Events of the Fourth Anniversary of the Marriage of the Lamb and the Bride.



Divine Lorraine Hotel.

FDivine Lorraqine Hotel





April 29th, 1950, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.



On the 29th day of April in the City of Philadelphia, in the early morning the crowds began to gather in and around the Divine Lorraine Hotel at Broad Street, Ridge and Fairmont Avenue, to participate in the Annual Celebration of FATHER DIVINE and HIS SPOTLESS VIRGIN BRIDE, marking the Fourth Anniversary of THEIR UNIVERSAL, MARRIAGE.

For several days prior to this day, people were pouring into Philadelphia from all parts of the world by car, by rail, boat and air. Some flew from Switzerland, some from Great Britain, Central America, Canada, Australia and other foreign Countries.

The day before, twenty-five arrived in a group at the International Airport in Philadelphia by plane from the Pacific Coast. FATHER DIVINE, accompanied by MOTHER DIVINE and HIS Staff in their Crown Imperial Chrysler Limousine led a train of the latest model cars to meet those who had arrived on the train.. There was indeed an outburst of joy at the sight of their DIVINE parents! Photographers were on the field to cover landings, and cameras began to snap!

FATHER DIVINE then led HIS guests to the Broad St. Hotel residence where they dined with HIM, and from there they were dispatched to the respective hotels under the Peace Mission Movement where accommodations were awaiting them.


Banquet At Divine Lorraine Hotel

Early Saturday morning the crowd thickened, and the elevators of the Divine Lorraine Hotel moved up and down as fast as it was humanly possible for the operators to function, still it was not fast enough, and up the steps many of them went to the spacious penthouse Holy Communion Dining Room on the tenth floor, overlooking the City of Philadelphia, and adjoining a spacious auditorium in which religious services are held regularly, and in which at this time a part of the crowd could find accommodations which they looked on at the service in the dining room through the glass windows between both of these great halls.

In this penthouse Holy Communion Dining Room is established a four - winged banquet table large enough to accommodate hundreds, spread with fine linen, the most exquisite silverware, china, crystal glassware, Sterling silver coffee pots and other containers and services of sterling silver. The table laden with the abundance of the fullness of GOD'S Bounty, resting in decorative fullness and bathed in the rays of the early morning sun, was a picture to behold!

At the appointed time, FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE in all THEIR Glory, entered the Dining Room, and in that one grand volume of applause, it seemed as if heaven and earth were united at the PRESENCE of the LAMB and HIS Spotless, Virgin Bride. Then the MARRIAGE FEAST began, and it is not possible to describe the varieties of foods that were served. I can only say, stretch your imagination as far as it can go to comprehend or realize the abundance of the fullness of all good things that GOD giveth from the land, from the sea, from the air, where there is no space vacant of the fullness therefore, and you will partially cover the festive tables of GOD, FATHER DIVINE, the GIVER of all GOOD.

Seated at the head of the table in Majesty and Loveliness were FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE with THEIR Staff; also many distinguished guests, friends and followers from far and near and from the various walks of life.

The decorative beauty of the table was greatly enhanced by two magnificent cakes at the right and left of the table. I am informed, they were made by one of the angels right there in the Divine kitchen. These cakes symbolized the Church with an open door, so that whosoever will may come and enter. Within these portals are the symbols of Holiness and Virtue, personified by two portraits of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE, which is the LIFE offered to all who harmoniously enter in and meekly accept.


Congratulations From Far And Near

One of the Following, a lady, a foreign representative from Switzerland, who had flown to Philadelphia a few days before, brought greetings from the FATHER DIVINE PEACE MISSION CHURCH in Winterthur and Zurich, Switzerland; also a tangible expression in the form of a cluster of the famous "Enzianun" flower which is the first bloom of spring as the snow and ice melt in the Alps of Switzerland, accompanied by six miniature Swiss flags, as a token of the love and devotion for their HOLY FATHER and their Virgin MOTHER here in America. This token helped to beautify the Holy Communion Table at the Divine Lorraine Hotel.

Divine Lorraine Hotel Penthouse Dining Room

Divine Lorraine Hotel Penthouse Dining Room







As the Holy Feast progressed, the visitors arose one by one to pay homage to thee great WORK and ACCOMPLISHMENTS of FATHER DIVINE , and to express their appreciation and gratitude for being privileged to be present on such an occasion.

