State Official Pays Glowing Tribute To FATHER DIVINE'S Work and Mission.

"Where Most of the Leaders of Men in the past Have Given Freely of Mortal Precepts and Empty Phrases
and Vain Ratiocinations what Leader, Pray, in 1900 Years Has with One Hand Given the Word
and with the Other the Abundance of Life Other than Your Matchless Self?"





High Falls, Ulster County, New York

High Falls, Ulster County, New York





State of New York, Department of State

Division of Licenses, Metropolitan Office,

155 Worth Street, New York.

Sylvanus H. Hart, Jr.
80 Center Street
New York City
October 23, 1939

Reverend M. J. Divine
1887 Madison Avenue
New York City

My Dear Father Divine:

Permit me for my family and myself to express our profound thanks to you for the five days of exquisite peace, rest and sweet content obtained while visiting (our first time) your Extensions in Ulster County the past month. While we made the Artists Colony at Milton our headquarters we journeyed to as many of the blessed Missions, or Peace Havens, if you will indulge me the privilege of so terming them, as time afforded, to banquet and converse with the brothers and sisters of the Missions. There were Miss Noah and Miss Sincere Heart at Krum Elbow, Miss Satisfied and Miss Merriness at Kingston, Miss Sweet Angel at High Falls and Miss Rebecca Well, the inimitable and gracious hostess at Samsonville, or Divine Lodge, the "cup in the Mountains", verily a retreat of the angels. The moment a stranger crosses its thresholds he instinctively feels that

'God's in His heaven; All's right with the world.'

Truly, Reverend Sir, those who criticize and seek to belittle the ideology of your movement, as the intellectualists would probably say, but which I would denominate as the philosophy of life, do so from ignorance of the truth or fear of their fellows' ridicule of the break from their hide-bound orthodoxy and mental subjection to the fallacious dogmas of traditional heritage. Agnosticism is an intellectual disease and feeds on snobbery. The simple teaching of peace, love, charity, truth, honesty, justice and righteousness is too naive for the pseudo- intellectual's consideration, or would deter their selfish ambitions and prick their obstinate egotism. YOUR critics and scoffers debase not YOU but are spiritually denying and crucifying the Christ Consciousness epitomized in YOUR life and teachings in the same manner as they did the body of Christ nineteen hundred years ago! As far as I can apprehend YOU are redirecting the world back to the road leading to the beatitude of mortal existence, which the world lost during the past centuries through false dogmas, confusing religious, cupidinous and perfidious leaders of the gospel of Christ. Small wonder that there have been wars and rumors of wars since that awful day on Calvary!

New Paltz.

New Paltz.








From what I have read of YOUR inspiring messages and have been thus far able to observe of YOUR work among men I fail to conceive how there can be opposition and extracting criticisms. YOU are showing a race farthest down in our national economic scale the way to substantial and lasting independence economically; sustained with a morale and a faith to carry on through almost insurmountable difficulties. Where most of the leaders of men in the past have given freely of mortal precepts and empty phrases and vain ratiocinations what leader, pray, in 1900 years has with one hand given the word and with the other the abundance of life other than YOUR matchless Self?

Christianity has come down through the years and survived the ordeal of time and the onslaughts of divers religions because it is so practical. Man has detoured from the practical truths of Christianity allowing corruption, greed, graft and false gods to dominate. YOU have come as the Wayshower and by making practical the application of the teachings of Christ in YOUR co-operative endeavors which one can see, who will but see, as "fait acommpli" in the Promised Land of Ulster County and in Missions throughout the world. Not reams of printed preaching but acres of land yielding a superabundant harvest! I challenge any man on earth to show me where any person can obtain so much for so little as at the glorious and blessed Extensions Havens of Peace! I would that I could live to see these Peace Missions cover the entire earth like the dew. Now I can understand the significance of that esoteric statement made by JOHN in chapter 14, verse 2, to wit:

'In my father's house there are many mansions . . .'



Samsonville, 'Cup of the Mountains

Samsonville, 'Cup of the Mountains'








I thank YOU for the abolition of the d--nable designation of individuals according to a so-called race and color, a subtle psychology of the apparent dominant race to effectuate an inferiority complex in those of darker hue and to hold those of darker pigmentation up to mental and physical ridicule, scorn and contumely.

For advancing this doctrine YOU will be reviled and cursed by those who would perpetuate this sin. The sooner those with a fair pigmentation, and classified by themselves as belonging to the "w" race, realize that they cannot drag another "race" down without going down with it the better they will exhibit that wisdom and "superior" (?) Intelligence which they aggrandize totally to its own.

I thank YOU for the prohibition against the acceptance of "tips", begging, soliciting and stealing. I once heard a well known Senator from one of the southern states of this nation, in referring to the darker citizens of the United States, declare that the N was a race of tip takers and would always be such. Even Buddha said 560 years before Christ that all blood is of one hue.






Spot in the Road'

'Spot in the Road'.









