The Holy Marriage of the Lamb and the Bide Shall Stand Throughout Eternity!


Our FATHER'S Sermon Given at the Holy Communion Table of the Tarrytown Mansion, 620 Broadway,
Tarrytown, New York, Sunday Afternoon May 18, 1947 A.D.F.D., Time — 3:15 P. M.




The atmosphere rang with songs of thanksgiving and praise as the happy throng awaited the Personal Appearance of the Precious Lamb and His Spotless Virgin Bride. At last their expectant hearts were rewarded as they spied the beloved Couple gracefully descending the magnificent winding stairway to the Holy Communion Dining Hall. Then, as Father sweetly rang the Holy Communion Bell, the crows shouted and cheered.

When the first course of shrimp entre' had been served, numerous other courses of delicious appetizing food of all varieties followed, and during the entire Anniversary Banquet, camera men were taking moving pictures as well as stills. But of course, the highlight of the celebration was when our Beloved Lord and Savior, the Dean of the Universe, FATHER DIVINE, our Immaculate Bridegroom, arose and deliv

ered this never to be forgotten profound Sermon of Divine Intellect, which is well worth the consideration of the Universe at large.

For THY Words of Spirit and Life to the nations of the earth, Almighty GOD, we thank THEE!

(The foregoing statements are those of the transcriber and the following is the inspirational song sung by the Rosebud Choir just before FATHER arose to speak:)


We are rejoicing; 'tis the Anniversary
Of the Lamb and the Bride!
Our hearts are re-gladdened today,
Our hearts are re-gladdened today!
For this Holy Marriage of the Lamb and the Bride
Shall stand throughout eternity!
Today we are hailing the Anniversary
Of the Lamb and His Spotless Bride.
Spotless as when She first stood by HIS side
Forever Holy and Undefiled;
A Sample of Virtue Personified
For all Creation to see!
Unmarred, untouched by mortality,
Truly Perfection, Holy and sweet.
This Sacred Marriage shall ever keep
Our hearts United and Free!
O Lamb, we hail YOUR Anniversary!
Hail! All Glory and Honor to
This is a Glorious Anniversary;
All Hail, Sweet Lamb and Dear Bride!

(FATHER speaks as follows:)

Peace Everyone! Good Health, Good Will and a Good Appetite! Good Manners, Good Behavior, All Success and all Prosperity, Life, Liberty and the Reality of Happiness! These and all other Blessings to you I bring and I believe the majority of you have accepted of them.

For this cause I have arisen at this instance to say, in keeping with that last number sung, it should stressfully considered in your memory. We are celebrating the First Anniversary of the Marriage of the Bride to the Lamb. This is a continuous review. FATHER DIVINE and Mrs DIVINE as you see her seated now by MY side, were married the twenty-ninth of April, nineteen hundred and forty-six in Washington, D. C. We celebrated our first Anniversary on the twenty-ninth of April, nineteen hundred and forty-seven. But this is a continuous review of the celebration of the Marriage Supper of the Lamb! It may sound a little bit fanatical and somewhat foolish and strange to those who do not know, but since Virtue and Holiness are contagionizable, reproducible and re-personifiable, copy after Mary, the Mother of Jesus. The Holy Catholic Sisters in all lands and countries symbolize and emphasize and stress in the actuated words of expression in love and devotion to and for their churches and their GOD, to live Virtuous, Holy and True.

I came in this last time, reproducing and fulfilling the prediction of the Holy Sisters of the Catholic Church, and more definitely the exact likeness characteristically and dispositionally of the Virgin Mary, the Mother of Jesus.

These Virgin Brides as many — plural I AM speaking now — they are emphasized and demonstrated in the actions of Virtue and Holiness, of Honesty and Truth, for those who are joined to the church are One Spirit. As the Apostle puts it:

"They that are joined to the Lord are one Spirit"

but most stressful to be considered, even though the Perfect Virgin of nineteen hundred years ago gave birth to a Perfect Holy Son according to our Christian Religion, having conceived the Holy Ghost and it developed and brought forth a man child as though the First-born among many brethren.


