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The Mystery of GOD'S Actual Presence --- FATHER DIVINE




Our FATHER'S Message Given at the Banquet Table, 20 West 115th Street, New York City, N. Y.,
Monday, February 7th, 1938 A.D.F.D., Time: 2:15 A.M.


Rockland Palace, New York City






GOD proves to us continually HE knows the minds of men and the thoughts thereof before they speak them. Despite the fact that thousands congregated in the Banqueting Halls and in the Auditorium and outwardly all expressed the appearance of joy, there were some in our midst with questioning minds, evidently, who spoke out their thoughts not in words but GOD heard their unspoken words which were not outwardly voiced. HE also heard the words of those who were not there and then assembled, and with explanation of great import HE gives the significance and the importance of constantly reiterating anything, and especially when that reiteration is expressing positive views.

(The foregoing statement is that of the transcriber after which FATHER speaks as follows:)






Peace everyone: Here we are again and yet it is the same time, (Aren't you glad?) as time and eternity have no end in this light of understanding where we stand. Aren't you glad!

While sitting I thought for consideration, as I sat here and listened to the Message as it was read, I thought of how men say as you have heard them say, "Why is it FATHER DIVINE repeats or reiterates the same thing all the time?" In other words, "seems to convey the same trend of thoughts?" I AM here to say I heard over the radio today "Roger Peet's men and boys suits" being advertised. They continue to repeat and repeat the same story over and over again until it gets in the minds of the people, and they seek to get those things. Aren't you glad?


Advertising by Reiteration

We are advertising something here which we feel everybody should get it; for this cause I am stressing it continually and all of the true and faithful among us are reiterating the Words I have Spoken — if not in the actual words orally spoken, or speaking, they are reiterating them in actions, for

"Actions speak louder than words."

I mean for MY Followers to iterate and reiterate over and over again every positive actuated word of expression,that mankind might observe the mystery of GOID'S Actual Presence and see definitely what such a recognition will do for them.We can see ho you all are convinced, even those of you who attend these Banquets, you are convinced by waiting patiently until you see everything is over. This is the outward expression of your conviction.It shows definitely you are deeply impressed. I thought a little while ago, if there were any here who desired to go, if you wish to retire you may do so, but there is Something in your mind and you can't get it out. Aren't you glad? That Something is in your mind,it is so magnetic it draws you closer and closer, as requested of one by composition:

"I am Thine O Lord, I have heard THY Voice
And it told THY Love to me,
But I long to rise in Thine Arms of faith
And be closer drawn to THEE!"

Aren't you glad! ("So glad!" came the response.)


Drawn Closer

I would like to say to those of our visiting friends and others under the sound of MY Voice this morning, can you not see this song is fulfilled among these? You can plainly see the song is a prayer in itself,and now millions and millions have come to the conscious realization of belonging to GOD personally as well as mentally and spiritually. Since they have come to this recognition they feel GOD'S Presence nearer, and they are declaring it in their actuated word of expression,

And I have heard Your Voice."

Does it not look as if though millions have heard the Voice? They are being drawn closer and closer, LORD to THEE, as it may be termed. By your version you believe they are being drawn closer to ME. It looks like it does it not? — to observe the thousands and thousands gathered in this dining room every evening and morning, and stay until the time changes again. Aren't you glad?

Then I say, they are being closer and closer drawn, for that Something of which has attracted them has lifted them from worries, from discords, from undesirable conditions — the majority of them. They are living in the conscious realization of GOD'S Actual Presence.

this recognition and realization in itself creates an atmosphere and this atmosphere is the Spirit of the Consciousness of GOD'S Presence, which is the source and the supply. It satisfies every good desire. Aren't you glad?


Reaching All Men Grammatically

When you realize GOD is Present at all times, When you bring your bodies into subjection to HIS Mercy, and yet HIS Majesty, you will find yourselves lifted and emancipated from all undesirable conditions, you find yourselves healthy and happy where once you were sickly. You find yourselves living in the Light of Understanding where once you were ignorant. You find yourselves speaking grammatically , and yet making grammatical errors, as it may be termed, for the purpose of reaching all spaces and all places where mankind mentally are, even where the inhabitants of this people can reach your condition and where you can each theirs. Aren't you glad?

For this cause GOD Speaks and men can understand, for at the Day of Pentecost they all spoke with other tongues after the language of those in and around Jerusalem at the time. So the Spirit of GOD'S Presence inspired individually, will speak and act accordingly, according to the individuals with whom the individual is coming in contact, that the Spirit might Speak and Act and give them understanding by speaking in their respective languages, dialects and accents, and express at times, that they might understand they are speaking — that the individuals are speaking according to their own kind, Aren't you glad? For this cause we are rejoicing and we are exceedingly glad.

