"The Kingdom of Heaven Would Be Realized on Earth If Everyday Was Set Apart To Give Thanks
and Praise to God As Thanksgiving Day Is." ---FATHER DIVINE



Father's Message at the Banquet Table, King's Town Mansion, Kingston, New York,
Thursday, November 26th, 1936 A.D.F.D., Better Known as Thanksgiving Day, Time 11:50 P.M.


Kingston, Ulster County, N. Y.

Kingston, Ulster County, N.Y.






Thanksgiving for one day at least, has been observed throughout the Land, and on that occasion if on no other, banquet tables everywhere have been laden with abundance. That there is a great psychological Truth back of the connection between the Day and the Abundance, was revealed by FATHER when HE delivered a Mighty Message of Scientific Truth at the King's Town Mansion in the Promised Land, Thursday night, November 26th.

The beautiful Banquet Table in the Private Dining Room sparkled with its array of glassware and silver. Many gathered from New York City and the Promised Land Ulster County, New York and the surrounding area. The Table was laden as it is daily wheresoever FATHER is recognized, with the abundance and the fullness of all good things to eat. FATHER sat Personally at the Head of the Table in His Majesty, and HIS Purity and Grace reflected on everything and everyone, and made it all beautiful.

It was not an unusual occasion to the True and the Faithful who give Praise and Thanks continually and enjoy Thanksgiving everyday, but to the world at large it was the particular Day set apart for Thanksgiving. Therefore when FATHER arose to Speak, He brought forth from the depths of Hi Omniscience the real mysteries of Thanksgiving that had been hid from ages.

Thank You FATHER For THY Infinite Wisdom So Freely Given !

(The foregoing statements are those of the transcriber, after which FATHER Speaks as follows:)



Peace, Everyone ! Good Health, Good Will, Good Appetite, with good Luck, and Joy, Peace and Wealth that words cannot express ! With these things and all other blessings, according to your version you are saying daily, "I thank You." This is not merely a Thanksgiving Day as one among us, but as you who are caught up in this Spirit and this Spiritual vibrations, and the recognition and the realization of GOD's Actual Presence, you are giving thanks daily. It is a privilege to realize, those who are on the outside, they are observing and have been observing to-day as a Thanksgiving Day, but those of you who are in this recognition are giving Thanks and Thanksgiving, daily. You are realizing the Actual Presence of GOD. With all of the blessings you observe, you are enjoying the Presence so vividly until Thanksgiving has become to be openly expressed as you speak spontaneously from the sincerity of your soul the very sincerity of the mind, but spoken spontaneously at times when you say, "I thank YOU". It is not even on your mind in consciousness at times, but as you move, a certain reaction of an expression or an emotion of an individual or yourself, may cause you to say, 'I thank YOU FATHER.'

A Day Set Apart As A Memorial

Then I say Thanksgiving Day is not a day set apart for those of you as being termed those of US, we recognize the Reality of GOD's Presence, but it is a day set apart as a memorial for those who were seeking the Real Emancipation and Blessings you all are now enjoying. They saw a fore-light of it, and they did through this glimpse or glance at the mystery of the future, observe as a sketch and a reflection of a percent of a fraction of this Real Thanksgiving we are now and have been enjoying. When they spoke as they did, of the Thanksgiving Day as a memorial that was set apart at that time, they observed something they had apparently accomplished, and by this they felt as if though they should be thankful. Because of the things they expressed at that time, it was stamped in the minds of millions of the children of men, that they might set apart a day as a memorial of what had been accomplished through perseverance, and also recognize and express though Thanksgiving.

They gave thanks at that time to a certain degree, and it was handed down as one of the traditions, as a memorial for this People in this Dispensation. Nevertheless, they held it as you do today at least as the Public does today they held it as a set-apart day for the purpose of giving thanks. But it is a privilege for you to observe the significance of giving thanks when it is quickened in your consciousness and you become to be an expresser and expressers of thanks, Daily.

