"Every Opposition, Criticism, Accusation, Persecution and Prosecution Against the Fundamental
Is For the Advancement of the Kingdom of Heaven

"I Am Endeavoring to Stamp Faith In Your Consideration, to Lift You Up Mentally and Spiritually
That You Might Realize this Truth is as Expressive Without a Person as With It" — FATHER DIVINE



FATHER'S Message at the Banquet Table No. 152-160 West 126th Street, New York City
Wednesday, November 16, 1938 A.D.F.D., Time: 1:20 A. M.




A song FATHER DIVINE often sang.

A song FATHER DIVINE often sang.




The tremendous power of the Word of GOD was illustrated by the Master of Omnipotency, the Creator of heaven and earth, FATHER DIVINE, in a far reaching Message to bring to the Children of men the realization of the significance of the Word.

The creation of dry land in the beginning was cited by the Lord in demonstrating how the earth and all things in it were materialized and how the Word of GOD is just a powerful today in this dispensation as it was then.

Prior to launching out on this deep subject, FATHER spoke briefly on the unity of spirit, of mind, of aim and of purpose, internally  and externally, which makes the expressers of such desirable, and automatically attracts and draws the best of all things to them.

All Powerful Savior, we thank YOU.

(The foregoing statements are those of the transcriber and FATHER'S lecture follows.)


Peace Everyone! Here we all are, getting together now in the Unity of Spirit, of Mind, of Aim and of Purpose, the Purpose for which I came! . . . to lift all mankind from the murk's and mires of human superstition, from lacks, wants and limitations, by causing each and all of them to look up instead of looking down.

As the last speaker mentioned every man having two jobs, it did not sound very much like the spirit and meaning of a good many of the unions. The method is that three or four men have one job, but this gentleman said if every man had two jobs, why, naturally they all would eventually be lifted and become to be absolutely independent. That was the thought he seemed to have conveyed.

Then I say, it is a privilege to realize as you make yourself worthy, you are just as much as you make yourself to be; hence, as he said, when we unify ourselves together all things are possible with the union when you are unified in reality— but of course as I go back to the foundation of things, I find it is essential to unify mentally and to unify spiritually. If we unify internally, we will be unified externally; and if we unify internally and externally we can openly express our Unity of Spirit, of Mind, of Aim and of Purpose.

When this is established, it is a matter of impossibility for us to be severed. Just look at this vast audience! Although this is merely a private dining room, here they sit and here they stand, as closely connected personally as possible as an abstract expression of the Unity of the Spirit, of Mind, of Aim and of Purpose , how it is a matter of impossibility when you are unified rightfully to get to be severed. Hence, all things are possible, then, if we extend this union, expand this Unity of Spirit, of Mind,of Aim and of Purpose, to contact others and contagionize the atmosphere in which we live with it.


The Desirable  is as Contagious as the Undesirable

They will eventually become to be partakers of it and also be infected by the great Contagion, even as you have been; For what said the Apostle concerning the mystery on the opposite side of the expression?

"Evil communications corrupt good morals; ill qualities are as catching as well as diseases; and a man is now by the company he keeps."

Permit ME to convey the thought of this Truth, that the desirable is as contagious as the undesirable of which he was speaking; hence, we shall contagionize the atmosphere in which we are living and expand it from shore to shore and from land to land until mankind universally will be in the Unity of Spirit, of Mind, of Aim and of purpose

.When this is done, they will not desire to hurt nor harm each other. It has long since been declared,

"Love is stronger than death."

Love conquers all things. If this is true that even the lion, as being termed the king beast of the forest can be tamed, then your "lion-likeness" in character , in disposition, with all of your prejudices , resentment and anger, all of these detestable  characteristics can be converted and brought into subjection and men will understand you.

