was dropped, this time on Nagasaki, an important shipping and industrial city in southern Japan. One third of this city was obliterated! Then, on August 14th, 1945 A.D.F.D. Japan surrendered unconditionally.

If Hirohito had considered My Proposal and Warning he would have spared much death, disaster and destruction!

In every instance and on every issue My Thoughts have been for the safeguarding of innocent people and for the promotion of Peace and Good Will among men; but continually they have been rejected and cast aside by those who could apply them for the benefit of humanity generally and bring great relief and freedom from bloodshed and warfare, strife and confusion, destruction and annihilation!

Just before the close of World War II, however, the passing of our beloved President Franklin Delano Roosevelt shook the world, and especially the confidence, the courage and the hope of thousands of Americans who had faith in him. So then, to boost their morale, to impregnate zeal in their hearts and minds and provide a lively hope and vision that they might not perish, I sent out words of Courage and Consolation; for even though the war was won abroad, the Home Front was suffering.

Thus, even in Peace times, when the Light of Liberty has been allowed to glow a little and shed some of its rays in the gloom of a darkened world, I have striven to instill the Spirit of Hope, of Progressiveness, of Advancement, of Success, Prosperity and Peace by stressing the necessity of harmonization, cooperation and unification on the Home Front, as well as abroad.

Therefore, to conquer the poverty, the oppression and depressing and sorrowful aftermath consequences that follow the wake of warfare and hostility I issued still another Stamp, emphasizing the growing need and the great essentiality of unification on the Home Front, and petitioning the inhabitants of the United States especially, to unify whole-heartedly and unrestrainedly and win the conflicts of prejudice, bigotry, segregation and discrimination within our own borders, that the lives of those who so nobly fought and died in that horrible war and the sacrifices made by those who remained might not have been in vain.

For these Righteous causes I sent the Message forth on October 23, 1945 A.D.F.D.:

'For Reconversion, Reconstruction and Mass Production for Universal Unity and Tranquility; for the Peace we must now win, Unite Consolidatedly again, and Buy Bonds Unlimitedly -- the Victory of PEACE to win. By the Unity of Spirit, of Mind, of Aim and of Purpose we have won the Victory Universally and shall win it from every angle expressible. "To bring an abolition to the possibility of inflation, depressions, panics and famines, let us UNITE on the Home Front and let there be no division and we will have a perfect Union that is called for by our Constitution, and the Universal Brotherhood of man will be made a living reality."

In nineteen hundred and forty-six, when the economic situation was tense and strained, I petitioned Speaker Honorable Sam Reyburn to enforce price control regulations that would rescue the common people from the throes of inflation and save them from the vices of speculators, of the grafty and greedy who took advantage of the hireling, the widow, the orphans and the little business man.

To further secure the rights of the minority and extend prosperity to all, I appealed to the Honorable Sam Reyburn to assist in promoting the virtues of more forceful Price Control regulations. My Appeal to him was released to the world at large on a Peace Stamp, which quotes My Message to him verbatim, proceeding as follows:

'Peace Everyone
July 1, 1946 A.D.F.D.
Speaker Hon. Sam Reyburn
Joint Session of Congress
House of Representatives
Washington, D.C.
A greater Memorial by Congress to our late President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, would be the passage of an extension of forceful OPA regulations of price control according to the request of our present President, Harry S. Truman.

Then, in December of nineteen forty-six, when the site for the United Nations Secretariat Building -- the Headquarters for the UN -- was being contemplated, I suggested Philadelphia as the ideal place and location. I contacted Mr. Trygve Lie to this effect, issuing another Peace Stamp carrying the Message also. I quote herewith:

'His Excellency, Mr. Trygve Lie
Sec. Gen. Of the United Nations
Flushing Manors, Lake Success, N. Y.
Telegram: The UN, Dec. 9, 1946 A.D.F.D.
I repeat My Proposal:
I propose that the UN accept of Philadelphia as the capital of the United Countries of the World, as this is the Cradle of Democracy. Let us establish the foundation of the universal Brotherhood of man and make this the country seat of the United Sovereignties of the World!
(Signed) REV. M. J. DIVINE), (Better known as FATHER DIVINE)

My Proposal this time was not complied with, as a great financier donated the land for the Headquarters in New York City. Nevertheless, I AM undaunted in My Determination to bring about the perfection of Democracy as it should be exemplified, and I have through My Spirit, made Philadelphia the Country Seat of the United Sovereignties of the World. The people are automatically flocking here. They are coming in great delegations from far and near. Many national Conventions are being held here in this City of Brotherly Love, for the masses are drawn to behold the Great Work of Righteousness that has been lifted and established for the whole world to copy after!

This time I AM fulfilling My Own Proposal! I AM uniting the people together and establishing the Foundation of the Universal Brotherhood of Man right here in this Noble City -- the City of Brotherly Love, of which I AM making a living reality!

Whatsoever I have ever Proposed is Right and is for the Good of mankind universally. Therefore, I have not left it for others to do this time! I have done it MYSELF! This is the Great Country Seat of the World, officially or unofficially recognized as accomplished!

This Standard I have lifted is breaking down every false concept. It is casting out every foe of Righteousness and dispelling all that is in opposition to Democracy and our Constitution. Not merely where I AM Personally functioning are these things being done, but even in far away Australia My Spirit is giving the under- privileged a fair and square chance; yea, it is giving them the Same Rights.

