"FATHER, we love YOU for what YOU are doing!"

'Christ Drank of the Poignant Cup of Death for Us to Live. Likewise this Marriage,
Our One Salvation, Is to Free Us from the Curse of Sin."

"YOU are an Example for the Womanhood of this Nation!" --- Atty. J. Austin Norris.

It's Wonderful to See So Many People under One Roof Able to See GOD! ---Miss Bernese Williamson, Ms. D. of Hisacres, Wash., D.C.

"I Will Preach Christ in Words, but More So in Deeds and in Actions.
I Will Put My Spirit in the People and Cause Them to Walk in My Statutes!"







During Dedication Banquet Held in the Penthouse Dining Room Whilst at the Holy Communion Table
in the Divine Lorraine Hotel Broad Street and Ridge and Fairmount Avenues,
Friday Evening and Saturday Morning September 11-12, 1953 A.D.F.D., Time -- 2:00 A.M.



The Holy Communion Table at
The Divine Lorraine Hotel, Philadelphia, PA.

The Holy Communion Table at The Divine Lorraine Hotel, Philadelphia, PA.



(Our Beloved MOTHER speaks firstly as follows:)


PEACE, FATHER Dear and PEACE EVERYONE: FATHER Dear, I truly feel this evening, if some of us don't Praise GOD, the stones would cry out, FATHER, for YOUR Marvelous and Wonderful Works to the children of men! GOD Almighty, we appreciate YOU! (MOTHER swings high Her beautiful Arms in the Power of the Holy Spirit and the entire vast Assembly is caught up!) When I think of what FATHER DIVINE means to this world, it is breathtaking!

FATHER, we love YOU for what YOU are doing! (Thunderous applause resounds with the whole Congregation sanctioning this.) FATHER, YOU did not have to come and tell us that YOU were GOD Almighty, condescended to come in a Beautiful, Holy Bodily Form, but YOU just said,

'I Will Preach CHRIST in Words but more so in Deeds and in Actions and I will put My Spirit in the people and cause them to walk in My Statutes!'

FATHER Dear, that is what YOU have done! That is why the world is beginning to realize YOUR Deity, My Dear! YOU don't have to say it -- YOUR BEAUTIFUL WORKS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES! ("Yes, yes!" sanctions the vast Assembly.)

FATHER, everything YOU do, YOU do for the Good of All Humanity in YOUR Meek and Lowly and Humble Way! FATHER, we appreciate YOU, for YOUR Selflessness -- because, FATHER Dear, YOU do everything for us and think so little of Yourself! (Thunderous applause and cheers again sanction MOTHER'S Words.)

Nobody to whom it has not been revealed, or they have not taken the time to learn of FATHER, can they realize now how much HE loves humanity! -- how much HE strives to serve them and lift them and heal them and bless them! If the world would just come and See or just Think Harmoniously on the Beautiful, Holy Body of GOD! If you are in Australia, if you are in Asia or if you are Africa, it does not matter: GOD, FATHER DIVINE, is right there with you! ("So true!" came the sanction.) It has been proven! Those over there have the same Results! They are living in this Abundance because they are conscious of the Personification of GOD Almighty . . . Heaven here on Earth! . . . not somewhere millions of miles away. This is the way it was to come; but did it not say that HE would come as a thief in the night? ("Yes, MOTHER, so true!" came the sanction.) Yes, GOD Almighty, FATHER DIVINE, has been revealing HIMSELF to the children of men for the past fifty years but they are just beginning to realize the Marvelous Works HE has done! (Loud applause rings out.)

When you think, in Sayville thirty years ago HE was feeding the people and housing them GRATIS -- not taking a penny! And the THOUSANDS that would come there when it was under His Personal Jurisdiction! That is what HE is trying to teach his Followers now -- and some day HE is going to feed the whole world just like HE fed them and housed them in Sayville, Long Island -- when the world is WORTHY of it! (Again thunderous applause rings out.)

