The Marriage That Crusades Against Everything But Godliness



FATHER DIVINE Started Many Wheels Turning For Good In His Marriage to MOTHER DIVINE





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"Unless there is a change, deep down in the American people, a general crusade against self-indulgence, immorality, public and private, then we are witnesses to the decline and fall of the American Republic," writes Mary Craig, prominent Washington correspondent. Many people would agree with the journalist. Many , also, are convinced that the Crusade has already begun.

Le us go back to the end of World War II, to 1946, when a Marriage that commanded world wide attention took place. That Marriage — the Marriage of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE, started a change of events capable of reshaping the future of the world if they have eyes to see.


The Space Age

Since 1946 we have seen the development of the space age, bringing with it elemental unity and thus a wide disbelief in an astronomical heaven. The uniting of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE in Holy Matrimony, often referred to as heaven and earth united, was symbolic of the beginning of this new age of, as FATHER DIVINE often says, "materialization of the spiritual and spiritualization of the material," where heaven and earth are placed in identical perspective.

From the missiles used in World War II have developed the space craft which have already orbited men around the world. The possibilities opened up by the exploration of outer space are breath-taking. The physical limitations to human existence have been lifted. Man is no longer bound by the gravitation of the earth; the way is being pioneered toward interplanetary travel, where neither time nor distance can be measured the earthbound way.

We can all be proud of the courage and persistence of the pioneers of this new age. The precision of craftsmanship and the perfection of calculation which the construction of spacecraft calls for demands a high level of performance. It is met with enthusiasm. A production line supervisor engaged in the building of a capsule to carry our first Gemini astronauts into space, said recently of his workers: "A seven day week for them and not a single gripe! They're building with the heart, not just head and hands."

This religious Space Age, if you will, has brought the imaginary, the unreal and unknown to earth, the Body of GOD, FATHER DIVINE Who has been united to the earth in His Marriage to MOTHER DIVINE. Courage and persistence and perfection and enthusiasm were also needed and evident to show men that it is possible to live holy, flawless, in our time.



Since 1946, no less than fifty countries have achieved their independence. All over the world, this upsurge of the spirit of independence has been felt. It may apparently bring bloodshed and confusion, yet national independence is essential to growth. What tremendous energies were released by America's own achievement of independence.

The struggle may be hard and in some cases almost fruitless, but the surge has started and like a mighty flood tide, it cannot be stopped. Each member of GOD'S Creation must have a voice in unity with the whole and the right to be free must be granted.

Politically, the great powers can no longer act through secret channels of diplomacy. The alert eye of independent nations is upon them, and their acts must come before the bar of these countries.

American leaders are aware that the alert eyes of these young nations are watching to see if social justice is carried out in America. They know that America's prestige abroad depends upon it. President Johnson, like President Kennedy, stands solidly behind the principle of the same rights for all American citizens and is devoting his energies toward making this a legal reality. In February of this year the House of Representatives passed the most sweeping civil rights legislation in history.


Social Equality

Since we are looking back to the year of 1946, we may recall president Eisenhower's action in overriding state law and sending federal protection to Little Rock to ensure that school integration be carried out. President Truman was also active in civil rights, bringing about integration in the Armed Forces.

An individual can no longer be deprived of his birthrights that pronounce him equal to every other human being. The Marriage of FATHER DIVINE to MOTHER DIVNE has made this an unwritten law of heaven and earth forever. No matter what is done to prevent it, equality, regardless to race, creed or color will be established. Lets think back eighteen years and see how, since the Supreme Court's Resolution, the walls of segregation have been shattered in schools and colleges, in employment, in housing, in recreation and transportation. It is true that it takes great sacrifice and courage to break the accepted pattern in any walk of life. FATHER DIVINE has done this. And once the way has been pioneered, the majority of the people will follow very readily. In how many American cities do we now see citizens of different complexions working, playing and eating side by side.

The march toward social equality is marred by acts of violence from time to time, but we must remember that it is the sensational which captures headlines, and these incidents are few compared to the steady gains in integration in all walks of life. The main leaders in the drive for social equality are non-violent. The vast throngs that marched on Washington last summer to demand their rights as citizens were models of peace and brotherhood. All complexions participated but no undesirable incident was reported.

It can only be thus, for it is the soft, easy moving and peaceful Spirit of FATHER DIVINE that is motivating it.

If we look at the religious life of this country, what do we see? Much that is false and hypocritical perhaps, but what great urge is this, impelling different sects and denominations to unite? When, in the history of the world, has such an attempt been made to overcome bigotry and encourage tolerance? The efforts made by Pope John and Pope Paul to unify with the rest of the Christian world are noteworthy. Indeed Pope Paul's recent visit to the Holy Land was unprecedented.


The Cover is Off

Graft and corruption in political life may appear to be great but the integrity of public figures is frequently investigated. Consider the fall from grace of such an influential figure as Sherman Adams, President Eisenhower's aid, on the charge of receiving gifts and the recent Bobby Baker investigations. Some politicians now refuse to accept gifts of value over an amount of say. $2.50 or $5.00 according to individual scruples. At the White House, gifts exceeding $15.00 in value are returned.

In city and state, as well as in national government, acceptance of gifts by officials becomes increasingly open to suspicion, and in many instances is actually illegal.

The absolute honesty of FATHER DIVINE is not just an individual matter, it is as impersonal as the wind and as penetrating as nuclear fallout.


