Management of the Affairs of the Peace Mission Movement


Interview Granted by FATHER DIVINE to Rabbi S. H. Markowitz of Congregation Beth David, Philadelphia. Pennsylvania, Professor Harry Viteles of The University of Israel, Jerusalem, Israel and Mr. Simon Peter, President of Unity Mission Church, Home and Training School, of The FATHER DIVINE International Peace Mission Movement, Philadelphia, PA.



In FATHER'S Private Office of The Circle Mission Church, Home and Training School, Inc. of Pennsylvania, 764-772 Broad Street,
Monday Afternoon March 7, 1955 A.D.F.D., Time (About) 2: 00 PM

Published in The New Day of April 30, 1955, page 8.

FATHER DIVINE and Bishop Simms

FATHER DIVINE and Bishop Simms



Editors note: Included under the above heading are three sections:
1.This very enlightening FATHER DIVINE interview:
2. An example of an entity under the cooperative system of the Peace Mission Movement:
3. A very informative office talk.

After greeting Rabbi Markowitz and Mr. Simon Peter and being introduced to Professor Viteles in the hallway, FATHER invited them to come into His Private Office and be seated where MOTHER and some of the Secretaries were present. It was shortly after this that Mr. Peter spoke as follows:

Mr. Peter: First of all, FATHER, I think Professor Viteles would like for YOU to know that he happened to run across the book "FATHER DIVINE Holy Husband" by Sarah Harris and he doesn't believe what is in the book and I am sure he wants to ask YOU to forgive him.

Prof. Viteles: YOU see, I have this at the Hebrew University. I have been living there for thirty years. I am a Philadelphian originally and we get all of these books of various kinds and we got that one. I happened to read it, but at the time I read it I made up my mind it wasn't an objective study. It was what we call critical and I made up my mind at the first opportunity to come and talk to YOU. I want to make it clear that the only purpose of my visit is to clarify what YOU are trying to do for Your good people so that I can tell my students the true story. I include this among the other things which I describe as cooperative, such as the Quakers, the Shakers and Perfectionists, etc. I hope YOU have an hour for me.

I am not recording anything and do not propose to; it is just I want an explanation so I can tell them the truth of just what YOU are trying to do, just what YOU have accomplished and how YOU are doing it. Of course, I am particularly interested in what YOU call the cooperative aspects, communal aspects, people living together, pooling their wages to religious inspiration and how they have got it. That is briefly all I have to say.

FATHER: Sure. It is marvelous to bring the works of GOD down among the children of men so that they might share with HIM. There is where the reality of brotherhood begins according to My version, because GOD deals in the affairs of men and through GOD the good of all mankind and for all mankind, the Truth is being exemplified among them. I have found that it brings all mankind together all the way from Judaism to Americanism through all of the religions, and has united humanity as one big family. That is My version. Therefore, when we live this life of Brotherhood, Democracy, Christianity, Americanism and Judaism synonymously, we bring all of the great good in unison together and we, the people, become to be the personification of it. That is My version of it.

So, as you say that the Cooperative System, it brings about a cooperative harmony and fellowship for even in the simplest dealings, even though it is overlooked in a great measure, drawing a contract and when one gives an affidavit to the extent it is, "So help me GOD," so then, we do know that the bringing of GOD into business, profession labor and trade and into all activities, it is but the forerunner and I deem it to be the preparation for the incoming of the Kingdom as has been expected by Israel and Judaism for lo, these many years.

We mean to live not only what we may deem to be the laws of our great nation, country and civic and social laws of men, but we mean to live the laws of GOD and let them become to be a living reality to us, made real, tangible and practical, and thereby destroy the works of the opposing forces, better known by the religions, the 'D.' It is wonderful! So we are happy to meet you and of course, if anything is exemplified or advocated, demonstrated or manifested among us in a light of understanding that you might be able to endorse it and sympathetically applaud it, we appreciate it.

Prof Viteles: I thank YOU, FATHER. To what extent is Your Movement compared to the Movement such as the Shakers or the Inspirationists or the Haskalahs? Although the Shakers came from England and established their religious colonies on communal basis, living together, shared their property, their basis was deep religious feeling in preparation for the future world. This is a transition of stage. Would you say that Your own Movement, FATHER, was inspired unconsciously or consciously by this to the tenet of the same kind of life?

FATHER: Well, I believe it is, in a way, for all good comes from one source and to ME, that source is GOD; but it may be called by different names.

