The Marriage of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE,
What Does it Mean to Followers After seventeen Years?



The following article, printed in The New Day of May 4th, 1963,
comprises personal testimonies of a cross section of followers of FATHER DIVINE
who have been drawn from every walk of life to follow His Teachings.
They were given to one of our staff writers this month, (April 1963) when followers come to Philadelphia
from all parts of the world to celebrate the
16th Anniversary of the Holy Marriage of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE on April 29th.


FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE at the Tarrytown Mansion, New York

FATHER DIVINE with The Holy Bible







Newspapers and news magazines, gossip columnists and the general consensus of public opinion back in 1946, when the Marriage of FATHER DIVINE and MOTHER DIVINE made headline news internationally,. was that such a marriage could not, would not, last. During the several years immediately following the marriage newspapers printed all sorts of rumors about FATHER DIVINE'S Marriage, but time has proven them false.

There were ,also, people who were not sure. These assumed a wait-and-see attitude. Skeptics said followers would not accept FATHER DIVINE'S Marriage for it violated His Own strict code forbidding them to mary. These people predicted that followers themselves would begin to marry.

But the few farsighted people who had faith in the sincerity of FATHER DIVINE and the life HE advocates, and lives HIMSELF, now have the satisfaction of proof that virtue can hold its own.

Followers voice a feeling of satisfaction and carry about them an air of contentment with FATHER'S Marriage to MOTHER DIVINE. This prevailing atmosphere far exceeds anything skeptics dreamed could be possible. Adherents to FATHER Teachings cherish the thought that FATHER has produced in MOTHER one spotless example of virginity before the world. They endeavor wholly and solely to follow Her model.

In MOTHER DIVINE, FATHER has proven conclusively that it is possible to live an absolutely chaste life. In His own Life, FATHER portrays daily the Holiness of Jesus and the Condescension of GOD to His People.


Chairman of Faculty Speaks

Dr. LaVere E. Belstrom, A. B., A. M., Ed. D., who is now Chairman of the Faculty, Peace Mission International Free Schools, recalled "Sometime ago I searched for a compatible mate. In the center of my ambitions was a beautiful home and an attractive, understanding wife— two very desirable adjuncts to a professional career.

"With certain ideals of womanhood in mind," the doctor reminisced, "I searched only to realize eventually that I would never find all of my ideals in one person. Therefore, I decided to be content with the best mate I could find, even though she did not embody all of my ideals. Eventually the date was set, after many apprehensions and misgivings.

I had been dabbling in FATHER DIVINE'S Teaching, read His papers spasmodically and seen FATHER DIVINE from a distance. Something told me this was no ordinary organization, but I had no mind to embrace fully the Peace Mission Movement. To the contrary, I kept trying to reconcile marriage with FATHER DIVINE'S Teachings, and my fiancee tried to help me.

"A few days before the date, qualms and misgivings about marriage began to set in. Most of the day and night I wrestled with the Lord over the problem, aided by the Bible, The New Day and other literature. By four o'clock in the morning, I knew FATHER DIVINE had won! From that day to this, I have not touched, nor even sought a woman with affection or matrimony in mind.

FATHER DIVINE, GOD Almighty, worked this miracle. Yet I had not corresponded nor talked with HIM. His Spirit works even more miraculously in my life since His marriage to MOTHER DIVINE. I realize that FATHER DIVINE is my real FATHER and that MOTHER DIVINE is my real MOTHER. In Her I finally found all of my ideals of Womanhood, and infinitely more.

"In Her FATHER DIVINE places before the world," Dr. Belstrom concluded, "Irrefutable proof that the Life of Christ can be lived right here on earth. In MOTHER DIVINE, everyone on earth find the lively hope that he or she can also achieve perfection and eternal salvation of his or her very own spirit, mind and body."


Miss Zacharias B. Love

Her eyes danced as Miss Zacharias B. Love, a co-worker at the Divine Riviera Hotel in Newark, New Jersey, spoke of the Marriage of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE. Recounting her early days a a juvenile delinquent she said, "I had one horrible experience after another in the world of child delinquency. Episodes in my life would fill volumes.

"At fourteen," Miss Love related, "I started all that was evil. Men slashed my face, cut the clothes from my body and held loaded guns on me." Deep scars bear out this fact, as Miss Love pointed to her face and arms. "On one occasion," she went on, "a man held a gun toward me loaded with poisoned bullets that meant slow death if they were not instantly fatal. The threat lasted for hours. During this time I saw a vision of a tall woman standing in the room, and all during those years of sin and debauchery of the lowest type, a voice would speak to me and repeat, 'Repent and reform.' This voice was FATHER DIVINE.

