"Out of One Life, GOD Created all Religions."

"The Prayer Was Prayed of Thanksgiving, Jesus Said, 'I thank Thee, Father !'"


Father Divine's Message Given February 3, 1934 A.D.F.D, Time and place not given.





FATHER DIVINE speaks as follows:




Peace ! Here you come and here you stand, all in one. I rise at this time to say, it is a blessing beyond degrees to really know GOD that which you call ME. Whether it happens to be in this Body, or whether it be in the invisible, or whether it be in another, it is good and it is so much better to know GOD for yourselves. It is Eternal Life to know the only true GOD ; and by knowing GOD, why, that is the way of Salvation.

You can read it in the seventeenth chapter of St. John I AM not especially telling you to read it, but I AM speaking of the seventeenth chapter of St. John, and it has been stamped in your memory. That is something that has been with you all the time, the prayer Jesus prayed for the whole world. Jesus said,

'I thank thee, Father",

didn't He ? The Prayer and Prayers of Jesus to the FATHER of His Spirit and of His Body, where a Prayer petitioning the Great Universal Mind Substance, which was in the beginning and is here and now to day, and when Jesus as a Person made these Prayers it was,

'I thank Thee, Father !'

Prayers of Thanksgiving. Prayers as being termed in the mortal mind, Prayers, but they all are Thanksgiving and Praises to GOD for the blessings GOD has given.

" I Thank Thee FATHER"

For this cause you can use the same words that Jesus as a Person used, for you are reproducers of the same Spirit and the same Mind, you are now called the Sons of GOD. But the Prayer was prayed of Thanksgiving, and

'I thank thee, Father", said He, "That thou hast always heard Me pray.'

It is a great consideration to know you can make your mental and spiritual contact and that you can receive the limitless blessings that are in storehouse, and that is in heaven.

Believing and giving thanks and praises for the blessings you have received and for the blessings you are now receiving. For this cause you can always rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for as you give praises and you give thanks, you are increasing and multiplying your blessings.

'Paul may plant and Apollos may water, but God giveth the increase.'

GOD in you, and in your name, through you, and by you and others, is giving the increase. For every positive word you speak, that is substantiated by faith, when you affirm with all your heart, and with all your mind, any good and desirable affirmation, GOD will confirm it.

GOD always goes one better. There has been a common phrase so often used in the religious world especially here in America it has been said "If you make one step to ME, I will make two to you !" Whether it be actually true in a personal way or not, you can say it is true in reality, in Spirit and in Mind. When you draw your thoughts towards GOD, and your mind in that direction, of giving thanks and praises, then and there GOD brings a closer relation. When you praised GOD, you got close to Him you began to find that GOD 'sticks closer than a brother.' But if you do not praise GOD, why then, you will drive HIM from you.

'Nothing between my soul and My Savior,
So that His Blessed Face can be seen,
Let nothing prevent the least of His favors,
Oh, keep the way clear, let nothing between.'

The Key that Answers Every Prayer

The Consciousness of the Presence of GOD, I brought to your consideration several years ago, the great significance of having the very Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence of GOD, for it is the Source of all Supply and it will satisfy every good desire. That is the key to all success and prosperity; that is the key to the answer of every prayer you have prayed; the key to all of your fondest desires, and the key to all of the prayers that others have prayed, and GOD is here.

It is a wonderful thought, dear ones ! When I brought to you the recognition and conviction of GOD's presence, it also created an atmosphere that is the great creative force of nature, and it will create and bring into expression, every desirable blessing by your recognition of GOD's Ever Presence. Therefore you can rejoice and be exceedingly glad to know with simple Faith and Conviction, that GOD is Ever Present with you. It will create an atmosphere of Peace and Happiness and Success and Prosperity, and it will satisfy your every desire. As I often say, I could not preach it if I did not live it, and I could not live it, if I did not be It.

You Must Be What You Advocate

Therefore I say to those that desire to advocate, emphasize and demonstrate these things, they must be partakers of the same, and producers and expressers, as well as advocators and emphasizers and demonstrators of the desirable blessings they are seeking. While emphasizing, you must realize that you must advocate and you must also demonstrate and you must also live it and be it. And being it, you will also be the reproducer of the same that you are. Then and there it would be as it was said,

'He was in the world and the world was made by him, and the world knew him not.'