Prof. Viteles: YOU probably know, FATHER, that in Palestine, in the Holy Land we have developed a form which is called Kupats, [Kibbutz] where a man is received, or a woman, an individual is received as a member. He comes empty handed and leaves empty handed if he wants to leave. The basis of that Kupats is share in everything. There is no private property. You do the work, you give to the Community the best of you and take from it what you need and all the property is vested in the cooperative; common dining room, common kitchen, take care of the children, take care of you, and there are some of those where the basis is the religious basis. That is where they adopt that kind of life because they feel that they can best preserve Judaism and practices in that kind of life. Then would I be correct in saying, in concluding, that it is also true with FATHER'S Movement, that YOU think, by this kind of life inspired by religion YOU can best accomplish GOD'S aims and wishes? Would that be a correct interpretation?

FATHER: That is true. That is My version.

Prof. Viteles: Now if somebody wants to join, what is the procedure of becoming a member of FATHER'S Movement?

FATHER: Well, I often tell them there is nothing to join. As I often say, we are akin to different religions religiously; and naturally, we would be socially and morally, for out of ONE Blood GOD formed all nations of men for to dwell upon the face of the whole earth and we are virtually ONE with or without the knowledge of it.

Prof. Viteles: In form and in practice is it similar to what the Essenes try to do?

FATHER: It is in part, in a way; but of course, we consider that the unity of the Spirit, firstly, of Mind, of Aim and of Purpose will eventually bring us all together as I have it jurisdictionally, all nations, languages, tongues and peoples and bring an end to all divisibility among the nations. There will be a great unfoldment of Truth as I see it exemplified and prophesied and hence, universalized. The time cometh and is not far distant, in My opinion, that as has been predicted by all true and conscientious religions, the great ingathering of the people will be made a living reality and we, the people, will unite together consolidatedly and refuse to be severed. We shall refuse to be severed, refuse to be a race, a creed or color, but be one people indivisible and not only fulfil that of which our Pledge of Allegiance calls for politically, but fulfil that which has been fought for religiously through all of the ages; for the great Spirit of Life, the Spirit of all Spirits, will make us know we are ONE universally and as that, have all things common materially on the material plane for the good of all mankind.

The time will come that it will be as it was in the beginning of the Creation, according to My version, that all peoples will live together in peaceful and quiet resting places. It is hard to think that we will be living in graft and greed and be divided one against another universally eternally, because we know from the beginning it was not so. But this Truth of GOD, the life of GOD as manifested, as demonstrated, and as lived among this people, will bring that which Judaism has been seeking; Judaism has been seeking and Christianity and even Americanism, and we will live in peaceful and quiet resting places eventually in the fulfillment of the prophecy.

Prof. Viteles: When an individual expresses his decision to join with YOU, FATHER, must he turn in to Your Corporation or Cooperative all his worldly property which he has? For instance, if when a member joined or was accepted by the Shakers, Perfectionists or Shibboleths, or by any of these sects, he had to turn over to the group everything he had, so it could be shared and used for the benefit of the group rather than for an individual or that individual persons' family. Then when he worked, they turn in their wages. They do that today in Israel, in the Holy Land in the Kupats. They get what they need for themselves or their family, and then in the community they have to do the work that is assigned to them. It is very similar to the Shakers. Is that Your procedure or the tenet of Your Own organization?

FATHER: It is not the requirement but it may be a tendency within the consecrated, within those who are so led; they may have a desire to do so; for as in the beginning of Christianity, yea, at the beginning of Christendom we find according to the Apostle, at the day of Pentecost, they, having land, sold it and brought the money and laid it at the Apostles' feet. That was after the great Love Master, the Person of Jesus, was gone. The Person of Jesus had disappeared, then they did that. But when the Person of Jesus was there Personally, Jesus blessed the bread and gave it to them! And the rich young ruler came to HIM and said,

'What shall we do to inherit Eternal Life?'

Jesus said,

'Go sell all you have and give to the poor, then come and follow ME!'

HE did not, according to the Gospel, HE did not say, 'Go sell all you have and bring the returns to ME!' but:

'Go sell all you have and give to the poor and then come and follow ME!'

This is the process proceeded with in our experiences, and it is marvelous to behold! We never request directly anyone to bring anything to ME or to the Movement, as it is written,

'Except you forsake all you have, you cannot be My Disciple!'

It is true, the impression that has been greatly established is that everybody has to give ME all they have, just as you say, and it is not strange to hear and it is not strange to see those who are critics, accusers and slanderers say that concerning ME. But I hold that if a person lives independently, free from graft and from greed and free from selfishness in every way, they can be successful and prosperous!

Therefore, we do hold that there are many of the religions and founders of great religious bodies, such as the Quakers and others, in sincerity they started out, and a good many of them are carrying their purpose out to that end, to be unified together in Brotherly Love. There were . . .

