$1000 Paid on Debts


Patent Attorneys

Licensed Professional Engineers

342 Madison Avenue
New York

January 4, 1940


160 W126th Street

New York, New York

Dear Father Divine

I take pleasure in advising you that Blessed Virgin Mary has just completed payment, through me, of $400 to Richard Point, her brother. This makes a total of $1000 she has paid out through me on her debts since she became one of your followers and she states this is due to your good influences.

I feel you would be interested to know of this action and feeling on her part and take

pleasure in certifying that these payments have been made.

Very truly yours

HEV:jc H. R. Van Deventer


Answer by FATHER

The opposing forces of the Spiritual consciousness of every true hearted American
are active in the Cause of Justice.

 . . . I have caused millions to express their individual independence upon this standard . . .


January 9, 1940 A.D.F.D.

FATHER DIVINE serving the Holy Communion Banquet Table
Rockland Palace, New York City.

FATHER DIVINE serving the Holy Communion Banquet Table Rockland Palace, New York City.

Mr. H. R. Van Deventer, Att.

342 Madison Avenue

New York, New York

My dear Mr. Van Deventer:---

I received your letter of the 4th in which you have acknowledge a final payment of Four hundred Dollars of a total of One thousand Dollars that has been paid through your office by one of MY followers, Miss Blessed Virgin Mary, and I highly appreciate the evidence given.

As men marvel at the expenditures of large sums on debts and obligations MY followers are paying up, as they learn of the mass numbers I have taken off the Relief Rolls and how they are even making restitution for the service they received from year to year until they came to ME; as they observe millions individually exemplifying absolute Independence financially, morally and otherwise, they are discovering the fundamental Principal by which I AM emancipating men and establishing among them a new social order of Peace, Unity and Freedom.

I must apparently stress the universality of this Principle---of this teaching, declaring for the clarification of the same, as I daily state, as with an individual, so with a nation and so with all nations combined.

If the moral status of every representative of City, State and Federal Government were consistently established upon the virtues of Righteousness, Justice and Truth, such as I have inculcate within millions to-day, this nation would not have such representatives in Congress who would actually vote against the consideration of , and against the passage of The Anti-Lynching Bill. No condition existing in our States would justifiably cause them to fail in the great opportunity to establish equity among the people.

It is the Voice of every right-meaning citizen that the Anti-lynching Bill be passed. We who stand for Justice, Freedom and Democracy, as constituents of a Righteous Government seek the preservation of this American civilization. We stand in the unity of Spirit, of mind, of aim and of purpose upholding the rights of American citizenry, denouncing in words, thought, actions and votes the many causes of social injustices and the widespread activities of immorality throughout this Country.

National conditions of race prejudice, social distinctions, political enmity and selfish usurpation of power and wealth are the real elements of un-American practices and activities of men. The are the direct causes that keep alive the spirit of mob violence, racial hatred, poverty, improper education and numerous other conditions of vice and crime among the people.

However, the opposing forces of the Spiritual consciousness of every true hearted American are active in the Cause of Justice. The Spirit of Righteousness has entered into the hearts of men as never before to support the Cause of this American Democracy, to Evangelize the same and extend it to all nations universally.

The lives of millions of MY followers are whole-heartedly substantiated upon the fundamental Constitution and its Amendments and upon the Declaration of Independence. Their lives portray absolute citizenship as they conduct themselves according to the Precepts of this Teaching of Righteousness, Justice and Truth.

Hence, as I have caused millions to express their individual independence upon this standard, by the Spirit of MY Mind and the Mind of MY Spirit, all men as One People, as One Nation can build upon this foundation and attain their national Independence and Security.

Thus, wishing you every success and desiring that you might be as I AM, this leaves ME Well, Healthy, Joyful, Peaceful, Lively, Loving, Successful, Prosperous and Happy in every organ, muscle, sinew, joint, limb, vein and bone of MY Bodily Form.

Respectfully and Sincere, I AM


(Better known as FATHER DIVINE)





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