"Thanking God Is the Mystery of Victory and The Conceiving of it Is the Security."

The Mystery of Resurrection Explained


FATHER DIVINE's Message At the Banquet Table, 20 West 115th Street, New York City,
Thursday, January 30th, 1936 A.D.F.D., Time: 3:50 P. M.








How a lifeless form with sixteen fractures of the skull picked up by the roadside and rushed to the hospital with blood gushing from nose, throat and ears, could become a normal, happy, healthy individual in a few short weeks, is something Medical Science has been unable to explain. Yet this is what actually happened, and there are the X-Ray plates to prove it showing the sixteen cracks, the only remedy being, "I thank YOU FATHER."

There are many other cases on record proving the Presence of GOD, FATHER DIVINE in the land, but this latest case was a matter of such utter impossibility, humanly speaking, that it is an outstanding example. Medical Science had said the patient was beyond aid and would never regain consciousness, but FATHER Personally happened to be in the vicinity and HE stopped at the hospital. A change was noted immediately in the pulse and other conditions, and from that point on, the physicians were continually amazed.

How the individual came to be in such condition is unimportant here. Suffice it to say that he and another were in a car traveling at high speed, that went off the road and hit a tree. Both were picked up unconscious, but by having FATHER uppermost in consciousness, they both came through finally, without a visible scratch.

One was out of the hospital in a few days' time, thanking FATHER for his deliverance, but the other, Mr. Smith, stayed longer to satisfy the physicians, who could not believe that he was normal. He came to FATHER's New York City Headquarters on Thursday afternoon, January 30th, and then the wonderful testimony of his deliverance from actual death, was given.

Responding to the testimony, FATHER revealed many new mysteries, explaining them in terms that even the scientific minds of the physicians would be obliged to accept. Turning the Searchlight of Truth back through the apparent ages of time, HE revealed what took place in the silence of the tomb when Jesus was crucified, dead and buried, until He stepped forth with the Everlasting Victory. HE explained the resurrecting of Lazarus nineteen hundred years ago, and this modern resurrection of Mr. Smith in this New Dispensation when twenty- two million have declared that GOD is on earth in a Body, FATHER's Words were preface by a song which HE sung Personally, as follows: ----


'By the Power of HIS Hands,
GOD brought me out of Egypt,
HE slew the first-born and delivered HIS Own
By the Power of the Blood, By the Power of HIS Hand
GOD brought me out of Egypt, By the Power of HIS Hand
GOD brought me over in Canaan, HE led me round and round
The walls of Jericho, By the Power of HIS Hand
GOD brought me out of the wilderness.'




PEACE, EVERYONE! How glad you are, and how happy I AM to sit and stand in one and all, transmitted to all mankind to give Life, Health, and Love to everyone that will allow ME, and will be obedient to the call. That little song long since composed, but a part of it brought forth in consideration for the last testimony, is a witness to what GOD can and will do for HIS Children. I thought of the Words of the Sonship Degree in the Body of Him that liveth forever in MY Name, "to bring one from the dead." It has been recorded and it has been said that Jesus, the great Love Master, the One of whom I AM now speaking, did say,

'FATHER I thank Thee.'

The Words of this, with the Spirit of Sincerity, with devoutness accordingly, will lift you up, and in and over every difficulty; will establish your going in the land of the living; and will give you victory, it matters not what the conflicts may be



Life Held Within the Subconscious Mind

That is why it is essential to get ME substantiated and uppermost in your consciousness, and allow MY Spirit and MY Mind to dwell with you at all times, being concentrated on ME sincerely and harmoniously, and the very Spirit of GOD HIMSELF wheresoever HE may be, apparently, at the time of sickness, sorrow or death, will lift you. If you allow your subconscious mind to conceive ME and receive of MINE even as you have received and conceived your alphabets and the first expression of the principle of mathematics, you can plainly see and say at all times,

'Thy Will be done,'


'I thank YOU FATHER.'

