"According to the Scripture In the Beginning there Was Spirit and Spirit Alone:
That is Why Men Think GOD Remained Merely a Spirit and Does Not Have a Body"



Our FATHER'S Message Given Whilst at the Banquet Table, 1887-1889 Madison Avenue, New York City, N.Y., Friday,
October 17, 1941, A.D.F.D., Time: 4:20 P. M.




Who is man that without GOD he can even lift his hand? Who is man that without the life of GOD in him he can even do evil deeds? Who is man that without the life of GOD within him he can even resist that life?

Man may go for awhile using that life of GOD as Saul did, to persecute, to condemn, to murder; but the day will come when FATHER DIVINE, GOD Almighty, will demand reparation, will demand an account of that borrowed life; and when FATHER DIVINE, the Creator of heaven and earth, takes His own, man returns to the dust from whence he came.

Have faith in GOD! No matter how hot the fire, how fierce the lion's mouths, how strong the iron bars, how far gone the life, have faith in GOD and FATHER DIVINE will prove His Omniscience; behold, all things will vanish but that which is of Him, and you will walk free in the land of the living!

All who oppose Him, take heed!

(The foregoing statements are those of the transcriber, and FATHER'S Message follows:)



Peace Everyone! The words spoken, no less done than said, which so it is and so it will be.

While listening to one of the testimonies and the song that was sung, I thought how marvelous it is to be a believer in Supernatural things! How you transcend the barriers of the mortal concept of men and have faith in unseen things; how you can relax and rely on Something that is Supernatural, invisible, intangible and absolutely superstitious according to the materialists. But if you are religious believers, you believe in things that are unbelievable to the material or mortal, fanatical and atheistic mind. Aren't you glad?

While listening to the Message a little while ago, as spoken through one, I thought how marvelous it is to be saved to the uttermost; and if you are saved to the uttermost, you can relax your conscious mentality and rely on the Almighty Who is Supernatural and according to the mortal version, is invisible, intangible and apparently impractical.

You hear people speak of impractical dreamers. When it first comes forth by inspiration or by a vision, as it may be termed, it may be an impractical dream; but oh, how glorious it is when it comes into the materialization of HIM Who is the Creator and the Materializer and Personifier of the which was invisible!

Your impractical dreams, as they may be termed, if you have faith that is unshaken — in other words Faith that is substantiated and unshaken confidence — your impractical dreams, I will materialize them and cause them to be Real, Tangible and Practical and the fulfillment of a scientific mystery that is no longer mere superstition, neither a supposition, but a recognition and a realization; realizing that which you have surmised and coming into the recognition of that which you superstitiously discern, and then in that recognition you will find the realization, the answer to the problem of the thing that you surmised with your fondest imagination superstitiously.


Master of Real Omnipotency

But oh, how glorious it is when you realize it! GOD has made things real, tangible and practical; hence, GOD saves to the uttermost! According to the religions, if GOD does not save you, you are lost now, henceforth and forever. You can only be saved to the uttermost by a Redeemer and a Savior, the Master of supernatural things and the Controller of the destiny of the spirits and the minds of the children of men. Not only the Controller of the destiny of you personally. but the Controller of the destiny of the people supernaturally, mentally and spiritually, the Master of real Omnipotency! Aren't you glad? — mastering and controlling the supernatural, the invisible, the intangible and impractical, but bringing it into subjection to HIS Majesty, to HIS Love and HIS Mercy and causing both it and them to be made real, tangible and practical,that G OD in your consciousness and consideration might be a living factor.

How glorious it is to live in such a recognition! When this is established within you, especially in your conscious mentality, you can relax your conscious mentality and allow the Spirit to work for you; for your conscious mentality is the good ground in which the seeds of Truth are sown, yea, they are sown in the good ground, your conscious mentality, your conscious mind!

But when you relax and still yourself as an individual, yea, still yourself personally, the germination of the seeds that are sown begins; and as they begin — the germination of them begins — it continues to germinate and develop and bring forth Life into expression until it has brought from the invisible realm the exact likeness of the seeds that are sown.

GOD in man and in consciousness has truly come! Life is seen where life was not seen! Life was there but unrevealed. Can you not see the mystery? But as GOD reveals HIS secrets to HIS servant the prophets, as you relax your conscious mentality, you are made a prophet automatically. Aren't you glad?

Hence by that inner urge within, you are inspired to believe in the unseen things and make predictions of the things yet to come.

Then I say, it is a privilege to realize even superstitiously and mortal-mindedly, if you please traditionally, if you choose to believe superstitiously and from that angle of expression; it is a blessing to have faith in GOD that is unadulterated. You can relax whole-heartedly and rely on the Fundamental! You get consolation within from the infinite as you relax your conscious mentality.