Prof. Viteles (interposing): I should like to make it clear, FATHER, that I have never read into what I know abut Your Movement that there was any, that a person had to turn his property to, YOU, "a personnel". It was always clear to me, at least, that they turned it in to the Cooperative, to the Movement, for the benefit of all, rather than for the benefit of the individual; and that would be no more than what has been done for hundreds of years in other religious and secular movements of this kind which were built on the hypothesis that the wealth, the good, was to be shared for all and must not be for any individuals; and that was my interpretation.

FATHER: Well, pardon ME; continue.

Prof. Viteles: No, FATHER, pardon me.

FATHER: Well, that seems to be the outworking of it, seems to be the expression of it, but it is considered as the thought you conveyed, as if though they are requested and expected and demanded to bring all you have and give to the poor, give to all. But it is not a request nor expected to be. Not in that way. But it works out systematically and sympathetically according to what you just said, for the good of the people.

(At this point FATHER picks up a New Day carrying the Supplement, as HE says in explanation: )

This happens to be a Supplement, not only a Supplement but a copy of The New Day that carries My Message, but this is one special copy that was gotten out September the eleventh, 1954. (FATHER hands The New Day and Supplement to Professor Viteles as HE continues speaking: ) It carries a number of the places owned and operated by My Followers. Now Personally these places do not belong to ME, neither do they belong to DIVINE. WE are fulfilling that part of the Scripture, yea, the Gospel, where it is written:

'Wear the world as a loose garment!',

yet, everything that life demands, with it I AM supplied and supplied abundantly, with the fullness, automatically, and matters are adjusted satisfactorily, sympathetically and harmoniously!

So then, it shows in this particular issue of The New Day, a number of our places, of Churches, Homes, Apartment Houses and Business places and Schools, all free and clear, as we teach, to be independent, in My Opinion, is the great essential, and to owe no man. PAY CASH as you go, and even refuse to buy anything on credit or on the installment plan! My True Followers do not buy property on a mortgage, even though it may run into half a million or even a million dollars; they do not buy property on a mortgage, for we hold, at least, I say, you cannot or should not claim anything that you do not actually own!

I think there are about forty or forty-two different places or acquisitions in this particular copy of The New Day, all free and clear! And not a one purchased on a mortgage or on notes, or anything of that sort! That is why I base My Thought on the foregoing statement:

'We shall live in peaceful and quiet resting places,'

the Scripture fulfilled as predicted in the prophetic age!

And therefore, it is a privilege and a privilege beyond a reasonable doubt for criticism, that this is then built upon the Foundation of the Prophets, the Sages and the Seers!

We find that Independence is the best policy, according to My Version. Our country declared her Independence as a Nation, and we, the subjects of this great Democracy, declare our Independence individually, as we see that our country declared hers! And we feel that that is the only way to establish a Lasting Peace with Victory over limitations, adverse and undesirable conditions, over graft and greed and aggression and all of the undesirable conflicts of life that come through by greed and graft. For the lack of having these Blessings, and having GOD with them, with or without a person, they become to be aggressive for the lack of having these Blessings, and therefore they may bring conflicts among themselves and confusion.

So we feel that this is a way, as you say, through the Cooperative. Those who are Members and Followers alone are the ones that possess the different properties, real and personal property; but they possess them through, as you say, in coming into the cooperative system. But they come into the cooperative system voluntarily and volitionally, sympathetically and harmoniously. As with other churches and other institutions My Followers do hold personal and real property. They own personal and real property, but they own them, a good many of them, without the knowledge of it, until the thing got so big until everybody can see it! They, whatsoever they have given as Members of the Churches or Members of the cooperative system, or Members of the Peace Mission Movement, as it may be termed, which is the same, they did it just the same as if they were going to the Church or any place of worship and donating a nickel, a dime, or whatsoever it may be. If they have donated more than that and more than what was absolutely needful for one objective, it has been agreeably put into circulation and into operation for the benefit of the infinite whole, and they themselves become to be heirs to such enterprises, unless it is an incorporated Church. They themselves are the Cooperative Enterprise representatives and they are the owners thereof.

So it was quite surprising to a good many of the immediate owners to find themselves into possession of such properties as these, as you see described or pictured here in this copy of The New Day. It was surprising to a good many of them because they knew they were not seeking it and they know they did not seek it but they came into possession of such.

You would not imagine, I would just like to say that as you see these sit around here, these are a part of My Secretarial Staff. Where others cannot get cooperation, in the time of the depression and even at the time when there were panics and famines, people desired to get help, there were plenty came to ME and offered their service without money and without price. Here are a few of them living here in splendor, with a-full and a-plenty, and yet their servitude is not to ME, as a Person, but unto the Cause that giveth them life, through which cometh all Blessings! So it is a wonderful thought to observe just what you see and what you hear.

