I Make This proclamation

The 29th Day of April — It Shall From Henceforth Be Called a Holiday — FATHER DIVINE





Our FATHER'S Sermon Given at the Second Anniversary Celebration of the Marriage Feast of the Bride and the Lamb
at the Unity Mission Church, Home and Training School's Bible Institute, Inc., of Pennsylvania,
Thursday Afternoon, April 29th 1948 A.D.F.D., Time — 2:10 P. M.








Peace Everyone! Here we all are again. There I sit and stand and here I AM! In the unity of Spirit, of Mind, of Aim and of Purpose I AM unifying the children of men all over this wide extended plane! This may sound somewhat like a fairy tale, but a little while ago you heard from North Carolina, the Reverend, the third from MY left here, telling you abut how the tide of social affairs is changing. The tides are changing and mankind is coming to know in the deep South, that a man is a man and not a color, creed or race! Aren't you glad! ("So glad, Lord!" exclaimed the multitude.)

I AM bringing them together in the great at-one-ment and I AM bringing an abolition to all division! I AM causing mankind to recognize the Actual Supernatural Presence of GOD! By this, we all shall live in peaceful and quiet resting places and as I declared by inspiration through that composition!

"We shall have the same rights,
Not only equal but the same!"

This is not a supposition! It is a known fact that we are bringing about the Same Rights! Some call it equal rights and the Equal Rights Bill but oh, how marvelous it is to observe what you have seen and what you have actually heard. On one of MY most recent Messages sent out to the representatives of Government I requested that they should cross every state line and bring an abolition to that unconstitutional constitution in such states that are unconstitutional according to their constitution!

And you see what I have said through our Chief Executive! Aren't you glad! And you can see what many are saying. I have long since declared:" We shall have a Righteous Government and we shall have it not necessarily by the ballot and I will not try to get it by the bullet, but I will get it by MY Spirit! "And this is not a supposition! I have long since declared prophetically — in other words, Scripturally in the prophetic age:

"It is not by power nor by might but by MY Spirit says the LORD GOD of Hosts."

I will declare unto you, just as it is right here, some day it shall be all over this wide extended plane!


The Bride —The Sample and Example

As a Sample and as an Example I have brought before the mind's eye of the world— MY Spotless Virgin Bride, showing you the Interraciallity and the internationality of humanity to let you see and know, humanity, they are virtually one! Out of one blood GOD created or formed all nations of men to dwell on the face of the whole earth and I have come to bring them back into the unity of Spirit, of Mind, of Aim and of Purpose as they were in the beginning of the creation!

In the beginning of the creation they were all of one language and of one speech. They were one race of people, (Aren't you glad!) but because of sin and selfishness and self-exaltation, they tried to build a tower up into heaven— to get above everybody else, no doubt, and the languages changed! Can you not see the mystery? But I AM bringing them back down here on the earth plane! it is written:

"The meek shall inherit the earth and the Righteous shall dwell in the land forever!"


The 29th of April Becomes a Holiday

It is a privilege to realize, GOD is bringing all nations, all languages and all tongues and all peoples of the earth together and I AM bringing them into that great at-one-ment for which you all have prayed. Therefore, it is not strange, but this is one thing I would like to say: Some of you have not thought, no doubt, that the twenty-ninth day of April— I make this proclamation: that it shall from henceforth be called a holiday! Now aren't you glad! ("So glad, GOD Almighty!" came the thunderous shout.) GOD at that time — just before this time of day, nineteen hundred and forty-six took unto Himself legally a Spotless Virgin Bride in wedlock to unify all nations, all tongues and all peoples together, to bring an abolition to all division! Not to propagate self indulgence, sex indulgence, human affection nor lust and passion, neither races, creeds, nor colors, but to propagate Virtue, Holiness, Virginity and Truth and to continue to reproduce it just as I have it between MYSELF and MY Spotless Virgin Bride, today, the same as She was the day She first stood by MY side!

(As FATHER says these words, MOTHER DIVINE stands and FATHER continues speaking:)


Behold DEITY and Godliness!

Behold the Virtue! I say, Behold the Virtue! Behold the Virginity! Behold the Unity! Behold the Tranquility! Behold the Godliness and Behold MY DEITY! Aren't you glad! ("Yes LORD, we are so glad!" shouted the throng.)

It is written in your Scripture:

"For this cause shall a man leave father and mother and be joined unto his wife; this is a great mystery."

Can you not see the Mystery now! ("Yes, GOD Almighty!" again came the eager reply.) You could not see it before. It says very explicitly, This is a great Mystery! But I speak concerning Christ and the Church!

Now would you not desire to have such Virtue, such Honesty, such Purity and such Virginity universalized rather than propagating vice and crime and sin and debauchery of every kind?