Reality Of Giving Thanks Daily

The incarnated thought and idea, with the Spirit of Sincerity as it is quickened within you, it causes you to move spontaneously in the expression of giving thanks and praises. Therefore this day to us is an endorsement in a way, of what you are doing everyday. Isn't that Wonderful ! It is to call the mortal mind's attention to the mystery of what you are doing daily to cause them to think upon the expression of thanks, and the emotions of it in words, deeds and actions with sympathy, instead of looking upon the expression of Thanksgiving and Praise to GOD, with antagonism, that they might understand while they are giving thanks to GOD and to man one day, the Thanks you are giving is a Reality for it is Daily. Now, isn't that Wonderful ! It is an expression that has been awakened in the conscious mentality of all who have been Resurrected into this recognition and are living in the consciousness of GOD's Presence. Therefore they are saying daily spontaneously and volitionally by the Spirit of My Resurrection, "I Thank YOU."

Oh it is a privilege to realize, thoughts are things, and as these thoughts are put forth into expression through concentration on the Perfect Picture, they will become to be the outward expression of that which you have been concentrating on. Hence, the word "I Thank YOU FATHER," is an expression as the deliverance of a thought that was conceived and given birth to, that others might hear you say among you, "I Thank YOU, FATHER." When they catch this thought, as it is contagious, they too as well as you, automatically will become to be thankful if they are in sympathy with it. Therefore Thanksgiving Day will direct those who would ordinarily be antagonistic to giving Thanks and Praises, and cause them to be in harmony with it for that day especially.

The Spirit of Anything Is The Reality

Then the Day of Thanksgiving as a Memorial, it is a blessing for those who may not fear GOD saving as tradition and as ritual. Isn't that Wonderful ! By this they will become to be more in harmony and in sympathy with real Thanksgiving that comes from the innermost self of every Real Righteous person. We are not observing this day as Thanksgiving as the mortal- minded people do, but we are observing it to the advanced degree and to the Perfection-ated degree, that they might observe Perfection on in other words as a Sample and as an Example set before them, that they might copy after the fashion of giving Thanks momently that they might become to be partakers of the Spirit of Thanksgiving. No longer merely partakers of the custom of it, but that they might become to be the real partakers of the Spirit of it.

The Spirit of whatsoever may be good, must be conceived, incarnated and manifested for it to become to be a reality. It is not a reality merely by being observed as a formula or neither as a tradition, but to be observed as an expression and as a Spiritual awakening from the innermost self of the individual, which will be more deeply understood and will become to be more of the person who is expressing it. Therefore those who are expressing Thanksgiving, if they are expressing it volitionally they are part of it Spiritually, and if they express it volitionally in consciousness, they will become to be conscious actors and expressers of that which was in the Invisible, and merely in the Spiritual Realm. When they express it in consciousness continually, and their bodies become to be the manifestors of it, they become to be the incarnators and the reincarnators of Thanksgiving. When these expressions are manifested continually until they are distinctly understood and observed and manifested in the individual in that individual's expression that individual will eventually become to be the personification of that which he is expressing.

Identified By Your Expressions

You are identified by your expressions. Your physical bodies and emotions will express from your angle of expression, until those expressions that you are reflecting and manifesting will become to be Your expressions. And, as they are Your expressions apparently or consideringly by the masses "That is this one's expression or the other one's expression" when it has been established in the consideration of others, you become to be a partaker of it in reality, and will become to be the personification of such an expression that you are expressing. Thanksgiving coming into the consciousness of the individual, and causing the individual to express it volitionally and spontaneously, eventually that individual will express volitionally in an expression that will become to be a part of him, whereby others will know him by such expression. Therefore he will eventually become to be the identical person that has been identified, that is expressing and expresses in that expression. Isn't that Wonderful ! When he is identified in that expression that he expresses, it is known then and there as his expression, and that expression being manifested continually in that person, that becomes to be the personality of that individual. In other words the impression and expression of that individual will become to be an expression that will commonly be known as the personality of that person. Then you are Stepping, as the old saying is ! That expression becoming to be your expressional personality apparently, as you are expressing in it continually, you will eventually personify that which you have been expressing.

