"Praise GOD from Whom All Blessings Flow Praise HIM
(For) All Creatures Here below." --- FATHER DIVINE



Our Father's Message Given Whilst at the Banquet Table, 1887-1889 Madison Avenue New York City, N. Y.,
Friday, May 24, 1940 A.D.F.D., Time 1:40 P.M.




FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE at The Divine Lorraine Hotel.

FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE at The Divine Loprraine Hotel..





'Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay Down his life for his friends'

This beautiful and significant Biblical quotation is well worth each and everyone's consideration, and today in this Fatherhood Dispensation, FATHER DIVINE, our beloved Redeemer, is showing us how to demonstrate the practicality and the unselfishness of same toward our fellow men.

The testimony of a sister brought forth the inspiration for this wonderful Message. She stated in part that she considered it such a privilege to be able to stand and thank FATHER for HIS glorious blessings and especially did she thank HIM for the wonderful homes in the Promised Land HE had given His Children. She said they should give thanks and praises to FATHER that they did not have to be out in the world, meeting all kinds of people while striving to earn a living, but that they could live in peace and comfort in these beautiful homes prepared for them by our precious Savior. She continued saying that she also thanked FATHER for HIS beautiful Banquet Table and that each and every individual who had the glorious privilege of sitting and feasting with the Lord should be exceedingly grateful for this opportunity, and if they didn't thank and praise FATHER for the privilege, she would.

It was after this testimony that FATHER arose and spoke into existence these marvelous Words of Spirit and Life.

(The foregoing statements are those of the transcriber, after which FATHER speaks as follows:)






Peace, Everyone: At this instance I would just like to say, it is good to be here and a blessing beyond degree to have the privilege to sit and sip in the Unity of the Spirit, of Mind, of Aim and of Purpose at the Banquet table of the Almighty. This is not an assertion because it is a place where I AM presiding as a Person, but it is a declaration according o the last speaker; it is well worth considering.

You have something to praise GOD for ! Whilst here at this particular Banquet table you do not have as much to praise GOD for as far as the number is concerned, as you do at other tables where there are more in number, but owing to the fact that you realize this is but a sketch and a reflection of a percent of a fraction of a grain of the reality of the universality of the Spirit of GOD's Presence, of GOD's Work, of His Mission and of His Activities, you have something to praise GOD for.

A Wonderful Thought

The speaker that mentioned giving thanks and praise for these who sit at this Banquet Table, that is a wonderful thought. It is endorsable, it is verifiable and it is good for the making of history, not only for the present but for the future, to show you and others what each of you should do or could do, for everybody has something to praise GOD for, each person after his manner and after that ; but one thing very explicitly you fan declare, "Everybody needs FATHER, and everybody should praise GOD Almighty !"

Although there are some who live in a selfish state of consciousness, do not have so much to praise GOD for as some others, but everybody has something to praise GOD for. But if you can get o this place in consciousness according to the testimony of the speaker where she is in that state of consciousness or not the testimony is endorsable where you can praise GOD for others and for the blessing bestowed upon them, then you always have something to praise GOD for.

There are those who give GOD praise for the blessings bestowed upon them and that is the destination and the limit of their thanksgiving, but if you can conscientiously and sincerely praise GOD for each and every person, and the greater the blessing the more praise you should give HIM for the person who has received the blessing, then you would have a whole lot to praise GOD for. But if you have to praise GOD only for yourself, as I have afore explained, you do not have very much to praise GOD for; even though you may weigh two, three, or four hundred pounds, you are very small in comparison with the millions and millions who are receiving the blessings, those whom GOD is bestowing HIS Blessings upon, for whom you should give GOD all of the praises.

Praise GOD for All Creature Here Below

Then if this testimony is with the person, if it is without the person the testimony is endorsable, verifiable and stressful to be considered by each and everybody.

'Praise GOD from Whom all blessings flow,
Praise HIM (for) all creatures here below.'