Your subconscious mind holds within itself Life, and Peace, and Health, or it holds sorrow, misery and death. Conceive the idea, substantiate yourselves in it, and if you go down consciously; be consciously killed or consciously and physically dead in reality, if you have ME in your subconsciousness in perfect harmony from every angle, the harmonious state of expression as was with Jesus in Person, will resurrect you in your physical body.


Resurrection Always Possible

Jesus had used the Words, not only the Words but also the method, of giving thanks to GOD, until HE expressed it scientifically, automatically and unthoughtfully. The very thoughts of Jesus as He relaxed, at all times were on GOD and GOD alone. When this was done, if the Body went down in despair, the Spirit of GOD's Presence in the subconsciousness would awaken and give Life to the physical Body and resurrect it from the dead. You carry in your consciousness, that seed Idea of Life, Health and Happiness, and Victory, and Power, and every other desirable expression, or you carry in your consciousness and in your subconsciousness, the extreme reverse to those desirable expressions. You carry one or the other, therefore if you consciously conceive the positive and live thus accordingly, your subconsciousness will conceive it, and when you are in a coma or in your dreams, when you are consciously relaxed or when you are consciously and personally dead, your subconsciousness will live and MY Spirit and MY Name and MY Mind by your subconsciousness giving thanks to ME, will resurrect you.


"I Thank Thee FATHER"

Jesus said

'I thank Three FATHER,'

as an open expression for others to reincarnate it. When He desired to raise Lazarus from the dead, He said "I Thank Thee FATHER," as an open expression of His conscious realization of GOD giving Him what He was asking for. As an open expression of He having received that for which He was asking that He had not openly discerned nor seen, He was thanking GOD for it before it came into observation, because He was sure and positive in Consciousness that GOD was a Living Reality, and before He could call, GOD would answer. Therefore He said, "I thank You." Now isn't that Wonderful! Thanking GOD is the mystery and the conceiving of it is the security. Conceiving it, and perceiving the idea, and thanking GOD continually until you get it in your subconsciousness, if you relax consciously your subconsciousness will be saying, "I thank YOU FATHER." That's the mystery!

If you go down in despair apparently, it is a matter of impossibility for you to remain continually, when you have ME in your consciousness and in your subconsciousness, harmoniously. If you have ME in your consciousness antagonistically or conflictingly, you will find yourself divided against yourself, and your subconsciousness cannot harmoniously express and utter the Prayer that will be heard and answered. "I Thank YOU FATHER ---I Thank YOU" That is the mystery, to stay in harmony with ME for your own redemption, for your own sake. If it is for a selfish purpose, stay in harmony with ME and refuse to deviate to another, or in other directions, for your harmony with ME for you is a blessing.


Above Your Power to Think

You may say, "I have a cause, a right to deviate from some Words or some Actions of FATHER's because I do not understand it." You may say, "FATHER has said something that was not according to the Scripture." It matters not what it is, for your own redemption it is better for you to be in harmony. As I said the other evening,

'Who knows the Mind of GOD that he or she might correct HIM or instruct HIM?'

GOD Almighty could not and would not be Omnipotent if HE was not above your power to think. HE would not be Omniscient, if HE was not above and beyond all of humans' wisdom. Now isn't that Wonderful! GOD would not be Omnilucent if HIS Understanding did not light up paths that had not been lighted. Now isn't that Wonderful!

'The Path of the Just glows brighter and brighter until the Perfect Day,'

but you must be in the Light of GOD, to see it all the way. GOD would not be Omnilucent, and could not and would not be Omnipresent, if HE was limited to your version. If HE were limited to the light of your understanding, GOD could not and would not be Omnilucent.


Who Can Know the Mind of GOD

Therefore it is essential for you to recognize GOD and be in harmony with HIM, if it thunders or if it lightnings. It is Wonderful! Who can say definitely, what good is the sound of the thunderbolt? They have not brought it forth into expression. Even Science has not yet discerned what good is the sound of the thunderbolt. They have discerned why; they say through the explosive congested heat, etc., but they don't know why, and they can't say convincingly, what good is it, making that sound. Science has sent up and brought down the lightning by invention and by discovery, but they have not brought out the mystery of for what purpose the sound of the thunder or lightning-bolt is exploded. GOD may do things that are queer and misunderstandable to the limited mind or the human mentality, but GOD in HIS Own Omniscience as being ALL Wisdom, knows just why.

