"It Is More Blessed to Praise Than to Condemn

"Two cannot walk together except they agree." . . . Father Divine


Our Father's Sermon Given Whilst at the Holy Communion Table Of The Circle Mission Church, Home and Training School of Pennsylvania,
764-772 S. Broad Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Monday Eve. and Tuesday Morn.
December 11-12, 1950 A.D.F.D., Time- 4:30 A.M.






Picking up a thought in a testimony which spoke of the person's desire to relate an incident or thought that had been expressed also to her by others the thought being in accusation or condemnation of another FATHER brought forth for our consideration the mystery of praise and thanksgiving and giving vent to the practice of same, even as spoken of in the Message as read, rather than lowering one's vibration through getting together, seeking to condemn, accuse and find fault, one with the other !

Oh, how Precious are the Words of the Lord ! How marvelous it is to drink from the Eternal Fountain of HIS Divine Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding and thus blossom forth in HIS Spirit and Mind !

For THY Blessed Condescension, O Holy King, we, THY Children, do humbly Thank and Praise THEE !

(The foregoing statements are those of the transcriber, after which FATHER speaks as follows:)




Peace, Everyone: How good it is to dwell in the Unity of Spirit, of Mind, of Aim and of Purpose when you are in the Unity of the Spirit of the Almighty ! There is such an expression of unity of misery, of disappointment and of failure; but when you are in harmony and in unity with the Spirit of the Almighty GOD you are filled with enthusiasm, peace, joy and happiness ! You are automatically successful and prosperous and all things work together for good to those who are with one accord! Aren't you glad !

Just a little while ago and just now at this instance I AM thinking and beholding the expression of the foregoing statement in reference to the experience of being in harmony with GOD, with the Holy Ghost, with the Holy Spirit, and being in harmony with the wicked one. Aren't you glad !

You see, individuals, as I have often said, getting together, and getting together with that of their own kind, find someone living in disappointment and in failure, find someone living in lacks, wants and limitations. You will find misery is seeking its own. You will find that misery, disappointment and failure, they all want company ! But those of you who have been dug up by the plowshares of the Gospel and set free by the Holy Ghost and are still living in harmony and in sympathy with your Savior, you find peace, unity and tranquility and you will find others of the same caliber and in the same category, seeking and enjoying the same with you !

Discern Between The Righteous and Unrighteous

I was thinking how marvelous it is to be able to discern, as said the prophet Malachi, between him that serves GOD and him that serves HIM not; discern between the Righteous and the unrighteous, the just and the unjust ; to be able to discern between the wicked and the violent and those of the Holy, the Righteous, Harmonious and Obedient ! What a privilege to observe these unfoldments of the Spirit of Just and of unjust ones taking up bodies in which they can live! Can you not see the mystery ?

A good many at times may think, "FATHER doesn't even want to talk with me!"

'Two cannot walk together except they agree.'

If you have that subversive, antagonistic and malicious and repulsive spirit controlling you, your body and your mind, you are made repulsive and undesirable by the spirit of its own kind, and you will see them seeking their own !

'Misery loves company.'

Those who can find fault, as I have said a little while ago through the Message as read from the pages of the New Day, when they have a spirit and mind of criticism, of accusation and of condemnation and because you are not living according to My Teaching and are not in My Mind and Spirit, you are seeking to get someone with you to harmonize with you, to compromise with you, to sympathize with you and with those with whom you are concerned inharmonious, rebellious, antagonistic and thence, repulsive and undesirable ! and think you can bring such as that into ME ? and think I will accept of such ? when it is none of ME ! Truly might have I predictionally declared Scripturally in the Gospel, Evangelically, that I will say to that one,

'Depart from ME, ye cursed ! I know you not ! I never knew you !'

Antagonistic, filled with criticism and reproductions of the malicious critics and violent ones thereof, and yet seek others and take in others of its own kind and become to be the personification, yea, the person and persons of the negative, undesirable, unbelieving, malicious and repulsive; and thereby, be absolutely undesirable. That is the way it works with a good many.

But I have taught you in the way of Wisdom; I have taught you in the way of Righteousness, I have led you into the Right Path so that when you goeth your feet will not stumble and whensoever you runneth you will not fall if you take cognizance of MY Message and live accordingly wheresoever you are.

But seeking to find something to condemn and even trying to find someone to accuse ME and condemn ME in your hearts and in your minds at times, there be some, because I may not say or do everything to the appeasing of your mortal self and human tendencies, you may seek something for condemnation, for accusation and for the purpose of accusing and finding fault of the very Prince of Life !

Offended at the Word of GOD

You seek another like yourself that has been offended at the Word of GOD and at the acts of His Doings by executing Equity and Justice without compromising and without appeasing the mortal minds and compromising with carnality. That mind will at times, try to condemn the GOD that created them, and begin to find fault, one to the other, speaking discourteously, critically, antagonistically and disbelievingly, to sow seeds of unbelief in the hearts and minds of your fellow men, to cause them to think even as you think and eel as you feel. Therefore you create within yourself instead of Heaven, something and some place else.

" Why is it that I am not so happy as I have been ?" The producers of antagonism, of criticism and condemnation on the account of your deviations, digressions and conflicts you have with the Holy Spirit and the Mind of GOD, you find yourself inharmoniously controversial and critical ; becoming to be controversial in words, in deeds and in actions to the Spirit of Life and GOD, Christ Himself, that created you. You wonder why ! "I am not so happy !" I have explained it explicitly, profoundly and scientifically in that Message that was read from the pages of the New Day. You can find it and re-read it yourself if you do not commit it to memory. You are not happy because you are not praising GOD !

