"I Am Impersonal by Nature and by Characteristics.
I Am Impersonal from Every Angle Expressible." --- FATHER DIVINE





Hope Farm, Ulster County, N. Y.

Hope Farm, Ulster County, N. Y.









I would just like to say at this instance, according to the spirit of a true democracy of which I AM actually re-establishing, I grant every person the privilege and the freedom of speech, the freedom of peaceful assemblage -- yes, we peacefully assemble in all of our divers communities and we unify ourselves together as one man at Jerusalem. We give them the freedom of the press so long as they tell the truth; hence, to represent a real democracy as this is the foundation of this democracy for the future -- I mean the spiritual foundation of it -- since we have produced it and brought to fruition the true spirit and the meaning of the Constitution and its Amendments and have established true independence such as the country declared as a nation, we have established it in our communities by the Spirit of My Presence by the conscious recognition and the realization of millions, knowing CHRIST is ever present.

For this cause we do not find ourselves nor pledge ourselves to be responsible for what any individual says. The last speaker, according to his conviction, it is his own interpretation. This is a democracy actually established in and under My jurisdiction. All persons are privileged to speak according to the dictates of their own conscience. Often we have followers, believers and friends, oftentimes we have critics and enemies to come in. So long as they speak according to their respective conviction, they are free to speak and move volitionally, but it is a privilege to know that Mr. Spencer in his experience is deeply convinced that in his effort to get Krum Elbow built up and improved and protected for the old name's sake, he did not make a mistake in asking Me to get My followers to purchase it. He is convinced he did not make a mistake in considering that by selling it at a very reasonable price according to the great value of real estate; nevertheless, he has not anything to regret. According to what he tells Me, it is more than fiction, what I AM teaching by his own experience and what he is now experiencing. I thank you.




Hope Farm, Ulster County, N. Y.

Hope Farm, Ulster County, N. Y.




(Mr. Spencer rose to speak and convey another thought as follows:)

Well, FATHER, I know what You had in mind, those last remarks, and You did not do it; but I mean according to the newspaper headlines in the Canadian papers last week, I have been doubly blessed by FATHER DIVINE, and although we did not barter about Krum Elbow, we took what the followers were willing to pay and I wish we had it all to do over again; it was such a pleasure. But although it had been in our family under a grant since James the Second and it was a hard wrench to give it away, and the estate had been conveyed in name only, yet in June I received this large document with a red seal, that said George the Sixth by grace of GOD and defender of the faith -- and I found that the King of England had granted to me in my lifetime an island at the Bahamas. So it is a blessing that was totally unexpected that came through turning Krum Elbow over.








Kingston Jr..





(Once again FATHER rose, and this was His closing thought:) PEACE EVERYONE! I do not wish to nor like to tell secrets. I did not know definitely -- or I could have said I did not know -- I did not bear record definitely whether Mr. Spencer cared to release that thought; but I know he told Me privately what had been granted him. As a sample and as an example, as I have often declared and verified, I re- verify the same:

'Give to the world the best you have, and the best will come back to you.'

I thank you.

(Taken from The New Day, September 28, 1939 A.D.F.D., pages. 13-15)









"Not representing a Nationality, Race, Creed or Color"

Excerpt from FATHER DIVINE'S Remarks
20 W. 115th Street, New York City
May 17, 1938 A.D.F.D., Time -- 2:40 P.M.


"I would like to say at this instance -- of course, I AM somewhat changing subjects a little, but yet it is bearing on the same subject indirectly. I AM not representing a nationality! I AM not representing a race! I AM not representing a creed! I AM not representing a color! In past times I have received letters from persons in different parts of the country -- if a letter came here talking about a so-and-so-man, a so-and-so preacher, a so-and-so God, a so-and-so teacher, or any such as that, why, I know it is not ME or Mine.

"My secretaries, co-workers and staff will not receive anything that points to ME in a low-rating and in a degrading way of expression. If I AM a preacher, I AM not a so-and- so preacher. If I AM GOD, I AM not a so-and-so God. As with the Spirit, so with the Body; and as with the Body, so with the Spirit. I AM Impersonal by Nature and by Characteristics. I AM Impersonal from every angle expressible. I AM just the same as electric. I AM not a nationality! I AM not a race! I AM not a creed! I AM not a color; and I DEMAND the respect of each and everybody to recognize ME as I AM, and not as I AM said to be; for the decisions and versions of men, I reverse them, and I establish the truth concerning the mystery, that all humanity might know ME. I thank you. (Reprinted from The New Day, December 10, 1966 A.D.F.D., pgs. 12-13)







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