Someone may say, "For what purpose --what is the use of GOD sending, or the Hand of Nature producing vegetation, and allowing the Cosmic Forces of Nature in the name of frost and cold to come and destroy it in the fall?" Some may say, "What's the use?" "Why is it HE doesn't allow everything to be evergreen and hardy at all times?" "It looks much better," they would say. "If the trees and the flowers must shed, throw off their beautiful foliage, why is it they do it; in other words what need is it to do it, if they must come back again in the spring?" "That is giving the Hand of Nature more work to do."


In Fellowship With GOD

Why is it GOD will use the Hand of Nature to produce through vegetation and other expressions, and use the Cosmic Force of Nature as destructive, to destroy them? That is the question that was put forth to GOD, but when GOD was speaking to Job under consideration, Job could not answer the question. Now isn't that Wonderful! I said, isn't that Wonderful! It is Wonderful, to observe it and understand it, for GOD is Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent, and Omnilucent. It is indeed Wonderful! Then I say, conceiving the idea in your consciousness, and allowing your subconscious mind to conceive it from your conscious mind, that which you have been consciously thinking harmoniously, by consciously thinking along harmonious lines in fellowship with GOD, and of HIS Work and HIS Mission, the Spirit of GOD within you will quicken them. You have conceived that idea or that opinion; your subconscious mind will go in travail. It keeps it until this time to be used, saving as it may be called upon from time to time at intervals when it may apparently be necessary to be used in an especial way, but the main time is at that --if there be such an expression as that which is commonly termed -- the Great Day.


That "Something" Within

When that which is termed death, or that which is termed a sentence to death by medical and physical science -- when that sentence shall have been passed upon you, then and there your subconscious mind should have something within that will sustain. Now isn't that Wonderful! That substance that is for the sustenance of the body, for the redemption of the mind, and all things -- that something must be within the subconscious mind. If it is only in the conscious mind and not conceived as a Living Reality, when you are consciously killed you will not rise again, for you are not in MY Will; but when you shall have conceived it in your subconsciousness and quickened within until you can think it automatically, and unconsciously you are expressing it, then and there if you are killed dead, you will be resurrected.


Concentration and Reiteration

That is the mystery and the significance of concentration and reiteration. By a constant reiteration of the positive expression, in copying after the fashion I have shown you, you will gain the victory through conscious consideration of reiteration, and by so doing you will conceive the thing from the within, that you are reiterating. You will conceive it in your consciousness as you did your alphabets. "ABC,--ABC,--ABC, ABC,"-- you continued to say it, until you conceived it in your conscious and your subconsciousness and your subconscious mind re-conceived it. "The relaxation of the conscious mentality is but the re- conception of GOD's Omniscience." Relax your conscious human intellect, and GOD will inspire you with HIS Intelligence and Intellect from HIS Omniscience. This will come forth spontaneously in your subconsciousness of expression, and cause you to act upon the impulse of the moment, although you may be unconscious.


The Reward Of Keeping HIS Sayings

I thank YOU FATHER! Going down somewhat in despair as far as your conscious mentality is concerned, going down in despair as far as your physical body is concerned, you may go down in that state of expression, but I will raise you up again. This is a true saying, of what Jesus said --

'If you keep MY Sayings you shall never see death. . . . I am the Living Bread that cometh down from Heaven, if any man eat of this Bread he shall live forever and not die, and I will raise him up at the Last Day.'

When you shall have seen your last day as an individual, when you shall have come to your destination, when you shall have come to your wits' end, when you shall have finished your work and shall have been made ready to be offered up --that is your last day. Then and there I will raise you up, for your last day has truly come.


Mystery of the Last Day Explained

'I will raise him up in the last day.'

Do you not see the mystery of the last day? The mystery of the last day, it means your individual day, your last, when you shall have gone to your wits' end, when you shall have gone to man's destination as far as you are personally concerned. When you shall have finished your work and shall have fought a good fight, and can do no more, when everything else shall have failed you, then and there I will raise you up. That's what I AM talking about. Let everything else fail you, come to your wits' end, go to your complete destination, go to your complete extremity, go to where everything else shall have failed you; then I will raise you up; that is your last day. Now isn't that Wonderful!