"In the year 1931 I saw FATHER DIVINE and as HE seemed to look straight at me, I seemed to be stripped naked, my sins exposed. I was ashamed to be standing in that large audience at the Rush Memorial (a church where FATHER DIVINE held meetings in the early thirty's) as though naked. I knew then that FATHER DIVINE was not a man but GOD.

"When FATHER DIVINE Married MOTHER DIVINE it seemed the fulfillment of all the virtue that I had missed as a young girl. I love and reverence our Blessed Virgin MOTHER. The prayers of millions is answered in this day, 'Let THY Kingdom come and THY Will be done on earth as it is in heaven.'"


And one could see without a shadow of a doubt this one had "repented and reformed."



From Nazi Germany

Sal Frankel, head of the Frankel Electric Company here in the East said, "It is a rare privilege to be a recipient of the many blessings FATHER DIVINE has bestowed upon me, for which, if all the water in the oceans had been ink and the sky paper, there would not be enough to write praise and thanks to His Holy Name.

I have experienced the darkest hours a human can endure, through torture, slavery, hunger and the constant shadow of the gallows and gas chambers in Nazi Germany." Mr. Frankel related.

"And from those depths, where the live envy the dead, it is I whom FATHER DIVINE has bestowed with a new life abundant with love for all mankind, rich in happiness, joyous with health and peace of mind.

"From the day of my liberation, FATHER guided me across the ocean to the shores of this beautiful United States. HE comforted me and cleared the path to bring me closer to HIM and all the noble that surround HIM; to the majesty of the pure love and kindness of MOTHER DIVINE, to partake of the abundance of His Holy Table and the wisdom of His Prophecies; to look at Him and see the aurora of holiness, to look at MOTHER DIVINE and see assurance of everlasting love.

Sal Frankel referred to the marriage of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE. He said, "FATHER'S Marriage to MOTHER DIVINE is an oath to all mankind to exemplify purity, devotion, love and kindness which is destroying evil, melting hatred and bringing understanding among all people."



Miss Beautiful Love

A modiste from East Germany who had her own business establishment, fled to the West during the Communist occupation. She came to this country a few years ago as a member of the German Rosebud Choir and is now a choir member in Philadelphia.

Miss Beautiful Love answered or question by saying, "I had never seen such a marvelous act. It was done so silently but it spoke so loudly. It was religion put forth into deeds. FATHER, without planning or speaking, brought many people to HIM and united them more effectively after HIS Marriage.

"I had always wondered," she continued,"if it were possible to bring so-called races together peacefully. FATHER'S Marriage showed the world it could be done.

"I Germany I saw followers drawn closer to FATHER DIVINE. His marriage was something they accepted immediately.

"As I enjoy seeing everyone happy, FATHER'S Marriage has the unselfish purpose which I love. HIS every deed and action benefits the whole world. What HE does is never confined or limited to the sphere of The Peace Mission Movement itself. In time, everybody will accept and appreciate the Marriage of GOD to HIS Church. Otherwise FATHER would not have said that April 29th is an international, Interracial holiday.

"The Anniversary of the Marriage of Christ to the Church is always a grand occasion in the Unity Mission Church in Germany. Private cars are used to transport the sisters and brothers from Wiablingen and Esslingen to Goeppingen. The cars are handsomely decorated each Anniversary with large white carnations, fern and ribbon. At the church, the great festival takes place. What rejoicing and praising there!

"I heard about FATHER DIVINE about a year after the Marriage from a neighbor whose husband was a high ranking officer in the army. The virtue of this Holy Marriage influenced her life so that she and her husband began to live a virtuous life. "To me, Father DIVINE'S work can be compared to a crown but with one jewel missing — the Marriage. MOTHER DIVINE is that precious gem that completes the crown.


They Walk in HIS Statutes

Methuselah Abolition, who is now a doorman at FATHER DIVINE'S Headquarters in Philadelphia, has this to say about the impact of FATHER DIVINE'S Marriage in his life. "In 1933 I went into one of FATHER DIVNE'S meetings for the first time. When FATHER DIVINE spoke I remember these words HE said, 'Behold we put bits in horses mouths, that they may obey us; and we turn about their whole body, (quoted from the Holy Bible) but I will put MY Spirit in the people and cause them to walk in MY statutes and as they have been doing, they will not do again.'

"This HE did for me. I don't drink intoxicating liqueur any more. I don't gamble any more. I don't steal any more. I don't break up homes any more. I don't run red light houses any more. I don't pick peoples pockets any more.

"FATHER DIVINE did not tell me personally to stop those things but HIS Holy Divine Spirit took the desire from me and caused me to live and express and portray the evangelical life which Jesus set before us.