The same was in the beginning with GOD which was to say as though to say the same was in the beginning with GOD as it is today. The same was in the beginning. He left it as a question mark for your consideration and for your conscious conviction, that it really meant the same was in the beginning even as it is here and now in the end.

Now, I stress this once again for your consideration. Do not think that I AM opening the door for a whole lot of foolish and unnecessary slanderous testimonies and condemnations in our midst. I AM opening the door for the inflow and inlet of praises and thanksgiving. I have let up the floodgate to let the Victory in ; I have thrown wide the Door of Heaven for your consideration, that you might come in through thanksgiving and praises. Praising GOD continually with all your heart and with all your mind, and forgetting about condemnation condemning someone and criticizing ! Praise GOD for the great Work GOD has done for you. It will throw wide the Gate of Heaven for you, and you will be able to go through. These thoughts should be, or they are well worth considering and of being considered for your salvation. Therefore, take them into consideration.

Praises Open the Door of Any Undesirable Condition

From henceforth make your mental and spiritual contact and you can be blessed wheresoever you are if you will live according to MY Life and MY Teachings that I have been conveying to you, and for you, and through you, and by you, and also through and by others , to you. That is a wheel within a wheel ! It is a message within a message and keep saying one thing until the whole Heaven ring. Praises will unlock any barred or shut door. It would open the doors of any undesirable condition, whether it be mental, spiritual, or physical, or material, whichever ; these doors can be opened if they are undesirable conditions, or if they are desirable conditions. Praises will unlock the door of h--l, and praises will unlock the Door of Heaven.

Therefore, if you happen to be caught in a trap, and find yourselves in prison, find yourselves in the dungeons and tombs of the children of men, or even find yourselves in h--l as it may be termed, or find yourselves in Heaven, it makes no difference, praises will unlock the door. Praises are the particular keys that unlock the doors of every expression and every degree, whether it is desirable or undesirable. Praises are the keys that will unlock the door. If you are shut up in any undesirable expression of life, praises and thanksgiving continually, without locks and without keys will unlock the Door of Heaven.

Praise and thanksgiving continually, will unlock any heart's door. Even though the doors of the hearts of the children of men and all that are connected with them, may be closed against you, with the right concept and recognition of GOD with continued praise and thanksgiving, it will unlock the doors. Praise the Lord ! Again I say, Praise the Lord ! I say, praises will unlock the door ! It is Wonderful !

Condemnation Will Close Every Door

Praises and thanksgiving will unlock barred and shut doors ! When the doors of happiness seem to be closed, you begin to praise GOD, and you will see the doors fly wide ! Praise the Lord ! Praises will unlock any door, I say ! But condemnation will close up the door of MY Heart. Condemnation and accusation will close every door close the doors ! I say behind you ! And you will not be able to go in nor out. Praises will unlock the door. Condemnation will close the doors of success and prosperity. The very words from those conditions wherein they are expressed ! It is well worth considering.

And now you have the Keys to the Kingdom, and you also have the keys to all conditions. The right concept and the right understanding, with the Words of praises, will unlock doors and all doors, it matters not what sort of doors it may be.

I have undermined the foundation of all materialism and mortality, and I have built you up in the most holy faith by the recognition of GOD being the Fundamental Principle, the Foundation, the Author and the Finisher. GOD is in reality every individual's Father, and they never had another, and you have been groaning within yourselves waiting for the adoption. When you come to the recognition and conviction that GOD is your FATHER and you never had another, then and there you have been adopted into the Royal Family. And this adoption, you are brought to the conscious realization of the spiritualization of your body and the redemption of your body in other words, waiting for the adoption, the manifestation of the Sons of GOD and the Redemption of your body, don't you see ? When you are convinced that GOD is your FATHER and you never had another, there and then, you are brought to the conscious realization that you are redeemed.

Stand in The Liberty Christ Has Given

Therefore, I say to you,

'Stand in the Liberty wherewith Christ hath set you free, and be not again entangled with the yoke of bondage.'