Then I say ,it is a privilege to live in such a recognition and realize GOD can and will save to the uttermost if you will let Him. If GOD does not save you, you are lost once and forever. You need not try to live longer— I could have said, you need not try to live longer, for you have come to your destination when GOD has come to HIS in consideration.

"Man's extremity is GOD'S opportunity."

Hence, let man come to his destination and, as I have often declared over and over again ,let man try as he will or as he may and let the powers of opposition arise; when you are lost in the infinite, GOD, naught can hinder and naught will slightly prevent you; for you will be substantiated in faith and unshaken in confidence because GOD is the Author and the finisher!

I need not say more, I thought how marvelous it is when you are in such an atmosphere as this. You lose all sense of doubts and fears and even the sense of the atmosphere of doubts and fears. Aren't you glad?

But without this recognition and realization of GOD'S Actual Presence, you feel a sense of fear. You feel a sense of doubts and you feel a sense of concern concerning things that may concern you. But when you relax your conscious mentality and realize with whom you are dealing; when you realize all power to GOD in whom you are trusting is freely given; when it is given to GOD in your consideration, you can relax your conscious mentality and no other one will have power to hinder, to help you nor hurt you nor harm you.



I have often said as a motto for consideration, and I repeat the same that you might get it and understand it better: "If I AM right, you cannot help ME, and if I AM wrong you cannot hinder ME; if I am right you cannot hinder; and if I AM wrong you cannot help ME. Relax, relax, relax! Be still and know the truth concerning the mystery. You have declared and millions of others, I AM GOD, and besides ME there is no other!

This assertion and declaration made by millions of others has been once and forever established. It cannot be changed. GOD today and throughout eternity is the same, with or without a Bodily Form!

Then if I AM right, you or no other can hinder ME; and if I AM wrong, you cannot help ME! Relax, be still and realize the Truth concerning the things that concern you, and rely once and forever on the Fundamental; and if GOD can be a failure, let HIM be a failure. Aren't you glad?

Before I had any Body, if you are speaking of GOD Almighty, GOD did not have to have a Body to be GOD. GOD was Spirit and Spirit alone, Biblically speaking; according to Biblical history, GOD as Spirit and Spirit alone moved out upon the face of the deep and began HIS creation of all things that are created. Aren't you glad?

Though the earth was void and without form, so was GOD at that time. GOD said:

"Let dry land appear."

GOD let the visibility of the earth come into expression, according to Biblical history. That is what I AM telling you! Aren't you glad?

When the visibility of the earth came into expression, GOD did not have a Body! HE had no form nor comeliness! Aren't you glad? HE was invisible even as the tangible earth was invisible and void in the begriming. GOD said:

"Let dry land appear."

and made the earth visible, tangible and practical and scientific, for the earth had a gravitation that was invisible. Aren't you glad? But it attracts things and draws things to it; therefore it is powerful in its coming to Jesus the Christ as the only begotten of the FATHER.

You read where it says — if you did not read , or if you have not read, you may—

"All power is given unto ME in Heaven and in earth."

All of the gravitation of the earth that is powerful enough to draw anything down to itself; all of the magnetism of heaven, the power of the Great Creator transmitted, is freely given!


Trust GOD

Then I say, realize the Truth and rely on the Truth!Trust GOD and GOD will trust you.If you cannot trust GOD, GOD cannot trust you. Aren't you glad?

If you doubt GOD'S Omnipotence and Omniscience, you are just in the dark; you are just behind! You need to go back and get another one, one who can and one who will unfold the mysteries a he is and show himself to the children of men that they might have faith in him and be able to stand. Aren't you glad?


Then I say, it is a privilege to live in such a recognition! Hence, with or without a Body, GOD is the same today, yesterday and forever. If every expression of GOD'S own Tabernacle and all creation, was to go into oblivion, the very Spirit of GOD'S Presence would be the same today, yesterday and forever; for GOD was the same before HE had a Body!

I AM not bothering about MY Body! I AM not bothering about MY Body, and I AM not bothering about yours! I will do as I please without a Body! Aren't you glad? Naught can hinder and naught can help ME! That is the significance of the infiniteness and Omnipotence of GOD, in Majesty and in all Authority; yet HE came in simplicity, meekness and mercy to meet mortality and mortality's version.

If GOD is Spirit before HE had any Body, HE is the same; and if HE has a body now , it does not change Him. Can you not see the mystery? Therefore, GOD as Creator, as Redeemer and Savior in all Majesty, Dominion and Authority can, if HE wishes to, manifest Mercy, Pity and Compassion. If HE wishes to manifest wrath and vengeance and destruction to the opponents of His Majesty, to the opponents of HIS visible Presence, that is HIS business to do as HE wishes.

I need not speak it, I need not say it; for whatsoever I Will and find the best, so will it be. Aren't you glad?