Among the speakers were Mr. Raymond Thomas, Postmaster of Philadelphia, Mr. J. Austin Norris of the Board of Tax Revision; Bishop David H. Sims, Attorney Arthur A. Madison, Honorable Charles A. McBride, Reverend Albert E. Shadd of Washington, D. C., Dr. Davis W. Board, Ph.D., Chancellor of Northwestern College, Washington, D. C., Mrs. Florence Baker, Assistant Secretary of the State of New Jersey, and others whose speeches are elsewhere recorded in The New Day and the previous issue for your information.

Telegrams of congratulation poured in from the foreign Churches of Nigeria, Africa, Australia, France, Switzerland, England, Germany, Panama, and from many points in the United States and from followers and friends all over the world. A telephone conversation between FATHER DIVINE and a representative of the United Peace Mission Church of Australia was read, and also a radiogram from FATHER to HIS Church in Nigeria, Africa.

As the service progressed, FATHER arose in HIS MAJESTY and LOVE, welcoming all and inviting HIS guests to speak if they felt led. Many of the speeches that followed, which are also recorded and transcribed.


Service At Unity Mission Bible Institute

After the morning service at the Divine Lorraine Hotel, the Celebration moved to the Unity Mission Church, Home and Training School's Bible Institute of Philadelphia, l530 North 16th Street, where there was another large gathering of people awaiting the coming of the LAMB and the BRIDE. This beautiful Institution is set aside for religious studies, with an auditorium, spacious rooms for Bible study work and Bible classes, and a magnificently equipped library with volumes in the Principles of all Religions, including the Works of FATHER DIVINE.

Here also in this Institute is a spacious banqueting hall with a U- shaped table bedecked in right beauty, and conveying the same Message of the abundance of the comprehensiveness of all good things, of which there can be no space vacant of the fullness thereof. It was laden with every good thing, and as FATHER and MOTHER presided, the platters and bowls were filled and refilled, and all were bountifully satisfied materially as well as spiritually.

The International Rosebud Choir entered with patriotic inspirations giving praises and thanksgiving to THEIR LORD and KING. They were seated on a rostrum directly behind FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE between two large flags representing the U. S. and the British Government.

Many visitors spoke and gave thanks for the privilege of being present. At the conclusion of a most inspiring anthem by the Angelic Rosebud Choir, MOTHER arose in all HER Queenly Beauty and Purity to give thanks to FATHER for all HIS Goodness that HE brought to the children of men when HE brought HIS HOLY BODY. In part I began to quote therefrom:



'FATHER, this day that YOU have proclaimed an International Holiday, is a Day that we reverence and uphold because it is a day that YOU MARRIED YOUR CREATION! And it marks this great Spiritual unfoldment that has arisen in the hearts and lives of the children of men! When we are awakened into this light of understanding, we realize that our MAKER is our husband; the LORD of Hosts is HIS NAME, THY REDEEMER , the HOLY ONE of ISRAEL, the GOD of the whole earth! And being married to HIM, we have all success and all prosperity! We have Life, Liberty and the Reality of Happiness!
' And the darkness of misunderstanding that mankind has been living in for lo, these many years since the fall of Adam --where they thought that they had to be married to men and women and propagate lust and passion and vice and crime and sin and sickness. Oh, IT IS A GLORIOUS FREEDOM! It is a Glorious Freedom that FATHER DIVINE has brought to the children of men!
'If the world would only awaken into the glorious realization that FATHER DIVINE is here to bring you your real EMANCIPATION, to free you from all tradition, from all hereditation that bring nothing but poverty, sickness, sorrow and death, warfare and bloodshed! We are not studying about that kind of propagation - - the mortal kind of propagation, a mortal limited family; but we are visualizing and propagating and giving birth to FAMILY, a UNIVERSAL FAMILY!, Children that are of every race, creed and color, that extend all around the world! That are united in the Unity of the Spirit, of Mind, or Aim and of Purpose, that are willing to lay down their lives for this cause for which FATHER DIVINE came! For the LOVE of GOD, and for the Love of their fellow man!'