I thank you. If you don't want to be happy, you had better not praise MY Name ! If you don't want to open doors that no man can shut, you had better not praise MY Name ! It was declared, I can open doors that no man can shut, and shut doors that no man can open. I have the Keys of h--l and death. This is the message that was declared, and the very same message to you has been given, that you might have the keys to death and Heaven, and the keys are the praises to you I AM bringing and you can hear them and you can say them and you can sing them. If you cannot sing them, you can hear them. If you cannot hear them you can feel them. If you cannot feel them, you can see them, for they are being put into expression, and on every plane and in every version. GOD the great Creator, has put them into operation by your physical senses. They all can experience and experiment in these blessings that I AM telling you about. I thank you.

(Continuing again, along a different line, FATHER speaks as follows:)

In this day and in this time, I can see every nation, every tongue and every people, I can see every religious denomination or nationality with all of their tribes, coming up. And as the Gospel said: or, in other words as the writer recorded it,

'Out of one blood GOD formed all nations.'

Out of One Spirit GOD Created All Religions

This parable, nationally speaking, was a sketch and a reflection of the true Spirit and Work of GOD your Great Creator. Even out of the tribes of the different nations, humanly speaking, the very parable was done in a parable it was spoken of the reality of the gathering together of the spiritual tribes of the children of this people, and out of one Spirit, GOD created all religions. Out of One Life, GOD created all religions, humanly speaking. For Christendom those of you that are under Christendom you find that out of One Spirit, Christ established all Christian Religions. In other words, they came through and by the same identical Spirit, the Life or Teaching of Christ that was in Jesus.

This parable is fulfilled in your hearing. It is being fulfilled this day, when you can see the different tribes of the nations, humanly speaking, coming together bringing their bodies into subjection to this Fundamental Principle ; but remember firstly came forth the spirits of these individual tribes, and they are returning back to GOD. The outward expression is but the inward expression of the condition of the mind within, and these different individuals collectively that is but the outward expression of the condition of the mind within.

I AM producing and bringing to fruition, the very spirit of all the nations of the Earth. GOD has harnessed the great powers that be, as Benjamin Franklin did the lightning or electricity. Through this invention, it has brought the powers that looked to have been the destructive forces of nature, into subjection to the people. GOD has harnessed the power of all religions. I say, I have harnessed the power of every religion ! All of the different religions of all the earth, the Spirit and Inspiration that came through and by them, they are coming unto ME. Therefore this day the Scripture is fulfilled in your hearing. Externally, it is but the outward expression of seeing the mixed multitudes manifested, but internally, I have in ME the Spirit and the Life of every denomination. I have quickened, and I AM calling them unto GOD from whence they were driven.

The Spirit of Each Religion Will Come

Therefore, the Spirit of our present day religions and the Spirit of our past religions, they are subject to the great Universal Mind Substance, and they are coming the spirit of each religion will come, with or without the person. As a delegate of one, representing that particular tribe, representing that particular religion, it will come for the spirit goes back to the GOD that gave it. For this cause you can see even every nation, language, tongue and people, from a national point of view or consideration you can see them coming as mixed multitudes manifestedly, but within I see them coming, the spirit of each and every religion, bringing themselves into subjection to this Great Fundamental Principle of Whom you day I AM. And the different tribes or religions and denomination of every description, we can see them coming, bearing witness of the special tribes through their especial emotions, vibrations and demonstrations. ; known by their individual expression when they are resurrected in these Temples. It is a Wonderful thought, dear ones !

Now the underworld and the theatrical world, the world of jazz, and every other expression of the world, these expressions have been converted unto GOD. That is why you can see the emotions and expressions, compositions and songs with melodies in accord with the tunes of the jazz world. And that is why those that are from the underworld, those that are from the religious world, those that are from the intellectual world, those that are from the social world, those that are from the financial world, they all Love ME. I thank you.








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It is also nice to give credit where credit is due for through the Spirit and Teaching of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE you are and can eternally be abundantly blessed.

From all of us to all of you. we wish you, peace and love, and many blessings, and may we all ever live in unity and brotherhood and the Consciousness of GOD'S Actual Ever Presence.

True Americanism, True Brotherhood, True Christianity, True Judaism and All True Religions are synonymous and truly Our GOD is One GOD. Amen

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