Business Stops As Most of the Town Turns Out. Perfect Weather For "The Gospel Ship" Cruise.
10,000 Witness Kingston Parade

"I Came To Show That The Brotherhood of Man Can Be Possible"



By Staff Correspondent of the Spoken Word

The Kingston Mansion.

The Kingston Mansion.









These articles were reprinted from "The Spoken Word" of August 15th and 22nd, 1936. The newsprint deteriorated causing the photo quality to be as it is.


Kingston, N. Y. August 20th, 1936



While airplanes roared overhead, newsreel cameras ground, spectators perched on roofs and every point of vantage and thousands more lined the streets. The FATHER DIVINE hosts descended en masse on Kingston today.

It was a great day for Kingston. Probably the memory of the oldest inhabitant in this colonial town by the banks of the Hudson could not recall a day like it. Business in Kingston came to a standstill and it seemed that nearly all of the populace had turned out to watch the paraders as they marched from the boat through the center of the city, to the Kingston Extension. Newsreel cameramen from Universal and other large film companies took pictures while scores of amateur photographers buzzed around. Overhead, several airplanes zoomed, piloted by Father Divine followers. Police motorcycles with sirens screeching cleared the way for the paraders and directed the snarled traffic.

Kingston, which had received advance word of the demonstration, took the day off to catch a glimpse of the famous Peace Leader and His chanting followers.


Weather Man Cooperates

At four A.M., West 115th St. in New York City, was filled with taxicabs and cars ready to take the excursionists to the dock at 132nd St. and North River. By five A.M., the steamer "City of Keansburg", was filled with exuberant followers. Food and refreshments in abundance were taken aboard the boat, chicken, watermelon, soda pop. The skies were somewhat overcast but there was the promise of fair weather.

Father Divine arrived at the pier a little after five and was met by a battery of newspaper photographers. With bulbs flashing they followed Father Divine everywhere as He came on and off the boat. So persistent were the photographers in their effort that Father Divine clearly showed displeasure. One of the Father Divine followers with a 16 mm. Movie camera took pictures in color of the departure and caught the beloved Leader in intimate poses.

For some time Father Divine paced the decks on His tour of inspection, smiling and chatting with His followers. Leaving the larger "City of Keansburg", He surveyed the smaller river steamer "Calvert" which lay nearby alongside the dock. From this point He waved to those on the boat and presented a striking picture as He looked out over the scene from a top deck.

Almost up to the minute of departure Father Divine's Presence on the boat was a matter of doubt. Just as the steamer was about to cast off He nimbly clambered aboard a bow deck from the pier, foregoing the use of the usual gangplank. As the boat pulled away, the cameras flashed again and the cluster of followers left on the dock waved farewells.


Perfect Trip

With flags waving and banners flying, the "Gospel Ship" cleaved the ripping waters of the Hudson and headed up the river under the gigantic George Washington Bridge. Flapping in the breeze a flag on the bow read: "FATHER GOD D I V I N E"

The flag was of blue letters an a white background. On the stern, another pennant carried the words "Gospel Ship". Shortly after the start the weather cleared perfectly and blue skies prevailed with a light breeze. During the journey up the river the followers sang and relaxed on the spacious decks while Father Divine conversed with His attorney and several guests from the Communist Party informally on a lower deck. The "City of Keansburg" which accommodates a little over 2,000 passengers was full.


Honest Travelers

"On the Upper Deck of the 'Gospel Ship'." On the upper deck of the 'Gospel Ship





The group which made up the "Gospel Ship's" passenger list was the most honest collection of people ever to make a trip up the celebrated Hudson. All had paid their just debts in conformity with the order laid down by Father Divine. Many more might have made the trip and filled additional boats had not Father Divine stringently laid down this order several days preceding the sailing.

The sail to Kingston passed happily with an impromptu deck meeting held in the presence of Father Divine and several of His legal staff, including Nathan A. Kranzler of Newark, Arthur A. Madison, Chairman of the Righteous Government Department, and Abraham Unger, Labor Defense Attorney. Louis Sass, Harlem organizer of the Communist Party, was also present.





Kingston Arrival is Real Thrill

"Waiting for the Angels at The Kingston Pier"The crowds on the Kingston Pier.





The arrival at Kingston was the most dramatic moment of the day. As the "City of Keansburg" steamed up the Kingston breakwater, the shores were packed with people, thousands of them, eagerly awaiting the boat arrival. Many of them were followers who had come from New York by motor and bus, but the majority of them were Kingston citizens bent on gaining their first view of the amazing personality whose wide operations in Ulster County has provided back porch conversation on these summer nights. Faithful Mary, brimming with health, was observed on the dock beside her new Ford V-8 coach.

On, past the waterfront, crowds waving their greetings, the "Keansburg" glided with several toots of its horn, to the dock. The air was full of excitement and anticipation. At the dock, swarms pressed forward and the newsreel cameramen, their equipment mounted on automobiles, jockeyed for position. Reporters and photographers were on every side waiting for Father Divine to step off the gangplank. At the height of the excitement Father Divine passed almost unnoticed from the boat and was soon lost in the crowds. He was dressed in a neat gray suit and wore a pearl gray hat. With His modest bearing, it is doubtful if many recognized Him at that particular moment.









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