Oh, it is so wonderful! And FATHER dear, I appreciate this Beautiful, Holy Life that YOU have taught us to live -- that YOU have put YOUR Spirit and YOUR Mind in us to desire to Live; to Love to live this Life of Virtue, FATHER Dear! Oh, it is so marvelous to live as Mary, the Mother of Jesus, lived, and to personify in our daily lives, the Holiness of Jesus, FATHER Dear! And if YOU Personally had not been the PERSONIFICATION of it, and had been the Sample and the Example for us, millions of YOUR Followers could not do it, FATHER Dear! ("So true!" again sanctioned the Assembly in one accord.) But that is WHY -- because YOU ARE IT, FATHER; YOU ARE IT! And if a person just desires to live this Life and will be Honest and Sincere, GOD will Bless you! GOD will give you the Power and the Strength to LIVE this Holy Life!

Many don't want to try because they think they can't do it. It is Perfection -- that's why! (Thunderous applause rings out.) But that is why FATHER DIVINE came in a Body -- to show us that we can live a Holy, Virtuous Life here on Earth, that we might live Eternally and not die! Man wants to Live -- not die! Everybody wants to Live! That is why FATHER DIVINE is teaching us to be Honest, to be Competent, to be True; to be free from graft and greed and selfishness and segregation and division; all of those things have the seeds of Death in them! But if you will love your brother as you love yourself, and you will love the LORD your GOD with all your heart, your soul, your mind and your strength, then you will not be yourself but you will be GOD reincarnated! -- His Son, just as Jesus was nineteen hundred years ago. That is your inheritance!

Oh, if mankind would only Wake Up and Live! GOD IS HERE! (Again MOTHER is caught up and swings around in the Power of the Holy Ghost which also electrifies and overshadows the Assembly with the joy of the Holy Spirit.) Heaven Is Here On Earth! Oh, it is Wonderful, FATHER Dear! We Appreciate YOU! We love YOU for all of this! ("Oh yes, so true!" came the response.)

Words could not begin to tell. FATHER, we could talk and talk! Oh, but FATHER, let us, in our Deeds and Actions, just Personify YOUR Nature and YOUR Characteristics, that we might go forth as a Blessing to the world even as YOU have! I thank YOU, FATHER Dear!


(Again thunderous applause and cheers ring out. Shortly thereafter, one of the Rosebuds, Miss Sweete Reality,
arose to speak earnestly, just after the entire Congregation had sung the famous inspirational composition,
"I Know YOU ARE GOD!" Miss Reality spoke volitionally as follows:)


Peace, FATHER Dear; Peace, MOTHER and Peace, Everyone: Whenever we sing that song I know we all retrace our thoughts back to that conviction that MOTHER married: "I Know YOU ARE GOD!" And MOTHER, as YOU said, if we don't praise FATHER, the very rocks will cry out and praise HIM! (Loud applause rings out.)

I thank YOU, FATHER that we have a Virgin MOTHER today! FATHER Dear, we all Love MOTHER! -- We Reverence Her and we want to Serve Her from the very depths of our heart, even as YOU, because we know that SHE is YOUR Helpmate! (Thunderous applause and cheers sanction this.) FATHER Dear, we can say that MOTHER is truly a Sample and an Example for all of us to follow! MOTHER is the Answer to the Rosebuds' Prayer! We prayed that we might have a Virgin MOTHER -- that we might have Someone Who would please GOD. And then YOU reached out into a far country and brought us our Holy Virgin MOTHER, and we truly Love Her! (Again thunderous applause and cheers resound from the joyful Assembly.)

FATHER Dear, I thank YOU for this little inspiration, "The Queen of Virginity!" (She recites:)

'Since She is possessed by the Omnipotent, arrayed in His Holiness;
Since She has been rooted in the very depths of His Love, of His Virtue, of His Sacredness,
Since She is His Mercy, His Heartbeat, attuned to His Own Life's
Heart Throb, and of His Attributes -- Perfection
MOTHER, Queen of Virginity, is GOD.

She is wholly united, One in Spirit, One in Mind, in Purpose and Aim.
She is solely the Nature of Her GOD, and thereby, the Bearer of His Name.
She is so Pure! Behold Her! Her Holiness outshines the Sun.
She is the Fashion of His Own Heart; She is GOD -- for the Twain is One.

In Glory She reigns beside Him, Queen of Virginity, overshadowed by
the Spirit of Almighty GOD, One in Whom HE is so well pleased.
Out of need, from the hearts of Rosebuds, there arose a contrite real prayer
For just One, in heaven on earth, worthy to reign with Him there.

Then speedily, Love moved the Almighty, and as never before;
The whole world was illumined with a New Life, by a Marriage that defies all law.
This Marriage is Sacred and Holy, and an offering of Virtue to all.
Forsake not this Everlasting Life, for death is as bitter as gall.