Becoming The Person of The Positive

Therefore the Invisible is made visible, for you are the person of it. Becoming to be the person of the positive is the great essential. You have been the person and persons of the negative from your earliest existence. From your very beginning you automatically and unwillingly were made subject to vanity and became to be the expresser and the person of the negative. Since this was true before your real Conversion, since your conversion you are changed completely personally as well as spiritually. Therefore you should now be the manifester and expresser and the personality and the personification of the Perfect Picture, instead of the negative.

This is accomplished by putting into practice the reality of that which you have visualized and inculcated in your conscious and in your subconscious mentality. Oh, it is a privilege to realize, as you recognize GOD's Presence, such a recognition will bring to you every desirable blessing and all necessary information. You will not have to go back to get a thing for yourself, and lo, I will be with you. Because you believe it you will receive it, and I will manifest it to you as quickly and as swiftly as you can receive it. It is indeed Wonderful !

Thanksgiving Day a Blessing in Many Ways

Thanksgiving Day we are stressing this Evening for consideration, that it might go forth to others, that they might observe it and be in harmony with us. As they are in harmony with the positive, they too as you have been, will become to be partakers of the positive instead of the negative. Therefore we are producing a Mental and a Spiritual crop of produce for the future. Upon this Foundation if you will stand, and express volitionally and willingly in consciousness at times, you will be going on toward bringing about a perfect state of expression, that others might express it volitionally and willingly even as you express it, by being in harmony with the expressions of that which you are expressing.

Thanksgiving it is a blessing. I mean the very day set apart as Thanksgiving Day, it is a blessing in so many ways. It is a blessing for those as I Say, who will not give thanks especially, who will not even so much as reiterate the words, "I thank you," or thanks in the way of giving thanks, saving on the day that is set apart for it. If that Day will cause them to think in this direction in the way of giving Thanks and Praise if it will cause them to think harmoniously in this way and be in sympathy with it by not being antagonistic to it by being in sympathy with it, it may cause them to contact it more harmoniously and understand us better. As they understand the Truth concerning the mystery, if they can give thanks one day in the year in reality as a parable, they may give thanks theoretically and traditionally, but we will give Thanks in reality and volitionally, and by so doing they will come in close fellowship with us as they do it traditionally and theoretically.

Customs of Men Drawn Nearer

The theories and the national customs of men will parallel at times, and also contact the minds of those with whom they come in contact, and as they contact them, if they are not inharmonious to them, by paralleling with them they may contact the very Spirit of the essence of them and cause them to be incarnated one in the other. The theory, the custom, the fashion and ways and actions becoming to be in harmony, it may draw them closely together.

Thanksgiving Day as an expression, is well worth considering. It is one of the days of the year I mean to say, the calendar year, that should be considered; a day as much worth considering to us as to those who are in mortal consciousness, for it tends to bring them at that time nearer to the understanding and nearer to the custom of which we are expressing volitionally. They may express it traditionally, but we will express it volitionally and inspirationally. By this, we will cause them to contact the Spirit of it, and eventually as I have often Said, the whole world will go after that which we are expressing, and will become to be quickened into this Light of Understanding by coming in contact with it harmoniously.

Oh, it is a privilege to realize what it means to be quickened in whatsoever you may sincerely believe. Merely to do it as a custom or as a formula, or as a tradition we can say again, custom, it may not amount to so much to us individually, unless we are quickened in it from a Mental and Spiritual point of view, and become to be a part of it in Reality. Therefore the day that is set apart as Thanksgiving Day should be considered by those in the Kingdom, and also by those without. Those who are in the Kingdom, they can recognize Thanksgiving as a reality, while others may take it merely traditionally and observe it as a custom for a selfish purpose, but Thanksgiving shall be an expression more deeply understood in the future than it has been in the past.

