"I Came to Establish Righteousness."



The Kingston Mansion

The Kingston Mansion.







For three miles from the boat pier to the Kingston Extension, the parade continued. It was four o'clock when the Kingston Kingdom was reached. Here, for several hours the followers played about the verdant grounds, eating, relaxing, swimming in the new pool, and otherwise disporting themselves. The new bathing suit designed for the followers had its christening on this day. Over the loud speaker system established throughout the grounds, a musical program could be heard. From the street the newsreel cameramen could command a sweeping view of the followers as they cavorted about the broad acres under the trees. Photographers from the associated Press and Worldwide News Photos joined local reporters in taking advantage of the occasion.

The newsreel photographers were fortunate in obtaining unusual pictures of Father Divine as He entered the Dining Hall in the rear of the Extension. Father Divine gave a short greeting for the benefit of the avid photographers and permitted two of His followers to give a part of their testimony for recording. John the Revelator, whose remarkable healing and experiences confounded 100 Bellevue Hospital psychiatrists, rose to the occasion and told the amazing story as did "Brother Smith", who had a remarkable escape from death.

Came To Establish Righteousness

With cameras clicking almost incessantly and the room lighted up for the many photographers, Father Divine delivered an abbreviated but powerful Message in the Banquet Hall before civic representatives and a few other invited guests.

'We are here for the specific purpose of bringing about an open demonstration in the exemplifying of Righteousness, Justice and Truth.'

said Father Divine in explaining the object of the visit to Kingston. Father Divine hit with particularly forceful emphasis at the prejudicial and segregated papers which try to ridicule Righteousness:

'It is possible for the Universal Brotherhood of Man, just as My followers express it." "We shall stand by our Platform if it costs a million bodies or a million dollars a day'

was the Mission Leader's no uncertain Declaration to the Kingston crowds.

'The time is not too far off when humanity shall unify themselves together regardless of race, creed or color.'

FATHER DIVINE Serving the Private Table in the Kingston Mansion.

FATHER DIVINE Serving the Table in the  Kingston Mansion.


One of the most eventful days in the history of Ulster County came to an end when the boats carrying the happy followers returned to the city at 9 P.M. Several thousand more Kingstonites were on hand to see the departure. The "Calvert", a second excursion boat, which had eventually made the trip, left for the city also a little later.

It was the first official opening of the Promised Land, where Father Divine now has places established at Kingston, Atwood, Stone Ridge, New Paltz, Krumville, Lomontville, High Falls, and Saugerties.













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