Christ drank of the poignant cup of death; for us to live, He rose again.
Likewise this Marriage, our one Salvation, is to free us from the curse of sin.
Though He suffered death, still it was Life -- by His Stripes we were healed in that day.
"I know YOU Are GOD",
It is through this Conviction we are saved!

Her Conviction sought out our Savior, found HIM reaching in countries
abroad; for One not only willing, but Who would actually serve Her LORD!
Her Conviction made many righteous, by Her Strength we can serve GOD
aright; Her Conviction has produced pure Virgins, and preserved His Heart's Delight.

Her Conviction touched the Heart of Our FATHER with pity for a people distressed;
Her Conviction gave Vigor and Life anew to a faith decayed -- spiritless;
Her Conviction came through Love unselfish for all people to be Blessed as She;
Her Conviction bound us to our GOD; yet, It has

In our great hour of need, MOTHER'S Arms were outstretched that we might be redeemed from among men
And Her Eyes of Mercy look up to Her LORD, pleading for a people in sin.
MOTHER Dear, we reverence Thee for paving the way, by making a legal appeal, wherein You are Crowned the Queen of Virginity,



(Loud applause rings out -- then a little later, Attorney J. Austin Norris rises to speak in all sincerity as follows:)


Peace, FATHER; Peace, MOTHER; Peace Everybody: Of course, I'm glad to be here and again join in commemorating another important event in the life of the Peace Movement; but if I had to come miles to reach here, I would feel that I was fully repaid after hearing the eloquent Speech of MOTHER DIVINE! (Loud applause resounds.) I don't know when I've been so moved by words, as by Her Utterance! Straightforward! Sincere! An expression of a Wife about a Husband; a DIVINE Husband, but a Husband! And She summed up the whole philosophy of the Peace Movement when She said: "HE thinks of everyone and thinks so little of HIMSELF!" (Again the applause is thunderous.)

HE doesn't brag about forty-five suits of clothes and HE doesn't have any ermine cape! HIS is written in the SERVICE to a Thousand and Tens of Thousands of People all over the world! (Cheers and applause rings out.) No -- HE thinks so Much of Everyone and so Little of Himself! That's the testimony of the Person closest to HIM!

And, let me tell you, I was very impressed by this young lady's remarks about MOTHER DIVINE (indicating Miss Reality, the Rosebud.) Here is a young lady, beautiful, and, in a sense -- in a worldly sense as the public would view it -- making tremendous sacrifice for the benefit of mankind! (FATHER exclaims, "That's true!" Mr. Norris continues:) And I want YOU to know, MOTHER DIVINE, that those sacrifices are not in vain! (Thunderous applause sanctions this.) And You must know that they are not in vain, when You look at these young ladies in this audience! (MOTHER nods in agreement and says: "That's right!" Mr. Norris speaks on:) And when You receive the testimony of thousands that You don't know! I can tell You that YOU are an Example for the Womanhood of this Nation! (Thunderous applause sanctions this.)

And so, if it was an act of Deity as the young lady says -- from out of the wilds of Canada, searching the whole world, HE brings to HIMSELF THIS ONE and ONLY PERSON Who could serve in that capacity! (Cheers and applause ring out.) And in my association with the Movement I have seen Her grow in these years, and so have you, haven't you? ("Yes! Yes!" exclaims the Assembly.) And if we attribute that growth to the Spirit of FATHER DIVINE, or if we attribute it to His Goodness -- the Goodness of association -- I am not concerned with the source, I am concerned with the RESULTS! (Loud applause rings out.)

I was reminiscing on my way here tonight, on many virtues and contributions of the Peace Movement, and I concluded that the bedrock of the Peace Movement is not the dining table but the palatial homes in which the Followers live, and that FATHER DIVINE was a Forerunner of PUBLIC HOUSING in this Country! (Loud applause and cheers resound.) I know that the public speaks of the twenty-five of thirty cents meals; I know that they speak of the fifty-cent lodgings; I know that they speak of the Honesty of the Followers; I know that they speak of the Virtue of the Followers; I know they speak of the Self-respect that they ignite; I know they speak of their dignity. But I tell you, all of those virtues are linked with your housing! ALL OF IT COMES FROM WHERE YOU LIVE! I tell you that if you live in the slums, nine out of ten have all the vices of the slums; and the converse is true: That if you live in a palace you will, in time, assume the kingly and queenly airs of the palace!

