Eugene Del Mar Noted Author, Lecturer and Lawyer's Affidavit In Answer to Attacks
on Works and Power of FATHER DIVINE.



A group of followers and friends with
MOTHER DIVINE in the Sayville Garden
dedicating the Plaque telling of the patriotic goal
accomplished by FATHER DIVINE here.

A group of folowers and friends with  MOTHER DIVINE in the Sayville Garden dedicateing the Plaque telling of the patriotic goal accomplished by FATHER DIVINE here.




51 Macon Street
Sayville, Long Island, New York
November 23, 1931


My name having been printed in the New York Times as a witness in the proceedings at Sayville, Long Island, in connection with FATHER DIVINE, I take this opportunity to give my reasons for being at Sayville, especially as what I found here is a matter of current public interest.

For over thirty years I have been before the public as author, lecturer, teacher and organizer in what has been designated variously as Mental Science, New Thought, Psychology, Spiritual Science, etcetera; and I have been in fairly intimate association with hundreds of other teachers who were similarly disposed. My record will be found in most of such general books of reference as Who's Who in America, and from time to time I have been connected with many of the best schools that have functioned or now operate along these lines. I was attracted here to study the life and teachings of One Whom I was advised to be a great teacher and healer, besides being gifted with unusual powers.

In the light of this background, I have listened for a full month to the Teachings of FATHER DIVINE. These are all given at HIS free meals, so that eating and Teachings go together. I now recognize in FATHER DIVINE One Whose love, charity, sympathy and other spiritual attributes are manifested to an extreme degree in a transparent purity of Life and to Whose wisdom and understanding of spiritual truth I bow my head with reverence. In the words of another epoch: "I find no fault in this Man."

All that I have seen, felt and ascertained regarding the Life and Teachings of FATHER DIVINE have illumined my understanding beyond anything I have heretofore experienced. HIS Teachings are both extremely simple and deeply profound. They inculcate the practice of the CHRIST Life as recorded in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, and seemingly HE lives this Life in its fullness. HE expounds the Teachings of Jesus as contrasted with those of Paul. This CHRIST Life HE depicts as one of extreme purity and universal Love. He cites the New Testament in support of HIS Teaching that the results of living this Life are peace of mind and health of body, together with all of the other beautiful possibilities of life. HIS Teaching is that of essential Unity and Oneness; that body, mind and soul are One; and that when the CHRIST Life is lived in its fullness, the body is spiritualized so that it partakes of the Spirit of GOD, and is no longer subject to death.

The Life so depicted certainly offers a striking contrast to the average life of humanity, and its practicality may not be understood by the vast majority of mankind. Only in the slightest degree, if any, do the Teachings of FATHER DIVINE account for the antagonism to HIM; for those who oppose HIM know little or nothing of HIS Teachings. The opposition is based on racial color prejudice, intensified by annoyance to neighbors incident to the sounds of worship, and by alleged loss of village property values. Many of HIS enemies are friendly to HIM personally, for HE expresses every admirable quality and is always kind and considerate.

In regard to HIS appearance, HE explains that it is in order that the inherent beauty of the "impersonal life" may be detected beneath an unattractive exterior. But HIS followers find in HIM equal beauty of character and countenance.

To many of HIS followers, FATHER DIVINE'S unfailing expressions and activities of love and sympathy, HIS lofty Teachings and purity of Life, and the unusual powers with which HE seems to be endowed, impel them to place HIM in a category superior to ordinary mortality, and they recognize in HIM the expected Messiah. Many address HIM as "GOD," "JESUS CHRIST," and in other terms of Divinity. But HE states frequently, that which HE does, all others can do when they think and live as HE does and have the same Consciousness.

Some of HIS familiar biblical quotations are: "I and the FATHER are One," "The FATHER is in ME and I AM in the FATHER," and "Know ye not that ye are the Temples of GOD?" Some of HIS own familiar sayings are: "GOD is here and there and everywhere," "The CHRIST in you and the CHRIST in ME will make you what you ought to be," and "The abundance of the fullness of the Consciousness of GOD - no space is vacant of the fullness thereof." A few of the frequent exclamations, "Peace FATHER," "Thank you FATHER," and "It is Wonderful."

Many have been attracted to FATHER DIVINE out of curiosity, and the fact that HE feeds freely and sumptuously from say 400 to 800 or more people each day. HE accepts no money from anyone, has no bank account, and pays cash for all purchases. HIS answer to all inquiries as to the source of HIS financial supply is: "The Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence of GOD is the Source of all Supply, and will satisfy every good desire." Among the more intelligent and critical of HIS guests are those who claim to have actually seen HIM multiply the food before their very eyes.

Many have come here afflicted with various physical disorders and gone away healed, and some of these have returned again and again to testify to the fact. But FATHER DIVINE constantly advises that the permanence of healing is dependent upon the continued purity of Life. HE does not claim that personally HE heals anyone, or that it is necessary to contact HIM Personally for this purpose.

HE states that it is "your faith" that heals you and that you can contact HIM mentally and spiritually at any distance with the same result. Many testify that they have called upon HIS Name from a distance and have been healed - sometimes instantaneously.

Highly educated scholars have been here who have accorded to FATHER DIVINE unique and exceptional attributes; but no one has as yet solved the mystery underlying HIS Personality, wisdom, supply and power. Now that the press and radio have spread the news of HIS Activities near and far, FATHER DIVINE has become a world figure, Whose Presence and significance can no longer be ignored. It seems to be the mission and hidden purpose of all prosecutions and persecutions to bring into the light of public interest that which otherwise might remain in the twilight of comparative indifference.

s/ Eugene Del Mar








GOD is a free gift to the world. Any and all of the material on this and other pages may be copied and reproduced.

Use the material freely but respect FATHER DIVINE'S intent, which was and is, to provide us all with the keys to eternal health and happiness without cost or price. HE truly came as a free gift to the world, gratis to mankind.

It is also nice to give credit where credit is due for through the Spirit and Teaching of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE you are and can eternally be abundantly blessed.

From all of us to all of you. we wish you, peace and love, and many blessings, and may we all ever live in unity and brotherhood and the Consciousness of GOD'S Actual Ever Presence.

True Americanism, True Brotherhood, True Christianity, True Judaism and All True Religions are synonymous and truly Our GOD is One GOD. Amen

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