The Conqueror Over All Conditions

In your subconsciousness I may be dormant, but allow ME to be awakened in your consciousness and in your conscious activities, in truth and obedience by being faithful. By so doing in your subconsciousness, when you shall have been killed or murdered, or shall have passed on in consciousness and in your physical body, I will raise you up. That is the mystery! Hold ME uppermost in your consciousness and allow your subconsciousness mind to conceive it, sincerely, believe it and work in harmony with it --with the conception of which I AM expressing --and behold I will raise you up, for I AM the resurrector. That's the mystery! That's why you can rejoice! You know you have One that has never lost a battle. HE fought through all of the generations B.J., better known as B.C., parable speaking concerning you individually, the CHRIST in you, fighting through all of your difficulties, fighting on giving you the victory, and coming as a Conqueror over all conditions. That was the mystery parably speaking, when it was spoken concerning HE Who was to come and did come, that had fought through forty-two generations B.J., better known as B.C.


GOD --The Soul mate Of Man

This is what I AM doing by being your Soul's Mate. GOD is the only One that should be the Soul Mate of everyone. That is the mystery! If GOD is your Soul's Mate in your subconsciousness, mating with you and your subconsciousness at all times; not allowing one thought to enter your subconscious mind that would not be in perfect harmony with HIM; not allowing a word, deed or action to enter into your consciousness that you would not want HIM to know Personally; not allowing a person nor persons to express a word, deed or action, neither even a thought to be conveyed in an expression in any way that you would not want GOD to know Personally -- if you do you will bring about a separation between your Maker, your Soul Mate and yourself.


Closer Than Breathing

Your Soul's Mate is CHRIST, and CHRIST is Spirit, Impersonal, a Principle, yet Personified and expressible, reincarnatable, invisible yet visible. Now isn't that Wonderful! In any way you may discern it to be, CHRIST should be with you and should be your Soul's Mate. Wherever you be, your Soul's Mate should be closer than breathing. You should not allow a thought to come in, you would not desire HIM to know Personally, if you do, you are bringing about a separation from HIS Impersonal Presence that is in reality your Redemption, and Emancipation, and Emancipator. That is where men and women rob themselves of their rightful inheritance, by allowing other thoughts to come in and make a separation between you and your Soul's Mate, your Redeemer and Savior. It has been said by the religious, your inner Man is one with GOD. Your inner Man, that which is termed the soul, should be absolutely one with GOD. You should not allow for your own sakes, not a word to be spoken or heard, neither any expression through you nor others, neither a deed, neither any expression, or anything that would attract your attention to cause you to consciously notice, that you would not want GOD to know Personally. If another person knows it, if he sees it or observes it from any angle expressible, if GOD is not permitted to know it Personally, that other person as a person has separated you from your Soul's Mate.


The Parable of Companionship

GOD is the Soul Mate of every individual, if they can but believe it and live it. GOD will mate with your soul continually, and will beget in your subconsciousness new beauties, new wisdom, knowledge and understanding, and you will no longer be barren nor unfruitful in wisdom, knowledge and understanding, for you will be a fruitful field. Your Soul's Mate or Companion should be with you, and closer than any other expression. Nothing should come in your consideration, that you would not Personally tell HIM. As soon as it does it will as it was, be an outward expression of a visible separation from you and your Maker.

These are hard sayings, but yet they are true. You may wonder why is it you can't feel it so effectively, and can't be with ME and in harmony Personally.

It is because you have allowed some thought to come in by or through some other individual, that you have not divulged to your Maker. Therefore that thought of that person has brought a separation. Hence you and your Soul Mate are separated, and you cannot be fruitful. Your Soul's Mate should be with you at all times. The parable of Companionship in mortal consciousness was merely a parable, parably speaking, concerning the mystery of CHRIST and HIS People. Now isn't that Wonderful!