Material Harvest Visible

Thousands of people today are observing the significance of the recognition of GOD's Presence. Thousands and thousands are now observing the significance of the recognition of the Spiritual things being materialized and brought to the surface even through Agriculture. Thousands of people are recognizing the material harvest as an expression no longer merely as something for the sustenance of the body, but as an expression in the parable of the harvesting of the harvest, in and at the time of harvest, as a reality, and no longer merely as a parable. The harvesting of the crop is no longer a parable I Say, but we can observe it as a reality, for that which was imaginary has been made practical and that which was invisible has been made visible.

The very crop you produce yearly, and harvest in the autumn or fall, is not an expression that was visible. Even the actuated crop the produce you have to harvest a year before that time it was invisible, just as invisible as GOD was at one time. Men strive to keep GOD Invisible, and the things of Heaven especially that which expresses the Majesty of your Maker, Invisible. They strive to keep it in the Invisible Realm, but in themselves they do not consider, the things we are daily enjoying for the sustenance of the body, practically all of it was invisible just a year or so ago. Isn't that Wonderful !

The Visible and Invisible Things Made Real

Then I Say, I shall Cause mankind, while giving thanks on these Thanksgiving Days as they may be termed, in the future to observe the mystery and recognize GOD's Presence more distinctly because of the visibility of the Invisible made Visible, through Agriculture and other ways of expression, and brought to observation and to demonstration through the harvest. Isn't that Wonderful ! I shall cause them to see more distinctly, the reality of the invisibleness of the visible, and the visibility of the invisible. I shall cause them to see, the invisible is as much a reality for the future as the visible is today. I shall cause them to see, there is no space nor distance in the Great Universal Mind Substance. Today is the same as yesterday, and to-morrow is the same as today.

Analytic Minds Obliged To Believe

Oh it is a privilege to realize the significance of the Omniscience of GOD among men not only to realize the Presence of GOD as a dormant Factor or Principle, but the significance of the Omniscience of GOD as an Expression always willing and ready to Teach you Wisdom from every angle expressible, that you might Understand Him better. Isn't that Wonderful ! GOD will Speak continually in behalf of whatsoever He is doing in bringing about visible things, for the visible in expression was in manifestation as a parable for the conscious mentality of the conscious thinker. When we compare the visible with the invisible scientifically and intellectually, the conscious mentality and the analytic minds will be obliged to believe, and observe the mystery as I reveal it to them. It is indeed Wonderful !

Those things that had been hid from ages will be revealed through bringing into visibility the invisible, and through making the Spiritual material, and causing that which did not appear to appear. Those things will be revealed from the Mental Realm as well as from the Spiritual. When mankind observes the mystery of GOD's Presence in bringing about the Invisible into visibility, then and there he will be more ready to receive and observe the mystery of GOD's Presence as being made visible, tangible and practical.

The Invisible Realm Bears Witness

The harvest at this time as an expression by the historians they can observe the mystery of this Thanksgiving Day as it is given to them, and of all the Thanksgiving Days as it may be termed Thanksgiving Day; a day that was set apart because of the day of harvest when they had gathered in the harvest as an expression of Thanksgiving. Isn't that Wonderful ! But they did not stop to consider the mystery and compare the two as they should be compared, for they should run parallel in your consideration the invisible and the visible, that you might observe the mystery. As you observe the visible in your consciousness, you can observe the invisible, for the visible is a parable and as an outward expression of the invisible, telling you things concerning things that are in the Invisible Realm. They have come from the Invisible Realm as a delegate, to tell you something to bear witness of the Invisible Realm from whence they are come. Isn't that Wonderful !

Now, if you can understand and observe it, that which is invisible will be visible, and that which is visible is an expression of that which was invisible, that you might see by the visible what is in the Invisible Realm. It is telling you. Therefore the Omniscience of GOD through the hand of Nature and through the Creative Forces of Nature, will tell you many things you would never have known about, until you concentrated from that angle of expression and observed the mystery concerning those things.

