"You Should Never Forget What God Has Done for You.

"Hence You Could and Should Sing And Praise My Name Night and Day and Every Moment of the Day."
--- Father Divine


Our Father's Message Given Whilst at the Banquet Table, 1887-1889 Madison Avenue, New York City, N. Y.,
Sunday, March 30, 1941 A.D.F.D., Time 4:40 P.M.






This marvelous Message herein recorded is self-explanatory, and if you read carefully every Word as spoken by our Lord and Savior and gain the full value of their significance you need never err from the Way of Salvation.

Just before FATHER arose to speak, the following composition was sung enthusiastically by the audience:


'I never shall forget
What Thou hast done for me,
You heard us when we prayed,
You took our sins away,
That's why we'll praise Your Name
Both night and day !'

(The foregoing statements are those of the transcriber, after which FATHER speaks as follows:)






Peace, Everyone: That little composition just sung is worth considering to and for everyone. If you will but take cognizance of the song and realize the song is not merely music but the song in itself is a fact and the words are figures that are too stout to be denied; as much accurate in expression for those who consider it as the principle of mathematics is in summing up a problem; in other words, in bringing out or working out a sum.

You should never forget what GOD has done for you; hence, you could and should sing and praise MY Name both night and day. Not only both night and day but each and every moment of the day momentarily, in concentrating on what I say, what I have said to others and what I have said to you; for it is something worth considering as an abstract expression to the vent and access of expression for the vibrations; you can see it as a sample and an example telling you what praise will do for you.

When you praise GOD and if it reaches the depths of your soul by the Spirit of Sincerity, and be conscientious in what you say, the reaction of such a conscious conviction will lift your vibrations and give vent and access to them for expression. Instead of retarding your advances and the volition of your vibrations it will give tense to such as may be prenataled within, of that part of GOD as manifested in the soul of the sincere one.

Praise Unlocks Every Barred Door

Then I say, it is something to consider. Praise will unlock every barred an shut door, I say, and those doors that are open will give you a chance for expression and give you an admittance into such a kingdom that brings Peace, Joy and Happiness.

Praise is the Keynote to Salvation, whilst on the other hand, accusation and condemnation is the bar to every expression of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Criticism, accusation and condemnation will close the doors of opportunity for you and will close the access for expression of the inspiration ic unfoldment of the mystery of your vibrations being lifted, and your vibrations are lowered by condemnation and by ceasing to give praises, and you get in a state of melancholy. Aren't you glad !

But when you openly praise GOD for something GOD has done and is doing, you open up a great vent in the soul of the children of men not only yours, but others, where the vibrations can be lifted that will cause you to be lifted to harmonize with it, because you have harmonized with the Fundamental by giving praises to GOD your great Creator and to His Majesty, Love and Mercy.

I mention this because when you cease to give praise, when you cease to continue to praise GOD wholeheartedly, whether in outward expression or in words of action or in words of sincere devotion with your attention directed in one direction, the vent of your soul is closed and your vibrations lose their ascending power and your vibrations can no longer be lifted until the vent of your soul is opened.

Praise Will Cause You to Have an Access in This Grace

Oh, how glorious it is to realize praise is the Keynote to Salvation, the mystery of GOD among His People that will cause you to have an access in this Grace wherein I stand, and Peace and Pleasure will have free access in your consciousness and in the hearts and lives of others, whosoever they may be that may contact you.

So, it is a privilege to give thanks and give praise. I heard Christendom say before they knew definitely what prayer is yea, before they knew what it was,

'Prayer is the Key to Heaven, but Faith Unlocks the Door.'

what prayer actually was and they do not know what prayer is today, a good many of them; but

Prayer is the heart's sincere desire Unuttered and unexpressed. It is the Motion of a hidden fire shut up in the breast.'

But when you give praise and thanks to GOD for the blessings you are seeking or desiring, you give vent to the soul and to the mind, and the vibrations are lifted within; therefore your vibrations will have a chance to ascend to contact the Christ Consciousness within the soul of the children of men. And this prayer reaching the sincerity of the True and the Faithful within them, even though they are not conscious of His Majesty and Mercy and Compassion within them, their prayers are heard and answered speedily, for it is the Christ within you answering the prayers of the true and faithful who pray with the Spirit of sincerity.

It Is a Privilege To Live in Such a Recognition

Then I say, it is a privilege to live in such a recognition and a privilege to realize praise will unlock the door. You may have a sincere desire, which is prayer, unexpressed; but when you give praise with the Spirit of Sincerity, praise will give vent to the soul of your mind and the mind of your soul and your vibrations are lifted; your prayers are heard and answered speedily; for the vent is the key to the Spirit of Sincerity and the prayer of a sincere desire to GOD for that which you are seeking.

