The Marriage of GOD and His Spotless Church Is the Outpicturing
of the Growth and Development of Religion and Humanity ---FATHER DIVINE



Our FATHER'S Sermon Given During the Review of the Second Wedding Anniversary Celebration of the Marriage
of the Bride and the Lamb at The Circle Mission Church, Home and Training School, Inc. of New York,
2064 Boston Road, Bronx, New York, Sunday Afternoon, May 16, 1948 A.D.F.D., Time: 2:15 P. M.









During the Review of the Second Wedding Anniversary Celebration of the Lamb and the Bride, FATHER moved by His Own Holy unadulterated Spirit, delivered this profound and most appropriate Sermon that one and all might more explicitly understand the great significance of His interracial, international Holy Marriage to His Spotless Virgin Bride— to give this whole nation under GOD a new birth of freedom; for truly it gave the whole world an invitation to accept of this great Salvation, and it broke down the barriers of mortal isms in the world, the isms that HE, GOD alone, created, Americanism, for it is the True Wayshower of Salvation by which all mankind can be saved.

For these profound Words of Spirit and Life, Almighty GOD, we humbly thank THEE!

(The foregoing statement is that of the transcriber, and the following is FATHER'S profound Sermon with FATHER speaking a follows:)

Peace Everyone! Here we all are again, commemorating the second anniversary of the Marriage of GOD to His Spotless Church. As an abstract expression it has been depicted as The Spotless Virgin by MY Side, what we desire to see you be in all simplicity, conscientiousness and sincerity, the expression and reality of Virtue, Honesty and Holiness!

For this cause we do rejoice to present to the world a slight sketch and a reflection as manifested, of the niversality and Interraciallity and the internationality of humanity, to bring all of the nations of the earth together into the unity of the Spirit, of Mind, of Aim and of Purpose, Graced with Holiness Virginity and Virtue, that the coming generation might be a universal nation of Brotherhood established! Aren't you glad! ("So glad, GOD!" exclaimed the assembly in one voice.)

Then upon this foundation if you will stand and vision the Picture as depicted in the Unity of Spirit, of Mind, of Aim and of Purpose and express MY Spotless Virgin Bride's Virtue and Holiness in your infancy and in your old age, if you please, copy after the fashion I have shown you and reproduce that which I produced in the midst of you, so that this whole nation and all of our civilization might have a new birth of freedom of which Abraham Lincoln mentioned!

Abraham Lincoln, the great national statesman, broad — at that time in his scope as a statesman, but looking over this nation, he desired to see this nation come into this great at-one-ment of which I AM expressing and that they might have a new birth of freedom as he mentioned this whole nation; but it is marvelous to realize, as with an individual, so with a nation and as with a nation so with all nations combined! Abraham Lincoln desired that this whole nation might have a new birth of freedom; and as he desired it conscientiously and sincerely, his prayers were heard and answered and you, MY citizens and friends are the fulfillers — having this new birth of freedom!

As it was , so it is, to be for the whole nation, it is true, but GOD in His Infiniteness and Impersonality — in other words, being Impersonal and Universal, GOD looked upon all of His whole creation and advanced spiritual and even scientific civilization and saw that they all needed the same New Birth of Freedom! For this cause, I, as an Internationalist and as a Universalist, I, being Impersonal, Interracial and International, I started to give our whole civilization a New Birth of Freedom!

This civilization must be born again; for as they have advanced scientifically, intellectually, skillfully and otherwise, it is essential for them to be born out of that adamic state of consciousness into the Christ Consciousness and Universalize that affection they may have for themselves as lineage and a nationalities, so that the universality of it might be established and division and confusion and strife and warfare and bloodshed might come to an end!

I came to make them all brethren, if men, and make them all sisters , if women or feminine, so that the Universality of GOD and His Majesty with Love and Mercy might be established!

For this cause we do rejoice to show to the world at large a slight sketch and a reflection of a percent of a fraction of a grain in these anniversary celebrations of the Bride and the Lamb — just what I AM doing from shore to shore and from land to land! Although these audiences and gatherings are great in number, organizationally speaking, comparatively as that of those of other organizations, yet they are but a sketch and a reflection of a percent of a fraction of a grain of a percent of a grain of what I AM actually doing from shore to shore and from land to land and with and among all mankind! I AM giving them this new birth of freedom now! After a while they will realize they are all brethren and sisters, as we may term it, if we draw a line of demarcation, as GOD Created them, between man and woman, for men and women.

I will let you see more explicitly the outpicturing of MY Conviction and the convictions of millions of MY following, how the very convictions of them are impregnated mentally and spiritually in humanity in general and they are speaking and thinking and acting Democracy automatically because they can't help it! Aren't you glad! ("Yes, God, Almighty, so glad!" came the happy response.)

For this cause we rejoice to know that this Marriage of GOD and His Spotless Church, as depicted in MY Spotless Virgin Bride, is but the outpicturing of the growth and development of religion and of humanity as synonymous! Aren't you glad! ("So glad, FATHER dear!" again came the reply.) I AM bringing them into that great at-one-ment universally and I AM bringing an abolition to all division among us! Therefore, this whole nation truly has a chance and they will actually have a new birth of freedom! But not only this whole nation but this whole civilization, and it is all done under GOD, your Lord and your Savior!

