"How Can Men Succeed When They Continually Create Destruction by
Destroying Things For the Sustenance of the Body and the Redemption of Mankind?"


Hope Farm, Ulster County, NY.

Hope Farm, Ulster County, NY.







By being the Best and producing the Best from every angle expressible, FATHER DIVINE cannot help but draw the desirable, and that which is the Best expression from all fields of life and on all planes, to HIM! One of the beautiful examples of this, is the beautiful Hope Farm Extension, located in West Saugerties, Ulster County, which is only a part of the property that has been taken over and is owned and operated by the followers of FATHER DIVINE.

When this particular piece of property was purchased by some of the followers, it was just an antiquated farm house with out-buildings, etc; and unless one had actually seen the transformation that had taken place with the main building, a house that had been standing for years, he could hardly believe his eyes, if he could see it as it stands today a beautiful modernistic building with all modern improvements, a building that has been completely transformed by being renovated and by being changed from the old to the new. This is only one example of how properties are being improved by the followers as they purchase them from the various owners. Nearly all of the DIVINE places have been improved and renovated in some way!

Just as the followers have improved their properties, even so do they desire to see all other properties improved; but they desire that they themselves and all others be exempt from taxation of such improvements as may be made, for a period of five years. They do not desire to avoid paying taxes on their properties, but merely on improvements and developments on the property. Speaking very significantly along the same lines, FATHER delivered this wonderful message.

The foregoing statements come from the transcriber, after which FATHER sings and speaks as follows:

Upon this Foundation if you will stand,
I will give you the Victory
Over the world.'

FATHER speaks as follows:



PEACE EVERYONE! It is well known now throughout the Universe, we all have good health and a good appetite, although it has been for quite some time, the government itself has attempted to take away the prospects of the substance of Life, in the act of curtailing produce for the sustenance of the body! Nevertheless, our good appetites are well supplied!

I often think of this place here, commonly known as the Hope Farm. The name as given by the former owner, was very appropriate for this particular purpose for this Peace Mission, My Work and My Activities, for it causes you to look forward for something better and hope for the best in every expression.

The prospective expression or emotion, you are looking for the best in it, you are looking forward for the best and better continually, until perfection shall have been extended universally. For this cause I say, if you stand upon this Platform, I will give you the victory over the world; for what said the Apostle concerning the mystery?

Faith is the victory that overcometh," or, "This is the victory that overcometh, even your faith.

Then, the victory that is faith in you, will overcome the world! All you must needs do is to stand firm, be substantiated in faith continually and unshaken in confidence. If you start at your own backyard, back a few years ago, you will see what GOD has done for you!


Observe What GOD Is Doing.

From there and then, come forward to the present time and expand your minds, and observe what GOD is NOW doing universally for all mankind. Of course, that which is done for you as individuals, it is done for all creation, in other words, for all creatures. Nevertheless, it is done indirectly for all creatures that way, but it will be done directly for all creatures, if they will Let ME! And as it is with MYSELF as an Individual and others as persons, so will it be with all mankind, when they shall have recognized the Fundamentals for which I Stand, and live according to same!

Of course, as I aforesaid, our good appetites require much when we must produce much to supply our good appetites and to satisfy our desires! We cannot tolerate the thought of destruction; as it has been declared, men have been paid to destroy the stock, to destroy the foodstuff that is grown, and other things, in ways of destruction.

How can men expect to succeed continually, when they are continuously creating and producing destruction in the land, by destroying that which is good for the sustenance of the body and for the redemption of mankind? Hence, as I have said heretofore, there are laws, rules and regulations under Our Constitution, in violation to the Constitution. Such laws, rules and regulations we are not endorsing!


Endorsing the Constitution

We are endorsing the laws, rules and regulations that are according to the Constitution, and as much of the Constitution as is Evangelical. By so doing, we shall have a Righteous Government under the Constitution, and all will have the Abundance of the Fullness and to spare, and there will not be any in lacks and wants and limitations here.

As with an individual, so with a nation; and as with a nation, so with all of the nations of the earth, so with all humanity universally. If they can and will but accept of this Message, the universe over can be blessed by the recognition of the Presence of GOD, by living exactly according to My Word! By this, all of the miseries millions are undergoing, will be eradicated once and forever, and even the thought and consideration of such conditions will be dispelled from your memory. How glorious it is to observe it! He taketh away the first that He might establish the second. The first was of the earth, earthy; the second was the LORD from Heaven. Your first experience of life, each of you went through seeming hardships, lacks and wants and limitations; but the second, being the LORD from Heaven in your consideration, you will find the Abundance of the Fullness of all good things in evidence, as you live it and express it and harmonize with it. The Abundance will be your portion from every angle expressible, and none need lack in GOD'S Abundance, for there is a full and a plenty for all!