Now since GOD Almighty, FATHER DIVINE has cleaned me up I can understand that HIS Marriage to MOTHER DIVINE is the fulfillment of Revelation 19;6-9. WE the followers of FATHER DIVINE, who have our wedding garments on are blessed to be called to the Marriage Super of the Lamb and His Spotless Virgin Bride. FATHER DIVINE'S Marriage united all nations, languages, tongues and people together as one Universal Family of GOD.

We live and express in our daily lives, the Holiness of Jesus and the Virginity of Mary which FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE exemplify. We are free from sex indulgence, human affection and present our bodies as living sacrifices holy and acceptable to GOD, which is our reasonable service. We are no more conformed to this world but are transformed by the renewing of our minds."


Mr Simon Peter

Mr. Simon Peter, President of the Unity Mission network of Churches on the Eastern Seaboard in this country explained,"This Sacred, Holy , Spiritual Marriage has been a great mental and spiritual unfoldment in my life. It has brought a physical revolution internally to me as well. It has been the means whereby the social and en doctrinal desires and appetites have been purged from my life.

"This Sacred, Holy Marriage of the spotless, pure, Virgin Bride to our Lord and Savior, GOD Almighty, FATHER DIVINE, depicted what Their Life would do for me— 'The sons of Levi would be purged as silver and gold is purged.'"

Mr. Peter continued,"Before I met FATHER DIVINE, having been a well known doctor, respected in my profession, as well as socially, I was a slave to lust and passion and adultery.

I now feel a new social order of discipline and complete abstinence of all that is not God-like. This Marriage has given me a new mind, a new spirit, a holy appetite for the clean and wholesome and uplifting things that will maintain a true Christ-like and evangelical Holiness."


Mr. Rupert Beswicke Visiting From Australia

Mr. Rupert Beswicke, Vice President of the Circle Mission Church of Australia at Melbourne, is currently visiting FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE in this country. Mr Beswicke is a former architect and director of the firm Colbert Pty. ltd. of Collins Street, Melbourne.

Mr Beswicke said, "I realize and recognize that FATHER DIVINE is my real Father and that MOTHER DIVINE is my real Mother and I never had another. Through this conviction deep down in my heart I can be reborn in Spirit and Mind and become a real child of GOD Himself and His Spotless Virgin Bride on earth tabernacling with men.

"FATHER DIVINE'S Marriage means real and true salvation on earth is possible for me and all mankind. I see a great change taking place in the world, and that great change is the redemption of man from evil ways. It is at hand for those who will believe and accept as a truth that the word has been made flesh and dwells among men.

"By this holy virtuous Marriage which propagates virtue, purity and holiness, heaven and earth have been united. This has also united all races, creeds, colors and nations.

"Through the Exemplification of MOTHER DIVINE, this marriage has shown me that the Life of Christ, as taught by Jesus the Christ and recorded in the Gospels of Mathew, Mark, Luke and John and especially The Sermon on the Mount, can be lived. I see the day, through FATHER DIVINE'S Marriage, where flesh will be earthy or evil no longer, but become Spiritualized as Jesus said to Nickodemus, 'Ye must be born again.'

"So I come from far away Australia to praise and give thanks and rejoice at the Marriage of FATHER DIVINE to MOTHER DIVINE. I quote Revelation 19: 7-9 of the holy Bible: 'Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honor to him; for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and his wife hath made herself ready.: And to her was granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen, clean and white; for the fine linen is the righteousness of the saints. And he saith unto me, write, Blessed are they which are called unto the marriage supper of the Lamb. And he saith unto me, These are the true sayings of GOD'"


Mr. N. T. Paris

The head of a contracting firm, Mr. N. T. Paris, was a former President of the Circle Mission Church of Panama. "I was seeking something," Mr. Paris told us, "but did not know what it was. I did know though, that I would find it. A New Day was given to me as I was going to work one day. When I began to read the paper I felt something moving in me. I read more and more and I found myself reading out loud in the street. I also found myself walking and working without fear of anyone.

"I was told from the within that FATHER DIVINE was GOD. I opened the Bible at random to the nineteenth chapter of Revelation, the sixth and seventh verses. I foresaw then, the marriage spoken of , and I am satisfied to know that GOD in the FATHERSHIP Degree is here.

"During this time." Mr. Paris said, "I was in the Republic of Panama as the President of the Circle Mission Church. My conviction that FATHER DIVINE is GOD was revealed to me there and HIS Holy Immaculate Marriage that is incorruptible and undefiled and that cannot be slightly touched by the thoughts and versions of men, the same virtue as set before us by FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE, is lived by followers in Panama.


