FATHER DIVINE Grants Interview to Mrs. Herbert

In His Private Office Study, Peace Center Church and Home, Inc.,
122-126 Howard Street, Newark, N.J., Thursday, August 7th, 1947 A.D.F.D., Time -- 10:10 P.M.



FATHER DIVINE in His Office.

FATHER DIVINE in His Office.




Secretary: FATHER DIVINE, this is Mrs. Herbert.

FATHER: Mrs. Herbert? Peace, Mrs. Herbert.

Mrs. Herbert: Peace. Do YOU want me to tell YOU my trouble?


Mrs. Herbert: Well, about two weeks ago I was in church and I picked up a hymn book and I found I couldn't read the hymn. My trouble principally is in the left eye.


Mrs. Herbert: I don't know what caused it; and while I can see YOU and see others in this room, I cannot read.

FATHER: I suppose when you focus your sight on fine print, it sort of blurs.

Mrs. Herbert: Yes.

FATHER: Did you ever wear glasses?

Mrs. Herbert: Oh yes. I went to the optician and he said he couldn't help me with glasses.

FATHER: Well, it is a possibility of your sight being strengthened or restored by faith, but of course, you must have implicit faith!

Mrs. Herbert: I understand all of that.

FATHER: It is not anything I do as a Person to reach one's condition, but as one makes the mental and spiritual contact through the relaxation of the conscious mentality, by stilling one's self in consciousness mentally and by ceasing to struggle mentally, cease to go to this place and that place and the other place in thought, trying to get a remedy to adjust matters satisfactorily and realize, GOD is truly a Panacea for every ill!

Mrs. Herbert: Realize that you see spiritually? Is that it?


GOD Is Your Five Senses

FATHER: That's right. Realize that GOD is Actually a Panacea for every ill and if you take it from a physiological point of view through which your sight comes, if you realize the Truth concerning the mystery as it is a mystery not revealed apparently to all, but revealed to some, GOD Is actually your five physical senses, the same as GOD is every person's physical senses, but they are not conscious of the Realness of GOD to them, to that effect. The majority of the people aren't. But in reality, GOD is truly your five physical senses!

GOD functions through your ears, through your eyes, through your taste and through your smelling and through the sense of feeling and all of these senses are the GOD-given part of HIMSELF to humanity that they might have GOD Ever Present with them; but the average person, according to physical science, believes his eyes are weak, or something of that sort and cannot be and express perpetual youth. So many people think when they become to be about forty or fifty, they are obliged to wear glasses. That has been taught them by medical science and by the physical experience of others and of themselves, but if one could but learn the significance of the five physical senses and praise GOD in consciousness as that of the senses functioning through all of these members as described, as the members through which your senses function . . . Know that GOD is named your physical senses for the physical being, and without these five physical senses, the physical body would be inactive and would be absolutely impractical and unprofitable.

Mrs. Herbert: There would be no movement or anything.

FATHER: That's right, but with the right concept of the Truth and the actibility of the physical senses, when those physical senses function with the knowledge of the Truth concerning them, knowing that GOD is the real senses in these members, your physical organs through which the senses function, know within yourself it is GOD unadulteratedly, but functioning scientifically and accurately for the purpose of the sustenance and comfort and convenience of the body in which it functions.

So it is a wonderful thought to observe it. And when you do believe it and receive it as such, GOD can and will respond according to your faith. Therefore, your taste will be a perfect taste of expression from a physiological point of view as well as from a mental and spiritual point of view.

Mrs. Herbert: Then I wouldn't have pains in my body.

FATHER: That's right. Those pains will leave because that is a sense of feelings. Therefore, the feelings in your limbs will become to be an expression of good which is GOD expressing to the physical being, and if humanity generally could get to see it that way, there would be no more sorrow, no more pain and no more death. That is where John caught the glimpse of the Mystery of what I AM endeavoring to tell you now. He said in the twenty-first chapter of Revelation, he saw a New Heaven and a New earth . . .

Mrs. Herbert: A New Heaven and a New earth.

FATHER: Because it was a New form of Government physiologically coming into being; that is for the physical or personal individual, and I might say geographically, it could be discerned as a dispensational coming into being of a Righteous Government, of which I might deem it to be politically and legalistically, but to and for the physical being -- the individual Salvation of men.

