The Artist Colony, Milton-on-the-Hudson, the Former Elverhoj Art Colony
was Purchased in 1939, by Followers of FATHER DIVINE.


Radio Broadcast from Kingston, N. Y., 1952 -

MOTHER DIVINE's letter of appreciation.

"Not representing a Nationality, Race, Creed or Color"



Excerpt from FATHER DIVINE'S Remarks 20 W. 115th Street, New York City
May 17, 1938 A.D.F.D., Time -- 2:40 P.M.


The Artist Colony,
Milton-on-the-Hudson, Ulster County, N. Y.

The Artist Colony, Milton-on-the-Hudson, Ulster County, N.Y.








"I would like to say at this instance -- of course, I AM somewhat changing subjects a little, but yet it is bearing on the same subject indirectly. I AM not representing a nationality! I AM not representing a race! I AM not representing a creed! I AM not representing a color! In past times I have received letters from persons in different parts of the country -- if a letter came here talking about a so-and-so-man, a so-and-so preacher, a so-and-so God, a so-and-so teacher, or any such as that, why, I know it is not ME or Mine.

"My secretaries, co-workers and staff will not receive anything that points to ME in a low-rating and in a degrading way of expression. If I AM a preacher, I AM not a so-and- so preacher. If I AM GOD, I AM not a so-and-so God. As with the Spirit, so with the Body; and as with the Body, so with the Spirit. I AM Impersonal by Nature and by Characteristics. I AM Impersonal from every angle expressible. I AM just the same as electric. I AM not a nationality! I AM not a race! I AM not a creed! I AM not a color; and I DEMAND the respect of each and everybody to recognize ME as I AM, and not as I AM said to be; for the decisions and versions of men, I reverse them, and I establish the truth concerning the mystery, that all humanity might know ME. I thank you. (Reprinted from The New Day, December 10, 1966 A.D.F.D., pgs. 12-13)




The Artist Colony, Milton-on-the-Hudson, was purchased in 1939, the former Elverhoj Art Colony by followers of FATHER DIVINE which was enjoyed and maintained for about 10 years before selling to the Northeastern Conference of Seventh Day Adventists in 1952.



FATHER DIVINE spoke at 326 Mulberry Street, Newark, N. J. July 25-26, 1938 A.D.F.D.
Re: The opening of The Artist Colony Extension.


'You have the privilege to go to the great, the famous, Artist Colony in Milton, New York, widely known throughout the country and in other countries. This Colony has been purchased by the followers of FATHER DIVINE; it is owned and operated by them. It has been renovated in a great measure. There we expect to have a real demonstration and Dedication of that particular Extension assembly, for the purpose of the Peace Mission Movement and for the benefit of all who may be interested.

"The dock is just about finished. It is right on the Hudson and the dock has been finished to accommodate any boat -- any size boat going up the Hudson. This is accomplished by the co-operative system of the FATHER DIVINE PEACE MISSION MOVEMENT. Followers purchased and renovated the Colony and have made all improvements, so that you will be privileged to enjoy the same up there as down here in the city.

"Again, I wish to say, on the same date, we may stop at another one of the extensions - - the greatest of all, recently purchased and now owned and operated by the Peace Mission co-workers. If we stop off at this other place, it may not be that you would desire to keep on up to Kingston, as this also has a wharf for landing our boats; after which we are going on up to Kingston to the Greenkill Park, purchased, owned and operated by the FATHER DIVINE PEACE MISSION followers -- those who are governed by His Mind and Spirit and have brought themselves into subjection to it.

Witness Demonstration.

Note: Two Day round trip -- Adults 1.00

Children up to 18 years -- Free.



Greenkill Park was purchased by a group of followers cooperatively in March of 1939. 140,29 acres of land. In Greenkill there was a Tennis Court not seen in these pictures. It was turned over to the Unity Mission Church in October 1967 and sold in 1971.

During this period one of the main buildings was destroyed by fire. FATHER DIVINE said:

'Every knock is a boost, Every criticism is a Praise, Every stumbling block is a stepping stone!'

Since this time many other beautiful places have been purchased where activities and recreation can be enjoyed by the followers and others regardless to race, creed, color or national origin.