Better Further On

How glorious it is to live and to express in life, whilst you live that of which is always the Best! As you advance mentally and spiritually, and the Light of civilization advances more scientifically, it will be Better and Better further on, and those who are destructive in mind, they will automatically destroy themselves, as one did who fell on his own sword.

So then, men speak of the brutality of the different nationalities! You can be brutal by being destructive! As I said the other day; when you are forced to live in places that are unsanitary and in unsanitary conditions; places where you are obliged to be exposed to certain conditions of your surroundings that will cause the discomfort and the displeasure of your bodies and of your minds; automatically, such as that creates undesirable physical conditions, as well as the undesirable surroundings you are creating, by producing unsanitary conditions and undesirable conditions in your surroundings!

That is why I say, the slum clearance proposition can be solved very readily, if men would be privileged to advance and put their monies into circulation willingly or voluntarily and freely, without the fear of being raided, in a way of speaking, by those who are in authority as being termed, through legality by the assessors. If your property could be improved and you could invest freely in real property, which is something that is stationary, it is not something that can be taken away, but something that is stationary in your own vicinities and in your community; your property will be there.


A Great Renovation

To improve real property, it is for the advancement of your surrounding conditions and for the moral betterment generally, of all humanity. For this cause I say, let Us continue to express as this is expressed, in the act of unfolding the spirit of cleanliness, of decency, of honesty, of competence and of truth, of industriousness, of practicalness and of profitableness! By so doing, we will bring about a great renovation more effectively yearly as we advance this way ourselves, continually.

How glorious it is to observe it! For as it goes forth into expression, others will copy after the fashion when this law shall have been passed, and all will have the privilege to improve the property and the surroundings, the highways and the government buildings and such like. We will have a Righteous Government and all things will be for a moral betterment, and our present surroundings will advance morally, as well as socially and economically and otherwise, and you will see this Life is really worth while!

All of this is preaching the Gospel! It tends to convey to mankind, not only here in America, but universally, the great significance of the recognition of GOD'S Presence, for GOD'S Presence in expression in the hearts and lives of millions, will cause the great change in your surroundings and circumstances, and conditions will also change!


Waiting to See if the Bill Will be Passed

By this, the work of Righteousness will have a great effect on the lives of the children of men, even on the material plane, for they will recognize and realize what GOD is actually doing! But to hold yourself in the abstract and indulge in slothfulness, impracticalness, and become to be unprofitable, you are tolerating slothfulness, and becoming to be good for nothing! Nevertheless, we are withholding, in other words, we are restraining from our real advances we are endeavoring to make industrially and from a business point of view, commercially, because of the bill I have requested as described in the letter to the press the other day, the one you lastly read in Righteousness Marches On.

We are somewhat waiting to see if this bill will be passed, or will the town boards of this community consider it. If they do, they will see a great Boom in business, in profession, in labor and in trade, and this Boom will come directly from the Heart of GOD! For they are looking upon the works of GOD merely to be Religious; and His Activities to be expressed Religiously; but we are privileged to say, that which is inspirational, and that which is Religious, is as scientific as the creation; biblically speaking, the whole creation is Religious. GOD said: let those things be! Can you not see the mystery? In the beginning GOD created the heaven and the earth as well as the heaven. Hence, it was not merely the Heavenly version created for consideration, but especially the earthy version was to be considered and stressed vividly; for He said:


The Reality in the Tangibilization of the Spirit

This was an abstract and an outward expression so far reaching it is convincing to any person, that there is a reality in the tangibilization of the Spirit of GOD, His Work and of His Mission. That which was spiritual or religious, as it may be termed, it was not confined nor bound to the mental and spiritual realm alone, but through the condescension of GOD in Love and Mercy,, His Command to something unseen was made known,

"Let dry land appear, and it appeared."

So then, you cannot bind GOD on the mental and spiritual realm or the mental or spiritual plane alone, but especially you should stress your consideration of GOD'S Actual Presence on the material plane, for the sustenance of your body and for the comfort of your minds, as well as on the mental and spiritual planes where you say I AM! In other words, where you say I HAVE BEEN!

GOD created the heaven, it is true, biblically speaking, religiously speaking; but I did not stop at creating the heaven; the earth was also created and the earth was as though it was the heaven, it was the mental concept of things, but it was invisible in the beginning. This was not sufficient to be created as a mental concept of things, being termed the material plane, as it may be termed now. It was not sufficient to be created and remain in that state of expression, but it was essential for that which was created, whilst being invisible and without form, it was impractical; therefore, it was essential for dry land to appear!