I AM harnessing the detestable characteristics as well as the desirable ones. We shall bring them into subjection and cause your detestable tendencies, fancies and pleasures to be truly converted. When this is accomplished universally, your detestable tendencies and all of your detestable characteristics with your resentment, with your strife and your prejudices, will be MY faithful servant. Aren't you glad! They are serving now but you may not know it. For what said the writer concerning the mystery?

"The wrath of man shall praise THEE.


Every Opposition Advances the Kingdom

"Every opposition, every criticism,every accusation, every persecution and even every prosecution expressed or instituted against the fundamental is an act of an expression for the advancement of the Kingdom of Heaven, and is the establishment  of GOD'S Actual Presence in this present dispensation.

GOD is present among you! When this is made known to others as it has been made known to you, negation will be dispelled, adverse and undesirable tendencies will be changed and they will be converted and directed in a different direction; hence, they will lead you on as your real faithful servants, instead of leading you on erroneously as you have been led by them.

Where you once hated, where you once did hate a person, you shall become to love them. Where you once disregarded and ignored a person, such a person you will come to pay attention to in the Name of the ONE of Whom you say I AM.

How glorious it is to observe the mystery and see we are the actual fulfillers of the Scripture,— not only the fulfillers of the Scripture theoretically, but are the fulfillers of the Scripture mentally, spiritually and even characteristically and dispositionally. By reiteration in the actuated words of our expression, we are actually speaking in our actions more than in our words. Our words will accomplish our actions and will convince all humanity there is a reality in GOD'S Actual Presence, since HE has become to be a living factor made real, tangible and practical. They will seek this Light of Truth for deliverance. Men are seeking deliverance today! The majority  of them know within themselves if the would but harmonize with ME— the Truth of which I Am advocating— they would be emancipated from the hardships and the trials and tribulations we are now undergoing.


All Shall Be Made Alive in Christ

If you can be emancipated, another can; for I have declared to you and to all humanity, as with an individual, so with an organization, and as with and organization, so with the nation, and as with the nation, so with all nations of the earth universally; for,

"As in Adam all die, so shall in (this Light of Life I have given as) Jesus Christ, all be made alive."

Aren't you glad!

Then I say, build upon this foundation with your hope fixed on things above but not on the mortal concept of things, which means the things of the earth. By your hope being fixed on things above, and by your living above on earth among men, we will lift up a standard for them on the material plane; and the plane on which you are functioning, living and existing, will be the plane of Righteousness, Truth and Justice, transmitted from your fondest imaginary heaven.

The Righteousness of GOD as described by your divers religions, I AM bringing into expression and into actuality. I AM bringing such down through transmission by dialation. I AM causing you and millions of others to concentrate on something better  than yourselves as individuals according to the mortal version; and by your concentrated thoughts on the Fundamental through sincerity the transmission of the Spirit would be upon you and the very Nature and the Characteristics of GOD are transmitted and you are renovated, translated,  and become to be New Creatures!


Even the Bodies Are Different

These bodies do not look like they used to look. They look altogether different, for they have been renovated, the have been remodeled and they have been regenerated and born again. That is what I AM doing in heaven on earth among men! . . . bringing the heaven down to the earth and leading the earth plane from the mortal version of things to the Light of the Understanding  of CHRIST here in this Kingdom where I AM!

We shall have a Righteous Government!  I AM no longer apparently beseeching  nor requesting men to serve GOD nor to do that which is just and right and good,— I Demand them to! I Demand the right to come forth and Righteousness, Truth and Justice shall be exemplified among us, and we shall cause the exertion of Righteousness to be put forth into expression where nothing else can hinder.

Oh, it is a privilege to observe the mystery and make your declaration known!

"Lift up a standard for MY People,"

if you please! Dial in on it and you may get it, even though it was predicted to be fulfilled by another; but dial in on it, each and every one of you, and be the fulfillers of the prophecy that was predicted by the prophets.

We shall have a Righteous Government! All of the nations of the earth universally shall eventually look up to the standard of which I AM exemplifying, this standard of which I AM demonstrating, as I have PERSONIFIED it, and recognize GOD'S Actual Presence as the hope of the redemption of all humanity.


