Five Thousand March For Righteous Government in Kingston, N. Y., 1936.

Leading the procession were 10 riders mounted on horses.


Parade For Three Miles

"The Kingston Mansion, etc."

The Kingston Mansion, etc.





The parade began a little after two o'clock.

Leading the procession were 10 riders mounted on horses. Signs on three of the horses read "Righteousness Justice Truth." Immediately behind the equestrians came the Rolls Royce carrying Father and Mother Divine. Father Divine could be plainly seen from His elevated position on the top of the back seat. On the front of Father Divine's car was a large white dove underneath which in brilliant red letters was the word "PEACE."."






FATHER in the Deusenberg

The Kingston Mansion, etc.





With His face a study in inscrutable expression, Father Divine cast His eyes far down the street to the paraders.

Playing, "Now We Have A Righteous Government" the Peace Mission Band led the marchers, who as far as the eye could see were strung out down the long hill.

Following the Rolls Royce in which Father Divine had chosen to ride, was another Rolls Royce and after this was the familiar red Buick generally used by Father Divine, which bore a great blue sign GOD ! There were five or six cars in the leading vanguard.






Five Thousand March For Righteous Government

Then came the marchers, who must have numbered at least several thousands, if not more. The two thousand on the boat had been augmented by as many more, and altogether a conservative estimate of the numbers of the paraders might have been 5,000.

Up Broadway, the parade's course ran while the sidewalks were jammed with onlookers. In stores and shops, business people stopped work to watch the demonstration and from the windows of many buildings heads leaned out. Police were busy clearing the line of march.


It was an inspiring sight as the parade wound its way up Broadway. As the singing marchers approached they carried a number of large and colorful signs. 'FATHER DIVINE'S PEACE MISSION and RIGHTEOUS GOVERNMENT DEPARTMENT, 20 WEST 115th STREET" --- appeared in big letters on the first one. Followed, the Seal and Flag of the Movement which was recently revealed.


"The Happy Singing Throng Awaiting the Divine Shipload in Kingston"

The Happy Singing Throng.





"Father Divine is God", sang the followers as the music echoed throughout the blocks. Several hundred "sisters" passed wearing white dresses around which were draped green banners carrying numerous signs and placards. A group passed with a sign, "Plainfield, New Jersey Righteous Government Forum." The marchers easily took up a dozen blocks. Another sign was observed "We Have Returned All Stolen Goods and Paid All Old Bills."

Signs were too numerous to identify "We Are At The End of This Sinful Government" "Father Divine's Righteous Government Forum, Brooklyn, N.Y." "Righteous Government Forum New Rochelle," "63rd Street," etc...etc..., the banners and placards went.

Several hundred "brothers" marched by and behind them came scores of little children. A number of trucks and buses proclaimed the scope of Father Divine's Promised Land activities such as "Agricultural", "Dairy", "Chapel Street Extension," "Krumville Extension," etc... Modern Ford and Chevrolet trucks attested to the prosperous industrial phase of the Movement. There were cars from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Texas, Connecticut and California, in the 50 or more cars which joined the parade. There was the "Divine Brothers bus from Newark, a chartered special from Asbury Park, N.J.


Free Message Given

Two brilliantly decorated cars passed bearing the signs "The Spoken Word" and "The New York News" Featuring the Messages of Father Divine The Greatest News on Earth. Thousands and thousands of free papers were distributed to hungry hands.

A climax of the parade was reached when Father Divine reviewed the entire procession in front of the Kingston High School. As the Band blared forth with a stirring song, multitudes of townspeople obtained a good view of Father Divine as He sat atop His car.








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