On June 11, 1947 A.D.F.D. there appeared on a Peace Stamp My Appeal:

'To the President of the United States of today: "I appeal to you and every representative and senator in accord -- for the salvation of yourselves and your subjects here and at large, you had better make laws immediately to bring an end to segregation and discrimination and to bring an end to the rights of states that are unconstitutional, to have their sovereign rights. "I appeal to the Federal Government and its representatives to cross the borders of all sovereign states and break every state law that is unconstitutional and that will endorse murder, vice and crime such as those of many of the states of the Union. The time is out for that!
REV. M. J. DIVINE, Ms. D., (Better known as FATHER DIVINE)

Action in this matter has not been legally taken in a great measure, but extremely noticeable is the change in attitude of many; for My Spirit is actually changing the tides of governmental affairs by changing the hearts and minds of men firstly. My Spirit got in when the door was shut, locked and barred! My Spirit transcended limitations and barriers and now in some of the deepest parts of the South the boundaries of division, discrimination and segregation are being eradicated. Many Ministers of the Gospel, Representatives of the Cloth and others have testified to the disappearance of hostility, animosity, prejudice and racial hatred where it has heretofore existed in abundance.

Where the under-privileged have been denied many of their Constitutional Rights and Privileges they are now coming into possession of them. In some instances their right of franchise has been recently granted them! Greater freedom and less discrimination is in evidence in many places that were steeped in prejudice!

With or without the Anti-Lynching Bill My Spirit is eradicating the spirit of murder, of vice and crime! My Spirit is contagionizing the atmosphere with Love and Brotherhood by which this nation shall have its New Birth of Freedom under GOD! This Birth of Freedom is truly the starting point of a Glorious Universal Utopian Government which shall spread and spread until it eventually encompasses the entire globe and dominates completely all erroneousness of division and strife!

Once and forever, the Banner of Righteousness, of Freedom, of Peace and Love shall wave over the peoples of the earth as My Spirit Triumphs Victoriously over all oppositions and rules in the affairs of men universally!

In subsequent Peace Stamps and Messages I have made proclamations, declarations and predictions. I proclaimed the Twenty-ninth Day of April an International, Universal, Interracial Holiday, commemorating the Marriage of CHRIST to His Creation, yea, GOD to His Spotless Church -- His Spotless Virgin Bride -- to universalize Democracy, Americanism, Christianity and Judaism as synonymous, and to bring about the Universal Brotherhood of man and the propagation of Virtue, Honesty and Truth!

I declared,

'This is GOD'S Administration! And all nations, this whole generation and even our present civilization shall have a new birth of freedom under GOD, for I declare that Americanism, Brotherhood, Democracy, Christianity and Judaism are synonymous.'

I predicted that,

'Hereafter, all nations shall be guided by the pendulum of equilibrium which I have started swinging in the defense of humanity generally and for the preservation of Peace universally.'

I have affirmed that,

'By intuition and by scientific geographic inspiration I AM moving in all nations and I AM bringing all people together. I have broken that line of demarcation, but it is only being shown gradually in the present different demonstrations.'

Then I further declared our Chief Executive to be a Minister of GOD to thee for Good, for I inspired him to permit them to make the H-Bomb!

'Now the axis or any other aggressor nation that would desire to rise in opposition to this one, with the right concept of common sense, they would know they would be subject to total destruction if they would rise in opposition to this nation!'

In reviewing My many proposals, declarations, affirmations and proclamations one can note with an eye of discernment that they have been for the Preservation of Peace among men and the establishment of Brotherhood on earth. I have not confined My Righteous Desires to the welfare of this nation alone, but for the deliverance of humanity generally I make My Proposals.

For this cause, I have recently suggested that Australia and New Zealand become the forty-ninth state of the United States. Such a union would not only stave off the threat of war from the aggressor nations but would induce a mutual relationship between this country as a whole and that of Australia and New Zealand that would be beneficial to all concerned; for united we stand but divided we fall!

Certainly, unification with a prosperous and free country would be far more appealing and advantageous than to be captured by an aggressor nation and be under the domain of warlords and greedy rulers.

Therefore, I appeal to those in authority to take into consideration the present rising threats of the warmongers as they reveal their evil intents in their ruthless actions!

In Korea now, the war is raging! The fires that were kindled by greed and hatred have burst into flames! And I suggest, for the freedom of Peace-loving people, that we quench this fire with Unification at home and abroad! Let us put out this holocaust -- this merciless slaughtering -- with Brotherhood and Democracy applied according to the Gospel; and let us be united against the enemies of this present civilization, and root out all tyranny, strife and un-evangelical, undemocratic and uncivilized undercurrents that threaten the stability of our future freedom and peace!

I AM glad, indeed, to hear of the unification of the Churches there in Australia -- the Circle Mission Church and the Unity Mission Church and others -- for these Churches are samples and examples My Spirit has erected in the midst of confusion to bring about Brotherhood and Peace! I AM glad to know of the Dedication of the newly acquired property there in Australia, consecrating it to Democracy, Americanism and true Evangelism to pioneer in the fields of Unity and Peace and to establish them in reality; for Charity begins at home and spreads abroad

Thus, as you unify, unify, unify! in heart and mind and be as one man at Jerusalem, nothing will be restrained from you to do, that which you have imagined to do. All things will be possible for you to accomplish. The trail will automatically be blazed for you that you, in unison, might realize the Perfection My Spirit can and will produce for you continually.

Hence, may I Will that this proposal be considered, for I would that those who desire to, might be free from chaos, division and strife and gain the privilege of becoming to be even as this leaves ME, for I AM even as I shall Eternally remain, ever Well, Healthy, Joyful, Peaceful, Lively, Loving, Successful, Prosperous and Happy in Spirit, Body and Mind and even in every organ, muscle, sinew, joint, limb, vein and bone and even in every ATOM, fibre and cell of My Bodily Form.

Respectfully and Sincere, I AM
REV. M. J. DIVINE, Ms. D., D. D., (Better known as FATHER DIVINE)






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