Again may I thank YOU for teaching and showing the under- privileged and non-privileged the way to economic independence. YOU have handed them the torch, the chart and the courage to carry on and build towards affluence and independence. Let us hope that they keep on keeping on. All men are not created equally as to opportunity most certainly. The way must be made for those for whom equality is but a figment of the imagination of the law makers and designers of our present social structure. The fabric of this structure is fast falling away showing the hideous skeleton of prejudice, corruption, intolerance, bigotry and studied injustice. Every law passed looking toward freedom, absolute justice and righteousness to the masses is a step toward the equalization now held un-equally. It is quite obvious that those who hold this power are not anxious to abandon what it entails. No men in history possessing power have ever voluntarily abdicated its

PRIVILEGES. It must be forced from them! Peace and united co-operation and thrift are the weapons to force this equalization. This, Father, YOU are exemplifying.

There cannot, in a word, be a democratic government without equality of all citizens; and without democratic government there cannot be FREEDOM, JUSTICE and TRUTH. The true meaning of a democratic government is the equal weighing of individual claims to happiness by its social institutions. The Magna Carta of our own great Democracy exists for what it does. Justice is made by the attitude adopted to law by those whose lives it proposes to shape. We must ever be on the alert to see that Justice shall not be aborted by political knaves if we are to achieve the maximization of happiness under out democratic form of government.

As a member of the legal profession for the past twenty-four years, having been admitted to practice in this State and in several other states and one foreign country, I am keenly interested in YOUR platform of Righteous Government as promulgated in 1936 A.D.F.D. I am indebted to Brother Stephen of Milton for a copy of this platform. "Obedience to law is liberty", yea but obedience by ALL and not a privileged few. Laws seem to be made to be broken and circumvented by the rich and the privileged and to act as a noose and trap for the poor who cannot PAY for justice. The people of the State of New York pay to much for Justice when they do receive it. Justice is a power, indeed, and if it cannot create it will destroy! The question, then, is to see that Justice, and not a facsimile of it, is rendered to ALL MEN regardless of RACE, CREED OR COLOR; that it is administered by men of character and integrity and not by political hacks and incompetents of major political parties, who, indeed, must render mock justice as the leaders of those dominant political parties with slimy hands and fat pocketbooks, dictate. Justice without righteousness is destructive. It then becomes the rule of the stronger, and liberty the law which the stronger allow.

'Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.'

Who is more vigilant and watchful of the liberties of the people than Father Divine?

I feel indebted to Miss Perfect Life, whose brilliant and dynamic personality so flashes and ignites others with the spirit of truth, joy and peace; to Miss Noah, the efficient and charming keeper of the Mansion at Krum Elbow; Miss Sweet Angel at High Falls; Miss Satisfied at Kingston, also Miss Merriness for her interested and gracious service in the dining room; the inspiring and incomparable Miss Rebecca at Divine Lodge, also to Miss Blessed Faith, who is indeed blessed in her manner and speech; the kindly brothers at Milton and to Brother Job at Kingston for their patient and illuminating answers to my many sincere inquiries for truth and light.

The stranger within the gates is impressed so indelibly by the manner of greeting he receives from those who dwell within. If this first greeting is cold, indifferent, disdainful and contemptuous the stranger goes away with a bitterness in his heart and fails not to pass the word along to his friends and his friends to their friends until the good that may have been accomplished, the plans and structure of the architect of a magnificent temple is lost. I can overlook a few exceptions that can be noted among some of the good brothers and sisters, well knowing that the spiritual metamorphosis in some is slower than in others. The characteristical and dispositional nature of man is not changed in the twinkling of an eye. But You are changing the hearts of thousands of persons through creating within them right thinking and right living. By this teaching they are recreated and regenerated.

Krumville and Olive Bridge.

Krumville and Olive Bridge.






If every visitor to one of the glorious Peace Missions had the spirit and the courage to tell YOU his reactions to YOUR wonderful work among men YOU would be deluged with so much mail a special post office branch would have to be built at YOUR headquarters. Many of those who visit one or more of the Extensions for the first time go with prejudged opinions and preconceived prejudices. Some, no doubt, enter the portals to scoff, but I will vow that no person who ever crosses the threshold of DIVINE LODGE at Samsonville, the heavenly jewel of the mountains ever goes out but with a prayer on his lips or within his heart.

"Truth from his lips prevailed with double sway, And fools who came to scoff remained to pray."






An Older Picture of Olive Bridge

An older picture of Olive Bridge.







Forgive me for having encroached upon YOUR priceless time with such a lengthy communication. I could not restrain the impelling desire within me to tender YOU my thanks in person for the privilege of enjoying a few days of glorious peace made possible by YOU to the world to enjoy who will but grasp the handle of the door and enter into the Elysian abodes.

You may rest assured, great Shepherd and Exemplar, I am in harmony with Your magnificent plans and achievements and I would that I could but help lay one stone in the erection of the sublime temple You are erecting to PEACE, LOVE, RIGHTEOUSNESS, JUSTICE AND TRUTH to all mankind. There is nothing for me to do but to stand by and cheer. I am reminded of the words of the great poet, Milton, when he said:

'Thousands at his bidding speed,
And post o'er land and ocean without rest;
They Also Serve Who Only Stand and Wait.'

Sylvanus H. Hart, Jr.







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