Put Off The Mortal Concept

As I say, we can take up any subject and go on and on, bringing from that subject many points for consideration, telling and showing you more distinctly concerning the mystery of things that are invisible, that you might come in more fellowship and in closer harmony with the Invisible Realm, that you might lose your sense of visible things, and yet be visibly manifested among them. It is not necessary to go into the Invisible Realm, neither to put off that which you would term matter in mortal consciousness by the versions of Metaphysics or the Metaphysicians, but put off the mortal concept, the mortal sense of those things, and you will stand One with HIM Who Liveth forever, for GOD Thought in that direction and GOD is still Thinking in that Direction. Putting off the mortal concept of them, but yet manifesting, and reflecting, and living in the visible expression of them, but putting off the mortal concept of them ! It is indeed Wonderful !

Therefore as I say, all things that are visible and all things that are invisible, if you put on the Spiritual concept of them and let this Mind be in you that was also in Christ Jesus, you will have a Transcending Spirit as well as an Ascending Spirit. You will have something to give you power to transcend conditions and circumstances if they are limited, and to cause you to revel into the Infinite, where there is no limitation. Oh it is a privilege to realize what the SPIRIT of GOD's Presence can do, and what HE is Actually doing for you ! By being Visible and yet Invisible minded, being Tangible and yet Intangible minded, by such a recognition the very Thoughts are Transcendible and Ascendible, and will cause you at some day and some time no doubt, to Ascend personally or visibly, even as you Ascend mentally and Transcend limitations.

The Harvest is Ripe

Then I Say you have something to Praise GOD for, for it is always a Harvest in the Kingdom of GOD. The Harvest truly is ripe, but the laborers are few. Now, isn't that Wonderful ! So for you it is a Wonderful privilege to realize it as it is revealed, the Harvest truly is ripe but the laborers are few. The Harvest of the Earth is not merely the harvest of the Agricultural world, neither is it merely the harvest of the Intellectual world, neither any special field of endeavor, but the Harvest of the Earth truly is ripe. We shall reap on the right and we shall reap on the left; we shall reap every thought and we shall reap every mind. The time has truly come, invisible things must be gathered into the harvest of your mind, that you might understand things that are to come, and see things where you have not seen, and be where you have not been. Isn't that Wonderful !

Oh it is a privilege to realize what GOD can and will do for you ! But the harvest, as parable in the expression of this Season of the year the harvest of the Agricultural field of endeavor is a parable, parably speaking of the mystery of what I AM Doing and what I AM Saying to you. It is indeed Wonderful ! We are now reaping and gathering things that had not been seen, and things that had not been heard by men. Oh it is a privilege to realize it ! But as these visible expressions are , and as they are done in parables through the Creative Forces of Nature and through the Hand of Nature, they are done in parables, but the Reality of the parable is not observable saving as you lose the material or mortal concept of those things and discern them as they are.

You Have Something to Thank GOD For.

THANKSGIVING ! You have something to thank GOD for! Thanking GOD for the Limitless and Infinite Wisdom existing among you ! Thanking GOD for the Joy that no man can give, as exemplified among you ! Thanking GOD for the outward expression of the harvest, and the day of reaping you are now observing ! Thanking GOD for your Health and your Happiness at the recognition of GOD's Actual Presence ! Thanking GOD for the realization of the tangibilization of Spiritual and invisible things as a living reality on the material plane ! Thanking GOD for the ACTUAL PRESENCE of HIMSELF as made manifest in the FLESH, that you might observe HIS Presence as the Redeemer of Mankind ! Thanking GOD for the visibility of the invisible expressions of the ecstasy of the Angels, as GOD tangible-ates them ! Now, isn't that Wonderful ! All things that you have desired and imagined in your early days of your Christian career, can and will be made real and fulfilled, as you live in this recognition.