GOD is really the Principle that functions in them for their Salvation; and if GOD could be recognized as such and applied to every member of their body, as you might have read or heard in My daily correspondence in the conclusion of My Letters: I AM Well, Healthy, Joyful, Peaceful, Lively, Loving, Successful, Prosperous and Happy in Spirit, Body and Mind and in every organ, muscle, sinew, joint, every limb, every vein and every bone, yea, even in every Atom, Fibre and Cell of My Bodily Form!

Now you see, that is going into the minutest detail of the person, to bless it from the beginning of itself as in existence, into infinitude, that your whole being should be illumined with the Presence of GOD, as GOD breathed in man the breath of Life and the man became a Living Soul! GOD breathed HIMSELF in man in the beginning of the creation, therefore, when we come to that place in consciousness as afore said, in reference to John, in the Book of Revelation, he declared that: "God shall wipe all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more sorrow and no more pain and no more death, for the former things are passed away."


GOD Is the Spirit of Life

That is the work of which we affirm. We confirm as affirmed and we verify as a reality that every joint, every limb, every vein, every bone and atom and every fiber and every cell of your bodily form is blessed, if you only know it, for it is life in them and that sense of feelings functioning in every one of your atoms and fibers and cells of your bodily form, they are energized by the Spirit of Life within! GOD is that Spirit of Life that came to redeem mankind!

Hence, there shall be no more sorrow, no more pain and no more death! The former things are passed away when those things are fulfilled in us who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit!

Take these thoughts to consideration and such as that will be your portion if you can but make your rightful contact, with implicit faith and unshaken confidence to know GOD truly is your sight! Even if you do not know GOD to be in the minutest detail of your being, in evidence as it is in that of your five senses as formerly explained, it is a true saying and it is plain to see -- that invisible sense of sight in your eyes, it is evidently known, that is the invisible GOD!

Mrs. Herbert: The Invisible GOD!

FATHER: And that invisible sense of your smelling in your nose, that is obliged to be GOD, but men do not stop to consider it! Even in the animalistic kingdom, GOD functions in them! GOD gave them life and GOD is in them according to and after the manner of the species of the animal in which HE functions! Even in their characteristics and their disposition, GOD is the sense of sight in them and GOD is the sense of hearing in them. GOD is telling them something! You see, it is obliged to be GOD, because it is wisdom that speaketh on thus wise to say GOD is this, or whatever it is. GOD is all there is!

But implicitly and conscientiously, definitely we can say that GOD is truly that invisible sense of sight in every person's eyes! And when that sight ceases to function accurately or perfectly, the person is not expressing all of the GOD-given quality of himself as they are predestined to be. You see, that is the mystery.


A Treatment For the Eyes

Now GOD is your sight, and from henceforth, if you can get that before your mind's eye for the treatment of your eyes -- for the treatment of your sight, as it may be termed, your eyes will reproduce the GOD of sight -- the GOD-Sight of life that will actually give you and restore to you your perfect vision, for it is GOD in your physical being to teach you wisdom! It is Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!

Mrs. Herbert: I see. Then that is all I have to think about!

FATHER: Just apply these thoughts to it and then endeavor to live in keeping with and according to the Life and the Teaching of CHRIST as exemplified in the Four Gospels and you will reproduce the characteristics of GOD as was in CHRIST JESUS and that Life will be seen, as being termed the Blood. When the destroying angels of sickness, affliction and disease try to appear, they, the destroying angels, will see that Life of CHRIST transmitted and reincarnated, as being termed the Blood, and they will pass over you, and perpetual youth and perpetual health will be your portion!

Mrs. Herbert (rising): It is Wonderful!

FATHER: Peace, and many Blessings.

Mrs. Herbert: Goodbye.

FATHER: Peace. It is Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!

(As Mrs. Herbert left FATHER'S Office much enlightened and encouraged, FATHER, still in the Glow-Rays of His Own Omniscient Wisdom, endeavoring to reach all humanity in the same category, through His Love and Compassion continued speaking as follows:)

That is applicable to the individual conscious thinker, whomsoever it may be that can consciously think positive thoughts instead of the negative. The five physical senses to the children of men as it was in the beginning of the Creation when HE breathed in Adam the Breath of Life and the man became a Living Soul because GOD was in him!

With these last remarks, this profound interview concluded.)








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