At The Unity Mission Church Bible Institute

At The Unity Mission Church B<b>ible Institute





FATHER lovingly arose following MOTHER'S speech, to the delight of one and all, and spoke to the people, urging them to get their minds out of the imaginary heaven, delving down into deep mathematical calculations, assuring us of the futility of the geographical distance between heaven and earth. This message is herein recorded for your edification. FATHER DIVINE is quoted in part:




'Now the People is One . . . and this they begin to do, and not anything shall be restrained from them to do--that which they have imagined to do'
'I have imagined to bring about the universal brotherhood of man and the conscious realization of the FATHERHOOD of GOD for which CHRIST died! I have imagined to unify the children of men from shore to shore and from land to land so that peace on earth and good will toward men might be established UNIVERSALLY.
'For this cause, I MARRIED My SPOTLESS VIRGIN BRIDE - - as though of a different National Origin! I say, as though of a different National Origin and as though of a different racial abstraction according to the mortal version, but yet I knew that there was no difference and there is no difference! But according to the mortal version of men with their superstition and prejudice and division, it appeared to be and may still appear from an abstract expression as if though there is a difference. I came to let you know and all mankind know that there is no difference whatsoever.
'GOD created the world according to biblical history, by HIS SPIRIT and HIS SPIRIT alone, according to the historians, and many of the people up until today think on those terms as though GOD was some place up in the imaginary heaven far above all of the planets, yes, I say, far above all of the suns, the moons and the stars in the milky way and all other planets so far out of this and other solar systems above the one, thinking GOD was so far away! But I came to bring GOD in you and to you, to bring GOD into outer expression, and into your Conscious realization of HIS Actual Presence!'



The Nazareth Mission Church Holy Communion Hall

The Nazareth Mission Church Holy Communion Hall

After satisfying the hearts of all, the celebration proceeded around the corner, led by FATHER and MOTHER to the Nazareth Mission Church, Home and Training School, l606 l-2 W. Oxford Street, Philadelphia, another one of HIS Churches beautifully decorated to suit the occasion featuring MOTHER'S CONVICTION, "I KNOW YOU ARE GOD!" And the "KEYS to the KINGDOM" which follow such a CONVICTION.

Many were served at the table laden with abundance of all good things. There were testimonies of praise and thanksgiving to FATHER, WHO condescendingly spoke again. HIS Message is elsewhere recorded for your edification.


Unity Mission Church Banquet

From the Nazareth Mission Church the masses moved on to the Unity Mission Church, Home and Training School at 907 North 41st Street, Philadelphia, the largest branch of the Unity Mission Churches in Philadelphia.

The large auditorium and the spacious lobby were filled to capacity, and the cheers that went up upon the arrival of FATHER and MOTHER could be heard for blocks away. Shortly after THEIR arrival with THEIR Staff, FATHER and MOTHER appeared in the great banqueting Hall garbed in heavenly beauty, followed by THEIR Staff, and after the guests and others had been seated, the HOLY HOST again began to serve the people.



The Unity Mission Church Auditorium

The Unity Mission Church Auditorium





This hall, the largest of all, was draped in festive beauty, a setting similar to the Divine Lorraine Hotel, only far surpassing it in size and grandeur. The silver setting of the head table cannot be duplicated anywhere, except in another of the FATHER DIVINE Peace Mission Church, because the science of arranging and dispensing can come only through Divine Inspiration. That is why there is no fear of competition, because in order to get what they have, you must first get the Teaching effectively, and that is what we want the whole world to do!

At this table as well were given many speeches and testimonies also. The International Rosebud Choir entertained with inspirational songs and selections through all the Banquets. After all had dined, the procession returned to the Divine Lorraine Hotel to serve still another group who had come to honor the LAMB and the BRIDE. Visitors from far and near had gathered in and around the Hotel to await THEIR return. About 9:30 they arrived amidst thunderous applause, and once more THEY graciously and condescendingly served the people while many glorified FATHER DIVINE'S Name, and exalted HIS GREAT WORK!

Mr. J. Austin Norris, Member of the Board of Tax Revision of the City of Philadelphia, spoke at that time, praising the WORD of FATHER DIVINE in the City of Philadelphia and throughout the world, citing the great changes that had come about in this city and elsewhere since the HOLY MARRIAGE and the effect it has on Society in general, to his knowledge. Mr. Norris's speech is published elsewhere for your edification.