MOTHER DIVINE: I was thinking how these properties are purchased from the fragments that are picked up after the individuals had taken care of their needs and schooled their children and paid their old back bills.

FATHER: That's right, as was spoken of in the Scripture, yea, the Gospel for Christendom, Jesus had them to sit on the ground and HE fed the many that came to be fed at that time: and HE said,

'Take up the fragments that nothing be wasted..'

Prof. Viteles: Yes.

FATHER: And they took up the fragments. There was so much left! When MOTHER mentioned that, that was a point I had not mentioned to you at this time, but on many different occasions I have brought out the mystery of how My Followers come into possession of great riches by taking up the fragments that nothing is wasted. The fragments that were taken up after they, the Followers, were bountifully supplied and their hearts and minds were satisfied, they educated their children and they clothed them, and when the time came that it was necessary for better accommodations, they took up the fragments that nothing would be wasted, and they applied it to personal and real property.

Now the majority of My Following, especially the younger ones, represent, I'M not speaking of these right here, especially, because these are just My immediate staff, but the majority of My Followers, the younger ones, are in civil service work; they are in government service. An investigation is solicited. The majority of them. But they were blessed with the things they needed, the education and other information, other cooperation, other skill and ability to do things.

Now the government, I don't bear record of the government turning down a one that has sought a position, those who came through My Teaching. The government, federal government, city government, they are daily or have been in the past, daily acquiring for positions, those that were qualified to fill them. But when the parents took up the fragments, as so to speak, that nothing be wasted, they purchased cooperatively personal and real property and now they are living independently!

So that is one of the great mysteries that seemingly cannot be understood! My True Followers do not receive gifts and tips and presents, for all such is in violation to My Teaching and, hence, in violation to the Scripture! (FATHER picks up a Supplement before HIM on the desk, as HE says: ) In this Supplement you find on page three, 'FATHER DIVINE explains why His Followers do not accept gifts and tips.' It is against our Teaching! True Followers and Members of our Churches or Enterprises are not permitted to receive anything for nothing, for the system of tip-taking and getting gifts and presents is trying to get something for nothing! So then I say, it is Wonderful!

Prof. Viteles: FATHER, if I may be permitted one request and one additional question, that's all. If 1 may be permitted.

FATHER: Certainly.

Prof. Viteles: I would summarize from the pure cooperative point of view, and they call me a purist, a very conservative cooperator, . . .


Prof. Viteles: that YOU have embodied in Your Teachings three of the main principles: mainly voluntarism must be done. No coercion . . .,

FATHER: That's right, that's right.

Prof. Viteles: .. . where I can see the things, I happen to be one of the unfortunates, I can only learn by seeing!

Now my last question, which is a rather forward one: Do YOU differentiate between spiritual leadership and what we call secular administration, or are the two combined, as it was with the Shakers, with the Perfectionists, or a similar movement, with the same people, the same Father and the Disciples, elected by the community? As far as I understood there seems to be a separation, because some of the property has been registered, for reasons, in the names of some of Your Followers, Disciples. But is there a differentiation in the actual leadership, in the actual, to use the daily, Shibboleth Administration, between the spiritual leadership and business or administrative leadership? and if yes, how are these, how are the Disciples, are they appointed? Are they elected by the Followers? Are they inherited? How is it done?

FATHER: Well, I might best give you a sketch of your response to your answer. In the copies of The New Day and even in this Supplement, which is quite an explicit introduction of ME to you and to the world, we do not even meet the people Personally unless they come here. My Following is in all parts of the world, and yet in Australia, New Zealand, in Panama, in the European countries and in England, in Switzerland, in Germany and in all of the European countries, we have not been to any of those places Personally, neither have I sent out representatives to try to get a following in those places, but they are as devout as these here, for I need not have any Personal contact with them especially, for it is true, I do hold, as you said a little while ago, that all things should be done without coercion and without persuasion. I hold that if a person does anything by persuasion, they may not consider they were led inspirationally or intuitively. Therefore, it might not work for the best advantage to them and to those with whom they are concerned. For:

'In any sacred work when coercion begins, the Work of GOD that moment ends. It is no longer the Work of GOD but the works of men.'

Therefore, I hold that the Spirit and Life of GOD intuitively and inspirationally will lead the people, if It is directed in the direction where It can contact them. Not necessarily by proselyting, but it is actually accomplished!

Now we have people in other countries just the same as other Churches and Hebrew Assemblies, without My going to any of those places; for GOD is Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent, and GOD is truly a Present Help in Every Need and need not be at any place especially, Personally, to accomplish that which HE may desire! So it is a privilege beyond a reasonable doubt, that one can come into possession of an inheritance not made with hands, but as Christianity said, eternal in the Heaven!