Why should you allow the mortal versions of men, human lust and passion, and human affections, to separate you from your Maker? Your Soul's Mate is your Maker. Your Maker is your Creator, and your Creator is your Savior, to save you from all adversities and all undesirable conditions. This is exactly what the Spirit of MY Presence has done. You may hide from man but it has long since been said, "You cannot hide from GOD."


Closer Than Thinking

Going down with your Soul Mate, mating with HIM at all times, wheresoever you are, wheresoever you go, and wheresoever you be, allow your Soul Mate to be closely united, closer than breathing--closer than breathing I say -- closer than even your thoughts; allow your Soul Mate to be closer than thinking. If you allow thoughts to come in closer to you than HE, your thought of others, and expressions, or any other emotion that may be termed an expression, then and there that person as a visible abstract expression of your mental and spiritual conception, he brought an open separation. Then you wonder why you can't be in fellowship with ME Personally, and you wonder why is it when you go down in some conscious conflict, or in some visible despair for your physical bodies, you cannot rise above them, you cannot overcome them. It is because you have not allowed your Soul Mate to remain uppermost in your consciousness and you have not allowed your Soul Mate to lie closer to you and your soul, than that of any other conscious thought you could express, or any other conscious thought one has expressed.

When that person or persons can and do express something to you that you are not willing and ready to willingly expose to GOD your Maker, that person has come between you and your Creator. The person that knows anything concerning you yourself, or others, or that you know concerning another, and you are not willing to expose it, then and there that person that knows it is closer to you than I -- and he is closer to ME than you, as far as you are concerned.


A Mental and Spiritual Conception

Take these thoughts to consideration. Your Soul Mate should have close relation mentally and spiritually. This is a mental and spiritual conception, not a physical one -- a mental and a spiritual conception. Your Soul Mate should at all times be with you, that HE might beget through your soul other Beauties of GOD and of HIS Mysteries, that have not yet been told. I can beget such beauties, by close relation with your soul as an Impersonal Presence, Everpresent but Impersonal -- I in your soul and through the mental and spiritual relation we have together mentally and spiritually, though you may be in Europe or Asia -- I can beget such Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding such as has not been discerned by the conscious mentality of men.

Take these thoughts to consideration. GOD is your Soul's Mate, not matter -- I AM not speaking of personality, I AM not speaking of sex, nor a visible expression, I AM not speaking of masculines and feminine, I AM speaking of the Impersonal Presence, yet with or without a person the same forever, throughout all Eternity. Your Soul's Mate should make with your soul continually. Even though it may be lying dormant in your subconsciousness, your Soul's Mate should be there resting comfortable undisturbed, and you should be unmoved and undisturbed saving as HE moves on the altar of the heart and causes you to cooperative with HIM. Oh it is a privilege to realize it!


Mystery of Resurrection Explained

These expressions are true and real. The parable was fulfilled in the experience of Mr. Smith as being an outward expresser of the mystery. MY Spirit and MY Presence were mating with his soul continually in consciousness and in subconsciousness, and when he went down in despair and was killed physically and mentally, I was still living in his subconsciousness, for I was mating with his soul continually. Your Soul's Mate will raise you from the dead; your Soul's Mate will give you victory in every way, just as I have said. That is the mystery! When Lazarus went down in the grave, the resurrected expression came forth expressly manifesting Jesus" Version of "I thank YOU FATHER."

'I thank Thee FATHER." said He, "that thou has always heard me pray.'

He thanked GOD before He observed the body coming forth into expression. Why? Because He subconsciously went down in the subconsciousness of Lazarus, and when He called forth for Himself as life in the subconsciousness of the dead man the subconscious mind gave birth to the Consciousness of GOD's Presence within and he was resurrected.


Subconscious Mind the Storehouse of Life

Going down with ME in your consciousness at all times, in thanks and praise continually, your subconsciousness will bring you your deliverance, even though you conscious mentality and your physical body die. If you do not give up the Ghost in your subconsciousness, it is a matter of impossibility for you to die in reality. Now isn't that Wonderful! The subconscious mind is the storehouse of salvation, the subconscious mind is the storehouse of Life, and of all of GOD's Creation. All of GOD's Creation is in the subconscious mind where the conscious mind cannot grasp and cannot maintain it. The subconscious mind is one with its Maker. Being in close relationship with the Soul's Mate continually, you can and will give birth from time to time to different lights, and beauties, and mysteries coming forth from the subconscious mind.