Therefore you can Thank GOD because the time has truly come, GOD has actually Glorified His Son. When I Say ACTUALLY Glorified His Son I mean to say HE has Glorified Him in Actual Expression, that you and others might observe Him as being glorified among us. It is indeed Wonderful ! Words in the human language in all of their vocabularies, are inadequate to explain it or express it, but enough of MY Spirit has been manifested to reveal it sufficient to convince you there is a reality in what I AM Telling you. Oh, it is a privilege to observe it !

Above Adverse Conditions

Just think of rising above the mortal concept of things ! By so doing in itself by such an Ascension and Resurrection of your conscious mentality, you get above misery, limitations, lacks and wants, and adverse and undesirable conditions. Isn't that Wonderful ! You get above them because you lose the mortal concept of things. Therefore you rise above the material plane from that angle of expression, whereby conditions as they are existing on the material plane will not affect you, because you have lost the concept of things from that angle of expression, and yet you are living right among them. But you have lost the concept of them ! You are not holding on to the things that pertain to the mortal side of life as you had been, because you have a New Mind and you are a New Being. Oh, it is a privilege to observe the ACTUAL PRESENCE of GOD as HE reveals HIMSELF to one and all.

GOD's Mind Infinite

Then I Say, you have something to Thank GOD for, in accord with the Composition as was sung for consideration. "You have something to thank GOD for." Thanking GOD for things beyond your conscious imagination, yea, beyond and out of the reach and consideration of your subconscious consideration. Isn't that Wonderful ! Because the Blessings of GOD are in HIS Infinite Mind, transcending the conscious concept and the subconsciousness of men, therefore they cannot observe them until HE reveals them and brings them into outer expression that they might be observable. Isn't that Wonderful ! Hence you may know within yourself, there is something better, there is something greater than your conscious concept can behold, yea, more than all humanity's conscious and subconscious minds combined could imagine.

If there was no more in the Invisible than could be imagined by the conscious mentality, man in his conscious concept would be Infinite and would be Omniscient. That is why GOD is Infinite and Omniscient, because He has something yet to be revealed that has not dawned on the conscious mentality neither the subconsciousness of humanity. That is why GOD is Perfection, or Supreme whichever. It is because GOD has something for you, and something to be revealed to you rom the Invisible Realm, that has not been revealed to the children of men. Isn't that Wonderful !

GOD Has No End

I recall many years ago going to a place, and they said after I had Sung many Songs I had Composed they thought to themselves they had all I had. They said, "We have them all now." Shortly afterwards I came in and told them what they had been saying, I Said, GOD is without the beginning of days and without the end of Life, or Infinite whichever. I conveyed that thought to them. I Said,

'And of His Kingdom and of His Increase there shall be no end.'

It was a matter of impossibility for them to get them all. GOD being Infinite His Compositions, Revelations, and Inspirations are Infinite, because they are the same as His Nature, and His Nature is HIMSELF and throughout the Universe of His Infiniteness is Creative. It can and will Create and Recreate Inspire and Re-inspire expressions that are not observable, continually. Isn't that Wonderful!

So the Thought still remains, GOD in His Infiniteness has NO END ! His Nature, His Expressions, and His Limitlessness, His Infiniteness and His Omniscience Could Not End, because that is what it means Therefore the things that have not yet been revealed are always His. They will come forth as Inspirations and as Information and Revelations for the consolation of the millions to come. Hence it is better further on. Then I Say, you will have something to volitionally and spontaneously give Thanks for continually. It is indeed Wonderful !

Mystery of True Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving Day as a Memorial apparently, as far as the Thanksgiving Day from the Nations of the Earth's version, should be considered only as a memorial, and as a sketch and a reflection of the mystery of the reality of True Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving among you shall continue, and as the Thanksgiving continues, your blessings will continue increasing, for I have long since Said without thinking about Thanksgiving Day,

'Give Thanks, give Praises and GOD will increase for your giving Thanks;
He will multiply for your giving Praise.'