Rabbi Markowitz: May I ask an impertinent question?

FATHER: Certainly.

Rabbi Markowitz: We were out there, (turning to Mr. Simon Peter, he asks: ) what is the name of your Church?

Mr. Peter: Unity Mission Church.

Rabbi Markowitz: Yes, that's right. (Rabbi Markowitz turns to Professor Viteles, explaining: ) Mr. Peter is President of the Unity Mission Church. (Rabbi Markowitz then addresses FATHER, saying;) Now in our Synagogues we will have our Bar Mitzvahs, our weddings, our confirmations, various occasions where people are served, two hundred, two hundred and fifty people, and we will have our caterers come in. (Turning again to Mr. Peter he asks: ) How many were there that night?, four hundred?, five hundred?

Mr. Peter: Oh yes, more than that.

Rabbi Markowitz (to FATHER): Yes. I have never seen a caterer serve a dinner with the dispatch, the smoothness, the efficiency,

Prof. Viteles (interposing): And devotion which was displayed that evening! Now how do YOU do it?

Mr. Peter: It is done through FATHER'S Mind and Spirit, and devotion and consecration reincarnated, materialized and personified in us; and His Spirit and Mind quickens us and does the work. We don't do anything as a person. We are relaxed mentally and spiritually and allow the Spirit to use our body, and that is why things are done so accurately, by the Spirit of FATHER in us!

FATHER: It is Wonderful! The Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence of GOD within and without, motivates us all and causes you to move with the Spirit and the Nature of GOD transmitted to the children of men, so that they might be Partakers of HIM, to live forever in the Abundant Life where GOD'S Blessings are extended extensively and unlimitedly for the benefit of humanity universally! It is just Wonderful!

(FATHER again refers to the Supplement, saying: ) I would like to have one of the Secretaries to read this: 'FATHER DIVINE explains why His Followers do not accept gifts and tips'! I stress that for consideration. That is a part especially quoted from the Scripture, bringing into consideration the reality of devotional Judaism as a leader for the people! The majority of the Christians do not accept of that thought but it is deep to be considered. Now I believe and live by the Holy Bible and I believe in the Doctrine of GOD through Judaism as the wayshower to salvation! (FATHER turns to one of the Secretaries who is ready to read, saying: ) Proceed. (The Secretary reads from page three of the Supplement as follows: )


764-772 Broad Street

Philadelphia 46, Pa.

December 20, 1945 A.D.F.D.

To Whom It May Concern:

This is an open letter of information for the general public and to those who are concerned especially to those of the general public, some of whom do not know why My Followers, adherents to My Teaching, and members of our Churches under the Peace Mission Movement, do not take tips or receive gifts or presents of any kind.

A True Follower of Mine does not want or desire to receive a gift or present or anything of that type for Christmas or any holiday, and considers it to be un-evangelical, unconstitutional and not according to the Scripture otherwise especially so long as they are earning an independent living and expressing a real citizenry of independence individually, even as our country declared her independence as a nation. When a person earns a salary sufficient to meet the high cost of living and pays all of their past obligations such as may be imposed upon them, they would not and will not seek tips or presents, for the system of tip taking is trying to get something for nothing, that is not justly due them.

For this cause, My True Followers, as long as they receive just compensation for their labor, business, service and trade and their merchandise, will not accept of tips, gifts or presents, for such is in violation to the teaching of the Scripture and they feel and are sure they are not living evangelical if they break any of the rules and regulations, especially when they are receiving just compensation for the service they are giving.

Many commands of GOD, laws, rules and regulations of men have been violated for the lack of understanding and for the lack of receiving just compensation for the service, labor and merchandise and personal help they are giving, At times such has been forced upon them by panics, famines and depressions through the different political administrations which are responsible, but yet My True Followers have for many years been making good for that which they received through the depressions when they were not allowed to earn a livelihood. But since they can earn a livelihood now, they will abstain from the violations of tip taking, receiving gifts and presents, donations, love offerings or any such things that are in violation to the Declaration of Independence, for individuals should express their independence individually even as our country declared it as a nation.

The following quotations of the Scripture I add for your consideration and for the consideration of all humanity:

Exodus 23: 8

'And thou shalt take no gift: for the gift blindeth the wise, and perverteth the words of the righteous.'

Deuteronomy 16: 19

'And thou shalt not wrest judgment; thou shalt not respect persons neither take a gift: for a gift doth blind the eyes of the wise, and pervert the words of the righteous.'

Proverbs 15: 27

'He that is greedy of gain troubleth his own house; but he that hateth gifts shall live.'