I tell you that FATHER DIVINE, long before the government had awakened to this importance of Cause and Effect of housing on moral conduct; HE had seen the effect of circumstances, of surroundings, upon the conduct of people! ("It's true!" declared the entire Assembly.) And so everywhere in the land HE blessed the Followers to buy houses, fine houses! Moved them from the slums to fine places! Why, the FATHER DIVINE Followers are better housed than the middle-class of this Country! Nay, they are as well housed as the rich of this Country, aren't they? ("Yes, so true!" declared the Assembly, midst thunderous applause.) It's had its EFFECT upon your conduct!

You can't be honest, you can't be virtuous , you can't be decent to live in a pig sty -- but put you in a palace -- put you around different surroundings and it's easy for all of these virtues to flow from you! (MOTHER DIVINE exclaims: "It is wonderful!" Mr. Norris continues:) That is what HE knew, and HE recognized that long before anyone else! (Loud applause resounds.)

You know, a home, ladies and gentlemen, is not just brick, mortar and stone and land, it is a way of life! ("It's true!" came the sanction.) In a big city every little neighborhood is a way of life. If you go down to Sixth and Kater Street in the slums, it is a way of life! If you go in Mount Erie in Germantown, it is a way of life! The City Council, the City Government recognizes that and you have your zoning ordinances. Up in certain parts of the city every house must only house one family -- where, in the slums every room in the tenement houses a family! At nine o'clock at night at certain times, in certain sections of the city, the silence of the night is only broken by the tiny noises of insects, while down in the slums the rowdy fussing of the populace is heard late into the night! ("It's true!" again came the sanction from the Assembly.) And HE knew it! Put you in a palace and you will act like people that belong in a palace! -- and keep you in the slums and you will act like slum-runners! Why, HE could give you all the low-priced meals HE could possibly force down your throat and if you went back into the slums, every night you would forget His Teachings! It is the SURROUNDINGS that HE has given to the Followers -- the PALATIAL SURROUNDINGS!

Why, don't you know, in parts of the country, a piece of land -- the good earth -- the mother earth -- a piece, the OWNERSHIP of it is the difference between a patrician and a semi-slave -- between a patrician and a coolie! That's true in India! It's true in China! It's true in half the world! Land, the ownership of land, gives the sense of dignity. HE found it out long ago! (FATHER exclaims, "It's true!" Mr. Norris continues:) I say, HE IS THE FORERUNNER OF PUBLIC HOUSING! (Thunderous applause resounds.)

Way back in the twenties HE had Sayville and other palatial places in New York State. It was not until 1935 when the Federal Government came to the conclusion that one-third of the population of this Country was poorly housed! Roosevelt, in his notable speech in 1935 said, "We must do something, we must clear out the slums!" WHY? THEY FOUND THE LINK BETWEEN GOOD HOUSING AND CRIME!

Three-fourths of the crime committed in a city comes from the slums. And disease and pestilence and death strikes oftener there, than anywhere else. (FATHER exclaims, "It's true!" Mr. Norris continues:) And so, fifteen years before this government was alive and aware of the danger of the slums, FATHER DIVINE had already taken His Followers out of the slums! (Loud applause rings out.) And HE has done it by the united effort of all of you, hasn't HE? ("It's true!" exclaimed the joyful Assembly.) As one man has said, "I can take my finger and hit you with it and I'll break it; but if I take my fist I'll knock you down!" (FATHER says, "That's true!" Mr. Norris then indicates FATHER, saying:) That is what HE has done! HE HAS KNOCKED POOR HOUSING DOWN BY HAVING HIS FIST ROLLED UP WITH ALL YOU FOLLOWERS AND STRIKING AT IT! ("That's right !" exclaims the entire Assembly midst thunderous applause.)