Firstly GOD will give for your asking, increase for your giving Thanks, and multiply for your giving Praise.

Then I Say, this day as being termed Thanksgiving Day set apart, to you it is not strange, for Thanksgiving Day is all the time. It is indeed Wonderful ! Your understanding and your conscious concept of the thing still remains; you have something to Thank GOD for. You Cannot Thank GOD Too Much, for your very innermost self has been quickened to Thank GOD volitionally even without conscious thinking. Without your conscious emotion, words or expression, you are Thanking GOD and giving GOD Praises. Isn't that Wonderful !

Giving Thanks and Praise Continually

Then I Say, upon this Foundation if you stand, others may Thank at intervals too, but you are Thanking all the time. Others may give Thanks to GOD for something they have received at the special time when they receive a special blessing, but you are giving Praise and Thanks every moment of the day and every second of the moment, because you have been tuned by Inspiration with your heart in full connection with the Infinite, to sing GOD's Praise spontaneously, and to give Thanks at the remembrance of His Holiness. But when you are giving thanks for what you have received, and giving thanks beyond your conscious concept to conceive the idea concerning the things you have received, but yet sincerely believing you have something to Thank GOD for, and being lost in that version even though you may not observe the blessings, you are tuning your hearts more and more by the actual service of giving Thanks and giving Praise, to sing GOD's Praise daily and to give Him Thanks continually. Isn't that Wonderful !

A Psychological Truth to Consider

Now upon this Foundation if you will stand, Thanksgiving Day in words and expression as an expression of giving Thanks, will be all the time. As it is an expression of giving Thanks in the act of giving thanks all the time, your blessings will be the same as it is, or as the blessings are with those who are giving Thanks on this Day set as apart; the majority of them are converted to it on Thanksgiving Day. They have a-plenty to eat. It is a psychological point there, as well as logical. Because they are giving Thanks on that Day and then have set apart that Day consciously or unconsciously to give Thanks on that Day, they have a-plenty to eat and to drink and to wear on that Day. It is a psychological Truth as well as it is logical, what I AM Saying to you. Isn't that Wonderful !

Mankind has not stopped to consider the mystery of how they all are blessed on Thanksgiving Day and on Christmas Day because it is a Day set apart for them to give Thanks to GOD. Traditionally and customarily they are giving Thanks, and they have a-plenty because they are giving Thanks. That is the psychological Truth concerning the mystery. Therefore it is logical to you, it is psychological to you, and it is logical to others when I explain it to them. Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day they will have a-plenty as a rule. Even if they are in prison, they have turkey in prison at times. Why is it ? They have turkey and chicken nothing less than chicken or something of that sort, in prison in the penitentiaries. Why ? It is because it is a Day that has been set apart psychologically, as a psychological moment for the individual to have a little blessing that is due to him by giving thanks unconsciously or consciously.

Thousands Supplied with Abundance on Certain Days

You can plainly see it from a psychological point of view because it is logical. It is so logical the critics could not criticize it. They know, on Christmas Day and on Thanksgiving Day they are privileged to have food to eat even when they would not have it on other days. The Salvation Army, the Churches; all of the different Welfare and the different Organizations whichever, as well as the religious as Organizations, and the non-religious organizations will give the public something on Thanksgiving Day and on Christmas Day. The people throughout the Country and throughout the Universe, on Christmas and on Thanksgiving, even those who are living in poverty, those who are in prison and in institutions, they are receiving on those days, blessings of food and a-plenty of comfort for those days especially, as a rule. Isn't that Wonderful !

Isn't that enough to let any person see and know how to obtain the limitless blessings we are enjoying, when I explain it to them by their own experiences, and daily experiences, by whatever they are doing ? It is indeed Wonderful ! Today, thousands of people those who were in prison, those who were without food daily, would have and did have a -plenty to eat, because it had been set apart as a memorial Day to give Thanks to GOD for the harvest they had reaped, or did reap in the beginning as a memorial for this Day. If it has such a significance that it can and it will supply millions with blessings by having it set apart as a Day for giving Thanks and Praises, how significant it should be in the consideration of the people to set apart each and everyday to give thanks and give praises. It is indeed Wonderful !