Ecclesiastes 7: 7

'Surely oppression maketh wise man mad; and a gift destroyeth the heart.'

Isaiah 1: 23

'Thy princes are rebellious, and companions of thieves: every one loveth gifts, and followeth after rewards: they judge not the fatherless, neither doth the cause of the widow come unto them.'

II Chronicles 19: 7

'Wherefore now let the fear of the LORD be upon you: take heed and do it: for there is no iniquity with the LORD our GOD, nor respect of persons, nor taking of gifts.'

Proverbs 17: 23

'A wicked man taketh a gift out of the bosom to pervert the ways of judgment.'

The above I wrote so that you and all may see and know the foundation upon which we are standing and why we do not want any gifts, tips or presents from any person or persons unobligated, that they and all who are concerned might be even as I AM, for this leaves ME Well, Healthy, Joyful, Peaceful, Lively, Loving, Successful, Prosperous and Happy in Spirit, Body and Mind and in every organ, muscle, sinew, joint, limb, vein and bone and even in every atom, fibre and cell of My Bodily Form.'

Respectfully and Sincere, I AM

REV. M. J. DIVINE, Ms. D., D. D.

(Better known as FATHER DIVINE)

Prof Viteles: Very well said.

FATHER: Thank you.

Prof Viteles: May I express my deep appreciation to FATHER for having enlightened me personally about the true aims of Your Work

FATHER: Thank you.

Prof Viteles: And I shall not fail in my teachings to tell my students what I beard from FATHER! And I very much appreciate the opportunity which I hope will be given to me, of visiting some of Your institutions and talking and spending some time with Your people. If I have intruded on FATHER' S time I apologize and I hope I have not inconvenienced HIM too much.

FATHER: Not at all. We are happy to take up this little time with you, although it is true, I AM busy all day and all night too! But since it is My Work and I start where I stop and I stop where I start, it is wonderful! (All join in the merriment, then FATHER glances at His watch and says: ) I think they are about ready to break bread at the Banquet.

Prof Viteles: FATHER, may I be excused because I must take a train back to New York because I have a class at Columbia University at five o'clock.

FATHER: I see.

Prof. Viteles: And I must not disappoint the class. I must catch the three-thirty train, I must not disappoint those students who are waiting. I am sure FATHER would appreciate it.

Had I known this I would have given them due notice and they would not have regretted that I would not have been there, but since I did not give them any notice, I am sure FATHER DIVINE would understand and will permit me to keep my appointment.

MOTHER: What subjects do you teach, Professor?

Prof Viteles: I teach cooperation. That is my subject.

FATHER: That is wonderful. Well I hope that you will be able to gain a point of view for some of your understudies, of what you see here cooperatively, by bringing an end to all division among us. We know that such as is exemplified is good for the nations to live, and as you convey to your students and others your conviction of what you have seen, just this little sketch and a reflection of a percent of a fraction of a grain of what it really is, I AM sure you will be of material service to them from this angle of expression, and cooperation means so much. And it means so much, as you say, by cooperation, because the cooperative means a whole lot by the Work of GOD through the children of men by integration and by bringing an end to all division. As you mentioned the Shakers and the different ones that are religious expressions and of a religious aspect, it is through religion that we have a Democracy today! That is according to My Version. The Pilgrim Fathers came to this country through and by religion, seeking religious liberty; and they acquired it and have set up a standard of Faith as a Sample and as an Example for humanity; but the majority of the people do not live it and put it into expression.

Had the different nations united, according to My Proposal, they would have been today free from the stain of that inhuman war, for I recall writing Hitler and many of the other nations to bring an abolition to the oppression of the Jews in Germany; and when they started in their wild career I sent a message,

'Why not propose the purchase of coveted Czechoslovakian territory, substituting cooperation and peace for terrible inhuman warfare consequences?'

But they continued in their career. And as with them, My Proposal to that end, it was the same! (FATHER hands Professor Viteles a sheet bearing His various Peace Stamps and Proposals in their consecutive order. Indicating the first Stamp, FATHER says: ) The Green Stamp will show you just what I proposed.

(As the Professor again thanks FATHER, and he and Rabbi Markowitz prepare to leave, FATHER asks: ) How are you traveling?

Rabbi: I have transportation.

Prof. Viteles: The Rabbi has been kind enough. Thank YOU, very much.

FATHER (turning to Rabbi Markowitz): Well, if he can't stay, you can come back, can't you?

Rabbi Markowitz: Not this afternoon, but YOU haven't heard the last of me!

(FATHER at this point shows them His Stamp on Nationalist China, which reads as follows: )


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

September 14,1951 A.D.F.D.