Another Immaculate Birth is Not Necessary

But oh, how powerful and marvelous it was in the Immaculate Birth of the Holy Virgin, yea, the Birth that the Holy Virgin gave! It was a birth that you could merely vision, the Perfect One that did come as the First-born among many brethren. so that it would not be necessary for another to be born. Aren't you glad! No longer necessary to go through the experience of giving a physical birth since the first one was physical as a symbol of the impersonal and yet the personal; but what said the Gospel Epistle say concerning the Mystery? He said,

"In Him was Life";

I mean the Body called Jesus

"was Life and that Life was the Light of man that lighteth every man that cometh into the world."

It is not necessary for another Immaculate Birth!

For this cause I came in this time and considered and declared to be in the FATHERSHIP Degree, yet Scripturally called the Lamb! Aren't you glad! And sought and found, as I said — prepared, a Spotless Virgin to be made a Bride! More than one year passed, one year on the twenty-ninth day of April last, this Marriage took place in Washington, D. C., in the fulfillment of what John the Baptist said. He said he was not worthy to unloose the latches of Jesus shoes, but Jesus said unto him:

"Suffer it to be so, John for thus it becometh us to fulfil all Righteousness."

Even though Jesus was born apparently out of wedlock by a Holy Immaculate Birth, yet portraying the way of holiness for the children of men, he did not tell them of such a birth they would necessarily be born again, but He told Nickodemus "Ye must be born again," for the first birth was of the corruptible birth; not an immaculate birth as His was. Had men been born as Jesus was born, it would not have been necessary for Christ to come, but since Christ came and Redeemed the children of men, it was not necessary for another Immaculate Birth as One in the likeness of the children of men!

"For in Him was Life"


"That Life was the Light of men that lighteth every man that cometh into the world."

That same light and that same life lighteth every man that cometh into the world! For this cause we do rejoice again to say, as it was in the beginning, it was as it is:

"In the beginning was the word and the word was with GOD and the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us and we beheld His Glory as that of the only begotten of the FATHER, full of Grace and of Truth.
"And of all His Fullness have all we received Grace for Grace."

Vision the Life of Christ, the Holiness of Jesus and the Virginity of Mary as exemplified among you. It is not necessary for another immaculate birth, but of all of His fullness through a New Birth will all you receive Grace for Grace!

Then this Marriage was not to propagate human passion or self indulgence! It was not to propagate anything that tends to influence you mortal mindedly because of appearance or anything of that sort, to cause you to lean to the right or to the left, but the Virtue and Holiness as exemplified in this Marriage is the reproduction of the very Holiness of Christ!

Then the Holiness of Christ, as I have impregnated millions with, has come to fruition with the Virginity of Mary. Therefore it is the reproduction of that Holiness and that Virtue personified and therefore, it came forth in the likeness of a woman and in the likeness of a man, for it is written:

"For this cause should a man leave father and mother and be joined unto his wife and they to shall be one flesh."

What said He then though?

"This is a great Mystery. I speak concerning Christ and the Church."

GOD was speaking about Christ and the Church that would be joined to each other as well as you all are joined to the Fundamental for which we stand, the Holiness of Jesus and the Virginity of Mary personified! You are imbibing and reproducing the Spirit and the Nature and the Characteristics of such Holiness and of such Virtue!That is why not a true Follower of Mine, even before this Marriage would smoke a cigarette! Not a true Follower of Mine would indulge in human affection, lust and passion or any such an expression that belongs to mortality!


Interracial and International

Even before the Marriage had consummated a union of GOD and mankind, Christ and His Church, the Interraciallity of it and the Internationality of it as exemplified to prove in this, the Lamb and the Bride, that it is interracial and international. It was for the purpose of bringing to you and your mind's eye the significance of living Virtuous, Holy, Honest and True.

We are not just speaking about something as an illustration, but we are actually fulfilling that which are observing. The unity of Spirit, of mind, of aim and of purpose has truly been exemplified! It has been actually heretofore materialized. It has been fulfilled and personified patriotically, democratically and lineage-ly. Aren't you glad! In unity we have stood for lo, these many years even before this present Marriage. It is in the likeness of women, having lived Virtuous, Holy lives, though having been young, a good many of them; even from their infancy they have lived Virtuous and Holy. Those in the likeness of men have done the same — those who are true and faithful and live according to MY Teaching.

The experience of those with whom you have contacted, a good many of you, will cause you to verify what I AM saying. Virtue and Holiness exemplified and stressed, reproduced and materialized and even personified. That is the great essential and the great significance of this Work and this Mission.

