"I say that you are the Christ!

"There and then the foundation was laid for the establishment of the Kingdom."


The Establishment of Christ's Church






Office Talk Given by FATHER DIVINE In His Private Office of the Circle Mission Church, Home and Training School,
764-772 S. Broad Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Tuesday May 28, 1946 A.D.F.D., Time 11:45 A.M.






After proofreading a recent talk FATHER DIVINE had given on how the Christian Church was founded on the Conviction of the Divinity of Jesus, FATHER said:



So, it is so pronounced to see how I said,

'Upon this rock I shall build my church !'

That belief and the conviction and the assertion that was made, the belief came first from the within; but not until the assertion was made:

'I say that you are the Christ!'

did I give vent to MY Spirit through which I would built MY Church! It is Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! And there and then the foundation was laid for the establishment of the Kingdom. You see the mystery? And when I came back again, it said the same thing, but only in a more positive way and a declaration of the fulfillment of all things, and the declaration of the FATHERSHIP Degree recognized in that assertion! Before, it was the Sonship Degree upon which the Church was founded; the Church, the beginning, as the foundation of the Kingdom! But when it came back it did not say,

'I say that thou art the Christ, the Son of the Living God'

But (FATHER turns and sweetly smiles at Angel...)

Angel: Because I know YOU are GOD !


Upon this foundation there was the recognition re- established in Truth, Grace and Mercy, when Grace and Truth met each other and united!

So, it is true! I did not Personally go, but MY Spirit went into a far country and brought Her as a Sample and as an Example of a Spotless Lamb that was offered up, that none could refute or dispute ! I do not question it! It is wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! And as it is, so it was. To GOD it was made a living sacrifice for all! So it is wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful. Wonderful!

To see this being fulfilled you could easily say that without seeing it fulfilled and knowing the Truth concerning the past, you might could say, "Well, why was it (as I afore said that Jesus said to Peter, or Simon, `Upon this Rock...!`) what did he, Peter (or Simon), have to do with the building of the Church?" "Why would that come in?" someone may say, "That has not anything to do with it!" That is what some mortal version may depict or may try to depict, and say, "What did Simon have to do with the establishment of the Church?" But yet, through Simon that belief came, and upon that assertion I responded to him! As though by inspiration I declared I had or would build MY Church, as though by inspiration as if though it was something that Peter (or Simon) gave ME; the conviction, through him, for the establishment of the Church and the foundation thereof! You see the mystery?

Secretary; It had to be a firm conviction.

FATHER: Sure! A positive, undenied Conviction! Non-doubtful but an assertion with the Conviction carrying the conviction from the heart of Simon to the Mind and Heart of Jesus! With it by inspiration He Spoke, as though being inspired:

'Upon this rock I shall build my church.'

As if though he got an inspiration; for He said,

'Flesh and blood did not reveal this to you.'

(He recognized from whence it came)

'But my Father which is in Heaven'

Then when I came and reigned and brought in the fullness of the measure of the FATHERSHIP Degree, then, you see, here comes forth that revealed Message of the FATHER that was to Simon! In Person I came, responding to the Great Event of the Transfiguration on the Mountain!

It was such a great Power that came through Simon's conviction! Can you not see the mystery? The very heavens opened, because they saw Moses and Elijah appear, standing on the mountain, talking with Jesus! And the Heavens---- a Voice spoke from the concept of Heaven, saying,

'This is my beloved son in whom I am pleased, hear ye him.'

Can you not see the mystery?

Peter and John, they saw as though there were three! One said,

'Lord, it is good to be here! Let us build three tabernacles; one for Moses, one for Elijah and one for thee!'

But the heavens opened, as afore said, and the Voice from Heaven came, saying,

'This is my beloved Son in Whom I am well pleased, hear ye him!"---

verifying the inspiration that was given to Simon before and after he spoke it! Can you not see the mystery? And equivalently it is, as it was essential for GOD HIMSELF to come, as the Voice came from heaven, but first an inspiration to Peter, by inspiration, to make that declaration and that assertion that

'I say that thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God.'

