The world has an invitation to come! — FATHER DIVINE








The beautiful Holy Communion Hall, festively adorned for the occasion in the decorative theme of spring, which will be more fully described elsewhere, was full with visitors, onlookers, Followers and friends alike; and as many as could be, were seated with the Lord and HIS Spotless Rosebud Virgin Bride at the Communion Table.

Many were the thoughts for consideration given by FATHER, the great Love Master, as HE spoke at intervals throughout the course of the Service. But in this first Sermon our LORD Stressed the significance of GOD'S Great Love for Humanity, through and by HIS Universal Invitation given them!

The song sung just before FATHER arose to speak, and which is herein recorded, states that the whole world has an invitation to come and feast with the Lord! And even so does FATHER, in Loving Mercy and Condescending Compassion, bid one and all — matters not who — from all parts of the earth, to be Joined Together under the Banner of Love, with Him even as spoken of in the Holy Writ! This day the Scripture is being fulfilled by the Great Fulfiller Himself — for only GOD Almighty could care for the needs of all humanity — both their material and spiritual needs — as is being demonstrated so forcefully by GOD Himself here in our midst today!

Therefore, read these propound Words as given by Him, and realize that you too can be partakers of this rich inheritance, and become to be heirs in the Holy Family of GOD!

Thank YOU, Almighty Redeemer!

(The foregoing statements are those of the transcriber, after which is firstly recorded the inspirational composition sung just before FATHER arose to speak.)

To all the nations of the earth —
Shout and leap for joy,
We have a new birth of freedom under GOD!
The first seal has been revealed,
Now come and see!
It is the Marriage of the Lamb and the Bride!

It's Interracial! It's International!
The world has an invitation to come!
It is to propagate virtue, honesty, competence and truth,
This Sacred Marriage of the Lamb and the Bride!

(FATHER speaks as follows:)

Peace Everyone! Good Health, Good Will, a Good Appetite! Good Manners, Good Behavior, All Success and all Prosperity! Wisdom, Knowledge and all Understanding! These and all other Blessings to you are given! At this particular instance I have arisen, yea, I arose at this time to tell you, the world has an invitation to come! The Interraciallity and the Internationality and the Universality of MY Marriage to MY Spotless Virgin Bride and the integration and amalgamation of every nation, language, tongue and people, it is plain to see, by nature We are impersonal!

And as I said by composition, as a transmission and transcription of MY Spirit from MY Own Wisdom, that little composition came forth into expression verifying the experience of what you are presently experiencing; the world has an invitation to come, and to propagate and and reincarnate, reproduce and personify the reality of what our Marriage calls for — to propagate what the inspiration said!

By this, through the daily press, the Associated Press and through and by The New Day, all people, yea, all peoples universally have an invitation to come! You can see on or in the pages of The New Day, pages two and three of this weeks issue of the New Day it is a general invitation to come, and it is for the purpose of showing you something second to nothing; better known, ordinarily speaking in our present accepted language of diction — better known as second to none.

We are happy to present to you a Sample and an Example of the Mystery of the Truth of GOD to the children of men and how HE can, has been and will be reincarnated in them, to propagate and promulgate, to emphasize and advocate the Virtues and Holiness of MY Spotless Virgin Bride and to bring into your minds eye, by visualization, a practical course in the psychology of Supply, on Democracy and on Brotherhood, on Christianity, on Americanism and on Judaism as synonymous! Can you not see that these qualities of humanity are not confined or bound to that of any racial or national abstraction since it is for the personnel of humanity universally? The same as our common international or national intelligence and civilization, it is not confined nor bound to any national origin. It is not confined nor bound to any personality, but the very spirit of our civilization, with all of our human education, is impersonal by nature and universal, and in reality it is contagious with and for every individual! You can be partakers of it!

That is why you all — of all complexions, of all racial and national abstractions and of all appearances great and small, those of the great nations of the world and leading nations of our civilization, they are coming to the recognition of GOD'S Actual Presence with them, and of His Omniscience to teach them Wisdom! God'S Omniscience transcends all human intelligence! Aren't you glad! ("So glad, Almighty GOD!" shouted the happy throngs.) It goes into infinitude, the end you cannot psychologically nor mathematically vision! Aren't you glad? ("Yes, Lord!" again came the enthusiastic reply.) For GOD is Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresent and absolutely Impersonal as the wind that blows! It is free for you and it is free for yours!

Therefore, the world has an invitation to come — to receive a practical course in psychology on supply; a practical course in psychology on Brotherhood and Democracy! A practical course in psychology on Democracy! Can you not see the Mystery? For this cause I, your Humble Servant, Personally — apparently insignificant — I have come to teach our civilization wisdom, to propagate something! To give you a real course on Brotherhood! To give you a real course on Democracy, Christianity, Americanism and Judaism as synonymous, so that all of these isms of humanity in expression might be E Pluribus Unum put into practice and Democracy universally in action! Aren't you glad!("Yes, GOD Almighty!" again came the thunderous response.)

I need not say more at this particular instance, as that little composition is explanatory in itself. If it is not in music as should be explicitly depicted, it is in melody and also written:

"The world has an invitation to come!"

My fellow citizens, hearers and friends, because you have an invitation, do not feel yourselves superior nor inferior to others, for the world has an invitation to come! Aren't you glad! ("So glad! So glad!" shouted the mixed multitude.) You all have been invited! The same invitation is in the A. P. — the Associated Press as in The New Day and the same invitation in The New DAy is as the invitations I have sent you all personally and individually, for the world has an invitation to come!