Jesus the Great Love Master of nineteen hundred years ago, came as the first born among many brethren in that He exemplified Brotherhood, Democracy and demonstrated the Golden Rule. He did not express racism! He brought an abolition to racism and division and strife and confusion among the nations, for He did say in His last Commission He sent His disciples to preach, He said, "Go and teach all nations!" He did not say go and teach some nations, or some nationalities or some races or some creeds or some colors, bur He said: "Go and teach all nations!" The commission was fulfilled in a great measure.


The Goodness of GOD

But oh, how marvelous it is to observe it being fulfilled to the letter here in your very presence! No longer a vision, no longer a dream, no longer a supposition! You have imagined things of the Goodness of GOD and His Blessing to the children of men long enough, but we are now bringing into outer expression and causing you MY fellow citizens, to come into possession of such Blessings — the unity of Spirit, of Mind, of Aim and of Purpose, of Wisdom, of Knowledge and Understanding in the act of producing Holiness, Brotherhood, Honesty and Virtue!

Then I say it is such a privilege to live in such a recognition. It is contagious and it contagionize's the people. It affects the people wheresoever this is lived conscientiously and sincerely. If you are susceptive and open minded, when you live in this atmosphere, you will no longer desire to be dishonest, you will no longer desire to be incompetent! You will no longer desire to be untrue or false! You will no longer have the slightest desire to indulge in human affection, lust and passion or any such an expression, even though it may be prenataled in you, handed down traditionally. If you are living in the light of this understanding, you are willing to sacrifice all self indulgence for Righteousness sake and walk in the Newness of Life.\Christ did tell Nickodemus, and He told him not in vain;

"Except a man be born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of GOD."

For this cause it was essential for him to be born out of that Adamic state of consciousness, out of his former Adamic state of consciousness, out of his old disposition, out of his old characteristics and out of his old mannerisms and every other expression of an ism that is not according to the Fundamental. For this cause it was essential for him and for them to be born again.


This Marriage was Legal

Now in the exemplification of this Marriage to the Spotless Virgin Bride, it was merely the fulfillment of it, to bring forth in legality and have it legally established. Aren't you glad! For the birth of Jesus at that time did not come legalistically, but this Marriage came legalistically and it was not a marriage out of wedlock! Can you not see the Mystery! Aren't you glad! Therefore, this Marriage at this late date and in this advanced civilization came through the legalisticness of the matrimony according to the law and the order of our present advanced civilization and even it was consummated in the nations' capitol, Washington (Aren't you glad!) to bring about Honesty and Competence among the nations and to bring all nations together.

I went across the border by MY Spirit and by MY Supernatural Presence and brought the Spotless Bride to this country and united MYSELF to her as ONE, so that we might unite all nations, languages, tongues and people together. A good many of you may remember when the Colonel Lindbergh — he has not passed that I have any record of, I thought to say — it came forth as the late Colonel Lindbergh — of course, the former Colonel Lindbergh, when he made the first famous trip across the ocean to another country, he did it in the act of bringing the nations closer together! Can you not see the Mystery? When I, by MY spirit went across the border and purified and purged many and caused them to be Virtuous, Holy and Pure, both men and women, it went across there also and brought the Spotless Virgin Bride to this country to unite the nations together! Not only this nation and Canada, but all of the nations together; as I have long since declared, "There shall be One Nation, One Language and One Speech!" Aren't you glad!

And that One Language and One Sp each will be the American Language; in other words, the English language! It may be called broken English because it is the amalgamation of many different languages, but it is quite explicit to those who are Americans and American subjects! Aren't you glad!


Endorsed by the United States and Canada

So then this Marriage brought forth the Spotless Virgin Bride, as aforesaid, to this country and was Married in the nation's capitol, endorsed by the government of Canada and also the United States! Aren't you glad! But not to propagate and accumulate races, creeds and colors or any other self-indulgence! Not to emphasize prejudice and bigotry, division and strife, but to unify and bring about the unification of all nations! Then, as we stand so we stood on the twenty-ninth of April, nineteen hundred and forty-six in the nations capitol, emphasizing, stressing in the actuated word of expression, our religious convictions as well as that of our political and national convictions, that there should be no races, creed and colors and not the slightest division!