Not just, "Praise HIM all creatures here below," but, Praise HIM for all creatures here below.

'Praise HIM above, ye heavenly host,
Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost.'

When this is done with the spirit of sincerity, your body will be filled with praises and thanksgiving instead of filled with accusation and condemnation ; for what said the Apostle concerning the mystery as an epistle-ic prediction to the people?

'Praise God and in everything give thanks,
for this is the Will of God in Christ Jesus
concerning you.'

Then I say, if you give praise, give thanks and be conscientious and sincere in all your endeavors, and in all of your activities, look not upon your own self or your own gain but look upon the gain and the look of others, by so doing you are taking on the Nature and the Characteristics of Christ your Savior and becoming to be heirs and joint heirs with Him to come into possession of your rightful inheritance as joint heirs together with Him.

This is well worth considering, because Praise is the Key to Heaven. If you give praise to GOD for that which you have received and that for which others are rejoicing, why, naturally the door of Heaven and all blessings are open by giving praise and thanksgiving wholeheartedly.

Paul and Silas

It is written Paul and Silas were bound in jail. One prayed as it may be termed according to the religions, whilst the other sang. Singing and giving praise, and even prayer as praise or praise as prayer, as it may be termed, will unlock the prison door will unlock every barred and shut door. If you forget about yourself completely and give praise and thanks with the Spirit of Sincerity, you will find ways opening up for you and your blessings will come forth into expression, if you are not in your consideration, for the blessings you are giving thanks and giving praise for. Can you not see the mystery ?

Forget about yourself ! Truly might have one said,

'Forgetting the things that are behind you, press on to the mark of a higher calling in GOD, which is Christ Jesus".

And when you forget about yourself completely by being lost in thanksgiving and in praise, the very Spirit of GOD's Presence will knit you in that number, and you will be blessed for those for whom you are giving praises. Nevertheless your thoughts should not be on yourself. You should not consider that you will get blessings but you should consider that someone else is getting blessed, and pray sincerely that someone else should get blessed ! By so doing you are making the atmosphere pure, free from graft and free from greed ; you are making the atmosphere free from selfishness and free from envy, free from covetousness and free from strife by sending out thoughts in the mental and spiritual atmosphere, of unselfish love, especially when you can prove it by it being for someone else ! That is the mystery !

Now the testimony is endorsable, as I say. Someone may say, "This person (or that person) is not what she says she is. "Matters not whether she is true to her testimony or not, the testimony stands firm and has been endorsed by GOD, for it is in accord and in harmony with MY Word, the Message I gave here recently, to give thanks and praise for himself so much, that is about the only one he gives thanks for and about the only one he gives praise for, therefore he does not have very much to give praise for because he is giving praise for himself, and himself is so small in the great universal scheme of things and in GOD's great Creation for which he should give praise. Can you not see the mystery ?

Limitless Praises

But if you somewhat just take on a slight sketch of a reflection of a percent of a fraction of a grain of a percent of the Tendencies and the Nature and the Characteristics of Your Savior, you will at least start giving praises for those with whom you are connected, and those whom you may have seen if you do not give thanks and praise for all mankind. Just a slight sketch of a reflection of love would tell you to do that and would cause you to be inclined to do it. Can you not see the mystery ?

But oh, how glorious it is when you are in the great scheme of things and in the Spirit and the Nature and the Characteristics and the Mind of Christ and give praise for each and everyone Whom HE has blessed and lifted and has given blessings in connection with them. Then you have something tom praise GOD for and your praise will be limitless and your spirit will be infinite, for it will be the Spirit of GOD and your mind will be the Mind that was in Christ Jesus the Lord.

Now suppose any person or persons who would be narrow-minded enough to only see the number at this table and consider these under MY Personal Jurisdiction who have been fortunate enough to be classed as those who are wholeheartedly consecrated and a living sacrifice and have come intro possession of such a blessing as to sit at this Banquet Table daily and enjoy the limitless blessings such as no man can give if they would give praise and adoration and thanks for what I AM doing for these you see, they would have enough to praise GOD all day long and all night completely, and it is applicable to you and to all the people.