Every Day To Give Thanks and Praise

By this, if the Government of our present Civilization, and Governments throughout the Universe, would set apart every day a Thanksgiving Day to give Thanks and Praise whether work or play, and would request mankind to do so collectively and universally, they all would be lifted above all depressions, lacks, and wants, and limitations. They would express the Spirit of Progressiveness, the Spirit of Success and Prosperity, the Spirit of Harmony and unity. In short, they would express the Kingdom of GOD on Earth among men that which was requested by humanity to come, in the Prayer they prayed as being termed "The Lord's Prayer"

'Let Thy Kingdom Come and Thy Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.'

It has truly come, but it would come to all who would adopt it and adopt this policy, this plan, and this Light and this Understanding; no longer merely as one day set apart to give thanks and praise but as a Day Eternal one Eternal Day, as though it was one Eternal Day throughout all Eternity, being required to give Thanks and Praise for the blessings they had received, the blessings they would receive, and the blessings they are receiving. By this, the Abundance of the Fullness would come forth into expression.

For your asking I will GIVE, and for your giving Thanks for that which you have not visibly nor consciously received, I will INCREASE, Said HE; and for giving Praise for the same of which you had not consciously received nor visibly observed, I said it would MULTIPLY. Therefore, of the Kingdom of such an expression, and of the Increase of it there would be no end. Now, isn't that Wonderful ! That is why the Promised Land as it stands, increases and multiply daily apparently, because of the Thanks and Praise that are given, and by the concentration in the positive direction, and by the Recognition of the Presence of the CREATOR of all the Earth.

The Secret Has Been Opened and the Mystery Revealed

It has long since been said, and no doubt you all have heard,

'GOD will open the Secret after a-while.'

The Secret as well as it is a Mystery, has been opened, for I have revealed it. Giving Thanks for the things you have not yet seen those things that yet have not been revealed, by giving Thanks it is an outward expression that you have Faith, because you have not seen them, yet you are giving Thanks and giving Praise. Such Thanks and Praise will increase and multiply them. Isn't that Wonderful!

Oh, it is a privilege to realize, the Mystery has been revealed. GOD has opened the Secret and GOD has revealed the Mystery. That which was termed a Secret and that which was termed a Mystery has ben opened and revealed, that you might see it just as it is. Giving Thanks and giving Praise I will leave this with you, that you might convey it to others and express it daily yourselves as individuals, that they might observe it and that you might daily tell it in your words, your deeds and your actions. Giving Thanks and giving Praise will open the Door of Heaven from every angle expressible, that you might be more successful and prosperous and receive the limitless blessings as the average person does on Christmas Day and on the Day they call Thanksgiving. You can plainly see, on these two days set apart, if the person or persons themselves do not have a- plenty to eat, to drink and to wear, and presents and gifts on those days, others will give them to them.

It is a psychological Truth I Say. It is a Law within a Law the Law of the Spirit of Life that was in Christ, the Mystery of the Secret as I AM revealing it this morning, is for you to give thanks for the blessing you have not consciously received. By continuing to give Thanks and give Praise, your Blessings will multiply and continue to increase. I Thank you.








GOD is a free gift to the world. Any and all of the material on this and other pages may be copied and reproduced.

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It is also nice to give credit where credit is due for through the Spirit and Teaching of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE you are and can eternally be abundantly blessed.

From all of us to all of you. we wish you, peace and love, and many blessings, and may we all ever live in unity and brotherhood and the Consciousness of GOD'S Actual Ever Presence.

True Americanism, True Brotherhood, True Christianity, True Judaism and All True Religions are synonymous and truly Our GOD is One GOD. Amen

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