Millions are coming to this place in consciousness through it and today we are reproducing and propagating Virtue and Holiness as you partake of MY Spirit and MY Mind through the doctrine of Christ as exemplified! Aren't you glad!

Just think of the Virtuous individuals perfecting womanhood and manhood, as it may be termed, producing Virtue and Holiness in the land, producing real Americanism, Democracy and Brotherhood as synonymous! (Aren't you glad!) Causing you MY fellow citizens, to be one hundred percent Americans as well as unified together and realizing your at-one-ment with you fellow-neighboring nations to say that we are E Pluribus Unum!

After a while, as I said many years ago, we shall have the unification of all nations! In the time of the extreme emergency, I called for the unification of Central and South and North America, that these twenty-two republics might be united consolidatedly and be One United Country of the Americas to bring an abolition to division! MY proposal was to do it for national defense, as the war had just about begun in Europe and we knew it would continue and I knew unless we united as we should and stand together as one nation, the enemy would overcome the Allies!

One United Sovereignty

For this cause I did call for the unification of the three Americas for national defense and for peace. But when they failed to do it immediately, I called for the unification of all the United Allied Sovereignties and let there be one united sovereignty of the world! Aren't you glad! So this is not just a personal affair! It is not just national, but it is international. but not just international, but it is infinite, for it goes into infinitude from whence it came! I shall bring all nations and all people and your posterity for the future shall be partaker of this contagion that we are producing in honesty, in competence and in truth, in all love and devotion and best of all in Holiness and in Virtue as the Virgin Mary and the Holy One of Israel produces!

Then it is strange apparently, to those of whom cannot understand, but yet the Light is coming more and more into expression. We the people in this advanced civilization, are coming into this recognition that it is essential for all of the nations to unite as aforesaid. That is why the U. N. came about by MY long sought for and proposed and prospective United Countries of the World! We should not only have United Countries or ordinarily countries connected, but we should have the Actual United Countries of the World and should have One Constitution and One Bill of Rights for all! Yet this may not be accomplished for some time to come, but we are making strides to that end here in America where prejudice was rampant for lo, these many years, keeping the subjects of this nation divided in groups and races, creeds and colors and every other abominable division.

We have come at this time to present to the world at large a Sample and an Example of the future world in which we shall surely live! This is the way we shall live in the future world that we are now creating and establishing. There shall be no division among us! Aren't you glad! No races and creeds and colors and no division, for Jesus did say:

"Let there be no division among you."

and He also prayed that

"They may be One even as We are One."

And He said;

"I pray not that THOU shouldst take them out of the world, but that THOU shouldst keep them from the evil."

You have never heard of anyone keeping young men from drinking, from smoking, from indulgence of every kind, from committing vice and crimes of every description, as you have heard what I have done! As afore said, a true Follower of Mine would not smoke a cigarette! A true Follower of Mine would not use intoxicating liquors! They sacrifice all those things for Righteousness sake even as the Spotless Virgin Bride! They will endeavor to reproduce the Nature and Characteristics of the Holy Virgin Mary and the Holiness of the Person of Jesus!

Let us live in this recognition and build upon this Foundation, then you will see not only this s an Anniversary or the review of the marriage Supper of the Lamb, but it will be a continuous reproduction of the Nature and Characteristics and the Virtue and Holiness of the Spotless Virgin Bride; as a Sample and as an Example I have brought Her to you all!

(At this point FATHER gently takes Mrs. DIVINE by the arm as She rises to Her feet 'mid loud applause and FATHER sweetly says;)
She is as Virtuous as She was one year and a month past! I thank you.






GOD is a free gift to the world. Any and all of the material on this and other pages may be copied and reproduced.

Use the material freely but respect FATHER DIVINE'S intent, which was and is, to provide us all with the keys to eternal health and happiness without cost or price. HE truly came as a free gift to the world, gratis to mankind.

It is also nice to give credit where credit is due for through the Spirit and Teaching of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE you are and can eternally be abundantly blessed.

From all of us to all of you. we wish you, peace and love, and many blessings, and may we all ever live in unity and brotherhood and the Consciousness of GOD'S Actual Ever Presence.

True Americanism, True Brotherhood, True Christianity, True Judaism and All True Religions are synonymous and truly Our GOD is One GOD. Amen

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