Mystery of Invention Revealed

All of GOD's Creation is in the subconscious mind. That is why inventors and discoverers can bring out mysteries, and things that had not been seen nor heard of by men. Because all of those things are in the subconscious mind, they are not in the outer saving as you let them out and bring them into your consideration in your consciousness. Then GOD will bring them from the invisible realm, from your subconscious and from the subconsciousness of others to the surface, and materialize them. Every invention, and every discovery, and every expression of art that has comes forth into expression -- all of these expressions they have been lying dormant in the subconsciousness of somebody. Oh it is indeed Wonderful! But when your subconsciousness gives birth to the beautiful art, and mysteries, and beauty of life that have been lying dormant, others can see it and observe it, and enjoy it, for it is coming from the Almighty.


The Impulse of the Moment

GOD is one with your soul, I cannot stress it too vividly. Your Soul's Mate! The physical expression in mortal consciousness, is but mortal mindedly parably speaking concerning the mystery of GOD and your subconsciousness. The mortal-minded parably spoken expression will continue to mortal -mindedly parably speak in mortal consciousness to those that are living therein and through those that are living therein, but,

'To him that is spiritual all things are spiritual.'

therefore I AM giving you a spiritual interpretation of those things. Now aren't you glad! You have found out you have your Soul's Mate! You have found out who HE is and how HE works, and how HE should be, and how you should be with HIM. Now isn't that Wonderful!

Holding uppermostly in your consciousness at all times that which will eventually be conceived in your subconsciousness, that which you desire to remain with you at all times -- hold it uppermostly in your consciousness as a Living Reality, conceive it and endorse it and reiterate it, until it shall have been conceived subconsciously and established. You can then relax your conscious mentality, the subconscious mind will hold it and express it, as it reacts upon the impulse of the moment. Now isn't that Wonderful!


A Physical Body Resurrected in l936

Some have said, and may yet say, "These expressions are expressions of fanatical hypnoses." If you can be hypnotized in the recognition of GOD being within you, and of GOD being a Living Reality, such a recognition conceived in your subconsciousness if it can cause your physical body to die as a visible expression of your consciousness, and can resurrected your physical body as an open expression of your hypnosis, it is worth considering This is exactly what MY Spirit has done for the one of whom we are now speaking -- the one that was as dead by the versions of men, for the specialists spoke as though he was passing away and they were doubtful of him living through the night. He was screened off from the other brethren, and his head was down and his feet up. The specialist said he would hardly live overnight. He said he had hardly ever known one to live overnight. But because he went down with ME in his mind -- I was in his subconsciousness so firm, by reiteration and by constant concentration on the Fundamental, and by the recognition of MY Ever Presence as a Living Reality and by the recognition of the tangibilization of GOD, materialization of GOD, the Personification of GOD, GOD as a Personified Body, it redeemed his body from the grave.


Heart Work

The same application or treatment can and will do the same for each and every one that will live thus accordingly. I thank you.

PEACE EVERYONE! I feel somewhat loth to let you go without saying a Word or two more. I AM saying it because I want you all to know, this is not mere head work, it must be heart work. It must get in you as Spirit, something that moves spontaneously, automatically, unthoughtfully, and unwillingly; which is to say, get it in your subconsciousness. Your subconscious mind should be converted as well as your conscious mentality or your head-conscious state of expression. When your subconscious mind is truly converted, you will say "I thank YOU, FATHER," and you will say it unthoughtfully without thinking. You will say it unthoughtfully! Now isn't that Wonderful! Your very innermost self will express it.


