"Gaining A Hundredfold"

The Story of Greenkill Park.





Greenkill Park Main House

Greenkill Park Main House.




"Those who have purchased houses and land and are owning real property or land on the Cooperative System or on the Cooperative Plan, they have lost buildings, according to My Teaching, without having them insured. They have lost thousands and thousands of dollars, but their religious conviction assures them, that which they lose for righteousness' sake is gained! It may apparently be lost, but it is only an appearance of it.

"As an abstract expression as a sketch and a reflection, I stress the mystery. The Greenkill Hotel, it was one of the buildings in the Greenkill Park purchased, owned and operated by some of My Followers, who are endeavoring to live according to My Teaching. They refused to have any building in the park -- thirty some odd buildings -- real dwelling houses such as this one, aside from the main hotel -- they refused to have one building insured or any of the personal property such as the furniture that is perishable, the different furniture that are perishable, nevertheless they lost apparently the Greenkill Park Hotel. Of course, it was only the one building. Lots of people thought or conceived the idea that they had lost the Greenkill Park."





Cottages at Greenkill Park.

Cottages at Greenkill Park.





"The Greenkill Park is an outstanding park in Ulster County near Kingston, the only park of its type, with boating, swimming, fishing, golf and tennis and all of those things; but while they lost the one building, they lost it for righteousness' sake apparently. I have declared, 'If you lose anything for righteousness' sake, you will gain an hundredfold more' -- a hundred times as much -- which means ten thousand percent for what you have actually lost!










The Lake at Greenkil Park.






"It came over the radio by one of the commentators one day last fall, that the Followers of FATHER DIVINE, in the losing of the Greenkill Hotel, they were around it chanting and singing and saying, 'let it burn, for FATHER will give us one better!' since that time the Artist Colony has been purchased, owned and operated by the Followers, a summer resort right on the Hudson with a beautiful boathouse built suitable to accommodate nearly a hundred guests with hotel upstairs and waiting room downstairs, can land almost any size boat, ocean liner, at this dock, owned and operated by the Followers, that they gained since they lost the Greenkill Hotel! Then cometh the Krum Elbow so well known throughout the world -- said to be two miles and a half or three miles of Hudson River front; also a boathouse there and many other accommodations, also many buildings on the place. It goes to show you, you cannot lose by losing for righteousness' sake.










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