Our great national statesman did say that this whole nation might have A New Birth of Freedom under GOD and you can plainly see the outpicturing of it among you all —how you recognize the Presence of your GOD, and such a conviction solves your every problem and actually adjusts matters satisfactorily for you, because of the spotlessness of this Truth and this Doctrine and especially when it is depicted and put forth into expression in those who are Holy, with the Virginity of Mary and the Holiness of Jesus! Aren't you glad! ("Yes, so glad!" echoed the assembly.) Honesty, Competence and Truth shall be commonplace universally eventually and there will not be the slightest fear among the children of men of anything being stolen from them! They will be free from the torture of superstition, of the fear of the loss of food and of raiment and of other things, because naught shall hurt nor harm in all of MY Holy Mountain!

For this cause we do rejoice and we are happy to say today as well as other days, but as the commemoration of the Marriage of the Bride to the Lamb on the twenty-ninth of April, nineteen hundred and forty-six, the beginning of a new era such as man had not comprehended, but yet the Bible predicted and explained it; they could not understand it because they thought all of the predictions and declarations and proverbs were merely suppositionally discerned and would be only seen from the imaginary realm, but oh, how glorious it was when GOD made Himself Flesh as said the Gospel of Christ, and dwelt among us — or dwelleth among us, and we beheld His Glory as that of the only begotten of the FATHER, full of Grace and of Truth!

When GOD made Himself Flesh, HE was beginning a new dispensation that would come in the fulfillment of it as in the making! GOD was bringing about the Brotherhood of man by Himself being on earth in the likeness of them and having come in the Flesh for sin, to condemn sin in the flesh! Just think of it!

There are millions and hundreds of thousands in New York City and surroundings that have recognized GOD'S Presence in the Flesh— in the likeness of sinful flesh, and the sin and their iniquities that were in them were condemned as no man could condemn them! Those living in the flesh, thousands and millions even decided no longer to live in sin and vice and crime because of the sin that was in them having been condemned by Christ come in the flesh, in the likeness of sinful flesh, for sin to condemn sin in the flesh; as the sin in the flesh of thousands and thousands right here in New York City, their sins were condemned! They threw their weapons of warfare and bloodshed and of burglary and robbery and vice and crime of every kind in the Hudson River and in the Harlem River and even in the Great South Bay, and said, "I will study warfare and bloodshed no longer, for GOD is in the land!" Proving to you conclusively that coming in the Flesh in the likeness of sinful flesh for sin, I did condemn the sin that was in their flesh and therefore, they fasted those things out of them by submitting to Him Who Liveth Forever and Forever, to die no never, no never, no never!

Now they are resting in blessed assurance and peace, realizing GOD Himself is with thee! Why? The abundance of the fullness of the consciousness of good, no space is vacant of the fullness thereof; because of you being conscious of GOD'S Presence, it has solved your actual problem! GOD is a panacea for every ill, for every ailment and for every complaint! Therefore the Consciousness of GOD'S Presence as I declared to you and still declare by composition —

"The Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence of GOD is the source of all supply and it will satisfy every good desire!"

I have satisfied the desires of millions by the conscious recognition of MY Actual Presence and that was the key that Christ gave Simon, to Heaven!

"Simon I give you the keys to the Kingdom, and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in Heaven!

Such a conviction will solve your every problem! It is just a operative and expressive for others as it was for Simon! "Simon, I give you the keys of the Kingdom," said He, "and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in Heaven!"

When you declare, even as MY Spotless Virgin Bride did, "I know that Thou art GOD!" by a conscientious, sincere heart's conviction, there and then you have the Keys to the Kingdom and the keys to the earth and nothing will He withhold from you if you walk uprightly! That is the Mystery!

The Consciousness of GOD'S Presence! You have seen it depicted, not only in the prophetic age and not only in the beginning of Christendom nor in the beginning of the Christian age but you have seen it depicted very explicitly with those who believe ME sincerely!

Those who are conscious of MY Presence and recognize it and realize MY Deity with the conscious conviction, there and then they have the keys to the earth and the keys to the Kingdom! They have the keys to success and prosperity and their economic problems are solved for them! They are no longer living in lacks , wants and limitations!

Millions of souls today that were in lacks, wants and limitations before I convinced humanity in general and in a great measure that I AM Present, they were in lacks and wants and limitations, but now they are living in splendor on earth in heaven!

For this cause we do rejoice to show you how to live victorious lives by the realization of GOD in your very midst and having been made flesh and yet being Spirit! GOD making Himself Flesh did not change it! Someone would like for it to be changed, but GOD is just the same! When the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us, it did not change GOD! GOD was just the same in the flesh as HE was in the Spirit but only invisible! GOD is just as operative and expressive now as HE was before HE had any Body! GOD is just a functionable and can and will carry out His Plan and His Purpose to the letter and shall give victory to and for others who recognize it! That is the Mystery!

The Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence of GOD is truly the source of all supply! It can and it will and always shall — Satisfy every good desire!

When you are actually conscious of GOD'S Presence, such a conscious conviction will solve all problems and will adjust all matters satisfactorily for you if you can and will but declare your nothingness and unify yourself with Infinite Spirit by the relaxation of your conscious mentality and the stilling of all ego and human superstition and selfishness; GOD Himself will be with you and will give you the victory and you will have no longer any occasion to fret nor worry! I thank you.






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It is also nice to give credit where credit is due for through the Spirit and Teaching of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE you are and can eternally be abundantly blessed.

From all of us to all of you. we wish you, peace and love, and many blessings, and may we all ever live in unity and brotherhood and the Consciousness of GOD'S Actual Ever Presence.

True Americanism, True Brotherhood, True Christianity, True Judaism and All True Religions are synonymous and truly Our GOD is One GOD. Amen

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