It is a privilege to realize praise will unlock every barred and shut door. Praise will emancipate you from the undesirable conditions and will open every door representing the Goodness of GOD or the Goodness of Heaven. Can you not see the mystery ? Then when you seek deliverance or free access for expression or Peace, or Joy, or Happiness, go by the way of Praises, if you please, with the Spirit of Sincerity, being conscientious in your endeavors; your prayers will be heard and answered !

I mention this because I can see definitely and you should be able to see it, everyone of you whensoever you cease giving praise to GOD the vent of expression becomes stagnant, and the very Spirit within you, if it is there, it becomes dormant; it ceases to function; it ceases to inspire you and you are cut off from heaven because you have cut yourself off from giving praises to Whom all praises should be given !

The Spirit of Praise Must Have Expression

I cannot stress this thought too vividly, for you can cut yourself off completely and think you have it all within you, but it must have an outlet for expression. As well as the intake valve must also be an exhaust and an outlet for expression as well as an inlet to take it in. Aren't you glad ? But a good many seem to think within themselves, "I have GOD, I have life and I have health and I have everything else that is good, I can now close my door of expression in the act of giving praises and thanksgiving and can continue to have the Blessings I have;" but not so. If you have them they will cease to function. They will become to be dormant, inactive, unexpressive, unprofitable and good for nothing so long as they are lying dormant within you. Can you not see the mystery ? But when the Spirit of My Presence through your thanksgiving and praises has free access within for expression, your vibrations are lifted and you are actually in heaven. Every desirable door is volitionally opened, for those doors are opened automatically by the Nature of your Savior, the Creator of all good things.

Then I say, it is a privilege to know what to do. Give Praise ! If you can only just think of something to praise GOD for, if it is only to think about what a beautiful home He has, what good comfort and conveniences for Himself and for others, if not for you. Give praise to GOD and thanks for something; it will lift your vibrations. But when you go around condemning, accusing and fault finding, using your energy detrimentally, antagonistically and conflictingly to the Fundamental, you are closing the door of expression for vibrations and the vent of your soul will not give the vent of expression that the vibrations might have a chance for expression; for they can be lifted only as they have vent for expression that the vibrations might be lifted. That is the mystery !

Praise GOD When Your Vibrations Are Low

So, when your vibrations are low, if you start praising GOD just as fast as you can and find something in all sincerity and conscientiousness to praise GOD for, you will give vent to your soul, and your vibrations that are lying dormant will act upon the impulse of the moment.

By giving praise with the Spirit of Sincerity your vibrations will be lifted and you will automatically contact the Christ Consciousness, and your desires, which are prayers, will be blessed, and your prayers will be heard and answered. I thank you.

(As FATHER concluded speaking HE pushed in His Chair and returned to His Office. However as the Channel of the Holy Spirit was still directed in the direction of our Lord's Words of Life and Spirit just given, our Savior continued speaking as follows:)




Therefore, find some note or key whereby you can praise ME for something, and cease to condemn ME; even if every note in the great drama of life as I have exemplified, is condemnable by one, find that place where you can give praise. Praise ME for something, if it is only for some word or phrase of Mine ! Praise ME for something if it is only for some motto or composition that I have given ! Praise ME for something if it is only some thought I have conveyed or some simple word I have said find something that is worth of MY Praise. That is the mystery!

Seek All Day for One Thing to Praise if Necessary

Whether each and everything is condemnable by one, if it takes you all say long to find one good word or one good saying or one good phrase I have made or any such expression, seek diligently until you can find something for which to praise Me; and if you continue to praise Me for that one something, after a while the key will open the door of your vibrations and will give vent to them, and you will be lifted to get the inspiration of the Infinite One by harmonizing with Him. Your desires and prayers will be heard an answered because you shall have ascended to the place in consciousness where you can and shall have contacted the Christ Consciousness. But vice-versalate such a version and negatively refuse such a version and seek and find one thought of a word or expression for condemnation and begin condemning instead of praising you will find the reverse equally true in a negative and in an antagonistic way to you !

One expresses Heaven and the other, the way of negation to the "other place". By ceasing to give praises but by condemning you are contacting that way that will give vent and expression that will lead by the way of perdition to destruction, where you will lose all contact with the Infinite One and lose the Joy of having your vibrations lifted to contact the Christ Consciousness ! I thank you !








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