I have not done anything yet to what I will do! If someone else will not take it up and do better, I shall feed and clothe the people universally! Aren't you glad! ("so glad GOD! We know YOU will!" echoed the vast assembly.)

GOD in the midst of you is the same that HE has always been! Someoneഀ declared by composition:

"HE came treading the winepress all alone."

As a prediction it was recorded as Isaiah carried it, "coming from Bozrah with dyed garments on!" Aren't you glad! ("GOD! GOD! GOD!" shouted the throng.)

Then I say, live in this recognition and realize, wheresoever a foot has ever trod the ocean, wheresoever a foot has ever trod the soil, — some may consider you do no tread the ocean, but whether you tread the ocean physically or not you may tread the ocean mentally and spiritually and the feet may tread the soil physically, for Who is this that cometh, bringing good news and glad tidings? You all realize I AM the ONE! ("Yes YOU are, God Almighty! YOU are the ONE!" exclaimed the masses in one voice.)

I did not mean to take up so much time at the instance, but as I AM moved from within MY Own Spirit and MY own Mind, I want to let the world know, the world has an invitation to come! It is greater, bigger and better than that of a literary invitation, for a literary invitation is limited, but MY spiritual invitation is Infinite! Aren't you glad! ("So glad, GOD Almighty!" shouted the vast audience.)

For this cause, come and vision the Perfect Picture of Perfection in action, in every field of activity expressing supremacy and manifesting HIMSELF Superbly, because GOD is Supreme and GOD is Superb and shall be the same throughout all eternity!

The world has an invitation to come! Aren't you glad! ("Oh, so glad, Lord!" again came the enthusiastic reply.) All nations, tongues and people have an invitation to come with MY compliments and Love and Compassion and Mercy I call you, so that you might be partakers of something that you could not do and could not be without ME! I say, the world has an invitation to come!

I am not trying to make proggers! Not any of MY true Followers are going around soliciting, begging and stealing! Not a true Follower of Mine is on the relief, neither takes the dole, for My Spirit and MY Presence will cause them to express themselves independently, even as our country declared her independence as a nation! Everyone to express a real citizenry of true Americanism. When I AM talking about citizenship in reality; they must express their independence individually, severally and collectively, even as our country declared her independence as a nation!

Jot these thoughts down in your vocabularies and in your notebooks and stamp them in your memory to remember, from this day henceforth and forever, whatsoever I AM telling you, I have afore told you; for what I tell you in words, I have told you Scripturally and I have told you inspirationally! I have told you politically and legally, because even in our legal courts of law, you are not taught to be grafters, racketeers and stealers! You are taught to be independent even if some people want you to go around begging! They do not want you to be racketeers and grafters!

For this cause I have lifted a sanitation of perfect Honesty, and MY Spotless Virgin Bride that sits by MY side, as a Sample and as an Example of what you all should be! I would not present to you and place before your minds eye and your physical eye to observe something that is absurd; something that is inferior; something that is lowrating or disintegrating, but I present to you, MY fellow citizens, hearers and friends and all humanity — I AM speaking of the civilization in which we are presently living — this is a sample and an example for all the people! aren't you glad! ("So glad, Lord, so glad!"shouted the enthusiastic throng.)

You may sow the seeds of poverty if you wish to, and you will reap the fruit of the same; but if you sow the seeds of abundance, you will reap the fruit of the same! I AM a practical Psychologist and a Master Metaphysician and D. D. if you wish to observe it! I will teach you Divinely and I will also teach you psychology, then I will teach you of all the true philosophies of our present democracy and of our past civilizations!

Let us live in this recognition and build upon this foundation and you will have something to vision; something that is incorrupt able; something that is undefiled; something that does not fade away! Aren't you glad! ("So glad, Almighty GOD!" again came the electric shout.)

I do not wish to bore you at this time, but I wish to stress the thought upon your minds: "The world has an invitation to come!" I AM calling from all the ends of the earth and I Am calling into and to all the ends of the earth:

"Come unto ME, all ye that are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest!
"Take MY yoke upon you and learn of ME,
"For I AM meek and lowly in heart and thou shall find rest for thy soul!"

Aren't you glad! ("So glad! So glad!" shouted the vast assembly.) But you cannot find this rest until you learn of ME! You cannot necessarily learn of ME just literally, for man looks on the outer appearance, but GOD looks in the heart! And again I have said, GOD has hid these things from the wise and prudent, but revealed them to babes and sucklings! Where is the wise and where are the scribes? Has not GOD chosen the dumb things of this world to confound the wise?

So take these thoughts to consideration and take cognizance implicitly and sincerely of what I AM telling you, and I will be with you. I have declared what I AM! I AM MY Attributes Personified, as you can see in the conclusion of MY Letters! I have declared what I AM! Can you not see the Mystery? Then vision it and I, in these Attributes and Characteristics and Qualities of being, will be with you, with Victory, Success and Prosperity, and you will not have an occasion to fret nor worry. I thank you. I thank you. I thank you.






GOD is a free gift to the world. Any and all of the material on this and other pages may be copied and reproduced.

Use the material freely but respect FATHER DIVINE'S intent, which was and is, to provide us all with the keys to eternal health and happiness without cost or price. HE truly came as a free gift to the world, gratis to mankind.

It is also nice to give credit where credit is due for through the Spirit and Teaching of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE you are and can eternally be abundantly blessed.

From all of us to all of you. we wish you, peace and love, and many blessings, and may we all ever live in unity and brotherhood and the Consciousness of GOD'S Actual Ever Presence.

True Americanism, True Brotherhood, True Christianity, True Judaism and All True Religions are synonymous and truly Our GOD is One GOD. Amen

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