Conversion of Subconsciousness

When this shall have been freely expounded and exhibited in reality, in perfect harmony with the Infinite, and in HIS Spirit, and Love and Mercy, you will have the victory physically over all of your difficulties, and none will be able to hurt nor harm you, for the Mouth of GOD has spoken it. Your visible bodies may be converted into mortality, may be converted into churchanity or what they call Christianity, but unless your subconsciousness shall have been converted until you will act it upon the impulse of the moment as you at times will do; until you are truly converted subconsciously from those Adamic ideas and opinions, you will act them out in your subconsciousness, in your sleep, etc. Until you shall have been converted from those tendencies completely, and converted into the conscious expression, and in your subconsciousness converted also, to what I AM stressing, and living and doing for you, you cannot have the victory over all of your difficulties. That is the mystery! But when you shall have been subconsciously converted in actions, words and deeds, you can express it. When you shall have been completely, subconsciously, converted from the Adamic state of consciousness, and your subconsciousness shall have conceived all of these expressions through devotion, that I have begotten you with, then and there you will express it and it will be a matter of impossibility for you to die, if you hold ME uppermost in your consciousness and will not give up the Ghost. I thank you.

(A song followed FATHER's Words, that had been sung in a slightly different version on the radio program the previous Sunday. Referring to this song FATHER spoke again as follows:


Declaring HIM Personally

PEACE EVERYONE! I don't like to interrupt the Song, but I would just like to say, the mystery of our Work and our Righteous Government Movement, and especially in the Educational and the Political Department, I wish to convey stressfully, the thought of having MY Spirit and striking the Keynote. If you are radical enough to say it in these audiences where I AM Personally functioning from MY Professional or Spiritual point of consideration, you should be the same when I AM Personally Present or Personally absent, in these and other Meetings, such as the Political, Social and Educational Departments of FATHER DIVINE's Peace Mission Movement.

Now I mention this because in this composition we have been just singing, you say in our audiences daily, "It is flowing like a River forever and ever, through FATHER DIVINE." That is what you have declared. The Spirit has said it in you. If you change it when you go to broadcast, and get in mortal consciousness, the Spirit will not bear witness to it and you will lose the essence. You cannot express ME effectively, unless you express ME the same at all times. If your so-called human conscious intelligence will prohibit you from declaring ME Personally, it will prohibit MY Spirit from expressing through you, and it will prohibit ME from endorsing you.


'Quench Not The Spirit'

If these Broadcasts have not been expressed effectively, and expressive, as they are or should be when we are gathered together in our regular Meetings, it is because of your human minds trying to bind and prohibit MY Spirit from expressing automatically and spontaneously, over and above your mortal human intellect. If I let out MY Power, and determine to declare MY Divinity, I will throw off every mortal version of human intellect completely, and reveal in MY Glorious Liberty, in the Infiniteness of MY Own Omniscience, and express Divine Intelligence to perfection.

I mention this because when you see these that are Life, Spirit and Love; in short they are ME expressed, or I AM expressed in them, bringing forth these inspirations, making their declaration known without fear and without trembling, and without compromising with the mortal mind -- if you change it when you go to broadcast; if you change it when you get in other audiences, MY Spirit will not follow you.

You will become to be beneath the ordinary expression of the mortals' version in broadcasting and in conveying their messages. GOD is Perfection, and GOD will express it scientifically with HIS Own Omniscience if you will lift up the Standard according to the transposed version. Every expression and every composition, it should be transposed from mortal to true immortality.


Flowing Like A River

"It is flowing like a river," I heard these MY Followers say, "forever and forever, through FATHER DIVINE." It stirs the mortal mind it is true, but when they are speaking they are speaking of ME Personally. Now isn't that Wonderful! And because they believe it, the reaction of their Believe and Faith in ME will cause them as persons to express the expression of supremacy, because they are drawing from the Supreme, the Ideal of their minds, according to their understanding. Therefore they must get the Spirit of Supremacy, by attracting it and concentrating on it. I thank you.

"It flows like a River forever and ever" --if you can and will sing all such songs from the transposed version, from the Standard of our present expression wherein we are functioning, then and there MY Spirit will be with you, and will give you the victory over all limited conditions and all limited expressions, and cause you to express Perfection.








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From all of us to all of you. we wish you, peace and love, and many blessings, and may we all ever live in unity and brotherhood and the Consciousness of GOD'S Actual Ever Presence.

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