Boat Trip Marks Official Opening of Promised Land

10,000 Witness Kingston Parade




The Spoken Word, August 15th, 1936, Brooklyn, New York.



The Spoken Word'.







The followers of FATHER DIVINE were busy this week anticipating the boat trip up the Hudson and demonstrating at Kingstown (better known as Kingston) on Thursday, August 20th.

It appeared that the celebration would be the most outstanding among many as elaborate plans were being made for the outing. Many who have visited New York in the past few years and all who are familiar with these excursions know that the boat trips are always great. occasions and this one promises to be the greatest of them all. There was every indication of a "big time" seen in the unprecedented interest and enthusiasm attending the Hudson River journey on the 20th.

Two boats will contain the happy followers of FATHER DIVINE, who are expected to number 3,500. The "City of Keansburg" and another large excursion boat have been engaged to accommodate all the followers who have made reservations for the trip. The boats will leave from the pier at 132nd Street and North River at 5 A.M. on the morning of August 20th. Tickets for the round trip up the Hudson to Kingston, an aggregate of 200 miles, are only $1.00.

The excursionists will reach Kingston about noon. Upon arrival a parade will be held through the principal streets of the city to the Kingstown Extension, the old Senator Sweeney Mansion. Those already in Kingston will meet the boats when they arrive. Extensive plans have been made for the demonstration which will feature a number of floats and special cars.

From the pier the paraders will make their way to the Kingstown Extension where a Banquet will be held. Here the followers, guests and friends will enjoy the day around the ample grounds of the beautiful Promised Land Headquarters.

The demonstration and banquet at Kingstown marks the official opening of the Promised Land and the first demonstration of major importance since FATHER DIVINE began HIS important operations in Ulster County.

A number of prominent officials from Kingston and Ulster County have been invited to attend the banquet at the Promised Land Headquarters. Officials have also been invited from New York City.

The occasion will not only be colorful but is of greatest importance as signaling the official opening of the Promised Land to the followers of FATHER DIVINE.

Of course the main is interest centered about FATHER DIVINE and many of the follower5s are looking for HIS Presence on the boats. In past years FATHER DIVINE has always been present on the boat trips in Person. But FATHER DIVINE'S usual answer "Whether I will be with you personally or not, I will be with you" was all the information that could be obtained of His plans. It was believed by some that He might fly up to the Promised Land but the great likelihood was that FATHER DIVINE would accompany His followers on one of the boats.

And then there was the always interesting consideration of the weather, which on all former DIVINE excursions and outings has been in perfect harmony.

As time for the boat trip approached followers were very active preparing flags and banners and otherwise preparing to tell the inhabitants of Kingston and Ulster County about Righteousness, Justice and Truth.

The return trip from Kingston, it was announced, would be made some time during the evening.

With interested observers all over the country watching FATHER DIVINE'S amazing program of development in the Promised Land the Kingstown celebration has taken on added importance.








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