Link Between Mortality and Divinity - Miss Marjori Heart

Miss Marjori Heart, formerly of England explained, "When MOTHER DIVINE, with every promise of a happy human life before her, renounced family, friends, possessions and ambitions in order to free Herself to become the Helpmate of GOD, FATHER DIVINE, a great spiritual impetus was felt by those seeking a righteous life around the world.

"Many young girls,"she continued,"have renounced the world in order to enter a convent, but MOTHER DIVINE, in Her sacred Marriage vows, did not retire from the world. Rather, She sacrificed every mortal thought, word, deed and emotion in order to prove to the world that Her conviction of FATHER DIVINE'S Deity enabled Her to live the Christ Life in its fullness.

At the time of the Marriage I had known of FATHER DIVINE for about five years and was endeavoring to follow His Teaching. When the news reached me I was in Germany and I realized that the very day that I had left my native land to cut loose the bonds of family and friends, was the day of the Marriage.

"Within two years my desire to become an American was realized and I have been privileged to reside at FATHER DIVINE's Headquarters since that time, where I could see FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE daily.

"I have never seen MOTHER DIVINE express anything but the perfection of unselfishness, nor have I ever known Her to be sick. At all times She radiates the beauty, health and love of FATHER DIVINE. Over the years I have seen Her grow in spiritual freedom and power. She has proven to me, as to many others, that the Teachings of FATHER DIVINE can be lived with perfect accuracy. With the same self denial, persistence and love for GOD, mortality can be overcome by anyone.

"She is my spiritual Mother and with tenderness and understanding She uplifts me as I desire to follow Her footsteps. Her love for FATHER DIVINE is a perpetual inspiration. Truly the Marriage of FATHER DIVINE has provided a link between mortality and divinity and I cannot adequately express all it has meant to me."


Dr. Peter Love

Dr. Peter Love, B.A., M.S., Ph.D., currently research associate in physics at Brown University, was raised from infancy under the jurisdiction and influence of FATHER DIVINE'S Peace Mission Movement. To Dr. Love the Peace Mission Movement anywhere in the world is home.

"In the Marriage of FATHER DIVINE to HIS Spotless Virgin Bride, MOTHER DIVINE, FATHER has realized the reciprocity of His own Spirit," the professor told us.

"One definition of loving is admiring that which is most similar to our selves or to our ideals. One might simply say that like sees like. Thus, when FATHER married His Spotless Virgin BRide, HE had found His Own. Therefore, FATHER'S Marriage is esthetically satisfying.

"In practical terms, FATHER, in marrying MOTHER DIVINE, established a true home and a true family. A home is many things. It is more than a place where a family lives; just as a family is more than a group of people who live together. A home is where the members of a family reciprocally share common harmonious experiences. Just as there must be this reciprocity between the parents, so also must there be a reciprocity between the parents and the children.

"It gives me great pleasure to think of the testimonies of many of FATHER and MOTHER'S children, many of whom by the standards of the world could be grandfather or grandmothers, and at times come from great distances, and exclaim how happy they are to be at Home, to be with and see their FATHER and MOTHER. This can only be done in the family of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE.

"Furthermore, the reciprocity of FATHER'S and MOTHER'S Home extends to their children of all ages."

"In marrying His Spotless Virgin Bride, FATHER and MOTHER not only established a true Home, but set an example for all to follow and live."


Members of FATHER DIIVINE'S Staff

FATHER DIVINE has said that members of His Secretarial staff love Him more since His Marriage to MOTHER DIVINE. With this point in view, we approached two of His many secretaries.

Miss Ann Sterrett, B.S., M.S., whose teaching career for thirty-five years in N.Y.C. schools included working in the capacity of assistant principle and work with retarded children, drew up an imaginary conversation to illustrate what FATHER DIVINE'S Marriage means in her life.


GOD: Man, I see you are traveling through this dark forest, having lost your way.

Man: Yes, there are so many by-passes, ramifications, pits and dead ends, that I have lost all hope of deliverance. And if I was delivered from all this, when I emerge from this dark forest, more than likely I would encounter other obstacles even greater than these. Why struggle?

GOD: Man lift up your eyes and behold the House on to of the Mountain. It is an Holy Place. If you take the path to the right it will lead you to its door. Inside you will find Peace, Contentment, even Eternal Life.

Man: What! That road! I wouldn't even try it. See how narrow it is? There is not even room enough to look to the left or the right. If I happen to slip, slide or lose balance, nothing less than a miracle could save me. I believe that only GOD Himself could actually ascend that path.

GOD: Man, someone has successfully climbed that path and has been admitted into the Holy Place!