Those who look upon MY Spotless Virgin Bride with faith and doubting nothing and visioning the Virtue and Holiness of MY Majesty transmitted in Her, they too will reproduce by concentration that of which they have been gazing! The thing you vividly visualize you tend to materialize!

Vision the Virtue and the Holiness and the Honesty! Vision the Decency and Competence and Truth! Vision the Holiness of Mary and the Holiness of Jesus! Vision the Virginity of Mary and the Holiness of Jesus United!

By this we shall have a Righteous Government, for this is MY Righteous Church, a Church depicted in One! As I declared, "A Glorious Church without spot or Blemish!" Aren't you glad! ("So glad FATHER Dear!" responded the multitude.) In the days of old the children of Israel and those of the prophets of old, they were required to pick out a spotless, pure sacrifice to be offered up. Can you not see the Mystery? GOD has chosen for Himself and for you all— a Spotless Virgin for you to vision the Virginity and Holiness and the Virtue therein! And realize once and forever, She is the same today as She was two years ago when She first stood by MY side!


Abolishing Self-Indulgence

Do not think this is for the purpose of self-indulgence, I say, but for the purpose of the extreme reverse: I AM bringing an abolition to self-indulgence, to human affection, to lust and passion; but I AM Universalizing Virtue, Holiness, Virginity and Truth, and this in you I have reproduced and you are taking on the Nature and the Characteristics of the Virtuous Bride so that you might be Pure without and Pure within and will not indulge in sin! (MOTHER DIVINE then resumes Her seat as FATHER continues:)

This may sound somewhat fanatical and somewhat radical, but it is marvelous to behold what GOD has Actually done among those of sin and of vice and of crime: habitual drunkards, habitual gamblers and even habitual murderers; for I have changed them from that adamic state of consciousness to the Christ Consciousness and I have caused them to not even so much as smoke a cigarette because they know MY Spirit says, "Do not do it!" I would like to see how many there are here that would not smoke a cigarette!

(At this instance a sea of hands filled the spacious Holy Communion Hall,and FATHER continued speaking as follows:)

Now aren't you glad! ("So glad!" echoed the masses.)

He shall Purify unto Himself a Glorious Church without a Spot and without Blemish! Even the most simplest habit or hobby they have used, they sacrifice those things for Righteousness sake and are willing to die, if they could die, for that which they have made the sacrifice! Now I did not say about drinking whisky and other intoxicating liquor, but how marvelous it is to realize, many of whom have been prostitutes, ill famed men and women of every type, when I got a-hold of them, I changed them from that state of consciousness to a Holy state and they can and will live with you or with your family and you will not be afraid of they taking one penny because I have redeemed them!


The Marriage

Because of this, after having developed these Virtues in MY Spotless Virgin Bride as a Sample and as an Example for others, I brought it forth to ME from across the borders and joined with Her in Wedlock Virtuously and in Unity, to Universalize the Same for others so that they might be partakers of this Virtue and of this Holiness and live Righteously, Soberly and Godly!

Not a true follower of Mine would drink a drop of intoxicating liquor! Not a true follower of Mine would use obscenity or profanity! They do not even us vulgarity! I mean such as calling people out of their names! That is what I AM talking about! MY true followers do not even call you a "So- and-so!" That is what I AM talking about! They do not use vulgarity and do not propagate it as Bilbo did until his prejudice killed him! They do not do it! Can you not see the Mystery? They do not use vulgarity, calling people of the Italian abstraction such as he called them, calling people of the Jewish nationality what he called them and calling people of the African nationality what he called them!

All of this is vulgar, but you, MY fellow citizens, hearers and friends have been led erroneously, unwittingly! Once upon a time you thought it was alright to call people those vulgar terms and be vulgar yourself but I came to teach the teachers and professors out of it! That is what I came for!


Such Terms Low-rate the Users

Every time you call a man out of his name by the use of those vulgar terms, you are low-rating yourself and taking on more vulgarity! That is what I mean! If you call one what the majority of the people call ME— by complexion, why then, you are vulgar, ill bred and unrefined to the degree of not having wisdom, knowledge and intelligence enough to know those terms are vulgar! If you call the Jewish people what Bilbo called them— words of which I do not use commonly, because they are not in MY vocabulary— why then, you are vulgar! For this cause I do not wish to use those vulgar terms— what he and others call the Jewish people! Then I do not wish to use the vulgar terms, what some of the southern Afro-Americans call those of the Caucasians! All of those terms are used for the purpose of distortion and for the purpose of division and to express your strife or dislike for a person of which you are speaking!

Not any of these ladies and gentlemen here are "Uneeda Biscuits"! Why, some would like to call those of a light complexion as being termed the Caucasians, "Uneeda Biscuits:! They are not "Uneeda Biscuits! Aren't you glad! ("So glad FATHER Dear!" merrily shouted the masses.) I came to defend every human creature and set the people free from vulgarity and superstition. And when I free them from that folly and ignorance, why, they will be free from that crime and they will be completely free from sin and debauchery of every kind!