Telegrams to - President of the United States HARRY S. TRUMAN:

"Why not immediately officially accept of Chiang Kai Shek's Nationalist Government of China and permit Japan to sign a Bilateral Treaty with Chiang Kai-Shek and let them become to be consolidatedly allied with us before he will be forced to join Communist China?"

REV. M. J. DIVINE, Ms. D.; D. D.
(Better known as FATHER DIVINE)


September 14,1951 A.D.F.D.

His Excellency TRYGVE LIE

Secretary General of the United Nations:

"Why not immediately officially accept of Chiang Kai Shek's Nationalist Government of China permitting them full status with other Allied Nations including Japan and let them become to be consolidatedly allied with us before he will be forced to join Communist China?"

REV. M. J. DIVINE, Ms. D., D. D.
(Better known as FATHER DIVINE)


FATHER then says: This, My Proposal, was fulfilled the other day in the signing of the treaty with the representative of the Nationalist China to the United States. It is Wonderful!

Prof. Viteles: Thank YOU, very much.

(Prof. Viteles and Rabbi Markowitz are escorted downstairs by FATHER and MOTHER DI\TINE Personally, as the Holy Communion Service is about to be served by Them, and our guests step into the Holy Communion Hall and walk to the head of the Table with FATHER and MOTHER, surveying the Dining Hall and the Annex to the Dining Hall. Rabbi Markowitz, in explaining the vastness of the Service and the many courses that are served, remarks to Professor Viteles: ) I have never seen anything as competently done! (Turning to FATHER he says: ) Sorry I can't stay but I'll take a rain check on that, FATHER!

FATHER: Yes, Happy to have you come and stay all day, if you care to.

Rabbi Markowitz: Thank YOU, goodbye, FATHER.

FATHER: Peace, and many Blessings! Shalom!

Professor Viteles and Rabbi Markowitz: Shalom!


Remarks of Mr. Simon Peter, Manager of the Peace Unity Grocery,
900 N. 41 St., Philadelphia

In the Holy Communion Hall of the Unity Mission Church, Home, and Training School, Inc. of Pennsylvania
907 N. 41 Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Tuesday Evening and Wednesday Morning, March 8-9, 1955 A.D.F.D., Time: 2: 20 a.m.

Unity Mission Church Auditorium

Unity Mission Church Auditorium

PEACE FATHER; PEACE MOTHER PEACE, EVERYONE: Since this is the Third Annual Banquet of the Peace Unity Grocery Cooperative Association and we are all members of it, that is why I thought it my duty to let others know and see, who are here, this is an association of fellowship, an association of appreciation, appreciation to FATHER and MOTHER DIViNE for their Spiritual Influence and for Their guidance to us, that by following Their Influence of being Faithful and True; being Honest in our endeavors, treating each and every one alike regardless of race, color or creed, and following this Precept laid down by FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE, it has brought us Success and Prosperity! (Thunderous applause rings out).

It has been calculated by one of the largest companies in America that, per inch space, the Peace Unity Grocery does more business than many of the large super markets! (Again thunderous applause resounds). It is the Principles laid down by our Beloved Leader, FATHER DIVINE, that to sell for LESS, the BEST for LESS, give good, honest, competent service, pay in CASH for everything, and selling for CASH, that by following these Principles laid down by FATHER DIVINE, Whom millions of us know as GOD ALMIGHTY, it has brought us Success and Prosperity and has put thousands of dollars back into the peoples' pockets by saving them the difference between what we sell and the difference other stores sell! For this Principle and for this Knowledge and for this Guidance which FATHER DIVINE and MOTHER DIVINE have laid down for us and which we are governed by, it is in this appreciation that we have this Banquet, this gathering that we all, those that are benefited by the Principles laid down by FATHER DIVINE and MOTHER DIVINE, the Principles of paying CASH and owing no man! (Loud applause rings out), there is no one here can say that we owe them one cent! (Thunderous applause sanctions this). I venture to say there is almost every large business concern in America represented here tonight and every one has been benefited by receiving cash and not having to lose a penny throughout these TEN YEARS of existence that the Peace Unity Grocery has done business with them! (Again thunderous applause from the many guests sanctions this).

For this blessing, for this guidance and for the understanding of business which YOU have given us, FATHER, in appreciation we gather here and do thank YOU and MOTHER!, and may it continue on to grow, that thousands of others may be benefited by it and carry on the Principles which YOU have laid down, that they too, may receive the same blessing of being able to bless the people! Not to see how much we can make. FATHER DIVINE said to see how little you can make and then you will be blessed! Upon this foundation we have operated and have operated and have found we have been blessed by His Holy Mind and Spirit which is Operative and Expressive for all the people. So I thank YOU, FATHER and I thank YOU, MOTHER, in appreciation for all the companies! (Thunderous applause again resounds from the many visiting guests).