Its Meaning to the World

FATHER DIVINE'S Marriage to MOTHER DIVINE meant that one among the millions following Him had reached the place of expression where She was wholly united with Him in righteousness and virtue. No longer can FATHER DIVE'S Teaching be considered too strict for human beings to follow.

MOTHER DIVINE adhering to it in all conscientiousness is a perfect picture as the years pass, retaining Her youthful beauty with an increasing charm that is not of this world. All the virtues are made highly desirable in the radiance She exhibits. The souls of men are satisfied as they behold and they, too, seek the true wealth to be found in righteous living rather than in the accumulation of money and status and the indulgence of selfish desires.

FATHER DIVINE has expressed it with affluence. He said, "As I have married MY Spotless Virgin Bride, I have begun a great Marriage Betrothal of the hearts and lives of the children of men, fulfilling the Scripture in bringing about a new heaven and a new earth controlled in righteousness.

"Thus," FATHER continued, "as a farmer turns up the soil and nourishes it for soil preservation, so I AM uprooting and overturning all unrighteousness in the consciousness of humanity, and sowing seeds of righteousness in the soil of their soul that they may bring to fruition in their lives a harvest of health and of wealth. Thus peace and plenty shall flood the land and want and strife shall be no more."

AS MOTHER DIVINE has achieved a state of consciousness above the mortal, many are becoming to be as She. It is the reality of this Spiritual victory over the gravitation of mortality that has made possible the physical victory over the gravitation of the earth.

This is a life in which human affection and hence lust and passion have no part. The millions who have chosen this way of life have not cloistered themselves from the world; nor are they living unhappy, unfulfilled lives. They have touched the chord of true brotherhood and have a happiness which leaves no space for selfish longing or desire. This is the reality of the Life of Christ, the goal toward which all true religions aspire. It is tremendously influential because it is real.

In this way of life segregation, bigotry and prejudice from any angle does not exist. And it is the reality of this life in the children of the Marriage of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE today which is stirring the furthest corners of the earth. Here is the powerhouse of the great surge toward unity.

Here, too, is perfection of morality —no drinking, no smoking , no using of vulgar or profane language, no accepting of gifts or presents, no undue mixing of the sexes, no immodesty in wearing apparel. This is the standard that the Marriage of FATHER DIVINE has propagated and which is adhered to in all DIVINE Hotels. In their happy, uplifting atmosphere, the general public find it easy to fall in line.

"I have come in this Fatherhood Dispensation," explains FATHER DIVINE, "to make the Scripture plain to all mankind; and through MY Marriage I have expounded the Truth in the Virtue of Our Lives that the pathway that leadeth to life might be made bright and clear for all mankind to follow.

"It is true," He continued, "this pathway is straight, which is strict, and narrow for their cannot be any deviations in walking up this pure and undefiled way of the Christ Life.

"In this latter dispensation of the Christ," FATHER said, "I have given the world the perfect working law of the economic system of both real evangelism and of real democracy. Millions living according to this standard of economic freedom do not beg, borrow, solicit or steal. They do not speculate, nor rob another or others by graft and greed. They pay spot cash for all purchases and those who are in business sell commodities at prices lower than the average businesses."

The Divine Idea of a life of perfect love, peace and happiness for mankind came to the earth-plane in the infant Jesus. In ignorance and selfishness, man rejected the idea. Nevertheless the idea remained and became increasingly widely accepted. Now, through the Marriage of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE the ideal has been made real.

FATHER DIVINE opens the closed door of the mind of man to what lies before him: "By walking together in brotherhood and unity of Spirit, of Mind, of Aim and of Purpose you can have fellowship and communion together in Virtue, with the Spirit of Christ according to the plan and purpose of GOD. You cannot imagine the infinite Blessings of GOD that are just beginning to unfold for all who will accept of them by imbibing the Mind of Christ. Only through the Mind of Christ can you stay on the High Way of holiness, that will take you beyond the frontiers of the limitations of men into the New Earth and the New Heaven which John saw coming down out of the imaginations of men.

Truly I AM Creating a New Nation of every nation, language, tongue and people on this earth — washing them of the characteristics that have kept them divided — amalgamating them into the Family of GOD. One Nation, Indivisible, that can dwell in Peace by the Virtue of GOD.

"It takes and self-denial to conquer the tendencies within men and nations which prevent progress and create wars . . "

This is what the world as a whole does not want to accept. Men are searching every other possible avenue to peace and progress. As the way narrows man will have to face his own soul and realize that the problems of the world lie within himself. As he hopes to live, he must become a part of this Universal Marriage, uniting with the Christ within that the base desires of mortal man may be overcome. This is the Angelic Dispensation of FATHER DIVINE and a new divine race is coming into existence, the children of this Divine Marriage. Religion can no longer be a supposition, the age-long hopes and aspirations of mankind are actually being fulfilled.









GOD is a free gift to the world. Any and all of the material on this and other pages may be copied and reproduced.

Use the material freely but respect FATHER DIVINE'S intent, which was and is, to provide us all with the keys to eternal health and happiness without cost or price. HE truly came as a free gift to the world, gratis to mankind.

It is also nice to give credit where credit is due for through the Spirit and Teaching of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE you are and can eternally be abundantly blessed.

From all of us to all of you. we wish you, peace and love, and many blessings, and may we all ever live in unity and brotherhood and the Consciousness of GOD'S Actual Ever Presence.

True Americanism, True Brotherhood, True Christianity, True Judaism and All True Religions are synonymous and truly Our GOD is One GOD. Amen

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