Think not to say within yourself, "This is not reaching all men." The Message that has been given tonight, as being termed Messages — this Message of Salvation which I AM Giving is reaching into the farthest corners of the earth. When I stress these Words I have Spoken: "Good Will, Good Health and a Good Appetite," I have spoken them into consideration to millions tonight, and the very Spirit of MY Presence shall be permanent among them and all mankind shall eventually reckon GOD'S Presence as the Fundamental of Salvation, the Hope of their Redemption as Real, Tangible and Practical! When this is established in others as well as it is in you, mankind will know definitely GOD is a Living Factor among you and among all humanity, and they will accept the doctrine of Christ as transmitted.

How glorious it is then, I say, to live in such a Recognition and Concentrate on the Fundamental by observing that which we are repeating and reiterating, that mankind might get it distinctly in his conscious mentality and realize it even as we do!


Glow Rays of GOD

In reference to those who are advertising over the radio broadcasting system, they do not allow you to get away from it, do they? They continue to repeat it even in every broadcast almost, for five, at least at the most ten minutes, as a rule, they will call your attention to that which they are advertising; so we shall continue to call humanity's attention to that which we are advertising, until it shall be established in the conscious minds of the children of men, and they see as well as you, they cannot get it out!

I have heard you say and I have heard you sing:

"There is something in my mind, and I can't get it out."

Now think on these thoughts and think along this line and you will find the rays of the Truth of the Spirit as sunshine, shining brightly on your pathway, for what said the scripture concerning the mystery?

Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the 'glo-ray' of the Lord is risin upon thee."

GOD'S Glows and GOD'S Rays! Aren't you glad? I told you something about a few years ago, "The Glow rays of GOD and the Rays of HIS Glow have risen upon you; therefore, with joy let us draw water out of the wells of Salvation for thy light has truly come!" Aren't you glad?

The Light Has Come

Christianity had been calling for the Light, remember — when they said for many years:

"Oh, for a closer walk with GOD
A calm and a heavenly frame,
A light to shine upon the road
That leads me to the Lamb."

This is not a supposition. This was far reaching and so explained in itself, it is convincing to every individual, when he or she can observe this mystery — the Light that it brought — because you see and know the way you are going! For one did say by composition;

"Which way has my Redeemer gone?"

Another came by composition and through inspiration:
"Oh for a closer walk with GOD,
A calm and heavenly frame,
A light to shine upon the road
That leads me to the Lamb."

Aren't you glad? The Light has been shining on the Road, has it not, and has led you to the Lambship Degree, that you might be with ME. Aren't you glad! Now you have been taken up on the Mount of Transfiguration, yea, on the Mount Sion, and with an hundred and forty-four thousand you are with the Lord! Aren't you glad! You are losing all guile from your expression, from your actuated words of expression in your actions as you have been speaking. The guilation of your former expressions are no longer in evidence among you. Aren't you glad?

Spirit Sufficient to Meet Every Issue

In the mouths of these is found no guile. In the mouths of these is found no guile, for they are without fault before the Throne of GOD. These are redeemed from among men. when they are in MY Spirit, what do they want with men? Aren't you glad? My Spirit is sufficient and quite efficient to meet every issue and answer every problem and adjust matters satisfactorily and scientifically and Evangelically. Aren't you glad! ("so glad!" came the reply.)

"They are they which are not defiled with women for they are virgins." Aren't you glad? What do they want with women when they are in MY Spirit and MInd? Men live in darkness, they live in misunderstanding and they think they are living right, they think they are doing right, but what said the Gospel, yea, the Epistle concerning the mystery?

"For if ye live after the flesh ye shall die,
but if ye through the spirit do mortify the deeds of the body ye shall live"

Your former tendencies, fancies and pleasures, your human and mortal affections such as leads you into temptation, you will be lifted from those conditions by mortifying the deeds of your former characteristics and actions, that you might be new creatures in reality.

This should be convincing to all humanity, to see the millions and millions who are lifted — who are freed from all human tendencies, fancies and pleasures as they have been. Therefore, they have made sacrifices of them for Righteousness sake — they are willing to deny them for MY Name's sake. If it were only that expression, that is the great hope of all mortality.


Hiding Behind the Law

You were born in sin and shaped up in iniquity until I came and declared the standard of true Christianity. Those who call themselves Christians, there have been many of them who called themselves sanctified, they would use the law to commit the same crime that men would commit without the law — but what is the difference in the sight of GOD? What is the difference in the sight of GOD if a man commits a crime with the law, he is as guilty in the sight of GOD as he would be without the law!