Yes, I was at Woodmont! I stood at it's highest point and it is the highest point in Montgomery County! And I saw the sloping lands. I saw the farms and I saw the small dwellings on the riverside. I saw the river that feeds the mills. It is a panorama of beauty! And I stood there at the highest point with my head almost in the clouds. I could not help but indulging in some of the vanity of the eagle. I thought of his majesty when he spreads his wings and flies miles above the earth and says to himself, "I'm the king of the air!" And then I thought as I stood there, that I have a King when it comes to GRACE, when it comes to CHARITY, when it comes to GOODNESS, when it comes to GODLINESS! I have a KING -- a KING ON EARTH -- FATHER DIVINE! (Thunderous applause rings out.) Aren't you glad! ("So glad!" exclaims the joyous Assembly.) And so am I!



(As Attorney Norris resumed his seat, midst thunderous applause and cheers,
Dr. Bernese Williamson, who with a group of her students, had just entered the dining hall a little earlier in the Service,
stepped forward to the microphone to speak as follows:)


Peace, FATHER; Peace, MOTHER; Peace, Everyone: I don't know why I got up behind such an orator because I'm not a speaker. I want to say first, I have been stressing ONENESS so much in Washington, that I would like to have just said, "Peace, FATHER!" and that would have included everyone; because I think even as everyone of you desire to be ONE with GOD, the whole world does also! -- and when we have that ONENESS, Peace, FATHER!" would just cover it! (Loud applause sanctions this.)

I was particularly lifted at the inspiration that came forth of "Blessed are we for we have seen our GOD!" I thought it was so beautiful, because, everybody can't see GOD! I came my first time to the Peace Mission about four years ago and I came, saw, and was conquered! When I went home, I don't talk much but I'm sure when FATHER visited Washington, almost as a surprise, HE found us walking in the Statutes and living the Life that we felt was the Life! (Loud applause resounds.)

We have always loved FATHER with all of our hearts, and when I heard MOTHER just now say, SHE wished the whole world would come to HIM, I sort of smiled at myself and thought, "If SHE knew how MUCH the world does LOVE HIM!" -- because of those of us in Washington, when we want to go to New York, we love the New Jersey Turnpike, and when FATHER said stay off it, we have to go all the back roads and it takes us about seven hours! (Merriment resounds -- then Dr. Williamson says:) And not a soul that I know goes that Turnpike from Washington! (Thunderous applause resounds.) One of my students who is working in New Jersey, wrote me back and said the chauffeur took her over that way, and she was asking all kinds of forgiveness because she did not have control of the situation.

We are very happy to be here and proud to see the ONENESS that you keep with FATHER. We know that FATHER doesn't need you because FATHER is GOD, and yet it's wonderful to see so many people under one roof able to see GOD! ("It is true!" replies the Assembly.)

An inspiration came through to us in our Wednesday morning class, the other morning, that I had not borne record was in the Bible, and it came from Timothy -- 1st Timothy -- and without controversy, the great mystery of Godliness is: GOD IS MANIFEST IN THE FLESH! (MOTHER DIVINE exclaims, "Wonderful!" Dr. Williamson continues:) Seen of Angels. Man doesn't see GOD! Justified by the Spirit! ("So true!" came the sanction.) And I was thinking of the Spirit that MOTHER spoke about FATHER evincing, and which we all know HE has evinced. Justified by the Spirit so that you know nobody but GOD could have such a Spirit and could produce such! ("It's true!" again came the sanction.) In the world -- isn't it wonderful? Not in the sky but in the WORLD! It is a beautiful piece of Scripture. ("Yes, yes!" sanctioned the Assembly.)

They mention many big religious leaders and their great accomplishments -- and, being a teacher, I am questioned a lot of times. I have always said I have never "taken down" because I am glad America is Freedom of Religion and I can express myself. I KNOW THAT THERE IS NO TEACHING ANY GREATER THAN WHAT FATHER DIVINE IS TEACHING! I tell everyone the same, I teach the same! And believe you me, there has been many spies in to see what I am teaching! And I want you to know that I feel entirely free to serve GOD and to be GOD and to live GOD as I see fit! (Loud applause resounds.)

We appreciate FATHER! We appreciate FATHER because we know even in the world when the person is, maybe, getting married, she says, for happiness -- really, they are looking for FATHER, because FATHER says, "I AM HAPPINESS!" ("True!" sanctions the Assembly.) When the thief is stealing and trying to get some money to be prosperous, he is looking for FATHER! He does not know it. But the WHOLE WORLD HAS GONE AFTER HIM, one way or another and AFTER WHAT HE IS TEACHING! (Thunderous applause and cheers sanction this.)