Just start giving praise ; if I have not done anything for you, praise GOD for what I have done for these, for it could have been you if you would have been them ! Can you not see the mystery ? But since you happen not to be them at this particular time, it is they whom GOD has bestowed HIS Blessings upon ; it is they whom you can observe as a sample and as an example for everyone. Can you not see the mystery ? Then when this is done you would have a whole lot to praise GOD for.

Praise GOD for each and every one sitting at this Banquet Table partaking of the blessings ! If it was only for the blessing of sitting at the Banquet Table at this particular one time you would have a whole lot to praise GOD for. Can you not see the mystery ?

Keep Yourself Out of The Picture

Keep yourself out of the picture and out of the consideration but always keep another in mind instead of yourself and try to push another to the front in consideration so that they might enjoy and partake of these blessings ! That is what I AM talking about ! And if you do it with the spirit of sincerity and be conscientious in your endeavors, the very spirit of MY Presence will be with you so vividly and so expressive until others will observe it distinctly and become to be one with you in giving praises. That is the mystery !

'Praise GOD from Whom all blessings flow,
Praise HIM all creatures here below.'

And as I said a little while ago, just the revised version in that particular verse of the composition:

'Praise GOD from Whom all blessings flow,
Praise HIM for all creatures here below !'

Then the more the better, for the more you will have to give praise for ! Can you not see the mystery?

Then, if the speaker is sincere and would be conscientious, that would be the Work and the Mission of Christ within her. And whether she would be fortunate enough, as it may be termed, to ever partake of these limitless and infinite blessings, giving thanks and praise to and for others partaking of them, that would be a blessing beyond measure, to be at a place in consciousness where you would be unselfish and could give thanks and praise for others. Can you not see the mystery ? It would be a real blessing !

Foundation of This New Creation

I cannot stress it too vividly, for you all need to get it. It is the foundation of this great and new revelation, of this great and new Creation.

There are those who through envy, through jealousy and through covetousness, speak at times, move at times because of selfishness, but oh, how glorious it will be when you get rid of Self completely and look diligently to the Fundamental only and realize GOD is the One to Whom all Glory belongs and all praise, and GOD can have Mercy on Whom HE will have Mercy, and Compassion on Whom HE will have Compassion !

When this is done you are not judging GOD wrongfully, you are not accusing GOD of being dishonest ; but when you grudge fully and enviously condemn others or if you, through covetousness even feel as though someone else should not receive a blessing if GOD is giving it to them, you are condemning Him ! In your thoughts, in your mind, in your spirit and in your desires you are condemning GOD ! And when these things dome to pass and when they are established in reality you will find in your spirit and in your mind you are condemned, and eventually condemned in your body.

Let CHRIST Within

That which is first reflected, inculcated mentally and spiritually, it afterwards takes place in your physical system physically. Your physical body is the outward expression of your mental and spiritual conception, therefore conceive the Positive and the spirit of unselfishness and the spirit of restfulness instead of the spirit of unrest and ignorant pride ; then let CHRIST within, with the spirit of restfulness and the spirit of unselfishness, come in to abide and have full control over you, your spirit, your mind, your body and your soul ; but before that time when you are living in selfishness you conceive some ideas of self and selfishness to condemn another for the blessings he or she is receiving and you get envious and antagonistic against that person because of the blessings they or he or she is receiving, and when you do, you are actually condemning GOD in your concept and declaring GOD is unjust and dishonest to give them such a blessing, just because you are not receiving it ! Can you not see the mystery ? Then you place yourself in a place in consciousness where you cannot get a blessing from GOD, for if GOD is wrong in your consideration He must act out His Duty and fulfil His Mission according to your version ! I thank you !








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