Then I say, live in this recognition, build upon this foundation, Relax your conscious mentality; and if you are living according to the scripture, know definitely once and forever GOD is the Predictor and also the Fulfiller. GOD fulfills the Scriptures as HE Willeth and none can hinder.

The earth was void and without form! I cannot stress this thought too vividly. Now, if the earth were to disappear — all the visibility of all things were to disappear into its or their invisibleness from whence they came — GOD your Eternal FATHER, Creator and Maker, with that Name would be the same! Aren't you glad? — be the same now, henceforth and forever as was in the beginning of the creation.


GOD Was Spirit and Spirit Alone

I cannot stress it to vividly.

"The Spirit moved out . . ."

It was talking about GOD as Spirit in the pre-beginning, in the pre-creation of all visibility of things. According to the Scripture there was Spirit and Spirit alone! GOD was Spirit and Spirit alone! That is why many have been led erroneously until now and think GOD remained merely a Spirit and did not and does not have a Body. Aren't you glad?

The earth was merely and idea without a Body in the beginning of the creation. It had no form— it was void! I could have said impractical, I could have said unprofitable; because it could not grow vegetation until the tangibilization of GOD'S Creation came forth into expression in a visible, tangible-like Body many, many centuries after HE made the earth visible. Aren't you glad?

From the earth GOD formed man out of the dust of the ground, and from man by generation and generation and regeneration GDO formed HIMSELF, according to His Plan and Purpose.

"The Word was made flesh and dwelt among us."

Aren't you glad? And you beheld such a glory as you had not beheld , until the Word was made Flesh; b ut when the Word was made Flesh and dwelt among you and you beheld that glory, Glory was coming into expression for the benefit of GOD'S Image and Likeness HE created. Aren't you glad? The Glory and the Fullness of His riches, they were not observable until GOD made His Word, Himself, Flesh; and when it was made visible and manifested in the Flesh, the Glory as the Glory of the Only Begotten of the FATHER full of Grace and of Truth, then all you could observe it and visualize it vividly. Then you could materialize it and now you can enjoy it!

Nevertheless, the visibility of things will not hinder ME, and the disappearance of the visibility of all creation will not daunt or detract from MY Perfection, neither from MY Endeavors, neither from MY Activity; for I AM the same, visible or invisible.

Upon this foundation if you will stand, you need not fret nor worry; but live it and express it accurately and GOD Himself will be with you now, henceforth and forever, with or without a Body! The Word being made flesh was the great mystery of the Glory you all now enjoy in the earth. Aren't you glad? Because in the Flesh there was a great unfoldment of GOD in Righteousness and in Glory manifest, and as it was manifested in the Flesh, you could observe it, but could not have observed it until it would be , or was manifested in the Flesh. Can you not see the mystery?

But after you observed it and vividly gazed upon it — any practical psychologist will tell you.as well as your Humble Servant, the thing you vividly visualize you tend to materialize. Now it has been vividly demonstrated or manifested in the flesh that you might observe it and gaze upon it vividly— the Glory of the only begotten of the FATHER, full of Grace and of Truth, all the fullness of GOD, that you might have Something Perfect to gaze upon. And when this is done, you visualize it vividly; focus the lens of your camera upon it and your camera will take the likeness by reproduction, and you will get it and reproduce the exact likeness of your Savior, the image and likeness by which you were created! I thank you.


Peace Everyone! I do not wish to bore you and I do not wish to annoy you, but when I touch along these lines I AM stirred and I speak from MY own Status or Standard from whence I came and where I really AM! Nevertheless, I desire to give others a chance for expression, for I have set an open door and I have set an open door for all of the people; for truly it is a true saying,

"Behold I Create a New Heaven and a New Earth wherein dwelleth Righteousness."

Hence, this New Heaven and this New Earth has been created for you before the foundation of the world, but was invisible. The New Heaven and the New Earth was also invisible, bespeaking of the new creation and the new tangibilization of the newly re-created things when GOD re-creates His Creation just as HE is now doing. Aren't you glad?

I need not say more, I just wish to say, we have visiting friends with us as usual. If any of our visiting friends wish to speak, be free and feel free to move volitionally as I do , if you care to. I set before you an open door; as a democracy you are welcome to speak on thuswise, as I have said, or you are welcome to be introduced according to our custom. This also we will do for you if you will allow us to I thank you.








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It is also nice to give credit where credit is due for through the Spirit and Teaching of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE you are and can eternally be abundantly blessed.

From all of us to all of you. we wish you, peace and love, and many blessings, and may we all ever live in unity and brotherhood and the Consciousness of GOD'S Actual Ever Presence.

True Americanism, True Brotherhood, True Christianity, True Judaism and All True Religions are synonymous and truly Our GOD is One GOD. Amen

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