FATHER DIVINE with animals,
Ulster County, New York.

FATHER DIVINE with animals, Ulster County, New York.

Emancipation of the Animals

As I said in a Message recently, not only all humanity, but even the living creatures of the earth— the animalistic kingdom— are blessed by the recognition of GOD'S Actual Presence on earth! What a glorious privilege it is to observe the mystery! Before this advanced spiritual civilization men would be brutal to animals without a word being said. There was not a law that would prosecute nor punish men for the brutality to animals, but now even the swine must be treated right by men, for this is the Redeemer and  Savior of them.

As an emancipator  from all misery, GOD came to emancipate the suffering creatures of the earth— not only mankind, but the living creatures of the earth that are not of the man kingdom, even those that are of the animal kingdom. Before CHRIST came into consideration animals were mistreated and mistreated until recent years, publicly mistreated. Animals of every species, they all were mistreated by man; but after the coming of the Spirit from the CHRST Consciousness and the recognition of the Spirit of GOD in the hearts and lives of the children of men, laws have been legislated for the purpose of bringing a prohibitation to the cruelty to animals, to bring a prohibitation for such things, that the Works of GOD might go on on earth among men.

As I was saying here recently, even if you would be reprieved for six months from the electric chair, if you were sentenced to die by electrocution, it would be a blessing for you  and for your relatives to consider,— a six month reprievement. You might have a chance to be completely emancipated and delivered, in other words, set free from that of which you would have been subjected to, by not being allowed to be reprieved on such a crime as you may have been found guilty of.


Laws To Protect Animals

There are laws in all of our states, even to and for those animals that are not known or not considered to be domesticated animals,— the wild animals in the forest, you are not permitted to kill the wild animals,— even though you may have a gunner's license, you are not permitted to kill them at certain times. This was not so until MY Spirit through MY Condescension came to the children of men and inspired them with the Nature of GOD to some extent to have Mercy on living creatures.

They may not have know definitely the cause for such,— they may have thought MY reason for being inspired or required to bring about such a legislation was to make it a violation of the law to kill animals at a certain time,— they may have thought many things, but that was a way and a means by which the hand of GOD could work through man in the act of bringing about a helping hand in the way of mercy to the animal kingdom.

Then I say, GOD is not confined nor bound to the man kingdom. Even the animal kingdom and all living creatures should rejoice at the Presence of GOD in your midst. If this be true, then why use your energy and your ambition, your education, your wealth and your skilful and scientific  learning in the act of bringing about destructive devices for the purpose of destroying humanity.

When men learn the Truth concerning the mystery, they will know it is brutality, it is not intelligent. It is not intelligent to be brutal, as the beasts of the forest would destroy each other if they could, but yet men are more destructive than the animals in the forest— I mean the wild animals—  for they do not destroy each other or mankind by the wholesale.


Animals Treated Better than Men

As I have often said, men will speak of the mistreatment of the animals; they will try to prevent you from mistreating the animals in the least and will prosecute you for such. This is a law in itself, it is true, and it is well worth considering among you; nevertheless, the very ones at times who are willing and ready to prosecute and ever persecute you for the mistreatment of animals, they themselves and among themselves are more violent and more destructive as destroying the lives of the children of men and mistreating them,  than what mankind has been to the mistreatment of animals— not only in Germany and in other countries, but in this country equivalently the same.

Of course it is not on the wholesale as it is or has attempted to be in some of the other countries, but it is equivalently the same, only worse in some measure; but GOD in HIS Own Majesty, Dominion and Authority has declared the reality of your real independence.

As the country declared her independence as a nation, I have declared your individual independence as individuals, and if you live according to MY Teaching, each of you will produce your individual independence over and above all prejudice, segregation, discrimination and all adverse and undesirable conditions; for from those conditions you are emancipated by the recognition of GOD as a living reality.