Radio Broadcast from Kingston, N. Y
Monday Afternoon -- Time -- 12;30 P.M.
(Taken from The New Day, September 13, 1952, pgs. 19-20)


There was a large contingent of FATHER DIVINE'S Followers came up to the Ulster County over this past weekend, which were joined by many friends from up as far north as Albany, and over in Connecticut. We learned that after they partook of a Holy Communion Banquet in Kingston, FATHER DIVINE, with many of HIS Faithful Followers, are down at the west side Krum Elbow, the former estate of Howland Spencer. Incidentally, the latter part of that estate, the fifteen acres and mansion house, have been bought by the local angels. They are expecting to institute several improvements. The fine furniture and several antiques, etc., were left in the mansion house.

Usually we don't congratulate couples on their wedding anniversaries unless they have been married fifty years -- our local people. But in FATHER DIVINE'S case we want to make an exception; not because HE is so famous, nor do I especially know HIM Personally, but because HE is an Example here in our local community! I do want to say it is a privilege to congratulate FATHER DIVINE, because I have found HIS Followers, without exception, always to be faithful employees, faithful fellow-workers, and they all set us an example of Honesty and Integrity and Good Christian Living! "Beauty is as beauty does", they say, and "The proof of the pudding is in the eating", and I think that with FATHER DIVINE and every one of HIS Followers, they should be congratulated on these people in their citizenship in Ulster County!




MOTHER DIVINE Conveys Appreciation of Kingston Broadcast


764-772 S. Broad Street,
Philadelphia 46, PA
September 3, 1952 A.D.F.D.
Mr. Bop Browning
News Commentator
WKNYW Radio Station
Kingston, N. Y

My dear Mr. Browning:

It was with great pleasure that FATHER DIVINE, Myself and several members of HIS Secretarial Cabinet heard your Labor Day Broadcast.

Your un-reserving effort to convey the Truth to your listeners with no trace of bias, prejudice or religious bigotry, is indeed appreciated and to be highly commended. FATHER DIVINE, through HIS Followers, has endeavored for lo, these many years to lift up a standard for the people, of honesty, competence and truth, brotherhood, Democracy and True Christianity. Ulster County's appreciation of FATHER DIVINE and HIS PEACE MISSION MOVEMENT'S effort to be a blessing wherever WE go, give US a greater determination to continue to produce the type of citizenship that will be desired in any Democratic community throughout this nation or any other nation throughout the world.

Thus, wishing you PEACE and many Blessings, I remain,

Yours very sincerely,


SAD:(Better known as MOTHER DIVINE)




To Bring an End to All Divisibility We must Unite Together
Individually, Severally, Collectively, Nationally, And, Thence Internationally.


Excerpt from FATHER DIVINE'S Remarks Given October 10, 1951 A.D.F.D.


"I do not feel that we are in our right places segregated and isolated, but, to the extreme reverse, when we are amalgamated and unified together, as was by the Creator in the creation, according to the historians -- GOD formed all nations of men to dwell upon the face of the whole earth out of the one blood -- and according to same, I see that we must bring all peoples back together and bring an abolition to all division and segregation among the nations!

"There are many of the African descendants and abstractions of the African nationalities seem to think that amalgamation is not the real thing, or not the great essential; but to bring an end to all divisibility we must unite together individually, severally, collectively, nationally, and, thence internationally, for,

' As with an individual, so with a nation, and as with a nation, so with all nations!'

I AM looking forward to see the time that all of the nations or nationalities universally will bo so consolidatedly united and amalgamated there will be no sense or trace or division among them characteristically, politically, socially and otherwise!

"There are some of all nations and all tribes and all people that are somewhat inclined to be selfish, in My Opinion, with a tendency to care for self especially, and refuse to recognize their fellow brother that seems to be another. But how marvelous it will be when we will be able to amalgamate universally and internationally and bring an end to all divisibility among the nations, as well as among individuals!

"So Americanism, Christianity, Democracy, Judaism and, as you say, Africanism, as a part of the great universal scheme of things, will eventually be established, whether it may be in the name of Africanism, Americanism or Christianity, or what not -- it will be the selfsame unified brotherhood, representing one family!"







GOD is a free gift to the world. Any and all of the material on this and other pages may be copied and reproduced.

Use the material freely but respect FATHER DIVINE'S intent, which was and is, to provide us all with the keys to eternal health and happiness without cost or price. HE truly came as a free gift to the world, gratis to mankind.

It is also nice to give credit where credit is due for through the Spirit and Teaching of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE you are and can eternally be abundantly blessed.

From all of us to all of you. we wish you, peace and love, and many blessings, and may we all ever live in unity and brotherhood and the Consciousness of GOD'S Actual Ever Presence.

True Americanism, True Brotherhood, True Christianity, True Judaism and All True Religions are synonymous and truly Our GOD is One GOD. Amen

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