"There Are Many Who Desire to Be Rosebuds But Christ Expressed
God's Own Heart And Christ Was 'Led as a Lamb to the Slaughter,
Dumb as a Sheep Before Her Shearers." --- Father Divine



Our Father's Message Given Whilst at the Banquet Table, 1887-1889 Madison Avenue, New York City, N. Y.,
'Thanksgiving Day"- Thursday, November 20th, 1941 A.D.F.D., Time 6:05 P.M.





This beautiful little Message from our Holy FATHER might be deemed as dedicated to the Rosebuds, the feminine youth group of the Peace Mission Movement, for in it HE describes the heart of a Rosebud which is synonymous with the HEART OF GOD.

Many are being drawn in by the infinite net which reaches the four corners of the earth, and many desire to belong to the group known as the Rosebuds but lest there be any misapprehension, the Savior and the Redeemer of all makes plain the consecration and self-denial required in this holy life, to be classed with the virtuous ones of the LORD.

For Thy all-embracing Love, Precious Lord, we thank THEE !

(The foregoing statements are those of the transcriber, and FATHER's Message follows:)



Peace, Everyone !

I do not wish to bore you and I do not wish to annoy you, but one thing most particularly I might stress for consideration as a thought I brought forth for the consideration of others; I hope you will take cognizance of it. While sitting and thinking a little while ago how this Truth is so contagious it is Omniscient, it knows how to get you ! Aren't you glad ? It will reach you wheresoever you are. It knows how to propose to the appealing of your mind and how fascinating it is to the mind to whom it actually appeals. Aren't you glad ?

I was thinking of how the different ones are coming into this recognition. It was a blessing last Monday evening and Tuesday morning in Philadelphia to have about half a dozen or more Rosebuds coming for initiation, seeking admittance into the Kingdom, into the Rosebudship degree. When I said, "Do you know really what a Rosebud means ?" Or, "what it means to be a Rosebud ?" They said they did. I said, "The Rosebuds will tell you," but I knew I would tell them too.

(Following are the attributes of a real, true Rosebud feminine youth group of the Peace Mission Movement as described spontaneously by their Savior and Redeemer on this One Eternal Thanksgiving Day:)

A Rosebud's Heart
A Rosebud's heart
Is submissive, meek and sweet;
Is your great Redeemer's Throne
Where Christ alone is heard to speak,
And where Christ alone reigns within,
Where Christ has been selected by them
To reign as Lord and King,
Where every other thought of person or mankind
Has been completely dethroned for Him.
A Rosebud's heart
Is a heart of LOVE
That is lost in the Will of GOD
That will not doubt and will not fear
. But will sacrifice their all to GOD.
A Rosebud's heart
Is a heart that is willing
To suffer hardships and oppositions;
That will stand even with all the world of criticism
Being focused directly at them.
A Rosebud's heart
Is a heart so KIND
That takes GOD in their minds,
And never, never, never, never
Will attempt to leave Him behind.
A Rosebud's heart
Is a heart so TRUE
That will not murmur nor complain;
That will not doubt and will not fear,
Matters not what others think.
A Rosebud's heart
Is a heart that loves
The LORD with all they have.
A Rosebud's heart
Is a heart for GOD
That is what you all should claim.
You all should have a Rosebud's heart,
That is PURE, MEEK and SWEET;
A heart as the fertile, VIRGIN ground of Salvation
Where CHRIST will take His Seat.
A Rosebud's heart
It is so FINE;
A Rosebud's heart
Is filled with joy,
That has the LORD entwined.
In Peace and Love I will abide
In the Rosebud's heart evermore;
That is, if they but will be true,
And do what I bid them do.
A Rosebud's heart
That really is true
Is consecrated to GOD;
It takes no thought what it should do,
But will follow the LORD.
It is willing to suffer hardships and pain,
It is willing to labor and toil;
Because it is a Rosebud's heart
It is the HEART of GOD !



Peace, Everyone !

I thought of those little verses for consideration because there are many who desire to be Rosebuds; but Christ expressed GOD's Own Heart for Christ was "led as a Lamb to the slaughter, dumb as a sheep before her shearers, and He opened not His mouth."

Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane, in agony and misery apparently, said:

'Not my will but thy will be done.'

I heard you say in your composition the very same, but would your test be too great ? that is, if you would be called on by GOD to do some undesirable work.

Many Want to Be Rosebuds

Some would sacrifice their lives for GOD, they say in words explained, but yet for GOD if it calls for sacrifice, they would not do a thing. I speak of this because there are many who desire to be Rosebuds because of the fame of the Rosebuds, because of the Joy and because of their being in the radiance of My Love, but yet they do not sop to consider a Rosebud's heart should be the Heart of GOD just as Jesus was; a heart that would say:

' Not my will but your will be done.'

Can you not see the mystery ? A heart that would follow GOD through thick and thin, through great and through small things, a heart that would be willing to sacrifice their life, if such would be required. Can you not see the mystery?

I speak of this because just to be a Rosebud and enjoy the good, it would not be of GOD, unless your heart is right with Him and willing to sacrifice all; unless you are willing to suffer to the fullest measure and the fullest degree for ME; unless you are willing to bear the toil and endure the pain; unless you are willing to suffer persecution, criticism, accusation and pain and suffer anything for My Name ! Unless you have such a desire and a will to do, you would return from whence you came ! You see the mystery ?

But if you are true and willing and ready, you will say as Jesus said:

'Not my will (my Father) but thy will be done.'

Can you not see the mystery ?

One Eternal Thanksgiving Day

And I stress that thought for your consideration because this is the beginning of One Eternal Thanksgiving Day for a good many of you. As by proclamation through or by the chief executive I have brought you into consideration of thanksgiving, by this you being here in My Presence I have started you out on life's journey where thanksgiving should continue (Can you not see the mystery ?) should continue throughout all eternity, and you should say:

'Not my will but thy will be done.'

As I said once to a party, "A good many people say they would die for GOD, but they would not work hard for themselves, according to My wishes, to live independently." They say they would die for GOD, but they would not desire to work hard to be independent, according to My Will, according to My Plan and Purpose. Can you not see the mystery?

You would not be required to die for ME, neither to work for Me from that angle of expression, but to work for yourselves to be independent and express My independence. Yet some say," I would die for GOD," and would not go out and work hard for themselves and be independent and express MY independence by being in the place where oppositions arise at the time of depressions, trials and tribulations, you would have a full and a plenty. You would work to that end if you did not have a profession or skill or ability to earn a living, or plenty otherwise; you would be willing to work hard for yourself as though you would be working for GOD.

I mention that because there are a whole lot of them who desire to be Rosebuds now because the Rosebuds are in the radiance of My Love, you know just like the rays of the sun and the sunlight of its rays and when they are in the radiance of My Love and live exactly according to My Teaching, they will be continually; but if they get out of the radiance of My LOVE where My Love cannot be focused on them, they may fell the effect of it. But the true Rosebud's heart will be the same, for it is the Heart of GOD.








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From all of us to all of you. we wish you, peace and love, and many blessings, and may we all ever live in unity and brotherhood and the Consciousness of GOD'S Actual Ever Presence.

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