"Official Title and Signature to Emancipate The People." --- FATHER DIVINE




FATHER's Message, New York City, N.Y., In the Office Monday, October 31, 1938 A.D.F.D. Time: 10:50 A.M.



In spite of the fact that the evening Banquet had lasted well into the wee hours of the morning, there was quite a large group of angels gathered in the office in order to get the first glimpse of the LORD as HE entered.

A shout of joy went up from the happy angels as FATHER took HIS seat at HIS desk and soon we were all comfortably grouped round about HIM. The atmosphere was permeated with Peace and Harmony and Love as we talked with our LORD and MASTER. It was out of the above mentioned conversation that this delightful but significant lesson was woven from the skeins of Love and Mercy and Tender Compassion, and for these new mysteries that are revealed for the first time to the children of men, oh, Sweet Master, we humbly thank THEE!

(The foregoing statements are those of the transcriber, after which FATHER speaks as follows:)

So that is the way it may have been with Mr. . I AM not speaking about Mr.-- was not all right, but he was not in the office where you can call on his name and be blessed. As the man said yesterday about their calling on MY Name in Australia; you see, because I filled this office; maybe when they call on ME, they think about GOD wheresoever GOD is; they may think the Spirit comes from GOD to ME. You see the mystery? Any way you choose to take it if you take it that way. They may say, "He is no more than anyone else." As the brother said, "He made us in His own Likeness. He made us in His Likeness and Image and then He disappeared His Image and Likeness and He left ours to remain." Yes, I came; and then of course it is wonderful, you know!

(At this point, as FATHER paused, a few more angels crowded into the office to see, as well as hear, their LORD speak. As one of the children took a seat, FATHER remarked about how much she resembled one of the angels who used to reside in Sayville. He stated though that that angel had centered her mind and attention, love and devotion, ideas and opinions all on the above mentioned Mr. , giving to him the God-ship degree of expression in her mind. But when the tests came and she began to fail, she of course, found out that he could do nothing for her as he had not the power of GOD, even if she did give him the Name of GOD in her consciousness! She finally passed away!

FATHER also remarked that it could be that this sister had the spirit and the nature of the other, only it being now directed in the right direction her mind and attention being now centered on the True and Living GOD!

FATHER also mentioned how some preachers and some evangelists of years ago, who had known HIM in Sayville and yet not accepted of HIM, had gone down. You hear nothing of them now. One in particular FATHER told us of, said to FATHER he did not have to go down South and go through the lynch mobs and be persecuted and prosecuted, and throw off his body as FATHER did, for he did it in FATHER. So FATHER said:"Yes, and you will live in ME!" Now, you hear nothing at all about this preacher, as his soul is truly living in our LORD and MASTER, FATHER DIVINE.

(FATHER continued speaking as follows:)

So it is a wonderful thing to know, to concentrate on the Name and the Office of GOD! You see, someone said something about GOD"s seventy two Names, you know so you see it is Wonderful! GOD can have many Names, you know, and I thought of that I thought about them saying GOD had seventy-two Names. But remember, GOD is an official title for an official holding in the highest order of things. That's what the Name of GOD really is; an official title for an official holding in the highest order of things The Highest or Chief Executive of all Creation! That is the Office of GOD!

The Governor is named the Governor because he is the chief executive of a certain government, controlling a certain number of people in a certain degree of unfoldment, geographically, as being termed a state. He is known as the Governor because he governs and controls supremely as the chief executive of that particular government, as the controller of that government; hence, he is known as the governor of that particular government.

This is not the Government of the United States, but the government of a certain state especially set apart as including so many counties of the United States and at least so many people under such a control. The chief executive controlling these many people and the laws and regulations under that particular constitution of those different counties, which includes many to make up a state, he is commonly known as the governor because he is the chief executive of that particular territory or of that individual country as it may be termed..... so many districts, and so many counties and villages and towns to consist of a state.


The Office Of GOD

Then that is a governor: that is his name, his official title from the office he holds Governor. But that his unofficial and personal title saving as he is officiated by such a title or by such an official duty and the honor being conferred upon him to fill such an official duty which imputes him to be a Governor one who is the governing force or individual supreme executive or chief executive of a certain number of counties which consist of a state.

GOD is GOD an office as the Chief Executive of all Creation! An Official Who fills the Supreme Chief Executive Office, yea the Executive Office, not only the executive chambers, but the Executive Office of all Creation. That is What and Who GOD is!

If you would have come to New York thirty or forty or fifty years ago, you would not have said you would like to see Governor Lehman. The governing force executively fulfilled and lifted as a standard, the chief executive and the controller as an individual personally controlling the people or the affairs of this state, was not Governor Lehman. Can you not see the mystery? But at this time, in this age and at this particular present administration, Governor Lehman having been the one selected and elected to the office - he who fills the executive chambers of the chief executive's office, the capital of any state in this Country is commonly known as governor, and it happened to be Governor Lehman in this particular administration to be the fulfiller, but he is the Governor now.


Official Title and Signature to Emancipate The People

I thought as I conveyed this thought, the mystery of GOD is now revealed! GOD is the Chief Executive filling the Supreme Executive Duty of all executives, and the Controller of the Universe executively! Such a Name is the Chief Executive's Official Duty and Name. That is why the Name is known, GOD from an Official point of view; the Official Name, GOD. That is the mystery! Hence it takes the Official Title and the Official Signature to reprieve and to exonerate and to emancipate the people from certain capital violations in such a state as this and others where the governor fills the chief executive office. It must be handed down from that office and recognized with the seal of the state for such a prisoner or criminal to be emancipated. Can you not see the duty and the authority of the chief executive?