I will make you the head and not the tail! I will lift you up through your independence and express the Spirit of Supremacy within you. Aren't you glad! Only those who can and will produce and bring the spirit of independence to fruition within, shall be the ones to express the Spirit of Supremacy,— a person cannot express Supremacy unless he can express the Spirit of the Supreme ONE in Nature, Characteristics and Disposition. Aren't you glad!

At the Mount of the House of the Lord
Woodmont, Gladwyne, Pennsylvania

FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE at the Mount of the House of the Lord

Supremacy of the Spirit

When the Spirit of the Supreme ONE shall have been manifested in each and everyone and have full access in them, there and then you are supreme by the Supremacy of the Spirit of GOD within you. Aren't you glad! Whilst yet with this you would not seek especially to be personally exalted. You would not seek the personal honor of men, but yet within yourself you will stand and declare your independence and they will see definitely you are supreme.

Through your independence you are expressing your Supremacy; therefore you are supreme to those who are not independent; for those who are dependents, they are lowrated  by character and by disposition, by profession and by activities. But oh how glorious it is to see the way clear where you as individuals universally will eventually express the true Spirit of the Declaration of Independence— the spirit and the meaning of it— and you will no longer merely stress it and consider it yearly as a memorial at a certain day set apart, but every day will be the Declaration of Independence day and the memorial of it with you.

"Lift up a standard for My People. Tell Israel her transgressions and the House of Jacob her sins ."

Tell them they must repent for GOD is not merely winking now! It is written:

" GOD once winked at your sins, but now He demands everyone to repent."

Oh, it is a privilege to live in such a recognition, to know within yourself,

"If GOD is for you, none can be against you."

Aren't you glad! There are not enough powers on earth nor any other place to hinder the fee access of MY Spirit; for,

"It is not by power nor by might, but by MY Spirit . . ."

My Spirit will do it! Get this thought deep down in your soul.

"It is not by power nor by might, but by MY Spirit . . . ."

Therefore, let MY Spirit do it and you sit back and see it! All you must needs do is to be willing and ready and bring your body into subjection as a living sacrifice for it, and the Spirit of MY Presence will perform its duty in doing that which you would tell Him.


The  Spirit Is Speaking

What said the Spirit concerning the mystery?

"Call on ME in the day of trouble and I will deliver thee."

The Spirit is speaking, you see. GOD is a Spirit and He asks such to worship in Spirit and Truth, for I said, the Spirit is speaking to you.

Harmonize, beloved ones! Harmonize for your own sake. All of the minority or minorities should harmonize, especially the underprivileged, the down-trodden, the mistreated of the earth. The day of your salvation draws near, if you will but harmonize with ME!

As with an individual, so with a nation; and as with a nation, so with all nations who will bring themselves into subjection to the Fundamental and live accordingly. Just think of it! At the time of so-called depressions, at the time of so-called hard trials and tribulations, at the time of the so-called panics we have experienced  in the panic years of the past and the more recent years of depression, all of those times— not one of MY real Followers who were in harmony with ME was in any lack or want or limitation. They were all free from lacks, wants and limitations, as I said at the time when there was a great sugar shortage around about 1917 and 1918. . . we had a-plenty of sugar! Plenty of white wheat flour too, and everything else that was or is good! All things that are good for the sustenance of the body, we had a-full and a-plenty of it! Aren't you glad!


A Foundation That Cannot Be Shaken

Then I say, the Spirit declared, although it was spoken through one:

"Call on ME in the day of trouble and I will deliver thee."

What a glorious foundation to build upon, and how glorious it is to build upon such a foundation that cannot be shaken! When you think positive thoughts, when you look in the positive direction mentally and spiritually, you produce the spirit and the nature of that on which you are concentrated. You take on the nature and the characteristic of it and it becomes to be a part of you, even as you become to be a part of it.