Men look on the outward appearance but, GOD looks on the heart! What said Jesus concerning the mystery? It has been said by them of olden times, "Thou shalt not commit adultery." But what said H e concerning the mystery, if you do not believe ME? What said He concerning the mystery if you do believe ME? It goes to show, you can commit a crime without the law as well as with the law. You can commit it as much with the law and more by the law, in a way of speaking, than you would dare commit without the law. When you use the law for a selfish purpose and for self indulgence, you will take the law to hide behind to commit the crime. Can you not see the mystery? But MY Spirit Speaketh on thuswise:

"If you hear of any man inquiring after Me, tell him I said, first deny himself."

Deny yourself of all human affections, tendencies, all human fancies, human pleasures and lift yourself, even though you are still in personality and in individuality — lift yourself from the mortal concept of those things with which you have been connected — and when you make a complete self denial and sacrifice of all of yourself and your selfish tendencies for Righteousness' sake, there and then you will be detaching yourself from your former infirmities, from your former iniquities and other connections where those conditions can identify you. Aren't you glad?


Freed From Ancestor's Infirmities

Live in this recognition. If you have been a consumptive, if all your family died with it, if all of your family died wit any and every sort of contagious disease, if you lift yourself above mortality and the mortal version, those infirmities, iniquities and sin and afflictions and sickness and diseases cannot find you. You need not fear the least. It matters not if everybody in that former family died with the T. B., you are not that old person. You are not in that family, even according to the mortal; relatives; you have been adopted into the Royal Family! Aren't you glad? ("yes, so glad!" came the immediate reply.)

How dare you come talking about "my mama', "my papa", or " my father died with some old cursed disease"? What has it to do with you if you have been adopted into the Royal Family? You have lost your inheritance. You have no right to be an inheritor of that old cursed disease! Aren't you glad? You are not that old persons son or daughter. Whose son and daughter are you? What said Jesus concerning the mystery on another occasion?

"Except a man be born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of GOD."

Man cannot see the Kingdom wherein I stand, the Kingdom of which I AM representing and . Producing, unless they are born again out of that Adamic state of consciousness and become to be new creatures, in reality. Why is it they cannot see it? — for it has long since been declared: "The flesh lusteth against the Spirit." One declared by his version, "The flesh warreth against the Spirit and the Spirit against the flesh, for they are contrary to each other." They war against each other.


Parable of Ishmael and Isaac

In the parable it was brought out in the experience of Ishmael and Isaac. Ishmael and Isaac — in other words, the mother of the two — in other words, the mothers of the two, each representing one — the condition of the spirit and the mind in the individual. You will find a binding thought within you — mortality;and you will find a thought within you that will free you if you let the binding thought go; that thought will try to keep you down, fight against your conscience, as it may be termed, as it was with Ishmael, the first born.

"The first man Adam was of the earth, earthy, the second Adam is the Lord from Heaven."

The first concept of things coming forth into your understanding is the mortal concept of things and not the spiritual. The mortal concept of things will try to bind the spiritually awakened concept of things which comes by the Will of GOD. That concept that comes by the Will of GOD and not by the will of man, that concept that came first by the will of man will try to bind that concept that comes by the Will of GOD. It will mistreat your thoughts within; will mistreat you own conscience, as it may be termed. But if you bind that strong thought of mortality — the first concept of things — that which is of the earth earthy, as the first Adam — if you cast that out of your consciousness, or consideration, there and then you will get your real emancipation and you will find Peace in Heaven, at home where you are!

The old man will try to keep you down. The first man that is of the earth, earthy, and all of its mortal connection will stressfully try to keep you down, but if you let go and let GOD and do what GOD will tell you, as GOD told Abraham what to do, the same Spirit will speak to you.


Representing the Second Adam

"Cast out the bond woman and her son," cast out mortality and the mortal concept of things; let them go, and allow the free woman and her son to remain with you! Aren't you glad? When this shall have been established, then and there you will have the Kingdom of GOD within and you within will be representing the second Adam, the LORD from Heaven. Aren't you glad? ("So glad, LORD." came the response.)

Then I say we are rejoicing because we see you putting off the old man with all of his deeds and putting on the New Man in Whom you should live! By this you have found yourselves on the Mountain with the one hundred and forty-four thousand, redeemed from among men. As women, as being termed woman, redeemed from among men; and as being termed men, not defiled with women; and all are willing to sacrifice and make a complete self denial of your human connections with all of your human affections, for Righteousness' sake, of which I AM stressing, that we might establish the Kingdom of Heaven universally in reality, as we have it individually. I thank you.








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From all of us to all of you. we wish you, peace and love, and many blessings, and may we all ever live in unity and brotherhood and the Consciousness of GOD'S Actual Ever Presence.

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