Then In say, regardless to the consequences and regardless to the circumstances, yea, regardless to the conditions and the ideas and the opinions of the people, yea, the consequences of all humanity or circumstances that may surround them, they must get their reprieve and exoneration from the chief executive if they are condemned, and it must be stamped with the seal of the state under which he controls as the chief executive! His signature must be inserted with his own hand. "I put forth my hand;" an endorsement of the state under which he controls the governing forces of such a state. The seal of the state must also be considered from the chief executive's office. GOD fills the Chief Executive's Office of all Creation! That is the Name and the meaning of GOD among HIS Creation among all of the Creative Forces of Nature and all of the expressions and unfoldment of all Creation; the Chief Executive as the Creator and the Office such an Executive fills, as that Executive fills that Office effectively, He is known to be GOD ALMIGHTY!


Spiritual and Mental Release

So that is the mystery of the chief executive's office and the chief executive's duty. Others cannot emancipate! Others cannot exonerate! Others cannot reprieve and others cannot release! But greater than all the exoneration and better than that of the emancipation from a physical point of view, and better than that of the releasement as given by an executive, is to get the relief from within internally, Spiritually and mentally, from the One Who can in reality release, relieve you and exonerate you and give you Peace once and forever!

Then I say, the Chief Executive's Office should be considered! The Chief Executive's Office should be honored.... when the Chief Executive's is sealed and endorsed by the State over which he is officiating; the Name of GOD, the Chief and the Supreme Name Controlling all and bringing all things into such according to His Plan and His Purpose, endorsed by the seal of the state under His Control.

Then I say, it is a glorious privilege to realize what GOD really means; to realize what it is, the Name, "GOD" among men! It means the Chief Executive of all Creation, the Chief and the Supreme among men! Your real Redeemer, Exonerator, your Emancipator, your Savior! That is the Office of GOD among men.

Then I say, it is not merely a personal name as considered, but it is an official name as a chief executive, the Chief Executive of all Creation! The Infinite, as reckoned and considered as the Creator of all things and the Controller universally of all Creation; therefore, He is commonly known as the Infinite One for the Office He fills. That is the mystery!


The State Seal Must Be Represented

The mystery is now revealed! The Office of GOD to which you must adhere, the Office of GOD to which you must bow! The Office of GOD you must recognize and get the signature of GOD and His Endorsement from the Executive Chambers with the State Seal in accord with His Signature. As He rules over such a State or such a Country, the State Seal must be represented that it might be known it is the Chief Executive!

Then say, the Office of GOD, as an Office that is filled by a Supreme Mind; by the Omniscient Mind, the Omnipotent One, and yet the Omnipresent One; the Infinite One because He is Omnipresent and Controls universally; that is the reason for His Infiniteness in consideration, and upon this Foundation when you reckon the Chief Executive's Chambers and get the Endorsement of the Chief Executive by His State Seal, by His Signature from the Office which He fills, it is verified and declared to be real; to be real; to be real!

The chiefs executives of the divers countries and the chief executives of the different states in the Union, they do not speak for themselves as individuals, but they speak for themselves and others collectively; they speak for the people generally, yea, they speak for all of the masses under their jurisdiction. As their constituents, they speak for them; that is the mystery! Therefore, when you as a chief executive, speak, from a state or from any territory, union or country, yea, even as one speaks officially from any simple organization all under his jurisdiction as his constituents are represented; they are all spoken of in his signature and in his representations as being the representative of all of the people.

That is the mystery! That high one filling an office with the endorsement of ME should be especially authorized set apart and chosen and verified and be the most perfect, for they speak and act for the people.


You Must Know The Chief Executive To Be a Citizen

Then I say, it is a privilege to live in such a recognition! To be in such an atmosphere that is so pleasant, where the Fount of GOD's Wisdom is freely flowing and His Understanding is extended to all mankind! Oh, it is Marvelous! To know GOD is a blessing; for before you are accepted as American citizens, you must know the chief executive, at least, you must know who is the chief executive.

When you are seeking your citizenship papers, you are questioned: "Who is the President?" and also other officials representing the government. If you do not know them, they consider you are not qualified to be an American citizen; therefore, you should go and learn more about them and more about the government, the country in which you are living. It is Wonderful!

In any country, land or clime, the chief executives are stressed; their names are stressed most implicitly and simply that the names of such executives might be common among the people and might be honored and might be respected from every angle, that such an executive might have even a moral ruling nevertheless, over the subjects of that country! Even a moral effect to control them that they might have respect for him! That is why it is stressed so vividly and considered so commonly among the people. Such an executive is the chief executive, the chief ruler among them. By this being commonly known, the influence of such an official will have more effect over the minds of the people and on them that it could have or would be without such a one being commonly known but yet not common to them. Just commonly known; that is all that it is concerning him, but he is not common. There is no other under the jurisdiction of such a government; therefore he is not common but he is commonly known among the simplest of such as may be the subjects of such a country.

Oh, it is a privilege to live in such a recognition! Then I say the Chief Executive's Office and the Chief Executive should be considered; especially when he fills his Official Duty effectively, unselfishly and righteously and judges the affairs of the people and the people with equity!

Then I say once again, if you desire to get the endorsement from the state or the country in which you live, it is essential to get it from the chief executive's office and get the chief executive to endorse it and get the state seal upon it. Then and only then it is fundamental. It is not even slightly significant unless you can get the chief executive's signature and the state seal upon it. If you do, it is not only significant but it can be considered as the Fundamental or whatsoever you are endeavoring. I thank you.


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