Four Additional Holy Communion Banquets



On Sunday at l2:00 noon, FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE arrived at the Bible Institute according to schedule, and there again we were gathered in the Personal PRESENCE of GOD, and before His festive board. Here he served another Banquet equally as grand as the previous one. HE fed the people with the abundance of all things; delicacies of every type; artistically created and served. Even the Flag of the United Sates was served in the form of a salad, which was not touched along the side of the table at which the writer was sitting, as no one seemed to want to dismantle,

The vibrations of the HOLY SPIRIT rose high at the Bible Institute, and the people praised GOD without reserve. After one of the inspirational songs was sung, FATHER arose in HIS OWN DYNAMIC LOVE- - THE love OF THE BRIDEGROOM, and assured the world that when HE MARRIED HIS SPOTLESS VIRGIN BRIDE, HE HAD MARRIED everyone, both mail and female, who knows in their hearts that HE is GOD! As JESUS built HIS CHURCH on SIMONS's CONVICTION so each one who has the conviction is the CHURCH and so truly also a BRIDE of THE LAMB!

MOTHER DIVINE at The Divine Tracy Hotel

MOTHER DIVINE at The Divine Tracy Hotel

From thence we journeyed to the Divine Tracy Hotel, a recently acquired holding of the Peace Mission Movement, a seven-story modern hotel thoroughly equipped with all modern conveniences, housing students and others. On the lower floor is situated another grand banqueting room in fine burgundy setting, artistically decorated with a three-ring table lavishly set with sparkling silver, china and crystal ware, with burgundy leather upholstered chairs. Here, the LAMB and the BRIDE again entertained another group, where also were given testimonies of praise and thanksgiving, songs and inspirations glorifying GOD for HIS MIGHTY HOLY WORK and for the GOOD that HIS MARRIAGE has done for the world..

FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE, after leaving the Divine Tracy Hotel returned to the Divine Lorraine Hotel where they again entertained and served another Holy Communion to another group. Mrs. Florence Baker, Assistant Secretary of the State of New Jersey and Vice Chairman of the N.J. Republican State Committee, exalted the Holy Marriage and its significance, and rejoiced in the VIRGINITY and PURITY as a whole.

Following this expression, which was highly applauded by one and all, the Celebration moved back to the Unity Mission Church Home and Training School of 907 North 41st Street, where another Grand Wedding Feast was served in the same glorious setting, at which many visitors were also present. At this time, Bishop David H. Sims spoke, glorifying FATHER DIVINE'S Work and Mission which speaks for itself. His speech, which may serve to enlighten others in his own particular field of endeavor may be found elsewhere for your edification.

Thus, the Twenty - ninth day of April in the first half of the twentieth century marked the Fourth Anniversary of the MARRIAGE of CHRIST to HIS CHURCH; and in the first four years the changes which have taken place for the UNIFICATION and the UPLIFTMENT of our SOCIAL ORDER, can be partially outlined in a few of the following incidents:


Changes For The Upliftment Of Social Order

This is a partial summary of events and issues birthed from the HOLY UNION of CHRIST to HIS CHURCH:

1. The Civil Rights proposal made to the 80th Congress by President Harry Truman as a fulfillment of the promise of equal rights and equal opportunities which the founders of the Republic proclaimed, and as a discharge of the obligations placed upon the Citizens of this country by the Constitution of the United States.

2. A New Constitution of the State of New Jersey, abolishing segregation.

3. The President's Civil Rights Bill to balance the scales of Justice in these United States of America.

4. The New Supreme Court Ruling on the Abolishment of Restrictive Areas.

5. The lifting of the ban on those of racial abstractions in American Universities and other Schools of Learning.

6. The proposed World Constitution for the Same political, religious, educational, social and economic rights to all people of all Nations.

7. The breaking down of segregation in sports by the acceptance of Jackie Robinson on the team of the Brooklyn Dodgers. The performance of mixed teams in the South which had never before occurred.

Secretary of Defense Johnson, orders race equality and tells Armed Services to furnish plans to put the new order into effect, Washington, D. C, April 2l, l949. The Armed Force's new policy on treatment of Afro -Americans requires that when qualified, they shall be assigned to military duties of any type "without regard to race." This was disclosed with an announcement yesterday that Secretary Johnson has re-ordered the Army, Navy and Air Force to furnish by May 1, their plans for forwarding "Equality of treatment and opportunity" in line with instructions from President Truman. For uniformity, he announced three "supplemental Policies:"

(a) To meet the requirements of the Service for qualified individuals, all personnel will be considered on the basis of individual merit and ability and must qualify according to the prescribed standards for enlistment, attendance at school, promotion, assignment to specific duties, etc.

(b) All the individuals, regardless of race, will be accorded equal opportunity for appointment, advancement, professional improvement, promotion and retention in their respective components of the National Military Establishment.