Man: who?

GOD: the One who climbed the path did so because She was in love with the Master of the Holy Place. And as She ascended, the Master met Her along the way and helped Her over the difficult and rough places. The Master Married Her and called Her His Spotless Virgin Bride.

Man: But who is this Master whom you speak o much of?

GOD: I AM the Master! MY Marriage is a symbol of God's unity with man. For when I extended MY hand to Her along the way and brought Her into at-one-ment with ME, I w as then and there lifting all mankind into the Perfect Christ Consciousness where man shall dwell forever with his GOD."


Miss Sunshine Flowers

Miss Sunshine Flowers, another of FATHER DIVINE'S secretaries, answered our question by telling us, "MOTHER DIVINE represents the Church in fulfillment of the Scripture. Her conviction,'I know YOU (FATHER DIVINE) are GOD,' is the conviction upon which the Church is built. Just as Simon Peter declared to Jesus,'Thou art the Christ, the Son of the Living GOD.' and Jesus answered Him saying, 'Upon this rock I will build My church; and the gates of (you know what) shall not prevail against it.'

"It was with this understanding and on this solid foundation that FATHER married MOTHER DIVINE, and through it the whole world will be able to see that the virtuous life is the only way to live successfully in prosperity, peace and contentment.

"This marriage introduces a new era of virtue to the world. It proved that the life of Christ can be lived, for MOTHER DIVINE is as virtuous today as the day as the day FATHER married Her.

"Being one on FATHER DIVINE'S staff for a number of years, I have had an opportunity to observe this Marriage at close range. I can proudly say that I have never seen an act or heard a word between FATHER and MOTHER that expressed anything but perfect chastity, holiness, virtue and an overwhelming humility and love of GOD. Never could Two Personalities express more majesty and holiness daily and momently before those of us close to Them Personally and before the world. This is GOD.

"The sacred Marriage of the Lamb and the Bride has united all races, creeds and nationalities in one. All people can now live together as GOD planned for it to be in the beginning of the world.

"I am humbly grateful for being a living witness to this great event and its sacred meaning to the world and being able to live in this holy atmosphere momently, hovered from the wickedness of the world. Surely as the years go by, this marriage is more real, more true, more pure and ever new."



Several years ago an article MOTHER DIVINE wrote for the press was republished to re verify what She had said. We quote portions of the article.

". . . Our Marriage has been discussed by all manner of people in every walk of life; some of whom have scoffed at is sacredness and questioned my virginity in much the same way they have sought to deride FATHER'S Deity and slander His noble Work and unselfish Mission here on earth.

"FATHER and I are conscious of these critics and would-be condemners who are too blind to perceive the Spiritual essence of our Marriage and who seek to distort its aims in bringing the people together. But evil tongues will be stilled forever and those who attempt to propagate such untruth will meet retribution just as wicked men have always been punished for their wrong-doing.

"There are many people who are sincere in wondering how long Our Marriage can exist when most famous personalities married life is marred with separation and divorces; they especially wonder if we are happy together, living lives of purity and chastity, free from lust and passion and self-indulgence. Yes, a marriage of this caliber can last eternally, for it is founded on the Spirit of purity, peace and Godliness and inspired by a desire to lift up a standard for the people. More and more men and women throughout the world are recognizing this fact and enrolling under the banner of FATHER DIVINE. Each year increasing thousands observe our Marriage Anniversary, especially since FATHER proclaimed April 29th to be an International, Interracial, Universal Holiday commemorating the Marriage of Christ to His Creation, yea GOD to His Spotless Church, His Spotless Virgin Bride, to universalize Democracy, Americanism, Christianity and Judaism as synonymous and to bring about the universal Brotherhood of man and the propagation of Virtue, Honesty and Truth . . ."


And so the Marriage of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE means more to followers and friends of the Movement and to people of the world after seventeen years than could have possibly been imagined on that April day in 1946 when Christ and His Church were united.









GOD is a free gift to the world. Any and all of the material on this and other pages may be copied and reproduced.

Use the material freely but respect FATHER DIVINE'S intent, which was and is, to provide us all with the keys to eternal health and happiness without cost or price. HE truly came as a free gift to the world, gratis to mankind.

It is also nice to give credit where credit is due for through the Spirit and Teaching of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE you are and can eternally be abundantly blessed.

From all of us to all of you. we wish you, peace and love, and many blessings, and may we all ever live in unity and brotherhood and the Consciousness of GOD'S Actual Ever Presence.

True Americanism, True Brotherhood, True Christianity, True Judaism and All True Religions are synonymous and truly Our GOD is One GOD. Amen

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