Find something somewhere in the great universal scheme of life for which you can praise GOD in all sincerity, and the more you praise your Savior, the happier you will be ; but the more you find fault with Him or be controversial to Him or adverse or discourteous or unbelieving to and into what He is telling you, the more miserable you will be, and you wonder why you are so miserable. You wonder why you are not happy as you used to be ! Because you have become to be a cage of unclean birds, as has declared the Scripture. Bodies filled with unclean spirits from unjust men, from wicked men, from violent men and mankind, and even from the animalistic kingdom ! Such kind of spirits that have entered have made your temple as though a cage of unclean birds. Can you not see the mystery ?

Then you will see those of your own kind coming to you to be partakers of your contagion of disharmony, of misery and of adverse and controversialism, and the very spirit of digression and deviation to be established in your hearts and in your lives that will cause you to wish you were dead while you are alive.

These thoughts are well worth considering. You see them standing together, getting together, talking together, socializing, harmonizing because of the controversiality of the spirit and mind within that is controversial and conflicting and inharmonious to ME because I have not said everything and have not done everything that would appease your carnal minds, ideas and opinions you become to be very unhappy because when you become to be a cage, as a person, of unclean birds, the spirits of unjust men, of violent men, of wicked men, of unclean men, of obscenity, profanity, vulgarity and indecency, all such spirits and minds and characteristics within will cause you to be the personifications of them.

Unclean Birds Gathered Together

A person of such as described by the spirits and characteristics and nature of such expressions, they are unclean birds that have gathered and are gathering themselves together to make a big hatch ! For when you get together like that, then you begin to brood ; brood and brood and brood, and lay eggs of the kind of spirits and minds and ideas and opinions and characteristics and disposition that are in you; and when you lay those eggs within your consciousness and in the consciousness of others, they cause you to brood and brood terribly, and you are miserably lost ! That is the way those thoughts are and that is the way the condition arises for refusing to praise GOD from Whom all blessings flow for refusing to find something to praise GOD for, rather than trying to seek to find something to condemn GOD or anyone else for ! Can you not see the mystery ?

It is more blessed to praise than to condemn. It is more blessed to give than to receive. It is more blessed and more advantageous and profitable to give thanks and praises continually than to speak a thought antagonistically and critically, for those thoughts are the seed ideas and eggs of the souls of the misery of the miserable ones and the misery you give birth to in those eggs, they have the contagion that makes something to the extreme reverse of that of heaven ! But when you praise GOD from Whom all blessings flow, continually, over and over and over, over and above every seeming criticism or actual criticism over and above every conflict or confliction in the minds of those with whom you come in contact, knowing that the false accusation and criticism, they are all false when they come in the act of making you unhappy and cutting you off from your blessings of Peace, Joy and Happiness, of Success and Prosperity.

Anything that deprives you of such an expression that the Holy Ghost giveth, you may know it is antagonistic and malicious and destructive; and you may know no thought that will convey anything to you in keeping with such an expression as above mentioned they are no good for you but to steal your joy, your happiness, your peace and your success and your prosperity, and have you going around in a land of abundance and of plenty, of riches and honor, of dominion and authority, in lacks and wants and limitations, adverse and undesirable conditions all because of yielding to the tempter and obeying his versions, his ideas and his opinions that have come forth expressing negation and criticism !

Love Your Enemies

Praise GOD for the very virtue of the fact that praises will unlock every barred and shut door. Praise is good for the healing of the nation. It will set the prisoner free. Paul and Silas, when they were bound in jail, they prayed and sang until they were free ! They did not sit up and begin condemning, accusing, and trying to accumulate more accusation and criticism ! Even when Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were cast in the fiery furnace, they did not sit up and say, "The old King put us in this fire because he was so mean!" But to the extreme reverse even the one of whom had sentenced them to a burning fiery furnace seven times hotter than the usual heat was carried therein they said, "O King, live forever !" They spoke as though they wanted the king to live forever ! and they came out unhurt and absolutely unharmed ! Can you not see the mystery ?

That is why I said in Jesus in the Sonship Degree,

'Love your enemies and do good to them that despitefully use you!'

and I did say somewhere in between the two lids of the Bible,

'Speak evil of no man !'

Much less would you find it eligible or logical to speak evil of your GOD!

An Outlet for Praises

I hope these thoughts will go home with you every one of you, those whom it hits sympathetically, harmoniously and in keeping with your thoughts, and those of whom it may contact inharmoniously, conflictingly and repulsive to your thoughts and your mind. And you think you can accumulate happiness in yourself ? As I explained in that Message as read, a motor must have an exhaust ! You must have an outlet to exhale as well as inhale. You must have an outlet to let out as well as to take in.

Why is it so many engines and boilers blow up ? all for the lack of an outlet, an exhaust as well as an intake ! Can you not see the mystery ?

So, these thoughts are well worth considering, and if you will use common judgment and learn to use your energy in the act of giving thanks and praises continually, conscientiously and sincerely, you will create within yourself and for yourself and in your surroundings, Harmony, Unity and Tranquility ! I thank you !







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From all of us to all of you. we wish you, peace and love, and many blessings, and may we all ever live in unity and brotherhood and the Consciousness of GOD'S Actual Ever Presence.

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