Statement by FATHER Concerning His Cooperative System

In His Private Office, Circle Mission Church, Home and Training School
of Pennsylvania, 764-772 Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA.
Thursday Morning, January 2, 1947 A.D.F.D., Time: 4: 30 a.m.

Published in The New Day of January 11th, 1947, page 31



"The Cooperative System is an auxiliary in and under the Peace Mission Movement but run in independent units; therefore, the Cooperative System is not necessarily a church but the system itself is an auxiliary of the Peace Mission Movement. When and wheresoever there are cooperative groups united together and purchase personal or real property or have an established and individual enterprise, it is under the Peace Mission Movement but established by the Cooperative System through and by and for the individual unit established.

"Hence, the Cooperative System by the different units under the Peace Mission Movement, does purchase, hold and operate different independent units for the advancement of the Movement, and when and where there may come a time that a church is necessary for the accommodation of any of the organizations, the Cooperative System under the Peace Mission Movement, at times does purchase, own and hold such properties that may be advantageous to and for the organization in question. Under such terms, it belongs to the individual groups under the Cooperative System that have united and purchased such property for the benefit of the church organization in question.

"The Brigantine Hotel was firstly purchased, owned and operated by a group under private ownership, because it did not belong to an organization until it was transferred or turned over to them; The Palace Mission Church and Home, Incorporated, now established in Pine Brook, New Jersey, does not own any real property whatsoever. The home for the Palace Mission Church and Home, Incorporated of New Jersey is in The Pine Brook Hotel, owned by a group under private ownership, which has given the church a grant, as did the owners of the Brigantine Hotel, and for the use of the Palace Mission Church and Home, Incorporated, even though the property is under private ownership. But, as aforesaid, the Cooperative System under the Peace Mission Movement is a system that works cooperatively for the advancement of the Movement and for the benefit of the Work in general Therefore, those who voluntarily join the Cooperative System, they are not necessarily joining the church, but they are becoming a part of the Cooperative System to and for the advancement of the Movement under which such churches and connections are established.

"The Cooperative System is the outstanding auxiliary of the Peace Mission Movement; there is where I say constantly, My Followers have unlimited purchasing power, because they hold, have and own and control unlimited wealth cooperatively in different units independently and each unit as an independent unit, but yet under the Cooperative System, which is the auxiliary of the Peace Mission Movement, it is the main auxiliary of the Peace Mission Movement though many churches and different enterprises have been established. The Cooperative System is not a corporation and it is not incorporated, for it is somewhat like the Peace Mission Movement, as the foundation and establishment of the different organizations, but yet it is not incorporated.

"Also under the Cooperative System there are individuals which purchase, hold and cooperatively own business places of various types of business and trade, out of their own private funds, and establish many business enterprises privately owned and operated as independent units. Each business enterprise, though owned by groups at times or privately owned property and privately owned business enterprises, yet those enterprises are under the Cooperative System owned and operated by those who are adherents to My Teaching. If they desire to establish any business they are privileged to do so as they will, and yet the respective businesses are privately owned and operated according to My Mind and Spirit and in many instances there is where they acquire private funds, such profits as they do derive from the private enterprise. But the businesses under the Cooperative System are usually on non-profit basis, whereas they may benefit the general public and especially the patrons and customers, that make little or no profit ordinarily, but by living economically and working cooperatively they eliminate a great part of overhead expenses, they become successful and prosperous in businesses that are on non-profit basis and by being so blessed, if they desire to cooperate in the purchase of property for a new site for a church or for a school or any other charitable institution, they can do it independently without soliciting, without taking up collections or without any donations and when and wheresoever they decide to do that, they do it independently and then invite the church organization to take possession; and at times it may be owned by the Cooperative System as enterprises but they may give the church the grant for the use of it until they deem it necessary to sign the property over to the church if it happens to be property that would be suitable for one of the churches and homes or any other charitable enterprise. This way we do not have to do any soliciting or depend on any outside contributions or donations. Hence, everything is successful and prosperous under the jurisdiction of the Peace Mission, for they all work cooperatively and unselfishly, yet the Cooperative System is independent to the church corporations and organizations and the church corporations and organizations are independent to the Cooperative System and its enterprises. But whatsoever is done in that line as cooperating or cooperatively, it is done voluntarily and without even soliciting the Cooperative System for their cooperation. Each individual and each individual unit and each auxiliary, especially such as the Cooperative System, is independent, and yet each of these is influenced and inspired by, and they are under the Peace Mission Movement."








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