Woodmont, The Mount of the House of the Lord Attains National Historic Landmark Status







On Sunday, September 12, AD 1999, FD 54 at 3:00 PM Mother Divine, Father Divine and The International Peace Mission Movement hosted the celebration of the dedication of the Bronze Plaque designating The Mount of the House of the Lord, Woodmont, at 1622 Spring Mill Road, Gladwyne, Pennsylvania, as a National Historic Landmark. This prestigious Landmark Status was granted in 1998 by The National Park System Advisory Board.

Tours of the Manor House and refreshments began at 1:00 PM and a Banquet, for the especially invited dignitaries, such as FATHER DIVINE is famous for was be served in the evening.

The mansion on the 73 acre estate was designed by Philadelphia architect William L. Price. It was completed in 1895 for Alan Wood Jr. of Alan Wood Steel in Conshohocken, PA. and was acquired by The Palace Mission Church of Father Divine's International, Interracial Peace Mission Movement in 1952. Father and Mother Divine consecrated the estate as the Mount of the House of the Lord in September 1953.

The estate comprises a magnificent setting of rolling hills, expansive lawns, gardens, forests, lakes, and streams situated on a promontory of rock at the highest natural point in the Philadelphia and surrounding five county area. It is also the site of The Shrine to Life where Father Divine's Body rests.

The mansion, of French Gothic Chateau style, features stone walls, and extraordinarily high pitched Spanish roofs and numerous exterior stone carvings. The interior is richly appointed with unique wood and wood carvings, highlighted by linen-fold doors and panels. The flying buttress ceiling of the Great Hall is 45 feet high. The formal dinning room with its wooden paneling, English carvings and oak table with 24 hand carved chairs was imported from France.

As the spiritual leader of millions throughout the world, Father Divine fed millions of needy people. During the Great Depression He fed more than 10,000 a day in New York City alone. Thousands, influenced by Him got off of welfare and re-paid the Welfare System., as well as paid all their old back bills. He never took any payment for His services, He was a free gift to mankind. He often spoke to thousands in packed churches, arenas or auditoriums but would not allow any collection of money.

Although He personally went through 32 separate lynch mobs in America, Father Divine was perhaps the greatest promoter of true Americanism at home and abroad. He taught that true Americanism was synonymous with Democracy, Christianity, true Judaism, Buddhism and all true religions, and that mankind must recognize the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of man.





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