And so it was as it is! The Glory of GOD is now revealed! Can you not see the actual demonstration of the mastery over the economic situation? If you cannot see the mastery over the mental and spiritual plane, you can see the mastery over the material plane and the material and economic situation and surroundings, which should be convincing to the most severest critic, that there is a reality in GOD's Actual Presence! It is something to praise GOD for! And seeing these things, one should be convinced to know that MY Spirit and MY Mind would not have gone out and brought one from afar, depicting the spotlessness of the Lamb of GOD in the Virginity of Mary and the Holiness of Jesus, to be united with you all, if it were not predestined to be!

Secretary: It has given us the fuller recognition of the universality of YOUR Love, FATHER, just to know that YOUR Spirit brought YOUR Love to YOU from a far country!

FATHER: It is true! It is true! Nothing could prohibit it! Nothing could! All the obstructions mortality tried to put in the way.

'America must crown our Savior Lord of lords.'

Secretary: And it was predestined to be I mean, Scripturally written!

FATHER: Sure! It is Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! I could not get around going to Washington!

Angel: Even tried to, didn't YOU, FATHER ?

FATHER: Sure. It was as though I was trying to avoid it, as in all things I AM predestined to do; it seems like I AM trying to get around it or get away from it! It seemed as if though I was trying to get around it or get away from marrying you! (it seemed as if though it was.) Because I said," All I care is that She might be free as all others!" For it was not a personal precept as a personal pronoun, in MY Consideration, but it was the universality of MY Love and Mercy for all humanity! Everything seemed to....it just had to be! There was no getting around it.

Secretary: And it seems like we have been this way all the time! I mean there is nothing strange.

FATHER: It is true! Coming from afar! Could not stay away! It is Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!--- as it was not in the ceremony, apparently, as was in the Scripture:

The Wisdom of GOD is likened unto a man who set a great table and sent out invitations for different ones to come, and the different ones made excuses; they could not come. But what did the Lord of the Feast say? "Go out in the hedges and highways and compel them to come in"--- from the courts and the alleys and the lanes.

The conscious thought would have been that as I AM an international, political and social issue and AM considered by millions, the Dean of the Universe that Reverend Doctor Clayton Powell would have been the one, as a reverend and as a clergyman, to perform the ceremony. It looked as if it would have been but it could not be! It was obliged to be! It was obliged to be the one whom I had appointed for that purpose, as was with John the Baptist!

For forty years he said, he had been waiting!

Secretary: He knew it had to be!

FATHER: It is true everything depicting the mystery and fulfilling it spiritually and everything moving intuitively having not heard of him Personally, from a Personal point of view, but yet he made that call and did not know why. And even when he came he did not know why. And I tried to evade it apparently, even that issue in that particular experience it appeared as if I did, even though I did not!

Secretary: And he had to show you his credentials, FATHER. He practically forced them upon you.

FATHER: Sure! He said he was coming to Philadelphia just picked up the phone and said he was coming to Philadelphia, or something. I said,"Well, I will not be in Philadelphia, I will be in New York on this week-end" (as if though I was trying to evade the issue). And he knew not for what he was coming! He said, "Well, I will come on there then!" It goes to show you it was definitely the Work of the Spirit! It is Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!

Secretary: It is wonderful too, because that particular place, you had to know who was going to perform the ceremony before you could be married. I mean, some places you could go and be married without that information, no doubt, but that place, it is different!

FATHER: Sure. It just had to be on record who was going to be married; and it had to be in Washington the nation's capital and it had to be someone that was authorized by the Supreme Court as well as the Church as he also received his credentials from the Supreme Court judge to perform marriage ceremonies.

Secretary: Making it legal through legality.


'for thus it becomes us to fulfill all Righteousness.'

It was so explicitly depicted spiritually as I led the way without any physical or Personal effort or premeditated thought or plan to try to carry it out! When and wheresoever anything would come up, it would have to be something, apparently, as an expression of a sense of evasion as if though I was trying to evade the issue, to let not the concept of mortality enter! Can you not see the mystery?