Then I say, live in this recognition,— the Recognition of GOD'S Actual Presence among you,—  even though may not be seen at times. By the recognition of GOD'S Presence things will be adjusted satisfactorily; for I have declared, as with you when I AM Personally Present, so will it be when I AM Personally absent, if you will but accept of it.

This is a sample! This is an example! As I tell MY Followers wheresoever I AM when they gather around with the abundance of the fullness where I AM, I say, "It can be the same when I AM apparently absent, as when I AM apparently present." MY Personal Presence should not cause the slightest difference in your surroundings, in your comfort, in your convenience, in your happiness, in your peace and in your pleasure; for I AM Ever-Present!

Now you can see every time you come here, when I AM here, the consciousness of MY Presence produces Harmony and Harmonious results. It produces the abundance of the fullness of comfort and convenience, and comfort and convenience come forth into expression. You are very comfortable are you not? Even to the water you drink! They have plenty of water coming out, cold water, to be passed around to you. Can you not see the mystery? Plenty of food and plenty of shelter and other necessities at your disposal . . . that is, when I AM Personally Present.

The Body Is Not Doing It

Now, reckon MY Presence when I AM Personally absent and the conditions surrounding you and others will be the same when I AM apparently absent. Can you not see the mystery? The Body is not doing it as a Person.  It is MY Spirit! I said, the Body is not doing it as a Person,— it is MY Spirit, I Am telling you!  You can let MY Spirit do it for you when I AM apparently absent just as effectively and just as accurately as it does when I AM Personally Present, with your conscious conviction and realization of GOD being Present with you. As to you in this audience and other audiences wheresoever I AM, so all living creatures universally,— not only mankind, but even the animal kingdom and the vegetable kingdom,— even the mineral kingdom is blessed by MY Presence and is protected and safe. Aren't you glad!

All of the kingdoms are blessed at the Presence of GOD wheresoever GOD is recognized and realized among you all. All things are blessed, I say,— even those things of the mineral kingdom, they are blessed. In this audience, if you would find something coming from the mineral kingdom, it is handled with care and protected. If it is lost and found, it is returned to its owner.


Then I say, the Presence of GOD is a blessing when GOD'S Presence is  reckoned and considered, even to the animal kingdom, and a blessing to the vegetable kingdom,— a blessing to the man kingdom and even a blessing to the mineral kingdom. Aren't you glad!


God Blesses All Things

GOD Blesses wheresoever HE Is! Even as Adam cursed the earth for his sake, GOD blesses it for His! Aren't you glad! Can you not see the mystery?  For Adam's sake the earth was cursed! For GOD'S Sake it is blessed! What said He concerning the mystery, even speaking to Moses in the wilderness and in the land of Egypt?

"I will bless your going out and I will bless your coming in: I will bless you in your storehouses: I will bless you in your baskets: I will bless you in the fruit of your land, yea, the fruits of your land shall be blessed;
and whatsoever you do, you shall prosper . . . . "

or words to that effect.

Then I say, GOD blesses the soil for your sake, but for Adam's sake the earth was cursed! Then I say, Gods Blessings to the earth for your sake in His Name are a blessing to all mankind. The vegetable kingdom is wonderfully blessed. How glorious it is to look and behold how the blessings of GOD are manifested in and on the material plane in the vegetable kingdom. They are being extended and expanded, increased and multiplied by the recognition  of the Presence of your GOD. "Well, I know you have many things because you are a preacher," some may say. When the preacher is coming they will kill chickens. They will have a-plenty to eat. Well now, permit the preacher to be with you at all times!  Permit the same concept and the same state of consciousness to remain in you, in your words, your deeds and your actions, and you will become to be a center of attraction, the same as the Preacher, if you please.

Every thing that is good will come . . . . for what said Jesus concerning the mystery?

"And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, I will draw all men unto Me"

Attract all things and draw all things that are desirable, and all things that are desirable will be at your disposal and at your service when I AM Personally absent the same as when I AM Personally Present. You will have a-full and a-plenty in your home, in your business places and elsewhere, the same as you do here and now.