Going around calling people such terms, as calling them some kind of biscuit, "Uneeda Biscuit" or some kind of biscuit. Calling them "Oyster Biscuits" or some kind of biscuit!(With this statement, the audience laughed merrily and FATHER dynamically said:) With your prejudice you are not of ME! Aren't you glad! ("So glad! So glad!" echoed the assembly enthusiastically.) Right on the other hand as afore said, you have been ignorant enough to be hood-winked, a good many of you, into the thought to believe that a capital "N—" and the other letters following the capital letter, that would be a great honor! I need no letter of the English alphabet! I AM omniscient! Aren't you glad! ("Yes, Lord, so glad!" came the reply.) Therefore, man cannot and did not teach ME!


No Division in the Future

But I want you to know, everyone, just as I have it under MY Personal jurisdiction, so shall it be all over this wide extended plane! There will be no division between races, creeds and colors, as they are called! All shall have the same rights, not only equal but the same! By transmission I gave that Message by composition to the Rosebud Chorus and they are telling you and the world at large, we shall have the same rights! We shall eat and drink together! We are doing it now! We shall study our lessons in the same school! We will do it now or else I shall shake creation until the schools fall down! You shall study your lessons in the same school! You have to learn to love one another and unify together universally even as MYSELF and MY Spotless Virgin Bride as a SAmple and as an Example of sociality, of Virtue and of Holiness and the Perfection of Love to be manifested to humanity!

I will not bore you longer. We have many more services to serve, and those who have not completed you dinner, you may remain and complete it and be served and serve desert and other delicacies if you desire to, but I must go on shortly and give someone else a chance to hear what I have to say.


The Birth of the United Church

But this day, as a memorial, since we do not have a record of a natural birthday — Abraham Lincoln's birthday was a day once said, and George Washington's birthday, that was a holiday— but this is the birth of the United Church! And when I married MY Spotless Virgin Bride in the likeness as being termed a caucasian, if you please — as being termed that — to let you see and know, no barriers of limitation have any access with ME! GOD is the Master of Omnipotency and the Controller of humanity's destiny!

And as I say, it is for the purpose of bringing all people to work cancellation on those different prejudices and division and strife among themselves, to recognize GOD alone as the Redeemer and the Savior of Humanity and One Who created them out of one blood, of all nations, of all tongues and of all people! When you know this, it will not be hard to get a-plenty to eat! This is evidence! This is the evidence according to MY original composition. This is original;

"The Abundance of the Fullness of the Consciousness of Good,no space is vacant of the fullness thereof."

This is original:

"The Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence of GOD is the Source of all supply and it will satisfy every good desire!"

The Consciousness of GOD'S Presence automatically adjusts maters satisfactorily and actually satisfies every good desire! So take these thoughts to consideration and realize, I AM here to break down every idol and cast out every foe and wash you in the Life of Christ as being termed the Blood, and make you white as snow! I mean Mentally and Spiritually! You will have a Pure Mind! You will be free from doubts and fears and other superstition such as you have been subjected to for eons of years, and all will live in peaceful and quiet resting places just like these!


New Acquisitions in Property

I would just like to say, I was telling Doctor Board as we were coming down from Broad and Catherine Streets, MY Followers are blessed in their infancy as they live Soberly, Righteously and Godly! We have three or four places right here in the city of Philadelphia that have not yet been dedicated. Many of the places that have been purchased, owned and operated and are being owned and operated by the Rosebuds! They saved their money since they met ME, just since they got out of school— even some before they finished school, before they graduated they were saving their money and are now able to own such property as the one I showed you, Doctor Board, today. Aren't you glad! ("So glad FATHER, so glad!" came the enthusiastic response.) Some of MY Rosebud Choir! And that is not all yet!

In Newark there two or three apartment houses yet to be dedicated! They are bought and paid for,owned and operated by MY Followers— some among the Rosebuds and others! I AM making them independent! Aren't you glad! (so glad, Almighty GOD!" again came the happy reply.) Such places as this and and all of these places; eventually people will no longer have to live in the slums and be in lacks, wants and limitations! I AM bringing an abolition to our slum conditions in our respective communities and I AM bringing and end to all of those spirits and characteristics that create slums and slum conditions! I thank you. I thank you. I thank you.

Peace everyone! I do not wish to bore you, but I would just like to say, as I must seemingly go and show a little of MY— at least respects to the other places, I hope you all who have not dined, if you desire to dine— may remain and dine and those who have nor served desert as yet, you may remain and serve it or if you have served it and desire more or if you desire another helping or another serving, you are welcome to do so, for the abundance of the fullness of the Consciousness of Good is at our disposal. I thank you.








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