We are proud and happy to bring you greetings from Washington! Again I say, we LOVE the PEACE MISSION at "Hisacres". We invite you to visit there when you come. We live as you live here! You are greeted at the door with "Peace!" The place is set at the Table, and stays set! The children are taught just as your little Rosebuds are taught, and we are grateful for the Sample and the Example of ONE of them! (FATHER exclaims , "So glad!" Thunderous applause resounds. Then Dr. Williamson continues:)

I have with me some of the students. We could not come until my office closed in Washington, and we could not leave until seven. We drove as quickly as we could to get here, and I am hoping they will have something to say, because I have taught them that the Law of Life is Appreciation and you need to stand on your feet and open your mouths! I am not a talker and if I can do it, you can do it!

So, I'm thanking my students, Brother Dore is here; Mrs. J. J. Clark from Washington and Arizona; Mrs. Ranking; Mrs. Thomas; and my little sister, Ontology, who helps me in the Nursery School and who is one hundred percent with YOUR Work! (Loud applause rings out.)

Again I say, I thank YOU for the invitation; I thank YOU for the opportunity to be here, and I appreciate the ONENESS I continue to see! Thank YOU.



(Loud applause rang out and increased in volume as our Beloved Savior then arose at this instance to speak as follows:)



PEACE EVERYONE! At this instance Words may seem to be somewhat inadequate to explain or speak behind the last speakers -- the ones, those of whom we have enjoyed their speeches. But not so much just the words, but I believe each one of them has spoken from their heart! (Loud applause and cheers sanction this.)

But at this time I will say, "Rejoice in the LORD Always! Rejoice! Let your moderation be made known to all men, the LORD IS AT HAND!" That is, as you know, the Keynote to Salvation and the Key to unlock every barred and shut door! -- to know GOD is Present with you and to know it by the virtue of the fact that you have the witness in yourself! (Thunderous applause rings out from the joyful Assembly.)

We are assembled tonight for the purpose of expressing appreciation and for stressing the Dedication and Consecration of the Woodmont Estate. Not just because it is a valuable piece of property but because it is set apart for the purpose of what you see and hear! Not only the Woodmont Estate but the International House we appreciate, and I have declared:

'I will preach CHRIST in Words, but more so in DEEDS and in ACTIONS. I will put MY SPIRIT in the people and cause them to walk in MY Statutes!'

(Loud applause rings out.)

Our friend, Attorney Norris, verified the excellent Speech of MOTHER DIVINE, and I am happy to have you all here. I want to say to our visiting friends, those who desire to speak, move volitionally even as we do, and you will hear from ME a little later. I thank you. Let the Holy Ghost have its way!

Thunderous applause and cheers rang out as our Beloved LORD and Savior Personally spoke this last statement. FATHER was called out of the Holy Communion Hall for an instant, however, the Holy Ghost did have its way, and Mother Bradley gave an inspired speech which is recorded elsewhere for your edification and enjoyment, giving all the Glory and Honor to GOD Almighty, FATHER DIVINE, and thanking HIM for giving unto her the blessed Knowledge that she had at last found GOD on Earth!



(Others were inspired to speak -- then finally, as the hour was growing late, our Beloved Savior, Who had Personally returned
to the Holy Communion Hall, arose once more to speak as follows:)



But at this instant the time seems to be quite well expired; since I know the Actuated Words of Expression are more stressful to be considered than the words that we speak orally with our lips, and I would like to say, we have enjoyed the different speeches tonight, but I will observe more definitely the RESULTS -- for RESULTS ARE THE THING THAT COUNTS! Aren't you glad! ("Yes, so glad, GOD Almighty!" came the reply.)

Those of us who have dined will arise, take the back seats and the back stand, or pass out and pass on, and allow others to come and do even as we have done. I thank you.

PEACE EVERYONE! You may take your place cards, if you wish to, and remember ME! (Needless to say, everyone picked up their place cards delightedly, and took them home as a remembrance of this unforgettable occasion!)








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It is also nice to give credit where credit is due for through the Spirit and Teaching of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE you are and can eternally be abundantly blessed.

From all of us to all of you. we wish you, peace and love, and many blessings, and may we all ever live in unity and brotherhood and the Consciousness of GOD'S Actual Ever Presence.

True Americanism, True Brotherhood, True Christianity, True Judaism and All True Religions are synonymous and truly Our GOD is One GOD. Amen

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