(c) Some units may continue to be manned with Afro-American personnel; however, all Afro-Americans will not necessarily be assigned to Afro-American units. Qualified Afro-American personnel shall be assigned to fill any type of position vacancy in organizations or overhead installations without regard to race. (Overhead installations are those devoted to the administrative and service tasks.) See New Day, 28, l949 A.D.F.D.


8. William Hastie, former Governor of the Virgin Islands, was sworn in, in December, l949 at the Federal Court House, as the first Afro-American Federal Court Judge in the History of the Country.

9. The political freedom, economic, industrial and educational opportunities of the Aborigines of Australia and the granting of their Franchise. The Scriptures are now being translated into their native dialect. See New Day, March 11, l950 A.D.F.D.

10. Lifting of immigration barriers between Great Britain and United States.

11. Law abolishing the Poll Tax System of the Southland and giving Freedom to the Afro-Americans to register and vote without interference and with protection from the Government for the first time in the history of the Nation.

12. The new Constitution for India, granting the SAME RIGHTS to all of India.

13. The establishment of the John Hay Whitney Foundation of Opportunity for students who are handicapped because of their race or religion. See New Day, Dec. 10, l949

14. Segregation on leading railroads including the Pennsylvania Railroad, was abolished in l949.

15. Attorney General McGrath argued before the Supreme Court that enforcement of racial segregation was unconstitutional, and, appealed to the Tribunal to tear down segregation barriers, which, he said, breed racial prejudice. Asked for the SAME RIGHTS s, not equal rights, because facilities segregated on basis of race or color are not and never can be equal in any full sense of the word. He cited the Henderson Case, which gave the Tribunal an opportunity to re-examine the "separate but equal" doctrine established by the Supreme Court in l896. See New Day, April 22, l950

16. Merger of the United States Army and Navy into one organization and a program of UNITY under the supervision of a Secretary of Defense, l947.

17. Amalgamation of the occupation zones in Germany between Britain and the United States. 1947.

18. Appointment of Dr. Ralph Bunche to newly authorized peace panel to investigate and reconcile international controversies. Jewish and Arab mediation was established, Dec. 1949.

19. Religious revival in Wheaton College, Illinois, and other colleges of the Country.

20. Race relations are recognized by the United Nations as included in the issue of human rights; Supreme Court decisions have outlawed w- - primaries, restrictions in housing, racial discrimination in labor unions; State courts are recognizing the Right to equal salaries for teachers; "insulting epithets and labels" have been banned by public opinion; greater opportunities have arisen in Government employment, such as the offer of the position of assistant secretary of State to Dr. Ralph J. Bunche, an "offer unprecedented in American History."

21. Augusta, Georgia - - The local Civil Service Commission last Friday recommended for the first time in the city's history the employment of Afro-Americans as police officers. The Commission recommended hiring six Afro-Americans for "special qualifications!", subject to approval by the City Council. The move made after recommendations by two Richmond County Grand Juries and after study by a commission committee. Three commission members serve on the committee. April, l950.

22. Cambridge, Mass- - Harvard University's Student Council voted 7-6 to ban discrimination because of color, race or nationality in the membership of all college organizations. The Council outlawed campus Jim Crow. It also voted to ask the University to protest against the so-called loyalty oath required by the Navy from candidates for Naval Reserve Officers" training.

23. Madison, Wi. A faculty committee of the University of Wisconsin has recommended creation of a university committee on human relations to be made up of three faculty members and three students. Next month, the entire faculty will act on the committee's recommendations, which include establishment of an anti-discriminatory policy by the university.



To THEE, FATHER GOD, Creator of Heaven and Earth, Sea and Sky, and to THEE alone all Honor and Glory belong! We thank YOU, FATHER!







GOD is a free gift to the world. Any and all of the material on this and other pages may be copied and reproduced.

Use the material freely but respect FATHER DIVINE'S intent, which was and is, to provide us all with the keys to eternal health and happiness without cost or price. HE truly came as a free gift to the world, gratis to mankind.

It is also nice to give credit where credit is due for through the Spirit and Teaching of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE you are and can eternally be abundantly blessed.

From all of us to all of you. we wish you, peace and love, and many blessings, and may we all ever live in unity and brotherhood and the Consciousness of GOD'S Actual Ever Presence.

True Americanism, True Brotherhood, True Christianity, True Judaism and All True Religions are synonymous and truly Our GOD is One GOD. Amen

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