The Message Is for Every Living Creature

Now, this is not to MY immediate Followers alone, but it is a message for every living creature. If you can be conscious of GOD'S Presence when you are absent from His Personal Presence, the same will be your portion as when you are present with Him; for it is just as operative and is just as expressive and it will work just as effectively.

If there are any visiting friends in the back, who may not find themselves attractive, harmonize with ME and recognize MY Presence as much effectively in your consciousness when I AM Personally absent from you as you do when I AM Personally Present and I will attract them and draw them. Can you not see the mystery?

Why should you not have a-plenty of Peace? Why should you not have a-plenty of every desirable expression in whatsoever you may be endeavoring? For the Spirit of MY Presence is just as expressive when I AM Personally absent as when I AM Personally present.

Before GOD had any Body, according to the Scripture, GOD said: "Let there be light," and light appeared.  God carried on in the Acts of His Doings in His Personal absence the same as He did when He put on a Body! Aren't you glad! When GOD did not have a Body, according to the Scripture, speaking according to the versions of men, why, God spoke and brought things into expression just as effectively at His Personal absence as He did when He gave Himself a Body, a Person, and put it on and began to be Personally present in and around those things.

"Let dry land appear!"

The tangibilated expression of dry land coming forth of which was invisible, that which was invisible, that which was altogether intangible, for the earth was void and without form; but what said GOD, according to the Scripture?

"Let dry land appear!"

It appeared and came forth into expression tangibilated at His Word as it was spoken. It was spoken into existence without His Person, and it is just as reproducible and increasable and expressive without His Person as it is with it, if you are conscious of GOD'S Actual Presence without His Person.


GOD Created Earth and Heaven without a Person

I AM endeavoring to stamp Faith in your consideration! I AM endeavoring to lift you up mentally and spiritually that you might realize this Truth is as expressive without a Person as it is with a Person, for GOD without a Person created the earth and the heaven. GOD had not yet given Himself a Person, according to the Scripture, when He first created the earth and the heaven. Aren't you glad! Because of His Person why should you doubt His Presence? Because of His Impersonal Presence and because of His Personal absence why should you doubt GOD'S Presence? Can you not see the mystery?

Then, with the recognition of GOD'S Actual Presence, all maters will be adjusted satisfactorily and GOD will give you victory over every difficulty, over all of your trials and over all of your tribulations, over all adverse and undesirable conditions, if you can but be conscious of GOD'S Presence.

"And His Name shall be called Immanuel, being interpreted, 'God is with us.'"


GOD Is the Good of Everything

When you are conscious of GOD being with you, undesirable conditions are being eradicated because the good is present. Therefore, the desirable coming forth into expression, the undesirable is disappearing as fast as and as briefly as the desirable can come into observation. GOD is the Desirable! GOD is the Good of everything, therefore, let GOD in and all things will be alright at all places and at all times. Be conscious of GOD'S Presence!

When the light is turned on, darkness disappears. The light is a parable, as it was in the beginning of the creation; one of the great expressions and the requests and the demands GOD was making was for light to appear.

"Let there be light and there was light,"

for Him. When light appears, darkness disappears. When GOD appears, everything else that is not according to GOD will disappear from you and from all, from your business, from your labor, from your profession, from your trade, from your home and from everything else that concerns you.

When GOD gets those things that are in opposition to GOD, those things that are not GOD, they are obliged to go, even as darkness goes when the light comes. I thank you.








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It is also nice to give credit where credit is due for through the Spirit and Teaching of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE we are and can eternally be abundantly blessed.

From all of us to all of you we wish you, peace and love, and many blessings, and may we all ever live in unity and brotherhood and the Consciousness of GOD'S Actual Ever Presence.

True Americanism, True Brotherhood, True Christianity, True Judaism and All True Religions are synonymous and truly Our GOD is One GOD. Amen

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