Hence, it was made visible, because it was impractical without the visibility of the creation of the created earth in consideration. It was impractical, it was void and without form; which was to say, good for nothing, without form, remaining invisible. It would have been impractical and would have been unprofitable, unless it would be brought into visibility and outer expression.


Things in the Invisible Must Come on the Material Plane

This, in the beginning of the creation, was a sketch and a reflection of the mystery of what I AM telling you! Yet these things from the invisible, though being the material or mental concept of things, must come into outer expression on the material plane, that you might enjoy them and make them practical and profitable and good and very good for all mankind. As well as the earth was invisible and without form, it was void!

So it is today with the earthy concept of things; those things that are from the mortal version-ated point of view, they are impractical and unprofitable to you, unless they can be brought into visibility and into outer expression, that they might be practical and profitable and no longer void to you!

Then I say, it is a privilege! It is the visibility of your fondest imagination coming into outer expression, and you as individuals, individually, and the peoples of the earth universally as well as you collectively, are coming into possession of such blessings as were in the invisible, in your fondest imagination.

I AM bringing from the invisible realm of your fondest imagination in your mentality, I AM bringing from that state of consciousness, the desirable results to satisfy your desires. They can only be observed and really justified, you can only be justified by same, as you recognize your GOD! How glorious it is to observe such an unfoldment!

Then I say, that which was spoken of from a spiritual and from a mental point of view, I bring both it and them down to you, that that might no longer be merely mental and spiritual, neither mystical; but might be a living reality; for the mythological things of the mental and spiritual planes must be brought down to the earth, that you might come into possession of them and enjoy those things! That is the mystery!


An Abstract Outward Expression

This beautiful Hope Farm, especially this building as an abstract outward expression of a scientific truth I AM telling you, I AM showing you and showing others, that your conscious mentality might observe the mysteries and come into the conscious realization of that which I AM telling you.

No longer to merely be imagined! For this, a few years ago, was unimaginable! You could not imagine such a glorious unfoldment of artistic beauty in a practical and scientific way of expression, that would be for the comfort and convenience and the joy of thousands. You could not have even imagined such a thing, especially out here in the mountains. But behold the unfoldment of your fondest imagination, the outward expression of such coming forth into expression!

This is merely a sketch and a reflection of a percent of a fraction of a grain of the reality of GOD'S Presence among men, and how HE can and will produce as much as you will allow HIM to! How you can come into possession of such an inheritance as you can think and recognize and visualize harmoniously, and bring into outer expression. You have visualized things inharmoniously and brought into outer expression, inharmonious and chaotic conditions, after which you requested the eradication of them!

It was essential for such things to be eradicated, because they were antagonistic and conflicting! They were not helpful to you as individuals; they were not constructive but destructive; for you created a destructive concept of such things, and you saw those things in a destructive direction, causing those conditions to result in your experience.



All You Have Been Thinking Someone Else Has Thought

Oh, it is a privilege to observe the mystery and to see all you have been thinking, if not you, someone else has thought. Beautiful Thoughts! Have you not been thinking beautiful thoughts of GOD among you? You can see the outward expression of them! You can feel the very sense of the presence of the beautiful thoughts of GOD, you can feel them with your hands, the comfort and the convenience and the blessings that are where I AM. Aren't you glad!

Then I say, vividly visualizing such things as a Psychologist, I AM bringing into your realization, those things you are vividly visualizing, for I AM demonstrating them! I have attracted your attention vividly, that you might gaze upon them, and by the vivid concentration in the positive direction, you have become to be partakers of the positive instead of the negative! When this is done in all of your heart and with all of your heart, whichever, and in all of your mind, it will be a matter of impossibility for any undesirable condition to result; it will be a matter of impossibility for the undesirable to take form. The desirable alone can take form, when you shall have vividly visualized the desirable alone!

When you visualize the Beauty, yea, the Omnipotence of GOD'S Actual Presence,--the Magnificence of His Majesty and Mercy and all the Beauty that the Spirit produces; when this is vividly visualized and such has full control and influence over your mind, there and then you can only produce the fruit of its own kind! That is the mystery!

By this, as it is with you, so shall it be with others, and as it will be with others, so shall it be universally, and discords, displeasures and undesirable conditions will be dispelled once and forever from among you. I thank you!








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It is also nice to give credit where credit is due for through the Spirit and Teaching of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE you are and can eternally be abundantly blessed.

From all of us to all of you. we wish you, peace and love, and many blessings, and may we all ever live in unity and brotherhood and the Consciousness of GOD'S Actual Ever Presence.

True Americanism, True Brotherhood, True Christianity, True Judaism and All True Religions are synonymous and truly Our GOD is One GOD. Amen

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