Angel: Yes.

FATHER: It is Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! Now by the Spirit of MY Presence and the Presence of MY Spirit in all majesty, dominion and authority, by virtue of the fact that I have all power in the Name of GOD, Whom you say I AM, I shall accomplish all things and all things must come at MY Command! This being verified and recorded and sealed, it cannot be refuted; it cannot be disputed. It is real! real! real!

And before I did say as much as I AM saying now, even to you, MY Staff or Cabinet, I thought to have it firstly recorded and the certified copy of the Certificate of the Record as given, so that there might not be the slightest chance for doubt, or even a reaction of a person that would bring up a question to prohibit or to hinder or to retard the advances. Even though from the twenty-ninth of April until the twenty-second of May, before he actually sent the certificate, you see, it is just the same; and through all that time there could not be anything to actually prevent it. Therefore, I gave them plenty of time to try to find any flaw, if there would have been one of any sort, but they could not find one; therefore, it is verified!

Secretary: Sure. In spite of all they would want to do they could not find any!

FATHER: It is Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! Therefore, you have something to praise GOD for! Hence, you should rejoice with ME, for I have found MY sheep that was lost! I thank you.

Secretary: FATHER, while YOU were talking I could see so plainly how it was a repetition of when YOU went South; how YOU mentally and spiritually jumped up and went North!

FATHER: It is true!

Secretary: And YOU even shouted!

FATHER: It is true!

Secretary: It is so beautiful, the mysteries, FATHER, that YOU have brought out since this time.

FATHER: It is true!

Secretary: Yes, and these talks!

FATHER: These are real history-making documents.

Secretary: FATHER, it is so strange, I mean, that we have had the Bible and read it, but YOU had to come and reveal it to us with YOUR Own Personal Lips! I mean, we could not understand until YOU explained it with YOUR Own Personal Lips in every detail. It was so plain, but we could not see it.

FATHER: It looks as though it could have been see, but it is written:

'These things are hid from the wise and the prudent And revealed unto babes and sucklings.'

And also it is written that there was only One that was found that could lay hands on the Book and loose the Seven Seals thereof.

Secretary: And it even mentions the Church and City of Philadelphia.

Secretary: If there were men, FATHER, that could have opened the Book, the world and the Church would have been divided.

FATHER: Sure! And as was in the experience of Jesus asking Simon.

'Whom say the people (first) that I am?
'Some say you are Moses, some say that you are Elijah,
Some say that you are"------ many different things.

There was no place in their versions found for an inspiration to Jesus to build His Church but when, there and then when that came forth into expression Simon's Conviction as a Committee of One representing all who would be of the same Spirit and Mind with the same version:

'I say that you are the Christ.'

That is the inspiration, as I continue to stress and say, through which Jesus declared the building of his Church.

Secretary: And right away the preachers thought that meant the church of stone not getting the mystery that the belief meant the church.

FATHER: Sure! It is wonderful! You can see how plain it is! But yet, with all that Love and Compassion for humanity, or for one individual, the universality of it is the great mystery as the essential for the redemption of all humanity.

Secretary: It is beautiful!

FATHER: Then to think of how all can and will come into and under the same Banner, as they will, through self-denial and consecration, through living the Life and being in the same category.

The only reason you do not enjoy it even as I do, or as She does, it is just because you are not willing to deny yourself and be unselfish and unbiased and be One even as We are One, that you might be One in Us. It would be no difference.

Secretary: It would be more beautiful!

FATHER: It is wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! In the accord of the At-one-ment, and in according, I believe someone got a foretaste of this Glory Divine even before as well as after the foretaste of this Love that accord and this Love; because it is equivalent it is the same according to the faith they have in ME, and consecration and self-denial; and by the same mind it is the same; someone has the foretaste of Glory Divine and they find themselves heirs,

'Heirs of salvation, Purchased of GOD,
Born of His Spirit
And washed in His Blood!'

I thank you !







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